Drekker Brewing Company

Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

1666 1st Ave N
Fargo, North Dakota, 58102-5268
United States

(701) 532-0506 | map

Beer is our craft, but Drekker is about more than the contents of a glass. It’s about what happens when a few of those glasses get raised together. It’s about doing what you want to do, in a cool place, with people you want to be with. Drekker is about you after all. We love that you’d care enough to join us, and we can’t wait to see where this voyage goes when a couple more beers get raised together. Valhalla can wait. Really, we’re just four regular guys who are serious about beer and not much else.

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
001: Foeder Fermented SaisonSaison5.813.9205-24-2023
2 Right EyesNew England IPA8.3324.0305-19-2023
Abnormal ProportionsFruited Kettle Sour6.90010-28-2021
After School PrrrtFruited Kettle Sour6.8104.2807-18-2022
Agent of AnarchyNew England IPA8304.1705-01-2023
Approaching EntropyAmerican Imperial Stout130005-14-2021
At First SightImperial IPA8.2124.3408-18-2023
Bacon Cinnamon RollFruited Kettle Sour5.80009-16-2022
Banana Coconut Cream Pie Slang Du Jour Sour á la ModeFruited Kettle Sour534.0207-12-2019
Bell Bank Not For Sale IPAAmerican IPA5.90012-10-2022
Bell Bank Pay It Forward PilsnerGerman Pilsner4.50012-02-2022
Belly Full Of BonesFruited Kettle Sour024.306-04-2023
Benevolent IntentionsImperial IPA8.3194.0909-09-2023
Bird BraaaaaaaainsFruited Kettle Sour6.70009-15-2021
Blacklight SyndicateNew England IPA8.3524.1411-26-2023
Bloody BraaaaaaaainsFruited Kettle Sour6.114.511-18-2023
Bloody HellAmerican Pale Ale563.7607-18-2022
Blueberry Pancakes Slang Du Jour Sour á la ModeFruited Kettle Sour5143.8405-15-2022
Bobbin' For PrrrtsFruited Kettle Sour6.333.7611-18-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Mango Peach ApricotFruited Kettle Sour7.4124.1303-13-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Apricot & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour7.8274.0812-30-2021
Braaaaaaaains - Black Currant & Plum CherryFruited Kettle Sour7.5124.2903-27-2021
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry & LimeFruited Kettle Sour6.9134.0607-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry & Black CurrantFruited Kettle Sour4.444.2406-03-2020
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour6.874.0107-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry Cherry PlumFruited Kettle Sour6.684.1104-30-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry PineappleFruited Kettle Sour7.8104.3407-28-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry, Black Currant, PlumFruited Kettle Sour7.21411-09-2021
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry, Guava & LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour6.3114.1612-04-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry, Lemon, ApricotFruited Kettle Sour5.864.2510-26-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry, Passionfruit & PineappleFruited Kettle Sour7.3144.3307-10-2021
Braaaaaaaains - Blackberry, Plum & RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour7.2114.5104-12-2021
BRAAAAAAAAins - Blue RazzFruited Kettle Sour5.923.810-25-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Blueberry & BananaFruited Kettle Sour7.634.3203-13-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Blueberry & LemonFruited Kettle Sour6.394.1307-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Blueberry & RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour654.6209-13-2020
