Magnify Brewing Company

Magnify Brewing CompanyMagnify Brewing Company
Magnify Brewing CompanyMagnify Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

1275 Bloomfield Ave
Ste 40C
Fairfield, New Jersey, 07004-2739
United States | map
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
(Not) Dry JanuaryAmerican IPA713.7501-20-2023
4KImperial IPA1044.304-03-2019
5 Mic PotentialImperial IPA964.4111-24-2018
7th AnniversaryImperial IPA1034.2205-12-2023
8th AnniversaryImperial IPA8.824.0605-26-2023
8th Anniversary Triple Dry Hopped Maine EventAmerican IPA6.523.8906-03-2023
A Deep Understanding Of FluffinessImperial IPA1024.205-12-2019
Accidental Text On PurposeImperial IPA894.0510-24-2018
Accidentally On PurposeNew England IPA7104.2310-24-2018
Adult In The RoomImperial IPA863.9107-14-2023
All My Friends Are HopsImperial IPA823.9105-09-2019
All-Out BlitzImperial IPA80009-24-2023
Alternative UniverseImperial IPA814.1209-14-2019
Always Stout SeasonAmerican Imperial Stout1134.0202-02-2020
Amarillo ThrillAmerican IPA773.7205-19-2020
Ambrosia Keep It MelloImperial IPA873.809-15-2018
Asking For A FriendAmerican IPA6.423.9104-28-2023
Baby SitterAmerican IPA4.2183.8809-02-2023
Baby Sitter - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA4.2204.1409-08-2022
Back to BasicsEnglish Dark Mild Ale423.8902-23-2020
Back to SchoolImperial IPA814.3309-12-2021
Banana Bread Mind Over MatterSweet / Milk Stout834.0702-20-2021
Banana Phone - 5G Smoothie EditionFruited Kettle Sour524.3204-29-2023
Banana Phone - BBA - 5G Smoothie EditionFruited Kettle Sour6.514.507-17-2023
Banana Phone - Bourbon/Rum Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout13.544.2512-27-2020
Barrel WarfareAmerican Imperial Stout12.744.3810-14-2021
Batch 1000Imperial IPA10.534.107-02-2021
Beautiful Liquid - Double Dry-HoppedImperial IPA8114.2603-12-2022
Better Late Than NeverImperial IPA8.413.7907-21-2019
Big PulpFruited Kettle Sour574.0310-16-2022
Black Wheat - VanillaAmerican Dark Wheat Beer544.0501-26-2018
Blood BathImperial IPA854.0901-16-2020
Blue Lemonade R&RFruited Kettle Sour1143.8603-12-2022
Blue MilkFruited Kettle Sour573.8807-23-2023
Born Day - Gold LabelAmerican Imperial Stout12.534.4306-18-2023
Born Day NitroAmerican Imperial Stout1014.1803-12-2022
Bottomless BrunchImperial IPA913.910-12-2019
Bourbon Barrel Aged Double Vanilla Born Day 2022American Imperial Stout12.514.2605-28-2022
Bourbon Barrel Aged Hazelnut & Banana Born DayAmerican Imperial Stout12.513.912-22-2022
Bourbon Barrel Aged Pastrytonium: Peanut Butter KingAmerican Imperial Stout1324.1509-19-2023
Bourbon Barrel Aged RevenantRussian Imperial Stout1144.0408-02-2023
Bourbon Barrel Aged Sweeter Thicker Darker StrongerAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.3602-25-2022
Brain ChildImperial IPA1034.0905-06-2023
Break The Bank - Triple Dry-HoppedImperial IPA8.5244.2707-26-2023
Breakfast For DessertAmerican Imperial Stout1524.4708-16-2023
Brew JerseyAmerican IPA6.413.7502-06-2023
Buzz WordsImperial IPA854.0207-12-2018
Cali EventAmerican IPA7.543.9103-12-2022
Can I Help YouNew England IPA6.613.8602-06-2021
Cash or CreditAmerican Barleywine1034.0601-01-2023
Cashmere SweaterNew England IPA10.5114.2412-19-2022
