Deciduous Brewing Company

Deciduous Brewing CompanyDeciduous Brewing Company
Deciduous Brewing CompanyDeciduous Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

12 Weaver St
Ste B
Newmarket, New Hampshire, 03857-2308
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
7New England IPA7.814.505-28-2023
Above the TreesImperial IPA8.424.1811-08-2022
Adding Up the NumbersImperial IPA8.514.3904-23-2022
AerophyteAmerican Pale Ale5.3113.6512-02-2015
Afternoon HazeAmerican Pale Ale4.523.7302-17-2019
AgriculturalNew England IPA6.3373.912-24-2016
Agricultural - Amarillo And El DoradoAmerican IPA6.813.7511-07-2016
AlbricotWild Ale4.9234.2107-31-2022
Albricot - Dry-HoppedWild Ale4.9244.2406-12-2017
All TogetherAmerican IPA6.51405-21-2020
Along The WayNew England IPA764.2804-15-2023
AntonymBelgian IPA723.9308-03-2018
ArgentBerliner Weisse4264.1707-31-2022
Argent - Apricot And PomegranateBerliner Weisse443.9302-27-2017
Argent - Peach And Wild BlueberriesBerliner Weisse413.6206-24-2017
AroseAmerican Pale Ale4.8303.8911-28-2018
Arose - AzaccaAmerican Pale Ale4.813.7511-07-2016
Arose - EnigmaAmerican Pale Ale4.823.9209-06-2016
Around the CloudsAmerican Imperial Stout1014.2411-23-2022
Astronaut In The OceanNew England IPA9.314.5209-05-2022
Auroral - Melon And Passion FruitFruited Kettle Sour474.1807-30-2017
BaleAmerican IPA6.3174.1510-22-2019
Barrel Aged You AreSweet / Milk Stout11.314.3604-03-2022
BigsNew England IPA8.4104.2401-24-2023
BioticNew England IPA5.911411-28-2018
BladeAmerican IPA6.5134.0205-05-2022
BlaujolaisWild Ale5.4173.9404-20-2021
Brother of MineAmerican IPA6.583.8206-05-2022
By Myself - El DoradoAmerican IPA6.414.2109-25-2021
Chaos in the ParkImperial IPA1024.1710-19-2022
Confidential MatterNew England IPA714.2510-04-2022
CropWild Ale3.424.110-15-2017
Cumulation - El Dorado And SimcoeGose4.533.8312-31-2016
Cup Or ConeFruited Kettle Sour6.514.4909-05-2021
Daggie's Been BusyBerliner Weisse644.0101-31-2021
DDH Mighty GladImperial IPA814.0109-17-2021
DimorphicImperial IPA8164.1511-27-2018
Dodging SquirrelsNew England IPA8.474.2905-08-2023
Double GleamBerliner Weisse4.224.1909-13-2019
Double Lollipop Forest - Blackcurrant, Blueberry, & RaspberryWild Ale6.654.4405-08-2023
Down SouthAmerican IPA714.2104-04-2023
Early SignsNew England IPA8.4144.2104-06-2022
East Coast Deluxe 2Imperial IPA9.714.2609-19-2021
Easy OperatorNew England IPA6.2154.1305-06-2023
EmergeAmerican Pale Ale5.153.9405-01-2017
Energetic ShiftWild Ale614.4306-19-2021
EpiphyteImperial IPA8134.1303-24-2016
Eternal DreamerImperial IPA8.2114.1403-20-2021
Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be AlrightNew England IPA81512-19-2020
Fast CarNew England IPA8.224.1905-21-2023
Fast Forward BackwardsAmerican IPA7.644.1303-08-2023
Fieldwork 4.0New England IPA6.644.2701-12-2019
Fifth CourseAmerican Imperial Stout10.524.2704-18-2021
FlashBerliner Weisse4.2264.1402-10-2023
Flash (Double Fruited)Fruited Kettle Sour514.3212-13-2020
Folk StorySweet / Milk Stout10.514.7911-30-2020
Fragments and PiecesNew England IPA8.254.0905-22-2022
FrangostaWild Ale5.494.4502-12-2018
Friendship & FrangipaneWild Ale60003-16-2020
FrubulousFruited Kettle Sour5.834.4708-04-2021
Frubulous (Mango, Marshmallow, Sorbet)Fruited Kettle Sour5.824.3302-10-2022
Frubulous - Blueberry, Plum, Apricot, PeachFruited Kettle Sour5.2514.5503-06-2022
Frubulous - Pineapple, Banana, CoconutFruited Kettle Sour614.2406-10-2022
Frubulous - Raspberry, Orange, Lime & SherbertFruited Kettle Sour6.2534.2311-21-2021
Frubulous - Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango & CoconutFruited Kettle Sour6.214.2402-27-2022
Frubulous - Sweet Cherry, Peach, Apricot, KiwiFruited Kettle Sour6.114.0505-05-2022
