Drekker Brewing Company

Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

630 1st Ave N
Ste 6
Fargo, North Dakota, 58102-5268
United States

(701) 540-6808 | map

Notes: Beer is our craft, but Drekker is about more than the contents of a glass. It’s about what happens when a few of those glasses get raised together. It’s about doing what you want to do, in a cool place, with people you want to be with. Drekker is about you after all. We love that you’d care enough to join us, and we can’t wait to see where this voyage goes when a couple more beers get raised together. Valhalla can wait. Really, we’re just four regular guys who are serious about beer and not much else.
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After School PrrrtWild Ale634.23-
Agent of AnarchyIPA - New England8124.17-
All TogetherIPA - American6.524.16-
Ansari’s Pushin’ LavaWild Ale4.514.25-
Azacca AttackaPale Ale - American543.82-
Banana Coconut Cream Pie Slang Du Jour Sour á la ModeWild Ale534.02-
Blueberry Pancakes Slang Du Jour Sour á la ModeSour - Berliner Weisse5123.89-
Braaaaaaaains - Apricot & GuavaWild Ale7.8104.1-
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry and Black CurrantWild Ale4.444.24-
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry, Passionfruit and PineappleWild Ale7.3104.4-
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry,Plum,RaspberryWild Ale7.224.11-
Braaaaaaaains - Blueberry & RaspberryWild Ale654.62-
Braaaaaaaains - Blueberry and Red CurrantWild Ale464.43-
Braaaaaaaains - Guava Guava GuavaFruit and Field Beer700-
Braaaaaaaains - Oops! All BerriesWild Ale633.86-
Braaaaaaaains - Passion Fruit and PineappleWild Ale600-
Braaaaaaaains - Passionfruit/Orange/GuavaWild Ale584.14-
Braaaaaaaains - Peach And Black CurrantWild Ale7.394.06-
Braaaaaaaains - Peach And Passion FruitWild Ale694.31-
Braaaaaaaains - Raspberry and GuavaWild Ale674.43-
Braaaaaaaains - Raspberry, Pomegranate, PlumWild Ale074.31-
Braaaaaaaains - Raspberry, Strawberry, & LimeWild Ale7.444.24-
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry & GuavaWild Ale484.32-
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry & LemonWild Ale734.25-
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry & RhubarbWild Ale484.37-
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry, Raspberry, & Passion FruitWild Ale5.354.25-
Braaaaaaaains - Tangerine/Mango/GuavaWild Ale534.45-
Brain Freeze - Blackberry/GuavaWild Ale5.214.26-
Brain Freeze - Blueberry LemonWild Ale5.214.25-
Brain Freeze - Mango/GuavaWild Ale5.223.91-
Brain Freeze - Oops! All BerriesWild Ale5.2194.11-
Brain Freeze - Raspberry/LimeWild Ale5.254.44-
Brain Freeze - Smoothie SourWild Ale5.254.14-
Brain Freeze - Strawberry/PineappleWild Ale5.234.25-
Brain Squeeze - Cherry/LimeWild Ale5.243.99-
Brain Squeeze - Apricot/Pineapple/TangerineWild Ale5.244.2-
Brain Squeeze - Blackberry/CucumberWild Ale5.284.09-
Brain Squeeze - Blueberry/ApricotWild Ale5.2103.83-
Brain Squeeze - Cherry / Peach / GuavaWild Ale5.254.06-
Brain Squeeze - Cherry Passion FruitWild Ale5.244.11-
Brain Squeeze - Cherry/LimeWild Ale5.213.75-
Brain Squeeze - Cranberry Guava TangerineWild Ale5.214.25-
Brain Squeeze - Orange/Banana/StrawberryWild Ale5.243.97-
Brain Squeeze - Raspberry/PassionfruitWild Ale5.224.15-
Brain Squeeze - Raspberry/PeachWild Ale5.264.13-
Brain Squeeze - Strawberry / Blueberry / BananaWild Ale464-
