Alvarado Street Brewery

Alvarado Street BreweryAlvarado Street Brewery
Alvarado Street BreweryAlvarado Street Brewery
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

426 Alvarado Street
Monterey, California, 93940
United States

(831) 655-2337 | map

Notes: 10 barrel brewery restaurant (and future beer garden!) located in historic downtown Monterey, focusing on bright, aromatic hop-forward beers, and a variety of traditional and experimental ales & lagers. Chef Jeremiah Tydeman features New American classics and gastropub fare that are sourced with local, seasonal ingredients whenever possible.

Alvarado Street Brewery Production Facility & Tasting Room coming to Salinas in Spring of 2016.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
7th Anniversary IPAIPA - American784.0307-26-2021
Acapulco ColdIPA - American6.533.9101-24-2022
Ag BossIPA - American7104.1301-19-2021
Age of AerostarIPA - Imperial814.0205-06-2022
All DoradoIPA - American724.2301-19-2020
Alta California AlePale Ale - American5.522405-03-2021
Alvarado Pool ServiceIPA - American64405-17-2022
AmigosIPA - American7224.1608-11-2020
Anniversary Ale No. 7Stout - American Imperial15.324.1105-30-2021
Anniversary Ale No. 8Stout - American Imperial15.40005-06-2022
ASB PilsPilsner - German5.214.0308-19-2021
Audible CuesIPA - Imperial8.40010-28-2021
Best Part Of Waking UpStout - Sweet / Milk5.6524.0202-11-2021
Biggie's Blueberry Brunch Bonanza SlushSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.524.4309-22-2021
Biggie's Bodacious Blueberry Banana Brunch BonanzaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour81411-29-2021
Biggie's Bogus Baja BashSour - Fruited Kettle Sour814.1805-09-2022
Biggie's BonBon BonanzaStout - American Imperial1073.7201-02-2021
Biggie's Bountiful Berry Blast SlushSour - Fruited Kettle Sour714.2907-22-2021
Biggie's Crunchee BrunchSour - Fruited Kettle Sour843.9404-30-2021
Biggie’s Blueberry Brunch BonanzaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour7154.3104-26-2022
Biggie’s Bodacious Banana SplitStout - Sweet / Milk1023.9307-09-2020
Biggie’s Bodacious Blueberry Brunch BonanzaSour - Berliner Weisse874.3705-22-2020
Biggie’s Bodacious Blueberry Brunch Bonanza SLUSHSour - Fruited Kettle Sour80002-26-2021
BiochromeIPA - American753.8804-13-2022
Bixby Blonde AleBlonde Ale - Belgian4.643.6908-02-2020
Brave NoisePale Ale - American4.513.6901-10-2022
Bubblier BathSour - Berliner Weisse8.534.1203-08-2021
Caribbean PassionSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.573.9712-12-2020
Cascadian CrispLager - American5.514.2205-18-2021
Catch A VibeIPA - Imperial8.553.7407-16-2020
Cellar ShadowsBarleywine - English11.323.8208-22-2021
Centennial DependentIPA - American6.963.7706-18-2020
Champagne HopiIPA - Brut7.3144.0506-03-2021
Cherish The DayLager - Adjunct4.973.9201-28-2020
Chop & Scrape (Batch #2)Stout - American Imperial14.534.501-03-2021
Citra, Baby!IPA - New England774.3301-02-2021
CitravezaLager - India Pale Lager (IPL)4.9304.0905-04-2022
Clean Water IPAIPA - American734.0404-28-2020
Coconut BoogieBrown Ale - American8.594.2403-03-2020
Colada Island: Lava FlowSour - Fruited Kettle Sour823.8501-23-2021
Colada Island: Lava Flow SLUSHSour - Fruited Kettle Sour80002-26-2021
Cold PressedIPA - American7.2554.2504-23-2022
Contains No JuiceIPA - New England8.11324.3305-06-2022
Contains No Juice: 2017 EditionIPA - New England8.574.1205-09-2021
Contains No Juice: 7th Anniversary Edition (Triple Dry Hopped)IPA - Imperial8.564.2206-06-2021