Fun Day 1.0New England IPA6.623.802-14-2019
GenotypeAmerican Pale Ale5.3114.0501-30-2017
Genotype - CitraAmerican Pale Ale5.334.0702-27-2017
GleamBerliner Weisse4.2154.0108-22-2019
Gravity's PullImperial IPA8.264.4502-06-2023
Great Wide OpenSaison5.863.7811-30-2020
Grove 1.0American Pale Ale5.233.908-06-2017
Heart of MattersImperial IPA8.5134.203-11-2022
HingeAmerican IPA6.113.7910-03-2017
House MargGerman Pilsner5103.9605-14-2023
Imperial Lollipop ForestFruited Kettle Sour7.833.9612-16-2021
In FocusGerman Pilsner4.554.0409-30-2019
Jack O’LambentBerliner Weisse4.5103.9410-08-2017
Keep Movin’ OnNew England IPA824.7706-04-2022
KindnessAmerican IPA3.514.0207-21-2018
Let The Music PlayNew England IPA8.254.3207-10-2022
Light Between UsSaison4.533.8405-24-2021
LittleAmerican IPA4.823.9904-22-2018
LittlesNew England IPA6.664.2701-24-2023
Lollipop BRAAAAAAAAinsFruited Kettle Sour614.4612-26-2022
Lollipop ForestFruited Kettle Sour5.5304.1305-22-2023
Lollipop Forest - Blackberry Mango and PomegranateFruited Kettle Sour5.514.2512-23-2018
Lollipop Forest - Blueberry & Plum CrumbleFruited Kettle Sour5.524.0205-29-2021
Lollipop Forest - Blueberry LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour624.7108-14-2022
Lollipop Forest - Blueberry, Blackberry Plum & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour622.6205-28-2021
Lollipop Forest - Boysenberry and BlueberryFruited Kettle Sour5.513.9902-26-2019
Lollipop Forest - Imperial Blackberry CrumbleFruited Kettle Sour7.814.3605-23-2021
Lollipop Forest - Jelly DonutFruited Kettle Sour634.3102-12-2022
Lollipop Forest - Peach & Apricot CrumbleFruited Kettle Sour613.6812-25-2020
Lollipop Forest - Pineapple and MangoFruited Kettle Sour5.514.3107-11-2018
Lollipop Forest - Raspberry and BlackberryFruited Kettle Sour5.514.2505-12-2023
Lollipop Forest - Raspberry, Guava, and PapayaFruited Kettle Sour5.514.0102-04-2021
Lollipop Forest - Strawberry Raspberry And PomegranateFruited Kettle Sour5.50006-24-2019
Lollipop Forest - Strawberry Raspberry LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour614.2711-22-2020
Lollipop Forest - Strawberry ShortcakeFruited Kettle Sour624.3207-30-2022
Lollipop Forest - Strawberry, Raspberry, MangoFruited Kettle Sour5.514.1811-15-2020
Lollipop Forest - SugarplumFruited Kettle Sour5.50006-11-2021
Lollipop Forest - Wild Maine BlueberryFruited Kettle Sour5.513.8305-27-2023
Lollipop Forest Raspberry, Strawberry, White Chocolate, and GrahamFruited Kettle Sour624.0211-14-2022
Lollipop Forest Triple Berry MuffinFruited Kettle Sour5.514.7911-06-2021
Lollipop Forest- Apple CrispFruited Kettle Sour624.3511-23-2022
Lollipop HydraFruited Kettle Sour734.6505-29-2021
Lollipop J.R.E.A.M Rocket PopBerliner Weisse754.3104-30-2020
Lollipop Schmoojee A La ModeFruited Kettle Sour713.504-04-2022
Lollipop SwerveFruited Kettle Sour6.514.7410-24-2021
LusterBerliner Weisse4.2173.806-24-2017
MarcescentBière de Garde6.373.8605-03-2017
Mighty GladImperial IPA8.2154.2103-06-2023
Moments to MemoriesAmerican Imperial Stout1014.3601-15-2023
Monochromatic 3.0 (Apricot)Fruit and Field Beer633.903-10-2019
MorphologyImperial IPA8.2104.1803-27-2017
Morphology #3Imperial IPA8.234.2705-01-2017
NevergreenerImperial IPA8.223.8410-13-2021
Numbers In Sequence 4American Imperial Stout10.514.2907-24-2021
Numbers in Sequence 5Sweet / Milk Stout10.534.1412-31-2022
Panic RisingNew England IPA8.414.1803-16-2022
Paradise MojoWild Ale753.9305-02-2022
Paradise Mojo - Coconut Key Lime PieFruited Kettle Sour674.0505-24-2023
Paradise Mojo: Banana ColadaFruited Kettle Sour614.2408-23-2022
Paradise Mojo: Mai TaiFruited Kettle Sour724.0502-21-2021
