Northern Monk Brew Co.

Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

The Old Flax Store, Marshall's Mills
Marshall Street
Leeds, England, LS11 9YJ
United Kingdom | map

Notes: Kitchen is run by various local vendors.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
2000ADAmerican Pale Ale513.7501-05-2023
822 IPA Imperial IPA8.7103.9407-15-2022
8th AnniversaryImperial IPA8.834.1204-30-2022
A Little FaithAmerican Pale Ale413.4305-09-2022
A Summer of FaithFruit and Field Beer2.713.506-09-2021
Bill Me For the DamagesNew England IPA6.813.7910-02-2019
Black Forest StrannikRussian Imperial Stout101406-17-2018
Bombay DazzlerWitbier4.843.8606-09-2018
Break the BiasAmerican Pale Ale5.523.705-07-2022
Cheese and OnionEuropean Pale Lager5.41305-31-2021
Chennai Export PorterAmerican Porter5.413.8805-06-2015
Citra LagerAmerican Lager4.523.507-01-2022
Communion PaleAmerican Pale Ale5.163.7212-27-2017
Dark & Wild City 2019American Imperial Stout7.434.1412-31-2019
Dark and Wild 22Russian Imperial Stout914.0910-18-2022
Dark ArchesBlack IPA6.723.9505-05-2018
Dark Side of The MoobBlack IPA8.714.0601-10-2021
DeathAmerican Imperial Stout12184.1112-23-2022
Death - Sichuan Pepper and Ancho Chilli EditionAmerican Imperial Stout131401-30-2019
Death 2021American Imperial Stout1214.3110-22-2021
Death by StrannikRussian Imperial Stout11.51407-04-2021
Death StarAmerican Imperial Stout1214.2601-17-2022
Death Star Ep.IIAmerican Imperial Stout1234.2402-27-2022
Death Star Ep.II Twist EditionRussian Imperial Stout1214.2509-28-2022
Death Star Ep.IIIAmerican Imperial Stout10.514.2611-14-2022
Dhana InternationalAmerican IPA7.21409-22-2018
Divine FaithImperial IPA8.443.8804-24-2022
Diviner Pale AleAmerican IPA4.613.910-08-2021
Don't Mess With Yorkshire - Rhubarb And CustardEnglish Pale Ale4.524.0806-28-2019
Don't Mess With Yorkshire BitterEnglish Bitter4.533.9508-14-2021
Don’t Mess With Yorkshire 2022American Pale Ale4.513.510-15-2022
Don’t mess with Yorkshire West Yorks DIPAImperial IPA8.723.9903-31-2021
Double HeathenImperial IPA1063.9405-22-2021
Double Mango Lassi HeathenImperial IPA8.813.9802-29-2020
EternalAmerican IPA4.1313.7107-15-2022
Eternal HazeNew England IPA853.8209-22-2021
Eternal SunshineAmerican IPA5.583.6507-02-2022
Eternal WavesAmerican Pale Ale413.1706-04-2021
Eternal WhiteoutNew England IPA40012-02-2022
Eton Mess StrannikRussian Imperial Stout1023.9301-22-2019
Exp 006 Baltic PorterRobust Porter1014.2501-29-2019
ExpeditionNew England IPA6.553.7709-18-2022
Export PorterEnglish Porter5.81410-15-2014
FaithAmerican Pale Ale5.4413.8509-16-2022
Faith in CustardAmerican Pale Ale4.614.0511-14-2021
Faith in FuturesNew England IPA6.563.7206-27-2021
Faith in Futures SKGNew England IPA6.243.8701-05-2023
Faith in Futures: Twist EditionNew England IPA6.523.6811-24-2022
Faith in The TropicsAmerican Pale Ale5.424.0506-26-2022
Festive Star Vanilla, Cinnamon & Chocolate PorterAmerican Porter5.253.811-28-2021
Festive Star Xmas Mocha PorterEnglish Porter5.933.6112-09-2018
Finding BigfootAmerican Pale Ale513.8902-04-2020
Forbidden FruitsFruit and Field Beer813.206-24-2022
Freddy's Grove Pale AleEnglish Pale Ale4.513.8208-02-2015
Fresh From The North 002 QIPAImperial IPA12.214.506-07-2021