Cashmere ThrillAmerican IPA75404-04-2021
Cast a Long ShadowImperial IPA874.2201-27-2018
CaviarNew England IPA10.543.8701-24-2023
Cerveza Con LimaAmerican Adjunct Lager523.6204-01-2022
Cheat The SystemImperial IPA8133.9402-22-2018
Cherry LimeadeFruited Kettle Sour1113.9304-04-2021
Choco Taco Mind Over MatterSweet / Milk Stout823.7506-09-2023
Chubby BunnyIrish Dry Stout014.809-03-2022
Citra ActNew England IPA6.50003-05-2022
CitrapolloImperial IPA7.6224.0809-04-2023
Citrapollo - Double Dry-HoppedImperial IPA7.6294.1908-03-2023
Class SickImperial IPA8114.2307-19-2018
Climbing TreesImperial IPA813.8611-24-2022
Coconut SizzleFruited Kettle Sour51406-30-2023
Cold SideNew England IPA7404.1805-25-2021
Comfort ZoneImperial IPA834.0402-11-2019
Common DenominatorsAmerican IPA6.30004-11-2022
Common MisconceptionsImperial IPA834.0111-26-2018
Contractual ObligationNew England IPA8.5754.2408-15-2019
Controlled ConfusionAmerican IPA674.0807-23-2018
Cool Aide & Frozen PizzaFruited Kettle Sour524.2707-30-2021
Copious Amounts Of Pineapple JuiceAmerican IPA6.5124.1308-21-2018
Copious Amounts Of Strawberry JuiceAmerican IPA6.5144.1609-18-2018
CoquitoFruited Kettle Sour513.9304-30-2023
Cotton Candy LandNew England IPA753.6607-06-2021
CreamlineAmerican IPA774.1412-04-2020
Cross BreezeSaison6.343.8910-02-2019
Cryo CurrencyImperial IPA923.8411-11-2022
Cryo Me A RiverImperial IPA864.307-22-2018
Czech PilsBohemian / Czech Pilsner443.9902-22-2023
DanksgivingImperial IPA8144.0712-03-2022
De-ExtinctionAmerican Barleywine12.523.9104-03-2022
DelightfulAmerican IPA784.0510-24-2018
Depth PerceptionImperial IPA12.314.0303-19-2022
Destroyer of SensesImperial IPA8.223.9806-24-2023
DewAmerican IPA784.1901-11-2019
Didn’t See This ComingHefeweizen5.633.8112-31-2021
DimplesVienna Lager543.9201-06-2023
Do I Know You (Coconut, Coffee, Almond)American Imperial Stout15.124.2706-26-2023
Do I Know You (Mexican)American Imperial Stout15.194.3604-04-2023
Do Me a SolidImperial IPA8114.0612-31-2017
Don't SneezeImperial IPA8103.7812-23-2017
Don’t Stop Now (w/ Apricot, Blood Orange, Passion Fruit & Pineapple)Fruited Kettle Sour4.533.6506-30-2023
Double Barrel Aged Point of Divergence 2021American Imperial Stout11.514.2507-01-2022
Double Galactic EventNew England IPA914.402-19-2022
Double StandardGerman Pilsner4.923.9206-09-2022
Dr. CitraNew England IPA5.9244.0609-03-2018
Dr. NelsonAmerican IPA5.964.0712-29-2018
Dr. VicAmerican IPA5.90007-30-2019
DraughtSweet / Milk Stout654.0303-05-2023
Drill DeeperImperial IPA974.1602-20-2023
Dubbel EntendreDubbel834.0404-28-2021
Dunk ContestImperial IPA844.2808-16-2023
Dunk ContestImperial IPA8154.0907-30-2022
Edge of the UniverseImperial IPA8214.1306-17-2023
Egg HuntFruited Kettle Sour5.532.7304-08-2023
Endless PossibilitiesAmerican IPA744.0303-28-2020
Endless Possibilities with Cherry and ApricotAmerican IPA724.0211-24-2019
Enlarged To Show TastinessImperial IPA1024.0212-14-2021
Even More JuiceImperial IPA854.1901-20-2019
Event of the YearImperial IPA1254.1709-03-2022
Extra DelightfulMilkshake IPA8.523.9511-09-2022
Extra FoggyImperial IPA1084.2206-12-2022
Extra GuacImperial IPA854.2207-10-2020
Extreme Low VisibilityAmerican IPA7.4274.0310-01-2022