Braaaaaaaains - Blueberry & Red CurrantFruited Kettle Sour474.4603-04-2021
Braaaaaaaains - Blueberry Plum CherryFruited Kettle Sour7.7134.3110-12-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Blueberry, Black Currant & PlumFruited Kettle Sour7.274.1807-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Blueberry, Blackberry, PineappleFruited Kettle Sour6.884.1205-30-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Blueberry, Orange, GuavaFruited Kettle Sour6.684.1712-12-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Blueberry, Pomegranate & PlumFruited Kettle Sour8.164.4504-16-2021
Braaaaaaaains - Cherry LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour7.194.0907-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Cherry, Mango, PineappleFruited Kettle Sour6.554.1910-15-2022
BRAAAAAAAAins - Citrus TwistFruited Kettle Sour5.824.2312-04-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Cranberry, Cherry, PlumFruited Kettle Sour6.334.1204-23-2023
Braaaaaaaains - FroseFruited Kettle Sour6.15409-02-2022
Braaaaaaaains - GraveyardFruited Kettle Sour6.444.3105-20-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Guava Guava GuavaFruited Kettle Sour7224.2502-14-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Guava, Lime, PineappleFruited Kettle Sour6.523.605-26-2023
BRAAAAAAAAins - It's The BerriesFruited Kettle Sour6.114.3310-22-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Lemon & ApricotFruited Kettle Sour7.194.1607-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Mango & CherryFruited Kettle Sour6.9134.2807-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Mango & Prickly PearFruited Kettle Sour6.244.3412-22-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Mango, Guava, Lime, CoconutFruited Kettle Sour6.594.1207-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Mango, Lemon, LimeFruited Kettle Sour6.8124.0212-04-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Mango, Lime, CoconutFruited Kettle Sour6.134.2403-21-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Mango, Orange, BananaFruited Kettle Sour7.1324.2708-18-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple, CoconutFruited Kettle Sour6.854.2106-02-2022
BRAAAAAAAAins - Midwest SunriseFruited Kettle Sour65409-27-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Oops! All BerriesFruited Kettle Sour633.8601-17-2020
Braaaaaaaains - Orange & BananaFruited Kettle Sour6.874.3902-09-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Passion Fruit, Strawberry, OrangeFruited Kettle Sour7.4124.2903-13-2022
Braaaaaaaains - PassionfruitFruited Kettle Sour7.644.1903-13-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Passionfruit, Apricot, GrapefruitFruited Kettle Sour6.513.805-17-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Passionfruit, Orange & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour5204.2710-19-2022
BRAAAAAAAAins - Passionfruit, Pineapple & BananaFruited Kettle Sour5.824.3110-31-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Peach & Black CurrantFruited Kettle Sour7.3184.0507-20-2021
Braaaaaaaains - Peach & Passion FruitFruited Kettle Sour694.3108-04-2020
Braaaaaaaains - Picnic PunchFruited Kettle Sour5.954.0109-30-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Pineapple, Guava, DragonfruitFruited Kettle Sour7.264.2107-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Pineapple, Guava, Passion FruitFruited Kettle Sour7.3134.3707-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Orange & LimeFruited Kettle Sour7.2104.3103-13-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Plum, Raspberry & Passion FruitFruited Kettle Sour7.594.2706-24-2021