Fresh from the North 010 DIPAImperial IPA9.213.9304-17-2022
Fresh from the North 012American IPA723.8805-07-2022
Fresh from the North Pole 16New England IPA6.41412-18-2022
Fresh From the North TIPA 001Imperial IPA1014.4106-07-2021
GloryImperial IPA10.5134.1306-20-2019
Go EasyFruited Kettle Sour6.513.5407-16-2021
Granny’s MixAmerican IPA5.71409-10-2019
Great Northern LagerGerman Pilsner4.343.8105-09-2022
Greater Consumer RightsAmerican IPA513.8404-19-2019
Green HeathenAmerican IPA7.224.1207-02-2021
Greener HeathenAmerican Pale Ale4.223.6306-05-2022
Guava Have FaithFruit and Field Beer5.423.8904-19-2019
Hauxvell FarmhouseSaison6.613.7501-04-2020
HeathenNew England IPA7.2324.0311-12-2022
Holy FaithLow-Alcohol Beer0.533.6101-29-2023
Hometown PrideNew England IPA7.423.9112-27-2021
HonourImperial IPA10.533.6305-10-2019
Hop City - DDH IPA 2021Imperial IPA7.413.9209-03-2021
Hop City 2021 The ResurrectionAmerican IPA7.423.908-14-2021
Hop City 2022American IPA7.444.0309-09-2022
It's Great Up NorthEnglish Pale Ale4.533.708-03-2020
Jam Roly PolyEnglish Pale Ale5.723.9805-23-2020
Jul Star Riskrem Festive PorterEnglish Porter714.0406-24-2022
Life Citra Light LagerAmerican Adjunct Lager513.8412-29-2019
Mango Lassi HeathenNew England IPA7.2154.2207-15-2022
Mangoes On With FaithAmerican Pale Ale5.413.9906-11-2021
Medium OakEnglish Bitter423.7310-30-2021
Moobing On UpNew England IPA1084.3601-05-2019
Neapolitan Ice Cream PaleAmerican Pale Ale6.2193.7505-01-2022
New Delhi DazzlerWitbier513.8412-11-2022
New World IPAAmerican IPA6.2393.8408-10-2022
Newer WorldNew England IPA7.453.9709-04-2020
Norse StarRussian Imperial Stout944.1602-07-2021
Norse Star IIAmerican Imperial Stout924.0211-21-2021
Norse Star IIIRussian Imperial Stout944.0108-29-2022
North VS South: NorthAmerican IPA743.9307-17-2022
NORTHERN GARDEN // CARROT PATCH // CARROT CAKE SMOOTHIEFruit and Field Beer4.513.301-06-2023
Northern MorningsEnglish Stout5.813.2709-22-2022
Northern RisingAmerican Pale Ale5.524.0608-27-2022
Northern StarAmerican Porter5.234.2608-30-2021
Northern Star Chocolate, Caramel Biscuit PorterAmerican Porter5.253.8805-22-2022
Northern Star Mocha PorterEnglish Porter5.9343.9407-15-2022
OFS001Wild Ale6.623.4910-31-2020
OFS002Imperial IPA8.31406-08-2020
OFS006Fruit and Field Beer4.323.5412-20-2020
OFS009Japanese Rice Lager4.723.8209-06-2020
OFS010Fruited Kettle Sour7.113.6912-30-2020
OFS011Imperial IPA8.624.0312-14-2020
OFS018Fruit and Field Beer3.513.9211-12-2020
OFS022New England IPA71401-15-2021
OFS024Imperial IPA12.514.1201-15-2021
OFS027Japanese Rice Lager5.413.9402-07-2021
OFS029Russian Imperial Stout12.214.3505-25-2022
OFS030Imperial IPA9.113.7503-28-2021
OFS033European Pale Lager5.613.8404-15-2021
OFS034Fruited Kettle Sour6.713.8206-13-2021
OFS036Russian Imperial Stout9.214.2310-11-2021
OFS037American IPA6.313.906-13-2021
OFS040American IPA4.713.8907-31-2021
OFS045English Pale Ale5.213.8408-07-2021
OFS046New England IPA5.113.9209-19-2021
OFS047American Pale Ale5.513.8909-19-2021
OFS048New England IPA5.113.9310-23-2021
OFS052New England IPA713.8412-27-2021
OFS055Fruit and Field Beer5.513.7512-11-2021
OFS058Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy1113.9401-09-2022
