Hop Butcher For The World


6398 74th Street
Bedford Park, Illinois, 60638
United States | map

Notes: Formerly South Loop Brewing Company
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
A Black Parrot And An OrangutanIPA - Imperial1033.8710-23-2021
A Deeper DishIPA - Imperial10.5204.3602-23-2022
A Plume Of Many HuesIPA - New England773.9505-02-2022
A Real HumdingerBarleywine - English13.534.1801-07-2022
A River In ReverseIPA - Imperial874.1405-18-2022
A Roar Of ColorsIPA - Imperial7.5134.1502-23-2022
AirglowPale Ale - American5.75113.901-18-2022
Alemerica The BeautifulPale Ale - American5.5524.0602-23-2022
All Sides Are GreenIPA - Imperial8.5114.1304-24-2022
All The MarblesIPA - Imperial10124.1903-23-2020
AlsacePilsner - German573.801-18-2022
Antimatter ManipulatorIPA - Imperial12114.3302-23-2022
Back Of BeyondIPA - Imperial7.5104.103-21-2022
BananagramStout - American Imperial10.584.1507-19-2021
Be The HBCIPA - American6.5104.2202-23-2022
Beef DippedIPA - New England7.5454.1512-17-2021
Beef SippedPale Ale - American6154.1803-26-2022
Beef Trip'dIPA - New England10.5103.9102-28-2021
Bird of Epic ProportionsIPA - Imperial894.0101-18-2022
Blazed Green RelishIPA - New England8154.1904-24-2022
Blazed OrangeIPA - New England7.5694.0702-23-2022
Blazed Orange (Milkshake)IPA - New England7.51034.2704-04-2022
Blizzard of '67IPA - Imperial10234.1804-16-2022
Bright BoxIPA - New England5.75104.2202-23-2022
Bughouse SquareIPA - New England7.5464.3303-01-2022
Bumper CropPale Ale - American693.9701-18-2022
CandlebrightBarleywine - English1274.1905-07-2021
Cascade HeavyIPA - American743.8505-20-2022
CCCCClear IPAIPA - American7.2564.0705-14-2022
ChicagohengeIPA - Imperial7.574.0605-18-2022
Chillin' Out Maxin'IPA - American7.5544.2402-23-2022
Choice StockIPA - American6.574.2102-17-2021
Circumpolar Cherry CycloneIPA - New England7.5194.1702-23-2022
Coarse Grind HustleStout - American Imperial11.583.9302-23-2022
Codename: SupergnarlyIPA - Imperial7.5164.1605-10-2021
Coffee BearStout - American Imperial10.5134.1605-07-2022
Cold PizzaIPA - American684.204-30-2021
Cool BayIPA - New England6.574.1502-23-2022
Cosmic FountainIPA - New England7.5554.3405-07-2022
Cosmic MountainIPA - Imperial10.564.2805-15-2022
Deep RinseIPA - American6.2523.5810-19-2020
Dese, Dem & DoseIPA - New England6.75133.9702-23-2022
Destination MarsIPA - American6.7544.0610-19-2020
Destination MoonIPA - American7.5324.1104-28-2021
Diamond NightsWheat Beer - American Pale4.7554.2306-05-2021
Double Blazed OrangeIPA - New England9.5664.3905-18-2022
Double Cherry Circumpolar CycloneIPA - New England9.533.6803-29-2022
Double GridIPA - New England7.51224.4605-06-2022
Double SaazPilsner - German5114.1204-30-2021
Double Satan's MileRed Ale - Imperial863.9303-09-2022
Duchess the ElephantIPA - New England7.5334.2802-23-2022
Dun Dun DunIPA - New England7.5854.2704-28-2022
Dun Dun Dun DunIPA - New England10.574.104-13-2022
Elder Secrets of an Ancient PastIPA - New England7.5424.2802-23-2022
Emits Showers Of SparksIPA - Imperial7.5274.1902-23-2022
Extra GiardinieraIPA - Imperial10104.1102-23-2022
Face PeelerIPA - Imperial10.2554.1609-10-2021
FallwaterPale Ale - American5.2544.0802-05-2022
Florida Citrus CommissionIPA - Imperial10.584.1705-07-2021
Galaxy BowlIPA - New England81014.1602-23-2022
Galaxy Bowl RiffIPA - New England7.5214.0812-10-2021
GiardinieraIPA - Imperial7.5144.2903-27-2022
Good Ryes Wear BlackIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale6.4304.0508-10-2020
Green MossIPA - New England7.5894.405-12-2022
Greener TimesIPA - New England6.584.0105-02-2021
GridPale Ale - American5.75563.9702-23-2022
Halogen FarmIPA - Imperial7.5504.2602-23-2022
Heck YessumPale Ale - American5.7224.1302-23-2022
Hoppy Days Are Here AgainIPA - American7393.907-07-2021
How Giant IS Giant?IPA - Imperial10.513.6605-02-2022
I Want To BelieveIPA - New England7.51384.1202-23-2022
Indie CityIPA - American6.563.8808-24-2021
Insert Eyeroll HereIPA - Imperial7.594.0302-02-2022
IPA Your WayIPA - American7114.312-04-2021
Jump the ShadowIPA - New England7.515402-23-2022
Karate In The GarageIPA - Imperial8104.2901-18-2021