Braaaaaaaains - Prickly Pear, Strawberry, GuavaFruited Kettle Sour5.344.510-19-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Raspberry & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour674.4309-06-2020
Braaaaaaaains - Raspberry & MangoFruited Kettle Sour7.674.2903-13-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Raspberry, Pomegranate & PlumFruited Kettle Sour7.874.3109-22-2020
Braaaaaaaains - Raspberry, Raspberry, RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour6.5134.2607-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Raspberry, Strawberry & LimeFruited Kettle Sour7.4224.2311-03-2021
Braaaaaaaains - Slushy XLFruited Kettle Sour6.993.9207-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour4104.3407-04-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry & LemonFruited Kettle Sour7204.0907-21-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry & RhubarbFruited Kettle Sour484.3707-31-2020
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry Orange LimeFruited Kettle Sour7.374.1203-13-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry PineappleFruited Kettle Sour6.584.0907-18-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry, Blueberry & BananaFruited Kettle Sour7.8144.3903-13-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry, Passionfruit, ApricotFruited Kettle Sour6.674.1305-21-2023
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry, Pineapple & DragonfruitFruited Kettle Sour7.194.2108-12-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry, Pineapple & RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour764.203-13-2022
Braaaaaaaains - Strawberry, Raspberry & Passion FruitFruited Kettle Sour5.394.3102-22-2021
Braaaaaaaains - Tangerine, Mango & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour544.3409-12-2022
Braaaaaaaains- Peach,Apricot,GoldenberryFruited Kettle Sour6.533.909-19-2023
Braaaaaaaains- Raspberry, Cherry & PlumFruited Kettle Sour6.31404-15-2023
Braaaaaaaains-HurricaneFruited Kettle Sour00008-13-2023
Braaaaaaaains-HurricaneFruited Kettle Sour013.7508-13-2023
Brace For The G’sNew England IPA7.2184.1206-04-2023
Brain Freeze - Blueberry LemonWild Ale5.214.2506-22-2019
Brain Freeze - Oops! All BerriesWild Ale5.2194.0711-07-2020
Brain Freeze - Smoothie SourFruited Kettle Sour5.254.1412-15-2019
Brain Squeeze - Cherry/LimeFruited Kettle Sour5.253.9403-06-2020
Brain Squeeze - Apricot/Pineapple/TangerineFruited Kettle Sour5.254.2402-11-2021
Brain Squeeze - Blackberry/CucumberFruited Kettle Sour5.2164.103-13-2022
Brain Squeeze - Blueberry LemonFruited Kettle Sour5.233.9103-06-2020
Brain Squeeze - Blueberry PineappleFruited Kettle Sour5.254.0709-09-2019
Brain Squeeze - Blueberry/ApricotFruited Kettle Sour5.2103.806-19-2020
Brain Squeeze - Cherry / Peach / GuavaFruited Kettle Sour5.254.0604-27-2020
Brain Squeeze - Cherry Passion FruitFruited Kettle Sour5.244.1111-02-2019
Brain Squeeze - Coconut Pineapple MangoFruited Kettle Sour5.243.9706-08-2020
Brain Squeeze - Cranberry Guava TangerineFruited Kettle Sour5.214.2503-25-2019
Brain Squeeze - Orange/Banana/StrawberryFruited Kettle Sour5.243.9703-08-2020
Brain Squeeze - Peach/Plum/Black CurrantFruited Kettle Sour5.264.0804-06-2019
Brain Squeeze - Pomegranate Mango GuavaFruited Kettle Sour5.243.7807-01-2019
Brain Squeeze - Raspberry MangoFruited Kettle Sour5.234.1903-13-2020