Brain Squeeze - Strawberry / LemonWild Ale5.214.19-
Brain Squeeze Smoothie Sour - Blueberry PineappleWild Ale5.254.07-
Brain Squeeze Smoothie Sour - Coconut Pineapple MangoWild Ale5.243.97-
Brain Squeeze Smoothie Sour - Mango GuavaWild Ale5.200-
Brain Squeeze Smoothie Sour - Peach/Plum/Black CurrantWild Ale5.264.08-
Brain Squeeze Smoothie Sour - Pomegranate Mango GuavaWild Ale5.243.78-
Brain Squeeze Smoothie Sour - Raspberry MangoWild Ale5.234.19-
Brain Squeeze Smoothie Sour - Raspberry/Tart Cherry/GuavaWild Ale5.224.2-
Brain Squeeze Smoothie Sour - Tangerine/Mango/PineappleWild Ale044.57-
Brain Squeeze Smoothie Sour-Blueberry LemonWild Ale5.233.91-
Brain Squeeze Smoothie Strawberry LemonWild Ale5.224.21-
Brewed of the NorthIPA - American5.523.62-
Broken RudderRed Ale - Irish5303.79-
Buffalo RodeoLager - American5.2144.03-
Bumbleberry Pie Slang Du JourWild Ale554.2-
Burn The BoatsIPA - American5.763.71-
Chipper Imperial StoutStout - American Imperial10.554.14-
Chocolate Milk StoutStout - Sweet / Milk523.82-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Banana Split)Wild Ale054.6-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Birthday Cake)Wild Ale723.98-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Blueberry Black Currant & Marshmallow)Wild Ale654.27-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Blueberry Pomegranate & Chocolate)Wild Ale6.854.4-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Mango and Marshmallow)Wild Ale474.53-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Orange, Peach, Marshmallow)Wild Ale774.27-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Peach Cinnamon Marshmallows)Fruit and Field Beer7.200-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Peanut Butter and Jelly)Wild Ale6154.24-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Raspberry and Chocolate)Wild Ale024.41-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Raspberry and White Chocolate)Wild Ale6.294.35-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Strawberry and Dark Chocolate)Wild Ale644.08-
Chonk Sundae Sour (Strawberry and White Chocolate)Wild Ale7.564.34-
Clueless WonderIPA - Imperial8.374.12-
Coconut KillerIPA - American5.6223.89-
Coffee RudderRed Ale - Irish563.82-
Colors That End In "Urple"Wild Ale624.51-
Crackin' SkullsIPA - Imperial8134.23-
Cuddle BuddyIPA - New England8.2154.12-
Danger. Will Robinson!Stout - American Imperial000-
Dead Is Not DeadStout - American Imperial014.08-
Doomsday DeviceIPA - New England8.3314.22-
Drive By Glitter BombFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.263.84-
Drive By Glitter Bomb - HibiscusFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.200-
EctogasmIPA - New England71364.22-
Ectogasm - Double Dry-HoppedIPA - American754.34-
Electronic ArmsWheat Beer - Hefeweizen4.813.82-
Everybody Love EverybodyWild Ale7154.18-
Evil Natured RobotsIPA - New England8214.18-
FlarndipStout - American Imperial1053.96-
Flash KickIPA - Imperial8.294.15-
FlizzardStout - American Imperial014.49-
Flow FuturisticIPA - New England8.2134.29-
Freak ParadeIPA - New England8.21024.29-
Glacier LeavinsPale Ale - American4.543.18-
Gorp Be With YouWild Ale6.243.98-
Hater BlockersIPA - Imperial8174.23-
Hausterhosen FestbierLager - Märzen / Oktoberfest5.553.8-
Heavy GlowFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.5103.88-
Hell BentBrown Ale - American663.51-