Fade To BlackImperial IPA12.414.1311-23-2022
Fantasy LifeImperial IPA813.7505-03-2021
Figuratively SpeakingImperial IPA834.1512-27-2020
Fill Up the Moose MugFruited Kettle Sour523.9801-01-2022
Finer ThingsImperial IPA10.534.3910-22-2019
FirenzeGerman Pilsner4.924.1510-20-2020
Fit For RoyaltyImperial IPA10.564.0710-04-2022
Flannel SeasonImperial IPA824.1301-16-2020
FlashImperial IPA873.6203-24-2017
Flash ManImperial IPA8123.7306-11-2017
Floccular MigraineImperial IPA1074.2302-24-2018
FluidityImperial IPA884.0701-21-2019
Frame of ReferenceAmerican IPA6.544.1204-25-2020
Free ThrowAmerican IPA5.923.2706-03-2023
French ToastImperial IPA883.6501-16-2020
Froot StripezFruited Kettle Sour874.0608-04-2021
Frosted FlakesNew England IPA8214.0305-20-2021
Fruit MedleyAmerican IPA734.1401-18-2020
Fruited EventNew England IPA6.513.8904-09-2022
Fudgement DayAmerican Imperial Stout11114.3208-04-2023
Fudgement Day II: The Rise of CacaoAmerican Imperial Stout1124.5110-18-2020
Fudgement Day III: Return of the NuttershipAmerican Imperial Stout1183.9302-26-2023
Fudgement Day IV: Dessert WarsAmerican Imperial Stout110003-14-2021
Fudgement Day: Java the CupAmerican Imperial Stout1133.8301-06-2022
Fudgement Day: Temple of HazelnutAmerican Imperial Stout1114.2605-30-2023
Full DisclosureImperial IPA8.574.1706-15-2018
Fun RunAmerican IPA5.333.8710-27-2022
Funny BusinessAmerican IPA4.514.0607-21-2019
Fuzzy RobotImperial IPA8.614.0304-01-2022
Galaxy ThrillAmerican IPA773.8807-06-2021
Goes Without SayingImperial IPA8.124.0607-24-2021
Gold PlatedImperial IPA10.544.207-28-2022
Good BonesImperial IPA8.213.8904-02-2022
Good EnergyImperial IPA8.334.1203-17-2022
Good Hair DayImperial IPA8.51401-16-2022
Got Yo CoquitoImperial IPA8114.0912-31-2021
Grand IllusionImperial IPA844.0310-22-2018
Grandiose VerbageImperial IPA8.593.9906-15-2020
Green AislesImperial IPA8.574.3202-20-2021
Greetings From MedfordImperial IPA80009-10-2023
Gummy BlastAmerican IPA6.323.6108-09-2022
Half BakedAmerican Imperial Stout110010-01-2023
Half BatchImperial IPA8184.1410-21-2017
Half Batch - Double Dry-HoppedImperial IPA863.901-16-2019
Halloween Mind Over MatterSweet / Milk Stout844.1801-16-2020
Hawaiian Shirt FridaysFruited Kettle Sour1124.1709-15-2023
HeadachesImperial IPA8.2454.2306-29-2023
Heat WaveAmerican IPA6.123.5608-07-2023
Heating UpAmerican IPA6.510403-16-2023
Heavy DreemzAmerican IPA6.623.3806-04-2019
Hello There Old FriendImperial IPA823.9802-05-2022
High BeamsImperial IPA854.5302-25-2022
High PressureImperial IPA834.0405-27-2018
High ScoreImperial IPA833.8604-23-2023
His AirnessImperial IPA12124.1401-10-2022
Holding GrudgesImperial IPA8.433.706-26-2022
Hop GravyImperial IPA8134.0404-30-2023
Hop Hash BrownsImperial IPA80007-16-2023
Hoptastrophe!Imperial IPA8.534.2110-23-2018
Hostile TakeoverNew England IPA1054.2201-08-2022
Hot CakesAmerican Imperial Stout13.50004-17-2021
Hot Cakes - Bourbon Barrel Aged with Banana, Coconut, and Maple SyrupAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.3108-05-2021
Hot Cakes - Bourbon Barrel Aged with Double Peanut Butter and Maple SyrupAmerican Imperial Stout13.514.1708-05-2021
Hot TakeImperial IPA7.923.7405-10-2022
House RulesNew England IPA5.833.5304-04-2021