Brain Squeeze - Raspberry/PassionfruitFruited Kettle Sour5.224.1506-26-2020
Brain Squeeze - Raspberry/PeachFruited Kettle Sour5.264.1305-26-2019
Brain Squeeze - Raspberry/Tart Cherry/GuavaFruited Kettle Sour5.224.1904-08-2020
Brain Squeeze - Strawberry / Blueberry / BananaFruited Kettle Sour46411-15-2020
Brain Squeeze - Strawberry / LemonFruited Kettle Sour5.244.2109-18-2021
Brain Squeeze - Tangerine/Mango/PineappleFruited Kettle Sour054.5801-03-2021
Brewed of the NorthAmerican IPA5.523.6203-22-2019
Broken RudderIrish Red Ale5333.8111-15-2023
Buffalo RodeoAmerican Lager5.215412-13-2020
Bumbleberry Pie Slang Du JourFruited Kettle Sour564.2101-12-2021
Cat’s MeowAmerican Imperial Stout12.114.410-07-2023
Cat’s PajamasAmerican Imperial Stout013.7510-26-2023
Champion Of The SunAmerican Imperial Stout1034.2506-14-2021
Cheugy ChuggersLight Lager4.433.8310-17-2022
Chipper Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout10.554.1408-03-2019
Chips, Dips, Chains, WhipsImperial IPA8104.0312-07-2023
Choco Flavored Kisses - EcuadorAmerican Imperial Stout12.534.2110-09-2022
Choco Flavored Kisses - GhanaAmerican Imperial Stout130010-28-2022
Choco Flavored Kisses BAAmerican Imperial Stout120004-11-2021
Chonk + HydraFruited Kettle Sour6.854.0402-23-2023
Chonk - Strawberry, Guava, Banana, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour6.944.1609-08-2022
Chonk - Cabana CakeFruited Kettle Sour6.344.2206-12-2023
Chonk - Cherry DrumstickFruited Kettle Sour684.1804-19-2023
Chonk - CherryBerry Almond Cheesecake FroséFruited Kettle Sour6.864.1110-20-2022
Chonk - Midnight SnackFruited Kettle Sour6.4163.8705-26-2023
Chonk - Peaches & CreamFruited Kettle Sour6.794.0307-18-2022
Chonk - Peanut Butter & Jelly SupremeFruited Kettle Sour7.173.9408-11-2022
Chonk - Pumpkin Spice LatteFruited Kettle Sour6.9103.6606-19-2023
Chonk Raspberry Rice PuddingFruited Kettle Sour7.174.0306-23-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Blueberry Strawberry Raspberry Chocolate)Fruited Kettle Sour7.1194.1101-18-2022
Chonk Sundae Sour (Bahama Split)Fruited Kettle Sour634.2112-07-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Banana Split)Fruited Kettle Sour6.9244.2909-08-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Birthday Cake)Fruited Kettle Sour7174.1803-06-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Blackberry Daiquiri Push Pop)Fruited Kettle Sour6.63412-04-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Blueberry Black Currant & Marshmallow)Fruited Kettle Sour674.3404-23-2021
Chonk Sundae Sour (Blueberry Fluff - Blueberry, Marshmallow, Plum)Fruited Kettle Sour6.374.1811-23-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Blueberry Pomegranate & Chocolate)Fruited Kettle Sour6.884.3611-26-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Cherry, Marshmallow, & Chocolate)Fruited Kettle Sour7.264.1903-13-2022
Chonk Sundae Sour (Funky Monkey)Fruited Kettle Sour7.8164.203-29-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (J.R.E.A.M. Yogurt Parfait)Fruited Kettle Sour5.994.2108-28-2022
Chonk Sundae Sour (Mango and Marshmallow)Fruited Kettle Sour7.2284.404-30-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Mango, Apricot, Orange Push Pop)Fruited Kettle Sour6.224.4105-27-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Orange, Peach, Marshmallow)Fruited Kettle Sour7164.3107-23-2022
Chonk Sundae Sour (Peach Cinnamon Marshmallows)Fruited Kettle Sour7.2104.112-13-2021
Chonk Sundae Sour (Peach Melba)Fruited Kettle Sour7.774.1411-20-2021