Hopperstad Series: AzaccaPale Ale - American514-
Hopperstad Series: Huell MelonIPA - American500-
Hopperstad Series: CalypsoIPA - American500-
Hopperstad Series: El Dorado Single HopIPA - American533.79-
Hopperstad Series: Idaho 7IPA - American500-
HoptronicWild Ale5.963.96-
Hyper ScreamIPA - New England8.4294.28-
I Don’t Know No SnakesLager - American543.95-
Igor's HornIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale5.434.1-
Involuntary Narcissistic RageIPA - Imperial8.5324.14-
Key Lime Pie Slang Du JourWild Ale6.544.12-
King Of The ThingIPA - New England8.3454.28-
Lizard PeopleIPA - New England8.5204.04-
Loki Is My Home BoyIPA - Imperial8354.25-
Long Haired Freaky PeopleIPA - Imperial8.284.07-
MetaphaseIPA - Imperial8.264.19-
Milk MaidenStout - Sweet / Milk5234.04-
Millions Of PeachesKölsch5.214.07-
Mind BulletsWild Ale7.1214.13-
Multiple EctogasmsIPA - New England7344.3-
Mutually Inclusive: Black CurrantWild Ale4.124.13-
Neon PhenomIPA - Imperial8.4224.03-
Night MachineIPA - Imperial8.1184.2-
Nodak SteamCalifornia Common / Steam Beer5.500-
Noodle EffectIPA - Imperial8.354.21-
Odin Is My OverlordIPA - New England8144.14-
Oh My Gourd, Becky!Pumpkin Beer5.300-
Orange You Glad I Didn't Say PRRRTIPA - New England8124.03-
Pample MouseIPA - Brut5.513.21-
Peach Cobbler Secret HandshakeIPA - American7.584.06-
Peach Cobbler Slang Du JourWild Ale7.544.15-
People EaterWild Ale5.5263.89-
Phantom HandPale Ale - American5514.1-
Philosophies & HypothesesIPA - Imperial8.344.17-
PillagerPorter - American5.293.86-
Pizza TootsIPA - New England7273.94-
Prrrrty PebblesIPA - Imperial833.28-
Prrrts These DaysSour - Berliner Weisse5124.24-
Pushing DaisiesWheat Beer - Witbier4.843.92-
Raspberry Cobbler Slang Du Jour Sour á la ModeWild Ale4.634.29-
Raspberry Guava Sour IPAIPA - American863.89-
Roll OverBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)623.46-
Royal BeeIPA - Imperial8194.19-
RYEsistanceFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.944.31-
Season Of The WitchWild Ale4.823.93-
Secret Handshake - Passionfruit HibiscusIPA - New England7.563.86-
Secret Handshake - Strawberry CheesecakeIPA - New England7.5124.08-
She Don't Use JellyIPA - American7.534.12-
Shield MaidenFarmhouse Ale - Saison613.49-
Six Feet ApartStout - American Imperial1300-
Six Feet UnderStout - American Imperial1300-
Six Ways From SundayStout - American Imperial1300-
Slang Du Jour - Blueberry Lemon CobblerFruit and Field Beer6.184.13-
Slang Du Jour - Blueberry Peach CobblerWild Ale7.624.25-
Slang Du Jour - Cherry PieWild Ale564.08-
Slang Du Jour - Cherry Raspberry CobblerWild Ale7.344.09-
Slang du Jour SfogliatelleWild Ale6.533.3-
Sticky DigitsPorter - American6.514.04-
Struggle Bus Breakfast SourWild Ale6.574.05-
SunstoneWheat Beer - American Pale5.224.05-
Super FreakIPA - Imperial8.2184.13-
Supreme BeeIPA - Imperial894.21-
Techno VikingSour - Berliner Weisse4.5283.9-
The Nightman ComethStout - Russian Imperial9.5204.01-
Thor Is My Co-PilotIPA - Imperial8304.19-
Tickle MonsterIPA - Imperial8.2264.24-
Toon DipIPA - Imperial9.2124.21-
Underwater AllyIPA - Imperial8.184.12-
What Lies BeneathStout - American Imperial11104.09-
Wheez The Ju-uuuuuuuuuice - Double Dry-HoppedIPA - New England6214.15-
Wheez The JuiceIPA - New England5.5654.02-
Whisper ScreamIPA - American6.7134.08-
Drekker Brewing Company in Fargo, ND
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