How It Started How It's GoingImperial IPA8.533.9412-16-2021
HUGEImperial IPA8.544.1303-24-2019
Hungry?American Imperial Stout110009-03-2023
Hydration StationNew England IPA4.5104.0809-18-2018
I Want EverythingImperial IPA11.243.9703-28-2020
I'm Kind of a Big DealImperial IPA1024.0902-16-2022
Ice Cream NoveltiesAmerican Porter7.523.1904-28-2018
Ice Cream SocialWild Ale843.8608-22-2020
Ice Cream Social 2.0Fruited Kettle Sour533.711-09-2021
If You Give a Moose a Banana Nut Muffin StoutSweet / Milk Stout733.9606-28-2022
If You Give A Mouse A Chocolate Chip Cookie StoutSweet / Milk Stout733.8203-13-2022
Imagine the SummitImperial IPA8.574.0901-03-2019
Impatiently WaitingAmerican Imperial Stout1294.4610-05-2018
Imperial Cold SideNew England IPA8.5294.3902-19-2022
Imperial CreamlineImperial IPA8.564.1808-09-2019
Imperial Maine EventImperial IPA823.9103-10-2022
Imperial Pillow TalkImperial IPA8.543.9101-17-2022
Imperial Two PercentAmerican IPA8.524.0912-06-2020
Imperial Vine Shine - Double Dry-HoppedImperial IPA8.363.9101-14-2018
Imperial Zig ZagImperial IPA10163.9805-18-2017
Infinite OilImperial IPA913.8310-06-2018
Infinite UniverseImperial IPA1234.2211-23-2020
Infinite VerbiageImperial IPA1084.108-22-2018
Infinity Plus Solid GoldImperial IPA8.514.0903-18-2021
Insane in the BrainNew England IPA8.814.3304-17-2022
Intense CalmImperial IPA8124.3104-27-2018
Intergalactic EventNew England IPA6.5484.1807-14-2023
International Haze UnitsImperial IPA8.524.2508-17-2019
Island EventAmerican IPA6.524.3208-12-2022
It's 10PM Do You Know Where Your IPAs Are?Imperial IPA884.1603-05-2022
It’s All RelativeImperial IPA8124.2202-03-2023
JellyImperial IPA8.264.2512-06-2020
Juice BarImperial IPA8.2133.9702-01-2019
Juice JailAmerican IPA814.1806-15-2021
Juice TubesNew England IPA8.113.9908-01-2022
Keep On Keeping OnImperial IPA843.9304-04-2021
Key Lime Pie AttackBerliner Weisse80003-01-2021
Kobe BeefImperial IPA10.514.1907-03-2019
Lap of LuxuryImperial IPA10.514.0907-04-2019
Lil Zig ZagAmerican IPA694.0501-05-2018
Little Cold SideAmerican IPA5.544.0907-22-2021
Lived to See Another YearFruited Kettle Sour1114.4301-01-2020
Local TongueAmerican Imperial Stout12.513.1606-03-2022
London FogNew England IPA713.8508-13-2022
Lost In A MazeAmerican IPA634.0707-02-2018
Lost in YesterdayAmerican IPA623.7309-24-2021
Low VisibilityAmerican Pale Ale4.81304.0702-18-2022
Low Visibility - Double Dry-Hopped With GalaxyAmerican Pale Ale4.894.0507-26-2017
Low Visibility - Double Dry-Hopped With RakauAmerican Pale Ale4.823.8101-19-2018
Lurching Towards The MoonImperial IPA8.564.2710-06-2018
Lurching Towards the SunImperial IPA8.5144.306-17-2023
Maine EventNew England IPA6.5904.2508-06-2023
Maine Event - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA6.5204.309-16-2021
Maine Event with IncognitoNew England IPA6.514.0702-09-2023
Man and MachineImperial IPA844.1212-01-2018
Maple Syrup Single Bourbon Barrel Aged Sweeter, Thicker, Darker, StrongerAmerican Imperial Stout13.514.3202-25-2022
Master of CloudsImperial IPA8104.0712-11-2020
Matter Over Mind (Peanut Butter & Hazelnut)American Imperial Stout1014.0311-12-2022
Maxed OutImperial IPA1084.2401-16-2019
Melted PulpFruited Kettle Sour534.2403-14-2023