Chonk Sundae Sour (Peanut Butter and Jelly)Fruited Kettle Sour6274.2310-06-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Pineapple Whhhip)Fruited Kettle Sour6.1214.3202-28-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Pumpkin Spice Latte)Fruited Kettle Sour6.913.1505-03-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Rainbow Sherbet)Fruited Kettle Sour6.874.403-13-2022
Chonk Sundae Sour (Raspberry and Chocolate)Fruited Kettle Sour024.4106-02-2020
Chonk Sundae Sour (Raspberry and White Chocolate)Fruited Kettle Sour6.2154.2311-26-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Strawberry and Dark Chocolate)Fruited Kettle Sour644.0809-05-2020
Chonk Sundae Sour (Strawberry and White Chocolate)Fruited Kettle Sour5.7104.1911-27-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (Strawberry Guava Banana Fluff)Fruited Kettle Sour6.90008-27-2022
Chonk Sundae Sour (Strawberry, Cocao Nibs & Coconut)Fruited Kettle Sour7.223.5607-20-2022
Chonk Sundae Sour (Strawberry,Guava,White Chocolate)Fruited Kettle Sour7.374.3303-13-2022
Chonk Sundae Sour (Tropical Berry Blast)Fruited Kettle Sour6.574.1603-13-2022
Chonk Sundae Sour (White Chocolate & Peach)Fruited Kettle Sour6.493.9604-09-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour (‘Merica Cake)Fruited Kettle Sour6.5194.3311-22-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour - SpumoniFruited Kettle Sour7.2194.1509-30-2023
Chonk Sundae Sour - Strawberry Cacao Nib & CoconutFruited Kettle Sour7.284.0707-07-2022
Clean Up CrewAmerican Lager523.8506-28-2023
Clueless WonderNew England IPA8.3934.1304-05-2023
Coffee RudderIrish Red Ale573.8407-18-2023
Coffin FlopImperial IPA8.294.1612-09-2023
Colors That End In "Urple"Fruited Kettle Sour624.5102-08-2020
Crackin' SkullsImperial IPA8134.2104-05-2020
Creeper's PetFruited Kettle Sour643.8204-03-2023
Crystal Ball CakeFruited Kettle Sour5.90009-16-2022
Cuddle BuddyNew England IPA8.2434.0612-03-2023
Cyber ScreamImperial IPA10214.1312-21-2022
Danger Is Our BusinessNew England IPA714.112-04-2023
Danger. Will Robinson!American Imperial Stout100003-08-2020
Dangerous Nights CrewAmerican Pale Ale5.553.8702-11-2023
Dayman: Fighter of the NightmanRussian Imperial Stout1044.1103-18-2022
DDH Freak ParadeImperial IPA8.20003-17-2021
Dead Is Not DeadAmerican Imperial Stout1014.0803-21-2020
Decidedly SoAmerican Imperial Stout13.30009-14-2022
Don't PRRRT In the PoolFruited Kettle Sour6.624.1308-31-2023
Doomsday DeviceNew England IPA8.3474.2209-25-2022
Doomsday KingImperial IPA834.1409-10-2023
Doubly BlessedImperial IPA853.9805-02-2023
Drive By Glitter BombSaison6.263.8406-18-2018
EctogasmNew England IPA71994.1511-27-2023
Ectogasm - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA744.4203-16-2019
Electronic ArmsHefeweizen4.813.8204-19-2019
Everybody Love EverybodyFruited Kettle Sour7284.1312-07-2023
Evil Natured RobotsNew England IPA8384.1606-08-2023
Fangs OutNew England IPA6.710410-23-2023
Flarndip 2022American Imperial Stout1323.9601-24-2023
FlizzardAmerican Imperial Stout024.4911-13-2021
Flizzard BA - Oreo/Ice CreamAmerican Imperial Stout1154.1709-05-2023
Flizzard BA - Snickers/Ice CreamAmerican Imperial Stout110002-16-2021
Flizzard BA - Take 5 BarsAmerican Imperial Stout130010-28-2022
Flizzard BA - Twix/Ice CreamAmerican Imperial Stout110002-16-2021
Fortune TellerFruited Kettle Sour60009-16-2022
Freak ParadeNew England IPA8.21224.2804-19-2023
From The Feet UpNew England IPA834.0611-17-2023
Frosé Braaaaaaaains - Watermelon, Guava & LimeFruited Kettle Sour6.123.909-25-2022
Frosé ChonkFruited Kettle Sour6.814.509-22-2022