Paradise Mojo: PainkillerWild Ale614.305-31-2020
Paradise Mojo: Scorpion BowlFruited Kettle Sour623.9802-21-2021
Paradise Mojo: Strawberry, Cherry & VanillaFruited Kettle Sour61405-05-2021
Paradise Mojo: TikiBerliner Weisse614.2507-20-2020
PassageAmerican Lager4.713.9301-03-2023
PhenotypeAmerican Pale Ale5.873.8203-24-2016
Place In The SunGose624.3307-04-2021
Playing In The Shadows 10.0 (Citra, Galaxy & Mosaic)American IPA714.1206-19-2021
Playing In The Shadows 3.0 (Eta, Vic Secret & Motueka)New England IPA6.934.1807-28-2019
Playing In The Shadows 3.0 (Vic Secret & Topaz)New England IPA614.508-17-2019
Playing In The Shadows 9.0 (Galaxy & Rakau)New England IPA6.10003-31-2021
Pressing PauseAmerican IPA6.513.6510-20-2022
Proceed With CautionNew England IPA714.2505-21-2023
Rainbow DreamsWild Ale5.5153.9806-18-2022
Recreation RoadAmerican Stout844.2210-03-2021
RenascenceImperial Porter8.1414.0812-03-2018
ResearchAmerican IPA6.654.2201-18-2023
Research 2.0Imperial IPA7.824.5502-12-2018
Research 22.0American IPA7.814.1409-25-2021
Research 24.0Imperial IPA7.824.1903-17-2023
Research 6.0Imperial IPA864.2211-04-2018
Roja OscuraSaison7.5113.8311-20-2019
Running With the NightImperial IPA9.514.2504-29-2023
ShineBerliner Weisse4.253.5203-22-2019
Short ListKellerbier / Zwickelbier4.574.0908-20-2022
Simple UnionKölsch4.874.0603-28-2023
Skeleton LeavesAmerican IPA6.454.1611-19-2022
Sky PartyNew England IPA7.874.3312-17-2022
Slow But SpeedingAmerican IPA533.7905-25-2021
SmallsAmerican IPA4.20009-10-2017
Smiling HighImperial IPA7.8204.1507-08-2021
SojournAmerican Imperial Stout1034.4304-18-2022
Some DaysNew England IPA824.4807-08-2022
SpangleNew England IPA6.544.2112-23-2020
Stack 1.0American IPA6.384.1408-14-2017
StackedImperial IPA834.2711-13-2017
Stand My GroundAmerican Stout4.523.7306-17-2021
Static InterferenceImperial IPA8.134.3704-08-2022
Strong and SteadyImperial IPA9.214.2712-10-2021
Sun DayNew England IPA7.153.9910-07-2020
Sun Day (Mango, Apricot & Strawberry)New England IPA7.11403-22-2019
Sunshine and SugarSweet / Milk Stout1024.1509-24-2022
Take Me Through The NightAmerican Imperial Stout101404-04-2022
The BondFruit and Field Beer624.2106-05-2021
The Bond (Blueberry & Lemon Zest)Wild Ale614.0811-23-2020
The LightBerliner Weisse50007-18-2020
The WaitingAmerican Imperial Stout1024.0702-03-2019
ThyrsusAmerican Imperial Stout1013.7905-26-2020
Timeless FlightGerman Pilsner4.58407-01-2022
TinselAmerican Imperial Stout1014.0612-04-2021
Traces On My SoulImperial IPA8.244.2708-21-2022
Tree ShadesNew England IPA8.214.2801-12-2022
Trees And SeasNew England IPA854.4812-24-2022
Triple Created ChaosImperial IPA1014.1609-18-2021
Triple Lollipop ForestFruit and Field Beer6.614.2707-03-2020
Triple Lollipop Forest (Raspberries, Cherries, Apricots)Fruited Kettle Sour6.614.307-17-2021
TroddenEuropean Dark Lager533.8803-26-2022
Volumetric - VanillaRussian Imperial Stout11.10002-16-2017
VolumetricsRussian Imperial Stout11.10002-16-2017
WallsImperial IPA7.844.3503-29-2023
WanderAmerican IPA6.4114.0910-20-2019
Where I Want To BeImperial IPA8.374.1504-17-2023
Won't Back DownImperial Porter8214.0112-11-2022
Won't Back Down Bourbon Barrel AgedImperial Porter9.544.0604-18-2022
WonderAmerican IPA6.454.3308-04-2022
Won’t Back Down - CoffeeAmerican Porter823.4809-15-2022
Won’t Back Down Peanut Butter Oatmeal PorterAmerican Porter814.512-11-2022
World Got StillAmerican Stout4.834.0412-08-2022
You AreSweet / Milk Stout10.344.1205-16-2022
You Bring Me Up When I’m DownImperial IPA9.5154.1602-06-2021

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Deciduous Brewing Company in Newmarket, NH
Brewery rating: 4.13 out of 5 with 1037 ratings