OFS059Sweet / Milk Stout8.81401-13-2022
OFS062Imperial IPA8.513.902-10-2022
OFS065Imperial IPA9.213.9203-17-2022
OFS066Japanese Rice Lager4.713.7503-18-2022
OFS069European Strong Lager613.8904-15-2022
OFS071Baltic Porter1013.905-27-2022
OFS072Imperial IPA713.705-21-2022
OFS075New England IPA8.513.8506-02-2022
OFS076American IPA3.913.7807-10-2022
OFS080Sweet / Milk Stout5.313.9408-18-2022
OFS083American Pale Ale6.913.8809-04-2022
OFS085English Porter4.913.8410-11-2022
OFS094Irish Dry Stout3.913.8201-22-2023
OFS096Russian Imperial Stout1513.9412-22-2022
OFS21New England IPA313.9301-10-2021
Opeth CommunionAmerican Pale Ale5.143.7109-14-2017
Order Of The FaithNew England IPA6.593.9608-21-2022
Order of the NorthNew England IPA743.9406-24-2022
OriginAmerican IPA5.743.8906-24-2022
OrnamentAmerican Pale Ale4.113.1309-23-2020
Passion Fruit Lassi HeathenAmerican IPA7.223.9711-21-2019
Patrons Project 017 Agent Contains NutsFruited Kettle Sour4.613.9408-28-2021
Patrons Project 1.05 Mountain WavesAmerican Imperial Stout10.523.8804-07-2019
Patrons Project 1.06 And BreatheRussian Imperial Stout1124.3603-22-2021
Patrons Project 1.07 For CocoEnglish Stout13.31411-18-2022
Patrons Project 10.03 HomeEnglish Porter61410-02-2018
Patrons Project 10.05 Temple DonutsEnglish Porter5.41402-01-2019
Patrons Project 10.07 Culinary Concepts (Northern Bloc)American IPA743.9201-28-2020
Patrons Project 11.02 Doomsday DiscoAmerican IPA64407-15-2022
Patrons Project 11.03 Lords of MisruleEnglish Barleywine1314.5305-19-2021
Patrons Project 11.04 Empress of ScienceNew England IPA5.523.6310-29-2022
Patrons Project 12.03 Evolution of TraditionAmerican IPA6.214.511-03-2019
Patrons Project 12.04 Evolution of TraditionEnglish IPA5.914.0611-06-2020
Patrons Project 12.05 Evolution of TraditionEnglish IPA6.71412-10-2021
Patrons Project 13.03 Seismic ShiftImperial IPA8.564.2403-22-2021
Patrons Project 13.04 Omega VortexImperial IPA8.784.3103-22-2021
Patrons Project 13.05 Mortal PlanesNew England IPA8.264.0203-22-2021
Patrons Project 13.07 The Final VortexNew England IPA7.734.0609-10-2022
Patrons Project 14.02 MonocromiconAmerican Imperial Stout1064.108-15-2021
Patrons Project 14.04 CleanAmerican IPA4.823.8703-05-2019
Patrons Project 14.05 KingAmerican IPA7.413.9211-30-2019
Patrons Project 14.06 Can Of Whup AssNew England IPA6.754.1601-03-2021
Patrons Project 14.07 Visions of Another AleNew England IPA913.8112-27-2021
Patrons Project 15.01 Blues Run the GameAmerican IPA6.483.6501-22-2020
Patrons Project 15.02 Farewell TangerinaFruit and Field Beer5.74403-22-2021
Patrons Project 15.04 Take Care of BusinessAmerican IPA6.534.1103-22-2021
Patrons Project 15.05 Deja VuAmerican IPA6.833.903-22-2021
Patrons Project 15.06 Go EasyNew England IPA6.513.9604-14-2021
Patrons Project 15.07 Everything All at OnceAmerican IPA6.513.9403-23-2022
Patrons Project 16.01 Haze-Le-NutEnglish Porter6.713.9403-02-2019
Patrons Project 16.04 Bringing Yorkshire BrackEnglish Porter6.423.9711-17-2020
Patrons Project 16.05 Haze outdoors Bare Your Sole DDH IPANew England IPA623.8211-01-2021
Patrons Project 16.06 Yorkshire Till I DieEnglish IPA61410-02-2022
Patrons Project 17.01 AAANew England IPA6.574.2103-22-2021