Kielbasa KingIPA - New England7.5304.1602-23-2022
Loophole TechnicalityIPA - New England7.5564.3702-23-2022
Lord OctomossIPA - Imperial8104.2412-21-2021
Lord OctopusIPA - Imperial7.5424.2802-23-2022
Lush TerrainIPA - New England6.5194.0505-18-2022
Maximum MPHIPA - New England884.0105-29-2021
Meet The MosaicsIPA - American6.584.1903-16-2022
Meet The MotuekasIPA - American6.5124.2804-07-2022
Meet The NelsonsIPA - American6.574.2111-30-2021
Mega ClangIPA - American6.573.7705-05-2021
MegabiteIPA - Imperial7.5624.2302-23-2022
MilkstachioStout - Sweet / Milk6733.9202-23-2022
MintedStout - American Imperial10.594.0204-13-2022
Mirror BallIPA - Imperial7.5314.1802-23-2022
Mirror Ball 3000IPA - New England10.574.1402-19-2022
MobulaStout - American Imperial10.5164.1802-23-2022
Mo’ OnionsIPA - Imperial7.594.1501-11-2022
Narragansett RidgeIPA - New England8134.304-11-2022
Neon Green RelishIPA - New England7.5764.402-23-2022
New OklahomaPale Ale - American5.2124.0502-23-2022
NewfallenIPA - New England6.584.1304-29-2021
Normalize The SignalIPA - New England7.5584.3302-23-2022
Numerous Different ThingsIPA - New England7.5224.1702-23-2022
OblongIPA - Imperial7.5113.9805-21-2022
Ocean KeyIPA - New England7.5174.0602-23-2022
Old School Hawaii VibesIPA - Imperial7.5444.3302-23-2022
Olden GoldenIPA - New England6.7573.9402-09-2022
Only Interested In CitrusIPA - Imperial874.1504-17-2022
Only Interested In DankIPA - Imperial874.2205-19-2022
Out YonderIPA - Imperial7.594.2607-20-2021
PerceptorIPA - American5.5184.1507-08-2021
Pine StreetIPA - American6.5104.1301-21-2022
Pleasant DankIPA - Imperial864.4112-12-2021
Pneumatic Tube RoomIPA - American6.75164.0905-04-2022
PolycrystalIPA - American7.2584.1804-06-2022
Preserved In Three DimensionsIPA - New England7.5364.2102-23-2022
Preserved In Three Dimensions 3DIPA - New England7.534.102-23-2022
Presto Change-oIPA - New England7.5224.2505-20-2022
Relaxin' All CoolIPA - Imperial7.5404.1902-23-2022
Reply Hazy Try AgainIPA - New England7.5684.102-23-2022
RibbitIPA - New England7.5284.1201-18-2022
RiprapPale Ale - American5.7594.2502-23-2022
Riwakamania (2022)IPA - New England6.5184.2205-03-2022
Roll Your Own WayStout - American Imperial10.563.5604-26-2022
RoughspunIPA - Imperial8.594.0705-21-2022
Run To DaylightIPA - Imperial10.5184.2602-23-2022
Satan's MileIPA - American6.66173.9602-23-2022
Sixty Feet WestIPA - American6.7584.1804-30-2022
Skeleton CruiseIPA - American6.25234.0202-23-2022
Skrap MetalIPA - New England7.5854.302-23-2022
Smoke Filled RoomIPA - American8403.902-23-2022
SnackberryIPA - New England7.5104.1101-18-2022
Snorkel SquadIPA - New England6.5414.2302-23-2022
Soul HeadIPA - American6.584.0506-25-2021
StaviusStout - American Imperial11.524.1801-07-2022
StonefrozeIPA - New England10.5134.2605-10-2020
Strange Shooting Star-Like LightsIPA - New England5.75214.0802-23-2022
Sunrise Over Northerly IslandIPA - American6.25104.102-23-2022
Super MegabiteIPA - Imperial10.5104.2107-01-2021
Sweet HomeIPA - American6.583.9901-18-2022
Swirling PhlourishIPA - Imperial864.2804-20-2021
Swivel Arm Battle GripIPA - New England6.5164.1212-17-2021
SynthwavePale Ale - American653.901-18-2022
Taffy PullIPA - American733.6404-20-2022
Tavern CutIPA - New England7.5914.2705-21-2022
Tavern KingIPA - New England8104.1905-23-2022
Teal RidgeIPA - Imperial7.5344.2101-18-2022
TelehopicIPA - American7.5433.9502-23-2022
The JewelsIPA - New England7.5644.1602-23-2022
The SandsPale Ale - American5.25104.2202-23-2022
The Swans Of LirIPA - Imperial7.5314.0704-03-2022
The World's Colombian Coffee ExpositionStout - American Imperial10774.1701-18-2022
Thematic GlowIPA - Imperial7.5244.102-05-2022
To Know Is To LoveIPA - New England8154.0504-19-2022
TorchberryIPA - New England7.5114.2302-23-2022
Two-FlatPale Ale - American5.75373.9402-23-2022
Unwind Your MindIPA - New England7.5964.2603-21-2022
Urbs in HortoIPA - New England7.5614.2902-23-2022
Welcome To GardesvilleLager - Festbier / Wiesnbier643.7501-18-2022
Your Wish Is GrantedIPA - Imperial8574.1402-23-2022

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