Fun HouseFruited Kettle Sour5.90009-16-2022
Funnel CakeFruited Kettle Sour60009-16-2022
Garbage PeopleNew England IPA8.5344.1410-21-2023
Goodbye StrangerNew England IPA8.114.2511-18-2023
Goon PlatoonNew England IPA8124.0912-04-2022
Gorilla Named ZahraAmerican Imperial Stout12.51410-15-2023
GravatronFruited Kettle Sour5.80009-16-2022
Hater BlockersNew England IPA8454.1804-23-2023
Hausterhosen FestbierFestbier / Wiesnbier5.553.810-16-2019
HeapsSweet / Milk Stout7124.0212-03-2022
Hell BentAmerican Brown Ale663.5104-05-2019
Hex Marks The SpotNew England IPA6.584.0209-16-2023
Hi-Fi NightmareFruited Kettle Sour6.973.8402-12-2023
Hidden VisionNew England IPA8.2104.0607-18-2022
Hops Make Harry HappyAmerican IPA5.70005-13-2023
Hurricane BraaaaaaaainsFruited Kettle Sour6.434.0908-02-2023
Hyper ScreamNew England IPA8.4494.1806-10-2023
I Don’t Know No SnakesAmerican Lager5153.8803-28-2023
Ice Ice Prrrrty - Lemon LimeFruited Kettle Sour6.234.1206-14-2023
Ice Ice PRRRTY - Grape Slush Style SourFruited Kettle Sour6.344.1104-13-2023
Ice Ice Prrrty - Guava, Lemon-Lime, CoconutFruited Kettle Sour744.0208-22-2022
Ice Ice Prrrty - Lemon, Cherry, CoconutFruited Kettle Sour6.274.107-18-2022
Ice Ice Prrrty - Pineapple OrangeFruited Kettle Sour7.233.9311-02-2023
Involuntary Narcissistic RageImperial IPA8.5484.0506-08-2023
Joker In The PackImperial IPA8.244.1403-04-2023
Jolly Prrrt-ers - Blue RazzFruited Kettle Sour6.634.0107-18-2022
Jolly PRRRTers - Green AppleFruited Kettle Sour6.343.909-21-2023
JuicelerNew England IPA8234.1709-21-2023
King Of The ThingNew England IPA8.3734.2209-27-2023
Knock KnockMunich Dunkel4.80010-15-2022
Lizard PeopleNew England IPA8.5434.0511-26-2023
Loki Is My Home BoyImperial IPA8404.1811-26-2023
Long Haired Freaky PeopleImperial IPA8.2414.0210-22-2023
Mac-Prrrrt-AroniFruited Kettle Sour4.70004-04-2023
Magic of A Different ColorNew England IPA8124.2103-18-2023
Make It SpookyNew England IPA894.0601-07-2023
Mango Colada PRRRTFruited Kettle Sour6.314.4106-08-2023
Mass Quantities BAAmerican Imperial Stout1033.301-05-2023
Mass ShadowNew England IPA793.9905-06-2023
Mass ShadowsAmerican IPA70011-22-2022
Master ManipulaterImperial IPA8.2224.0711-26-2023
MetaphaseNew England IPA8.2314.1908-27-2023
Milk MaidenSweet / Milk Stout5323.9705-21-2023
Mind BulletsWild Ale7.1253.9611-26-2023
Morning RitualAmerican Stout6.4144.0712-09-2023
Multiple EctogasmsNew England IPA7604.2304-15-2023
Narfle The GarthokAmerican Imperial Stout1014.2403-18-2021
Neon PhenomNew England IPA8.4504.0211-11-2023
Never Have I EverNew England IPA8224.0704-10-2023
Night MachineNew England IPA8.1344.1706-12-2023
Noodle EffectNew England IPA8.3164.0309-02-2023
Odin Is My OverlordNew England IPA8274.0612-12-2022
Only Mostly DeadAmerican Imperial Stout1254.608-31-2022
Only Mostly Dead 2023 - Stranahans Single Malt BA + Comoros VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout1514.3402-25-2023
Operation MagicalImperial IPA833.9501-22-2022
Orange You Glad I Didn't Say PRRRTNew England IPA812401-17-2020
Oregon BraaaaaaaainsFruited Kettle Sour7.164.207-16-2022
Pample MouseBrut IPA5.513.2106-27-2019
Pay It Forward PilsnerBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.50012-29-2022
People EaterFruited Kettle Sour5.5283.8505-09-2022
Phantom HandAmerican Pale Ale5564.104-07-2023
Pie-O-RamaFruited Kettle Sour5.90009-16-2022
PillagerAmerican Porter5.2103.8512-13-2020
Pinky PromiseAmerican Brown Ale12.534.1310-10-2022
Pizza TootsNew England IPA7403.9211-22-2023
Please Accept Our Sacrifice Of Fruit PizzaFruited Kettle Sour6.784.1904-22-2023