Patrons Project 17.02 EthelImperial IPA734.1103-22-2021
Patrons Project 17.03 Pete's Dark PastSweet / Milk Stout754.0503-22-2021
Patrons Project 17.04 Wants & NeedsAmerican Pale Ale5.253.9301-22-2020
Patrons Project 17.06 Nothing Lasts ForeverAmerican IPA7.443.6803-22-2021
Patrons Project 17.07 Insa’s Special BrewImperial IPA1024.1611-19-2020
Patrons Project 18.01 North Sea Sessions 01American IPA4.333.9206-20-2019
Patrons Project 18.02 North Sea Sessions 02American IPA4.544.0103-28-2020
Patrons Project 18.03 North Sea SessionsAmerican Pale Ale564.1302-05-2021
Patrons Project 18.04 North Sea SessionsNew England IPA4.733.8811-07-2020
Patrons Project 18.05 North Sea SessionsIndia Pale Lager (IPL)4.524.1303-27-2021
Patrons Project 18.06 North Sea SessionsNew England IPA51405-28-2022
Patrons Project 19.02 PsychopompAmerican IPA734.1311-06-2019
Patrons Project 19.03 ReducerGerman Pilsner5.533.9904-09-2020
Patrons Project 2.01 Smokin' BeesEnglish Porter1013.7705-23-2017
Patrons Project 2.06 Kentuckyshire Breakfast StoutEnglish Stout7.353.9707-15-2022
Patrons Project 20.01 Lemon RadlerLight Lager2.813.8408-04-2019
Patrons Project 20.02 West Coast RoutesAmerican IPA6.51404-10-2020
Patrons Project 20.03 West Coast RoutesAmerican IPA733.910-10-2021
Patrons Project 21.01 Dream Line Forms: OneNew England IPA7.463.9501-04-2020
Patrons Project 21.02 Dream Line Forms: TwoAmerican IPA734.1301-16-2020
Patrons Project 21.03 Dream Line Forms: ThreeAmerican IPA7.41404-17-2020
Patrons Project 21.04 Dream Line Forms: FourNew England IPA7.434.106-20-2020
Patrons Project 21.06New England IPA713.9403-22-2021
Patrons Project 21.07 Dream Line Forms: SevenNew England IPA8.423.8810-30-2021
Patrons Project 22.01 Black FridayEnglish Stout623.9502-02-2021
Patrons Project 22.02 Quarantini IPANew England IPA724.0309-07-2020
Patrons Project 22.03 No Such Thing As The Wrong WeatherAmerican IPA623.8509-02-2021
Patrons Project 22.04 Unbuntu “I am because we are”English IPA7.412.7708-22-2021
Patrons Project 22.05 Welcome Skate StoreLow-Alcohol Beer0.513.7502-06-2022
Patrons Project 22.05 WPAAmerican Pale Ale513.8903-13-2022
Patrons Project 22.07 Independent NorthBlack IPA5.413.9312-11-2022
Patrons Project 23.02 Shepherd’s WarningEnglish IPA6.333.6103-02-2021
Patrons Project 23.03 Within and WithoutImperial IPA813.8408-08-2021
Patrons Project 23.04 Forage FireGose4.813.8910-29-2022
Patrons Project 24.03 Ghost VenomRussian Imperial Stout121411-13-2020
Patrons Project 24.04 Lend Your TimeRussian Imperial Stout122412-02-2022
Patrons Project 24.05 Rejoice!Russian Imperial Stout10.523.8705-07-2022
Patrons Project 24.06 Let it FlowRussian Imperial Stout1124.2409-22-2022
Patrons Project 24.07 Above The CloudsAmerican Imperial Stout1414.2512-15-2022
Patrons Project 25.01 Everyday AbstractNew England IPA7.234.203-20-2020
Patrons Project 25.02 Private IdahoAmerican IPA7.424.106-30-2021
Patrons Project 25.02 The PuristNew England IPA7.234.2405-26-2020
Patrons Project 25.03 MontageNew England IPA6.544.0509-22-2020
Patrons Project 25.04 GalaxyNew England IPA734.0201-29-2021
Patrons Project 25.05 Private IdahoNew England IPA7.424.3308-22-2021
Patrons Project 25.06 Golden HourAmerican IPA823.9305-07-2022