Melting PointImperial IPA10.564.305-07-2022
Members OnlyImperial IPA10.513.9612-20-2019
Mexican Mind Over MatterSweet / Milk Stout84407-22-2019
Mezcal Barrel Aged Margarita SearchSaison7.514.2105-29-2022
Midnight SocietyImperial IPA8.554.2612-06-2020
Mind Over MatterAmerican Imperial Stout8103.9802-05-2023
Mind Over Matter - Candy CaneSweet / Milk Stout814.2904-25-2020
Mind Over Matter - Chocolate Covered StrawberrySweet / Milk Stout813.7502-16-2022
Mind Over Matter - CoconutSweet / Milk Stout823.8302-15-2023
Mind Over Matter - Pecan PieSweet / Milk Stout864.1611-15-2021
Mind Over Matter - S'MoresSweet / Milk Stout84404-30-2023
Mixed SignalsImperial IPA844.0512-22-2018
Momentary MasterNew England IPA8.5244.1509-24-2023
Momentary Master - Double Dry-HoppedImperial IPA8.5224.2308-08-2019
Momentary Master - Enhanced by ScienceNew England IPA8.524.2207-30-2021
Mosaic ThrillAmerican IPA7113.9312-06-2020
Most Important MealNew England IPA9314.0601-31-2022
Mouth FeelingsNew England IPA6.4233.9512-31-2021
Mouth Feelings - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA6.454.0102-01-2019
Nelson ThrillAmerican IPA744.0302-05-2023
Nerd SquadFruited Kettle Sour514.1911-19-2022
New BiologyAmerican IPA824.2801-22-2019
New Car SmellAmerican IPA6.753.9511-03-2018
New Year’s ResolutionImperial IPA8.363.9801-03-2021
Next LevelImperial IPA12.513.5904-10-2021
Nitro Born DayAmerican Imperial Stout1014.0203-15-2022
No Going BackWild Ale813.8311-24-2019
No LimitSchwarzbier4.933.9605-15-2022
Nothing But NetImperial IPA8.314.0110-27-2022
Nothing PersonalImperial IPA813.7107-15-2022
October SurpriseMärzen543.5409-10-2022
On and OnImperial IPA8.5104.1212-08-2020
On FireeeImperial IPA10164.0608-26-2022
One Thousand PercentImperial IPA843.9502-27-2021
One-Two PunchImperial IPA8.594.0401-10-2019
Only a SparkAmerican IPA6.423.8810-06-2019
Orange DrankFruited Kettle Sour50004-18-2022
Orange TwistImperial IPA80004-25-2022
Pancake Mind Over MatterSweet / Milk Stout814.2802-13-2020
Parallel UniverseImperial IPA834.1206-08-2019
Participation TrophyNew England IPA8.213.6808-01-2021
Pastel CloudsNew England IPA964.0908-25-2022
Pastry Proof (Berry Pancakes)Gose4.523.4310-10-2020
Pastry Proof (PB & J)Gose4.513.8410-04-2021
PatisserieImperial IPA833.9107-27-2019
Peach Melba Pie AttackFruited Kettle Sour844.0803-25-2023
Peach Short StackImperial IPA8134.0910-22-2018
Peak EpiphanyImperial IPA944.1508-11-2023
Peak of RighteousnessImperial IPA8.564.1107-12-2018
Peak Of RipenessNew England IPA6.5644.2904-21-2023
Peak OilImperial IPA9934.309-08-2022
Perception is RealityNew England IPA6.5423.9204-01-2022
PixilatedAmerican IPA6.523.3303-02-2019
Point of Divergence - Double Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout10.5124.109-30-2022
Pollinator - Barrel-AgedAmerican IPA7.223.804-11-2019
Pollinator - Double Dry HoppedAmerican IPA7.24401-16-2020
Postponed EventAmerican IPA6.523.8205-11-2022
Praline PartyAmerican Imperial Stout12.314.2311-06-2021
Private JetImperial IPA10.534.3309-26-2019
Pro TipNew England IPA10.373.9507-02-2023
Proceed With CautionImperial IPA1014.1304-29-2023
Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Mind Over MatterSweet / Milk Stout83410-31-2022