Continental DriftLager - American5.5174.0603-26-2021
Cool RunoffsIPA - Imperial8.1494.3108-09-2021
CountachIPA - Imperial8.1384.2208-05-2020
Curuba, JamaicaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour80012-02-2021
Daiquiri Island Slush (Strawberry Banana)Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.514.4803-26-2021
Daiquiri Island: BananaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.554.1303-07-2021
Daiquiri Island: Strawberry BananaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.543.7705-05-2020
Daiquiri Island: Sunset Edition SLUSHSour - Fruited Kettle Sour724.0508-17-2021
Dark Libations - Double Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial19.314.2704-30-2022
Delorean DustIPA - Imperial8.1404.2905-10-2020
Dew DropsIPA - New England7.314.0811-09-2021
Double ConeIPA - Imperial8.5344.2502-26-2022
Double Dank ShakeIPA - New England8.5194.404-24-2022
Double FunIPA - Imperial874.0801-18-2022
Double Haole PunchSour - Fruited Kettle Sour8.1244.2607-06-2020
Double Mai Tai (White Label)IPA - Imperial8.514.2906-25-2021
Drop Top DakotaIPA - Imperial8.214.2710-28-2021
Duane's World IPAIPA - American7.5234.2102-03-2021
eight.1Pale Ale - American5.624.205-17-2022
eight.2Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour814.4605-17-2022
Escape From HereIPA - New England754.0202-01-2020
F40IPA - Imperial8.184.4101-22-2021
Falkor's FruitSour - Fruited Kettle Sour574.1406-27-2020
Fine BinesIPA - Imperial8.514.3504-01-2021
Fins & FaultlinesIPA - American6114.0509-22-2020
First CityIPA - American6.6264.1302-27-2020
Flight of the CondorIPA - American7174.1306-08-2020
Fruit of the BloomIPA - American6.523.806-08-2020
Fruit Punch Sherburps SLUSHSour - Fruited Kettle Sour80002-26-2021
Galaxy WesteezIPA - American72403-15-2021
Galaxy, Baby!IPA - New England7144.204-11-2021
Give ThanksIPA - New England8234.1411-24-2021
Glimmer and GlistenIPA - Imperial8.554.105-24-2020
Golden GetawayPale Ale - American5.423.7203-31-2020
Grand NationalIPA - Imperial8.154.1505-12-2020
Growers PalePale Ale - American5.6294.2401-18-2021
Guav In, the Water's FineIPA - New England764.0602-22-2020
Happy HikerIPA - American714.0504-27-2021
Haze Of Our LivesIPA - New England6.4394.1302-05-2021
Healing HabitatsIPA - New England713.911-10-2021
High OctaveIPA - Imperial8.224.2409-25-2021
Hopeless DevotionStout - American Imperial1514.6705-20-2022
Hoppy HikerIPA - New England734.2505-29-2021
Hoprès SkiIPA - Imperial8144.102-13-2020
Hot Pink SherburpsSour - Fruited Kettle Sour814.9908-29-2021
Hotel PastequeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour824.2809-19-2021
Howzit PunchSour - Gose5.533.6806-20-2021
Howzit PunchSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4.9564.2901-19-2021
I Did It My WayIPA - American6.233.9201-18-2022
I Don't Party AnymoreIPA - Imperial8.81403-15-2021
Idaho 7 IPLLager - India Pale Lager (IPL)644.1501-17-2021
Imperial International Style JuiceIPA - New England8184.3308-06-2020
In The GaragePale Ale - American5.3144.1802-05-2021
Infinite AbundanceStout - American Imperial1724.3511-22-2021
IROC-ZIPA - Imperial8.214.0203-31-2022
Island RendezvousSour - Fruited Kettle Sour80002-17-2022
Island SherburpsSour - Fruited Kettle Sour823.8201-13-2022
Juice BumpsIPA - Imperial854.1701-03-2021
Juice FatigueIPA - American7.2114.1401-06-2020
Juicy SweeperIPA - New England7.1184.1806-18-2021
Land & Sea XPAPale Ale - American50004-13-2022
Laser PhocusIPA - New England724.209-19-2021
Late Night KebabsIPA - American713.9706-07-2021