Patrons Project 25.07 OffsetNew England IPA8.533.9309-20-2022
Patrons Project 26.01 Culinary Adventures: EdinburghSweet / Milk Stout6.523.9207-10-2020
Patrons Project 26.02 Culinary Adventures: ScarboroughEnglish Pale Ale8.233.8309-23-2020
Patrons Project 26.03 Culinary Adventures: WastwaterEnglish Porter6.833.9707-07-2021
Patrons Project 26.04 Culinary Adventures: Ribble ValleyEnglish Porter733.8404-21-2022
Patrons Project 26.05 Harewood EstateEnglish Porter5.513.9401-01-2023
Patrons Project 27.02 BoomboxNew England IPA7.234.106-02-2021
Patrons Project 27.03 Crowd for the SummerAmerican IPA7.423.8209-02-2021
Patrons Project 27.04 Hanging out on the Kings RoadNew England IPA733.9810-02-2022
Patrons Project 27.05 The Beautiful GameNew England IPA823.8807-29-2022
Patrons Project 28.02 Micki PopFruited Kettle Sour4.533.905-21-2021
Patrons Project 28.03 Gary’s Fizzy ArmyFruited Kettle Sour2.413.906-13-2021
Patrons Project 28.04 Turbo Rave LoveLow-Alcohol Beer3.413.6503-18-2022
Patrons Project 28.05 Turbo BonbonsFruit and Field Beer2.813.9210-06-2022
Patrons Project 29.02 PurpuraFruit and Field Beer6.413.7903-20-2021
Patrons Project 29.02 RoseusAmerican IPA6.513.5705-22-2022
Patrons Project 3.05 // 21.03 Once Twice Three Times A Dream Line WhaleNew England IPA7.424.0311-18-2022
Patrons Project 3.05 Once, Twice, Three Times A WhaleImperial IPA8.274.2201-15-2019
Patrons project 3.06 A Whale of Two CitiesImperial IPA8.934.0203-05-2019
Patrons Project 3.07 Golden WhaleAmerican IPA7.424.2503-28-2019
Patrons Project 30.01 From Bradford To The WorldForeign / Export Stout8.343.8708-29-2021
Patrons Project 30.02 Torrijas a La RiojanaSweet / Milk Stout8.91401-09-2022
Patrons Project 30.03 Crate Digging in GreenpointEnglish IPA6.41305-29-2022
Patrons Project 31.01 The PilgrimageImperial IPA102409-11-2021
Patrons Project 31.02 The AwakeningNew England IPA8.623.8308-28-2021
Patrons Project 31.03 The EnlightenmentImperial IPA1034.1903-11-2022
Patrons Project 31.04 The ResurrectionNew England IPA101401-08-2022
Patrons Project 31.05 The AscensionImperial IPA823.9706-24-2022
Patrons Project 31.06 The ReincarnationImperial IPA823.7501-21-2023
Patrons Project 31.07 The Church of SmuglifeNew England IPA7.42401-21-2023
Patrons Project 32.01 Culinary Concepts 2.0American Imperial Stout1424.0809-05-2021
Patrons Project 32.02 Culinary Concepts 2.0Sweet / Milk Stout913.8811-01-2021
Patrons Project 32.03 - Culinary Concepts 2.0 - Bundobust - Salted Tropical Chilli IPAChile Beer6.522.9201-09-2022
Patrons Project 32.03 Culinary Concepts 2.0New England IPA6.513.9412-11-2021
Patrons Project 32.04 Culinary Concepts 2.0Kölsch51409-04-2022
Patrons Project 33.01 RebellionNew England IPA7.423.9212-21-2021
Patrons Project 33.02 Tula LotayNew England IPA734.0104-18-2022
Patrons Project 33.03 Sajan RaiNew England IPA723.9707-29-2022
Patrons Project 33.04 Thought BubbleNew England IPA713.512-25-2022
Patrons Project 33.04 Thought BubbleNew England IPA70001-02-2023
Patrons Project 34.01 The LoversAmerican Imperial Stout1033.8210-16-2022
Patrons Project 34.02 The SunNew England IPA6.513.8409-24-2022
Patrons Project 35.01 Knock OutNew England IPA4.813.8908-07-2022