Prince Of The PlaceNew England IPA694.0511-22-2023
Prrrrty PebblesImperial IPA833.2803-30-2019
Prrrt - ArnieFruited Kettle Sour6.453.9208-02-2023
Prrrt - Berry Prrrty ParadiseFruited Kettle Sour5.773.9907-18-2022
Prrrt - Can You Feel The Prrrt TonightFruited Kettle Sour6.143.9404-30-2023
Prrrt - Prrrt So Good - Cotton CandyFruited Kettle Sour743.9811-30-2022
Prrrt - The RainbowFruited Kettle Sour7.344.1711-02-2022
Prrrt - What So Proudly We PrrrtFruited Kettle Sour6.5124.1609-27-2023
Prrrt - When Life Gives You PrrrtsFruited Kettle Sour5.973.9912-28-2022
Prrrt - Yabba Dabba Prrt Now!Fruited Kettle Sour6.684.0406-15-2023
Prrrts These DaysFruited Kettle Sour5184.205-21-2023
Prrrty - Lemon-Lime SlushFruited Kettle Sour6.214.1405-27-2023
Prrrty-O’s - Peach RingFruited Kettle Sour00001-04-2023
Purple PrrrrtFruited Kettle Sour6.543.9507-04-2023
Pushing DaisiesWitbier4.843.9202-02-2019
Raspberry Cobbler Slang Du Jour Sour á la ModeFruited Kettle Sour4.644.4109-19-2022
Raspberry Guava Sour IPAAmerican IPA863.8906-22-2019
Revenge Of The HippiesNew England IPA8234.1309-29-2023
Rowdy BunchAmerican Blonde Ale4.40006-22-2021
Royal BeeNew England IPA8374.2410-02-2023
Saved By The Buoyancy Of CitrusAmerican Adjunct Lager4.80006-13-2023
Schmoojee Slang Du JourFruited Kettle Sour60009-15-2021
ScrumdiddlyumptiousAmerican Imperial Stout1114.2502-19-2022
Secret Handshake - Coconut KillerMilkshake IPA7233.8705-14-2022
Secret Handshake - Peach CobblerMilkshake IPA7.594.0612-26-2022
Secret Handshake - Strawberry CheesecakeMilkshake IPA7.5144.111-26-2023
She Don't Use JellyAmerican IPA7.534.1201-09-2019
Shield MaidenSaison613.4904-14-2019
Slang Du Jour - Apple CobblerFruited Kettle Sour6.464.1704-02-2023
Slang Du Jour - Apricot Shortbread CookieFruited Kettle Sour7.5103.9805-21-2023
Slang Du Jour - Black Currant Plum CobblerFruited Kettle Sour7.794.2903-13-2022
Slang Du Jour - Black Forest CakeFruited Kettle Sour6.8104.2811-18-2022
Slang Du Jour - Blackberry CobblerFruited Kettle Sour7.3204.2310-14-2023
Slang Du Jour - Blueberry CheesecakeFruited Kettle Sour6.7123.9607-18-2022
Slang Du Jour - Blueberry CobblerFruited Kettle Sour7.8114.1512-12-2022
Slang Du Jour - Blueberry Lemon CobblerFruited Kettle Sour6.1114.1505-28-2021
Slang Du Jour - Blueberry Peach CobblerFruited Kettle Sour7.694.4103-14-2021
Slang Du Jour - Carrot CakeFruited Kettle Sour7.1103.9803-10-2023
Slang Du Jour - Cherry CheesecakeFruited Kettle Sour6.164.2610-29-2023
Slang Du Jour - Cherry Raspberry CobblerFruited Kettle Sour6.4114.3111-19-2023
Slang Du Jour - Coconut Key Lime PieFruited Kettle Sour6.984.1607-18-2022
Slang Du Jour - Cran-Orange CobblerFruited Kettle Sour6.484.1607-18-2022
Slang Du Jour - Cranberry, Raspberry, Lemon, StrawberryFruited Kettle Sour794.1108-21-2022
Slang Du Jour - Island Paradise CheesecakeFruited Kettle Sour6.224.3612-04-2023
Slang Du Jour - Key Lime PieFruited Kettle Sour6.9114.0108-03-2023
Slang Du Jour - Lemon BarFruited Kettle Sour6.7114.2209-27-2023
Slang Du Jour - Lemon Meringue PieFruited Kettle Sour6.414.6708-16-2023
Slang Du Jour - Mango Apricot CobblerFruited Kettle Sour8.194.2903-13-2022
Slang Du Jour - Marionberry CobblerFruited Kettle Sour6.874.2906-05-2023
Slang Du Jour - Peach CobblerFruited Kettle Sour7.5104.2107-18-2022
Slang Du Jour - Pineapple Upside Down CakeFruited Kettle Sour6.6164.303-12-2023
Slang Du Jour - Raspberry CheesecakeFruited Kettle Sour6.3254.3105-08-2023
Slang Du Jour - Raspberry Coconut CrumbleFruited Kettle Sour7.3144.3809-17-2022