PunchAmerican IPA7103.9901-08-2019
Purple RainFruited Kettle Sour50006-17-2022
Quiet QuittingImperial IPA80007-23-2023
R&RFruited Kettle Sour1123.9206-17-2021
Raw EssentialsHelles4.923.9208-09-2022
Read ReceiptsBrett Beer744.0801-12-2019
Recession BusterAmerican IPA513.9102-03-2023
Red CarpetImperial IPA10.544.4704-13-2019
Red Wine Barrel Aged Sangria SearchSaison7.50005-23-2022
ReservedImperial IPA10.5134.302-24-2023
RevenantRussian Imperial Stout9104.1209-01-2023
Rice LagerJapanese Rice Lager4.213.9602-03-2023
Rock Me Dr. 'SaicImperial IPA8244.2712-27-2020
Rock Me Dr. 'Saic - Double Dry HoppedImperial IPA8474.2311-22-2022
Rock Me Dr. CitraImperial IPA8134.1803-02-2019
Rock Me Dr. Citra - Double Dry-HoppedImperial IPA8134.2205-30-2018
Rock Me Dr. MotuekaImperial IPA864.1101-21-2019
Rock Me Dr. Nelson - Double Dry HoppedImperial IPA824.1804-25-2020
Rock Me Dr. Simcoe - Double Dry-HoppedImperial IPA8174.1510-15-2018
Rock Me Dr. VicImperial IPA8104.0907-02-2018
Rock Me Dr. ‘Saic - DDH with IncognitoImperial IPA813.9910-28-2022
Rocket Pop - StrawberryFruited Kettle Sour514.3407-19-2021
Rocket ScienceImperial IPA8104.1405-26-2022
Saturday CartoonsAmerican Imperial Stout1454.3307-15-2023
Saved by the HopsImperial IPA8.314.0210-01-2021
Science EventAmerican IPA6.52405-29-2021
Scratch and SniffImperial IPA844.109-04-2023
Sea MigrationsImperial IPA8.524.203-26-2021
Search Saison - Apricot & PeachSaison5.523.4511-04-2018
Search Saison - Mango & Passion FruitSaison5.523.9904-05-2020
Search Saison - PineappleSaison5.543.8903-10-2018
Self CareImperial IPA8.524.2103-26-2020
Sensory OverloadFruited Kettle Sour80004-25-2022
Shameless PlugAmerican IPA734.0404-18-2020
Shamrock ShakeBerliner Weisse5.533.4203-18-2023
Shaved TrufflesImperial IPA10.534.2704-12-2020
ShhhAmerican IPA773.809-30-2018
Sibling RivalryImperial IPA814.1202-13-2022
Silver SpoonImperial IPA10.514.2802-20-2020
Simcoe ThrillAmerican IPA773.9712-13-2019
Sinister Prime Minister - Bourbon Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout13134.0406-10-2022
Sit TightImperial IPA8.134.2107-11-2020
Smell Ya Later - Double Dry-HoppedImperial IPA9.5124.4407-06-2023
SmugglerAmerican IPA6.884.0110-03-2017
Snake ProofFruited Kettle Sour4.51404-11-2021
Snap Out Of ItImperial IPA834.0804-01-2022
So Fresh So CleanAmerican IPA6.513.9506-26-2022
Soft PeaksAmerican IPA6.514.2411-22-2020
Solid Gold Good TimesNew England IPA8.534.3912-30-2022
Space DiveAmerican IPA6.524.1112-13-2018
Speak KindlyAmerican IPA7104.0307-22-2018
Spruce JuiceImperial IPA863.9512-13-2020
Stained Glass SkiesImperial IPA883.8803-01-2023
Start From ScratchImperial IPA8.124.0202-26-2021
State FairAmerican Imperial Stout1224.2310-02-2022
Status UpdateImperial IPA823.7505-12-2022
Stay in Your LaneAmerican IPA6.633.9704-30-2022
StaycationFruited Kettle Sour623.3907-08-2022
Stimulus PackageNew England IPA4.21401-30-2021
Stocking StufferImperial IPA823.7312-17-2022
Stop With All The MadnessAmerican Porter723.7501-22-2018
Stratospheric EventBrett Beer6.523.8402-21-2019
Strawberry Banana DripFruited Kettle Sour514.509-11-2023
Strawberry Short StackImperial IPA8183.9605-24-2020
Summer FridaysAmerican IPA5.513.9408-22-2020