Patrons Project 36.01 Nice Toe Meet YouNew England IPA723.8510-15-2022
Patrons Project 36.02 Jesus Christ He Is MassiveNew England IPA7.223.8801-21-2023
Patrons Project 37.01 DemondanceNew England IPA513.510-29-2022
Patrons Project 38.01 LustFruit and Field Beer613.9910-06-2022
Patrons Project 38.02 GluttonyRussian Imperial Stout1014.0701-02-2023
Patrons Project 39.01 Faces of Mental HealthEnglish IPA413.9411-04-2022
Patrons Project 4.01 Passion Fruit LassiAmerican IPA7.434.2612-27-2017
Patrons Project 4.03 Double MangoImperial IPA8.774.1903-02-2018
Patrons Project 4.05 Jungle IPANew England IPA7.234.3403-11-2019
Patrons Project 4.07 Northern TropicsNew England IPA734.0710-16-2020
Patrons Project 5.02 HelvellynAmerican IPA564.0807-17-2018
Patrons Project 5.04 Three PeaksAmerican IPA3.533.8810-10-2018
Patrons Project 5.05 Watching CragBlack IPA6.613.7510-19-2018
Patrons Project 5.07 Scafell PikeAmerican IPA654.1611-24-2019
Patrons Project 6.03 SlamdankNew England IPA7.494.1406-29-2018
Patrons Project 7.06 HumleImperial IPA8.244.2811-02-2019
Patrons Project 7.07 x Mikkeller - Imperial Coffee StoutSweet / Milk Stout9.534.1501-23-2021
Patrons Project 8.05 Vague - Honeydew Melon And Raspberry KolschKölsch5.533.8712-23-2018
Patrons Project 8.06 Vague Citra Light LagerLight Lager4.523.7204-13-2019
Patrons Project 8.07 Vague - DDH New England KolschKölsch633.9910-12-2019
Patrons Project 9.02 Nora HulkImperial IPA8.234.0502-16-2018
Patrons Project 9.05 EyeclopsAmerican IPA734.0911-16-2018
Patrons Project 9.06 SkelatoryAmerican IPA6.834.0301-22-2020
Patrons Projects 1.01 Coffee PorterRobust Porter7.413.8407-15-2022
Patrons Projects 1.02 Coffee PorterRobust Porter7.414.0506-24-2022
Patrons Projects 1.03 Coffee PorterRobust Porter7.413.7807-15-2022
Patrons Society 028 Article 28 The Ekuanot ReportAmerican IPA613.8506-03-2022
Patrons Society Exclusive 003 Project PindaAmerican Imperial Stout1023.6710-19-2020
Patrons Society Exclusive 004 Operation Phat StacksSweet / Milk Stout10.514.503-13-2020
Patrons Society Exclusive 005 Special Agent MonkQuadrupel (Quad)10.513.9804-16-2020
Patrons Society Exclusive 006 Double O JeffEnglish Porter7.113.9404-18-2020
Patrons Society Exclusive 007 Safehouse IPANew England IPA7.614.2507-06-2020
Patrons Society Exclusive 009 Special Agent GreyEnglish IPA71411-12-2020
Patrons Society Exclusive 010 Sleeper Agent StanNew England IPA713.9412-05-2020
Patrons Society Exclusive 011 Double 0 JamesNew England IPA6.813.9902-09-2021
Patrons Society Exclusive 012 For Your Eyes OnlyNew England IPA6.423.7503-27-2021
Patrons Society Exclusive 013 TS SE5 EP8Fruit and Field Beer10.213.8403-28-2021
Patrons Society Exclusive 014 Special Agent BjornNew England IPA7.413.8404-12-2021
Patrons Society Exclusive 015 Secret Agent BeauregardeFruited Kettle Sour6.213.908-22-2021
Patrons Society Exclusive 016 Operation FreedomNew England IPA613.9408-07-2021
Patrons Society Exclusive 018 Secret Agent KelisNew England IPA6.313.8408-22-2021
Patrons Society Exclusive 019 Secret Agent MacaroonRussian Imperial Stout10.513.8909-26-2021
Patrons Society Exclusive 020 Secret Agent GoatBock4.913.9411-20-2021
Patrons Society Exclusive 021 Secret Agent JuliusNew England IPA5.713.9112-10-2021