LazyIPA - American7204.2505-24-2020
Lloyd ChristmasIPA - Imperial814412-25-2021
Loaner JazzmasterIPA - New England754.201-18-2020
Local Shred RedRed Ale - American Amber / Red7.2214.102-06-2020
Logical StepIPA - New England763.9306-18-2020
Lonely & Dreaming of the West CoastIPA - American654.0701-08-2020
Lushness SplendorIPA - Imperial8.164.104-06-2020
Mai Tai P.A.IPA - American6.51594.105-19-2022
Mai Tai PA (DDH)IPA - American6.5194.0912-28-2021
Mai Tai PA (White Label)IPA - Imperial8.5144.2104-13-2021
Mai Tai: Black LabelIPA - Imperial10.5104.1303-21-2021
Make MischiefIPA - Imperial8.5114.2509-05-2020
Mallow ManiaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour844.3711-16-2020
Mallow Mania AmbrosiaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour824.3808-19-2021
MangonadaFruit and Field Beer5134.0405-23-2022
Marine LayerIPA - American714.0909-06-2021
MegaparsecIPA - Imperial1064.0204-06-2020
Meyer Lemon SherburpsSour - Fruited Kettle Sour823.9701-17-2021
Mind DripIPA - Imperial814.1706-23-2021
Minesweeper IPAIPA - American7.1724.2303-21-2021
Minesweeper IPA (Double Dry Hopped Edition)IPA - American7.1124.2510-23-2020
Moderation DaveMild Ale - English Dark3.883.9404-02-2021
Mole AlvaradoStout - American Imperial13.80005-06-2022
Monterey BeerLager - Light4.5243.9301-27-2022
Motor Oil No. 10Stout - American Imperial12104.1203-06-2022
Motor Oil No. 11Stout - American Imperial11.534.0901-05-2022
Motor Oil No. 12Stout - American Imperial1124.1603-23-2022
Motor Oil No. 13Stout - American Imperial11.50002-17-2022
Motor Oil No. 14Stout - American Imperial1224.4405-23-2022
Motor Oil No. 8Stout - American Imperial1144.306-02-2021
Motor Oil No. 9Stout - American Imperial1134.1604-23-2021
Muay Thai Pale AleChile Beer6.514.2412-06-2021
MurkaholicsIPA - Imperial8.164.3903-28-2021
My Dad’s BoatIPA - New England8.1114.3107-04-2020
My Name Is Also JCIPA - New England734.1611-11-2021
My Name Is JCIPA - American763.8511-11-2021
N3LSON JUIC3IPA - Imperial1024.4912-28-2020
Naturally AspiratedStout - American Imperial16.10010-28-2021
Nectarine CreamSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.554.3411-14-2020
Nelson, Baby!IPA - New England7234.3807-22-2021
Neoprene DreamsIPA - Imperial814.1204-18-2022
Nibbin’ La Vida MochaStout - American Imperial15.10001-01-2021
Northern HemiIPA - Imperial91405-06-2022
Nunca MuertoStout - American Imperial10.554.1501-05-2020
Oasis of CalmIPA - New England82404-11-2021
Oh Chit WhaddupIPA - Imperial10.514.3408-15-2021
One Giant LeapIPA - Imperial10334.2505-07-2022
PalioPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5153.8710-18-2020
Park HopperIPA - New England6.513.7708-23-2021
Party FitnessIPA - Imperial8.174.1101-24-2021
Peninsula PilsnerPilsner - German5.1213.8105-09-2020
Pie Hard With A VenganceSour - Fruited Kettle Sour814.0912-10-2021
PilsPilsner - German5.234.410-31-2021
Piña PartySour - Fruited Kettle Sour1024.1203-29-2020
Planes Trains & IPAsIPA - American7134.1801-07-2020
Playa Del DauvIPA - Imperial10.5164.1611-25-2021
Playa del GuavSour - Fruited Kettle Sour1014.2108-25-2021
Pleasure WaveIPA - American754.0503-28-2022
Pool ServiceIPA - American613.9404-24-2022
Prickly PearSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6114.1511-15-2020
Protracted Period of UncertaintyLager - European Dark5.114.1803-21-2021
Pub Lyfe No. 1 - Dank SauceIPA - American7.30004-30-2020
Rack ItIPA - Imperial8164.2405-24-2020
Reaper of the GreensIPA - Imperial1014.2711-13-2021
Red Ripe, StrawberryIPA - American7144.0812-04-2021