Sundae GravyAmerican Stout723.8812-19-2021
Support AnimalFruited Kettle Sour1134.2103-18-2021
Surprise, SurpriseImperial IPA8184.0612-06-2020
Take a HintImperial IPA854.1409-09-2021
Talking PointsAmerican IPA6.313.9801-08-2022
The Action Is The JuiceImperial IPA8.513.808-31-2023
The Craziest ThingImperial IPA103407-15-2022
The Friend ZoneAmerican IPA573.8804-28-2019
The OGImperial IPA773.8401-21-2019
The Power of ScienceImperial IPA854.0501-05-2023
The Real Juice Boys of New Jersey.Imperial IPA9.1114.0305-15-2021
The Real Power of ScienceNew England IPA10.633.8607-14-2022
The Very Thirsty CaterpillarNew England IPA744.2812-10-2021
There in SpiritImperial IPA8.213.9804-13-2019
Thing of BeautyImperial IPA8154.1504-17-2023
Thirty HoursAmerican IPA7234.1311-27-2019
Through the Use of TechnologyAmerican Imperial Stout1144.3111-26-2018
Tiny GlowImperial IPA87403-31-2018
Too Bright To SeeImperial IPA874.1308-17-2018
Too Hot to TouchAmerican IPA684.0601-21-2019
Total ExposureImperial IPA884.1401-20-2019
Trade Proof (Guava, Prickly Pear, and Blood Orange)Gose4.514.1909-26-2020
Trade Proof (Mango, Passion Fruit, Cherry)Fruited Kettle Sour4.554.1506-05-2020
Trade Proof (Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Guava and Boysenberry)Fruited Kettle Sour4.564.2206-10-2023
Tripel EntendreTripel9.50003-14-2021
Triple Cold SideImperial IPA1083.9501-06-2023
Triple Dry Hopped Up Up & AwayImperial IPA8.524.111-18-2021
Triple Galactic EventNew England IPA1044.209-14-2023
Triple Maine EventNew England IPA1013.9702-19-2022
Triple Pillow TalkImperial IPA10.474.206-05-2021
Trouble by DesignImperial IPA1084.0710-15-2022
Trust No OneImperial IPA1014.1208-14-2022
Two PercentAmerican IPA723.7310-31-2020
Ugly Sweater Party - Mostra CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout1084.1612-10-2022
Up Up & AwayNew England IPA8.5404.303-06-2022
Upper PeninsulaAmerican IPA6.564.0304-30-2018
Valley of RipenessAmerican IPA6.584.1101-19-2019
Verbal AgreementAmerican IPA3.8183.9502-17-2017
VerifiedImperial IPA1274.1212-19-2021
Vertical IntegrationImperial IPA1044.2608-07-2023
VertigoImperial IPA8.543.7703-31-2018
VIImperial IPA8.524.2605-29-2021
Vine ShineNew England IPA6.52094.0701-11-2023
Vine Shine - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA6.5194.0612-19-2017
Vine Shine - Triple Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA6.584.2102-04-2018
Vine Shine with LimeAmerican IPA6.514.1508-13-2022
Vocal MinorityEnglish Bitter3.913.7102-19-2022
Watermelon SugarFruited Kettle Sour514.508-30-2023
West Coast 3rd AnniversaryImperial IPA923.9206-09-2023
What's NextFruited Kettle Sour833.9507-17-2022
Whatever, ManImperial IPA844.2106-30-2018
Wild HorizonsSaison60005-23-2022
Wing NightImperial IPA80003-01-2021
Without Further AdoImperial IPA8.5124.0804-13-2019
Woah NellyImperial IPA846409-14-2022
Work BuddiesImperial IPA8.513.906-09-2022
Work The SystemAmerican IPA6104.0810-03-2017
Working from WorkImperial IPA8.933.9507-15-2022
Wrong Answers OnlyImperial IPA1014.2201-06-2023
Zig Zag SmokeAmerican IPA7.1254.1701-25-2017

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Magnify Brewing Company in Fairfield, NJ
Brewery rating: 4.05 out of 5 with 3138 ratings