Slang Du Jour - Strawberry CobblerFruited Kettle Sour884.1711-07-2022
Slang Du Jour - Strawberry Rhubarb CobblerFruited Kettle Sour7.693.8701-09-2023
Slang Du Jour - Strawberry ShortcakeFruited Kettle Sour5.934.110-04-2023
Slang Du Jour - Triple Berry PieFruited Kettle Sour7.8154.0903-13-2022
Slang Du Jour - Tropical CrispFruited Kettle Sour6.274.3909-26-2023
Slang Du Jour - Wildberry Cinnamon RollFruited Kettle Sour6.254.1612-08-2023
Slang Du Jour -Blueberry MuffinFruited Kettle Sour6.534.2307-01-2023
Slang du Jour SfogliatelleFruited Kettle Sour6.533.309-22-2019
SMOLFruited Kettle Sour5.70003-21-2023
SMOL - Blue RazzFruited Kettle Sour00004-13-2023
Smooth Or DieSweet / Milk Stout6.5224.0910-16-2023
Something That Could Never, Ever Destroy UsAmerican Imperial Stout12.544.2602-24-2023
Sometime Around MidnightImperial IPA8184.0706-16-2023
Spider Inside My DreamsAmerican Imperial Stout00012-22-2022
Spilled BraaaaaaaainsFruited Kettle Sour00009-15-2021
Sticky DigitsAmerican Porter6.5114.0401-07-2023
Strawberry PRRRT-a-ColadaFruited Kettle Sour6.334.605-21-2022
Struggle Bus Breakfast SourFruited Kettle Sour6.5134.0807-24-2022
Stuffed ChonkFruited Kettle Sour6.60009-15-2021
Suggin’ On Chili DogsVienna Lager5.744.0204-06-2023
Super FreakNew England IPA8.2354.0912-03-2023
Super Mega LagerLight Lager4.523.2908-16-2023
Supreme BeeImperial IPA894.2110-19-2020
Synaptic CleftImperial IPA8.6344.0409-21-2023
Techno VikingBerliner Weisse4.5323.8506-01-2021
The Friendly PRRRTFruited Kettle Sour6.524.2311-26-2023
The HammerAmerican IPA6.724.2411-05-2023
The Ice Treaty Of PeaceAmerican IPA6.534.0311-27-2023
The Imminent Return Of Lord DoomsicleFruited Kettle Sour014.2703-20-2023
The Mother Of The Ruler Of The WorldAmerican Imperial Stout12.524.4411-05-2021
The Nightman ComethRussian Imperial Stout9.5253.9803-13-2022
The Noodle EffectImperial IPA8.363.8211-26-2023
The Passwørd Is Pa$swordFruited Kettle Sour654.0412-04-2023
There Will Be Prrrrt - Mint MilkshakeFruited Kettle Sour6.254.1908-05-2023
There Will Be Prrrrt- Jules DeluxeFruited Kettle Sour6.193.8911-23-2023
There Will Be PRRRT - Monkey Tail MilkshakeFruited Kettle Sour6.954.1905-10-2023
There Will Be Prrrt - Strawberry MilkshakeAmerican IPA6.483.9511-26-2023
Third EyeAmerican IPA714.2403-13-2022
Thor Is My Co-PilotImperial IPA8484.1511-26-2023
Tickle MonsterNew England IPA8.2434.1511-26-2023
Tiki BraaaaaaaainsFruited Kettle Sour033.8107-26-2023
Til The Night Closes InAmerican Imperial Stout1224.5912-27-2022
Tilt-A-WhirlFruited Kettle Sour60009-16-2022
Tiny BitesNew England IPA553.8410-25-2023
Toon DipImperial IPA9.2134.2412-03-2020
TruffleupagusAmerican Imperial Stout13.90004-04-2023
Underwater AllyNew England IPA8.1304.0907-02-2022
Up On The Housetop Prrrt Prrrt PrrrtFruited Kettle Sour6.274.2802-06-2023
Violet , You’re Turning Violet, VioletAmerican Imperial Stout1114.4310-29-2021
Wayward CargoFruited Kettle Sour5.943.4610-09-2023
Welcome To The EndNew England IPA6.514.1411-17-2023
What Lies BeneathAmerican Imperial Stout11124.0810-10-2022
What Lies Beneath Barrel Aged With MapleAmerican Imperial Stout1124.0801-08-2022
Wheez The Ju-uuuuuuuuuice - Double Dry-HoppedNew England IPA6254.1311-26-2023
Wheez The JuiceNew England IPA5.5694.0304-20-2023
Whisper ScreamAmerican IPA6.7264.0203-13-2022
With All Your PowerNew England IPA844.2711-16-2023
You Have No Good Car IdeasFruited Kettle Sour7.544.1911-02-2023
Zoltan SpeaksAmerican Imperial Stout13.50009-14-2022
Zombie BRAAAAAAAAinsFruited Kettle Sour5.974.1302-19-2023

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