Patrons Society Exclusive 022 Secret Agent King HomerNew England IPA713.9612-26-2021
Patrons Society Exclusive 023 Special Agent CoumarinFruit and Field Beer4.613.9101-09-2022
Patrons Society Exclusive 024 Agent Double-O SauvinNew England IPA5.913.9102-06-2022
Patrons Society Exclusive 026 Special Age of InnocenceFruited Kettle Sour813.8404-20-2022
Patrons Society Exclusive 027 Special Agent BenFruited Kettle Sour4.213.7505-22-2022
Patrons Society Exclusive 029 The Brown EnvelopeAmerican Brown Ale5.61406-26-2022
Patrons Society Exclusive 030 What A Horrible Night to Have A KirschFruit and Field Beer4.513.7508-11-2022
Patrons Society Exclusive 031 Operation Cashmere ComfortNew England IPA5.313.8408-29-2022
Patrons Society Exclusive 032 Terror’s Chocolate OrangeFruited Kettle Sour513.8810-11-2022
Patrons Society Exclusive 033 The Coast of LivingAmerican IPA5.913.8801-22-2023
Patrons Society Exclusive 034 Does this beer know it’s Christmas Time?New England IPA4.113.9301-22-2023
Patrons Society Exclusive 37.01 HappinessNew England IPA51408-29-2022
Patrons Society Exclusive Secret Agent Cupid DeluxeAmerican IPA5.713.9303-27-2022
Peated Soul Scotch AleScottish Ale024.0410-12-2015
Powered By FaithAmerican Pale Ale5.613.8911-04-2022
RapscallionAmerican IPA5.783.6110-22-2022
Rays of FaithAmerican Pale Ale513.8912-16-2022
Refectory WildWild Ale7.213.9505-21-2018
Reimagine Patrons Series Lost HighwayNew England IPA7.413.8108-10-2022
Rock the Float Cherry Coke SourFruit and Field Beer6.513.2501-04-2020
Russian StarAmerican Imperial Stout913.8710-17-2017
Salted Caramel StarEnglish Porter5.233.607-27-2019
ScafellNew England IPA6.573.8111-18-2022
Seasons of Faith - AutumnAmerican Pale Ale5.414.512-11-2020
Seasons of Faith - SummerAmerican Pale Ale5.443.8711-22-2020
Seasons of Faith - WinterBlack IPA5.414.2106-12-2021
Shaun of the Death - Strawberry Cornetto Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout1124.2902-03-2022
Southern StarAmerican Porter5.943.7706-27-2017
Star & AnchorAmerican Porter4.213.6810-22-2022
Stars & StripesAmerican Porter5.964.1109-21-2020
Strawberries and Cream Lassi HeathenNew England IPA4.70006-26-2022
Strawberry & Cream Lassi Heathen | Session Smoothie IPAFruit and Field Beer4.713.2710-16-2022
Striding EdgeNew England IPA2.823.7410-07-2022
Super StredgeLow-Alcohol Beer0.523.7703-23-2021
The Daily Mash 2020 Souvenir EditionNew England IPA524.1212-22-2020
The Daily Mash 2022American Pale Ale5.113.8902-05-2023
Three Peaks Mountain Race 2022 EditionAmerican IPA3.713.8706-23-2022
Three Peaks Race 2019 EditionAmerican IPA2.823.6508-17-2019
TranscendentalNew England IPA6.523.8803-10-2021
TransientNew England IPA7.483.8906-19-2022
Tropical EdgeFruit and Field Beer2.81309-04-2022
Tropical WorldAmerican IPA6.24408-03-2020
True NorthEnglish Pale Ale3.723.6209-04-2016
UprisingEnglish IPA643.8811-19-2022
ValourAmerican Barleywine10.543.7601-31-2021
Wasted ChristmasSweet / Milk Stout913.9412-27-2021
We Were Mint To BeSweet / Milk Stout6.812.9410-02-2019
World Gone SourAmerican IPA6.213.7505-17-2018

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Northern Monk Brew Co. in Leeds, GB2, United Kingdom
Brewery rating: 3.91 out of 5 with 1008 ratings