Red, Ripe Strawberry 2.0IPA - Imperial8.533.6807-04-2020
Revengeful BarbarianIPA - Imperial8.574.2804-09-2021
Riot PunchIPA - New England8.5614.2810-28-2021
Riwaka, Baby!IPA - New England714.0602-17-2022
SaazeratiPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.444.0605-23-2020
Santa CatarinaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour824.1901-21-2022
Santa Catarina SpritzSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4.513.9209-26-2021
Schokolade ParadiseStout - American Imperial17.214.4402-25-2021
Sharktooth NecklaceIPA - New England7.253.9102-26-2022
Shred RedRed Ale - American Amber / Red70012-08-2021
Single ConeIPA - American7194.0911-28-2021
Sippin' On Some SauvinIPA - New England5.513.8801-14-2020
Soft TonesIPA - Imperial8.5134.2708-16-2020
South Seas SmoothieSour - Fruited Kettle Sour823.7411-26-2021
Southern HemiIPA - Imperial974.2406-11-2021
Spaced OutIPA - Imperial8.1294.3807-22-2020
SpliffhangerIPA - American714.1908-22-2021
Spooky JuiceIPA - Imperial8.1274.210-31-2021
Stealth MissionIPA - American7103.8804-24-2022
StrataPale Ale - American5.4164.208-08-2021
Strawberry Mai Tai P.A.IPA - American6.524.1512-13-2020
Sunny HoursIPA - Imperial8194.1603-22-2022
Sunset Mai Tai PAIPA - American6.524.1302-05-2021
Super SprintIPA - American714.0604-24-2022
Sur RealIPA - New England8144.0808-11-2020
Swans & VenomStout - American6.60005-09-2021
Sweet As Cherry PieSour - Fruited Kettle Sour824.0812-28-2020
Sweet As Cherry Pie SLUSHSour - Fruited Kettle Sour80002-26-2021
Tayberry Cream SLUSHSour - Fruited Kettle Sour634.304-25-2021
The Big SkorStout - American Imperial15.80010-11-2021
The FlexicutionerIPA - New England7104.3101-29-2021
Thunder in ParadiseIPA - New England8164.1504-09-2021
Training BinesIPA - New England7.923.8205-05-2022
Tres LechesStout - American Imperial934.2602-17-2020
Triple ConeIPA - Imperial10.4214.1705-06-2022
Triple Haole PunchSour - Fruited Kettle Sour10234.1404-07-2020
TripletsIPA - Imperial8.894.1905-11-2022
TryptohazeIPA - New England7.214.0205-23-2021
Turbid DieselIPA - Imperial10.434.502-05-2022
UnCRUSHtablesSour - Fruited Kettle Sour744.1805-15-2021
Vengeful BarbarianIPA - New England6.1604.1603-23-2022
Vinisimilar: CharbonoWild Ale11.5724.0902-02-2022
Waimea HazeIPA - New England6.814.1904-24-2022
Wave JammerIPA - New England8.1354.3101-10-2022
WesteezIPA - American7134.301-19-2021
Western FashionPale Ale - American5.424.0801-06-2020
When Doves CryoIPA - American7284.1110-11-2020
Wholesome JamsIPA - Imperial8.1154.3906-24-2021
Wyatt BurpIPA - Imperial8.554.3202-04-2022
Wyld StallynsIPA - American7.5114.0302-19-2021
XPAPale Ale - American5.514.0805-29-2021
Yeast of Eden - A Moment’s RestWild Ale11.114.3404-16-2022
Yeast of Eden - Distant EchoFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.70010-28-2021
Yeast of Eden - Dream FilterFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.7514.5402-15-2021
Yeast of Eden - Lasting MelodyWild Ale813.9303-01-2022
Yeast of Eden - SMOLFarmhouse Ale - Saison3.424.2701-21-2022
Yeast of Eden - Sonic PalateFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.813.6901-28-2022
Yeast of Eden - Timshel: OlallieberryLambic - Fruit6.914.3206-01-2021
Yeast of Eden - Timshel: RaspberryWild Ale6.3714.1401-03-2022
Yeast of Eden - Vinisimilar RoseWild Ale8.950010-28-2021
Yeast of Eden - Wooden GiantsWild Ale7.814.1503-20-2021

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Alvarado Street Brewery in Monterey, CA
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