Magnify Brewing Company

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Magnify Brewing CompanyMagnify Brewing Company
2,237 Ratings
Magnify Brewing CompanyMagnify Brewing Company

Type: Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

1275 Bloomfield Ave
Ste 40C
Fairfield, New Jersey, 07004-2739
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30 HoursAmerican IPA7.00234.07-
5 Mic PotentialAmerican Imperial IPA9.0064.41-
Accidental Text On PurposeAmerican Imperial IPA8.00103.74-
Accidentally On PurposeNew England IPA7.00113.94-
Always Stout SeasonAmerican Imperial Stout11.0023.97-
Baby SitterAmerican IPA4.20173.7-
Baby Sitter - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA4.20154-
Barrel Aged Yeah You Know MeAmerican Imperial Stout15.0073.83-
Beautiful Liquid - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Imperial IPA8.0093.89-
Before We DisappearAmerican Imperial IPA8.00123.92-
Black WheatAmerican Dark Wheat Ale5.00433.92-
Black Wheat - VanillaAmerican Dark Wheat Ale5.0044.05-
Born DayAmerican Imperial Stout12.00113.81-
Break The Bank - Triple Dry-HoppedAmerican Imperial IPA8.50114.08-
Buzz WordsAmerican Imperial IPA8.0054.02-
Cast a Long ShadowAmerican Imperial IPA8.0074.22-
Cheat The SystemAmerican Imperial IPA8.00133.94-
CitrapolloAmerican Imperial IPA7.60194.09-
Citrapollo - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Imperial IPA7.60194.29-
Class SickAmerican Imperial IPA8.00114.23-
Cold SideAmerican IPA7.00314.17-
Common MisconceptionsAmerican Imperial IPA8.0034.01-
Contractual ObligationAmerican Imperial IPA8.50704.25-
Controlled ConfusionAmerican IPA6.0074.08-
Copious Amounts Of Pineapple JuiceAmerican IPA6.50124.13-
Copious Amounts Of Strawberry JuiceAmerican IPA6.50144.16-
CrunchAmerican Imperial IPA8.0074.04-
Cryo Me A RiverAmerican Imperial IPA8.0064.3-
DanksgivingAmerican Imperial IPA8.0094.08-
DDH Extreme Low VisibilityAmerican IPA7.4044.4-
DelightfulAmerican Imperial IPA7.0074.03-
DewAmerican IPA7.0074.2-
Do Me a SolidAmerican Imperial IPA8.00114.06-
Don't SneezeAmerican Imperial IPA8.00103.78-
Don't Stop NowLeipzig Gose4.5023.7-
Dr. CitraAmerican IPA5.90244.06-
Dr. GalaxyAmerican IPA5.9013.77-
Dr. NelsonAmerican IPA5.9044.17-
Dr. NelsonAmerican Imperial IPA5.9013.75-
Edge of the UniverseAmerican Imperial IPA8.00114.18-
Even More JuiceAmerican Imperial IPA8.0044.19-
FlashAmerican Imperial IPA8.0073.62-
Flash ManAmerican Imperial IPA8.00123.73-
Flashbacks Are Forever - MangoBelgian Saison7.0043.76-
Floccular MigraineAmerican Imperial IPA10.0074.23-
FluidityAmerican Imperial IPA8.0074.09-
Free RefillsAmerican Imperial IPA8.0023.19-
French ToastAmerican Imperial IPA8.0063.57-
Froot JooseAmerican IPA7.00224.3-
Froot Joose - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA7.00143.81-
Frosted FlakesAmerican Imperial IPA8.0094.03-
Fruitful BeautyAmerican Imperial IPA8.0000-
Full DisclosureAmerican Imperial IPA8.5074.17-
Grand IllusionAmerican Imperial IPA8.0044.03-
Grandiose VerbageAmerican Imperial IPA8.5063.98-
Half BatchAmerican Imperial IPA8.00184.14-
Half Batch - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Imperial IPA8.0053.93-
HeadachesAmerican Imperial IPA8.20424.24-
Headaches - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Imperial IPA8.2033.93-
High PressureAmerican Imperial IPA8.0034.04-
Hop GravyAmerican Imperial IPA8.0054.06-
Hoptastrophe!American Imperial IPA8.5034.21-
HoptoberleafGerman Märzen / Oktoberfest5.30113.72-
Hydration StationNew England IPA4.50104.08-
Ice Cream NoveltiesAmerican Porter7.5023.19-
IIIAmerican Imperial IPA9.00124.25-
Imagine the SummitAmerican Imperial IPA8.5054.07-
Impatiently WaitingAmerican Imperial Stout12.0094.46-
Imperial Cold SideAmerican Imperial IPA8.50264.42-
Imperial Vine Shine - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Imperial IPA8.3063.91-
Imperial Zig ZagAmerican Imperial IPA10.00163.98-
Infinite OilAmerican Imperial IPA9.0013.83-
Infinite VerbiageAmerican Imperial IPA10.0084.1-
Intense CalmAmerican Imperial IPA8.00124.31-
Intergalactic EventAmerican IPA6.50284.25-
It's Dam Cool - Bacon And ChocolateAmerican Porter7.0023.68-
It's Dam Cool - Coffee And CardamomAmerican Porter7.00364.09-
It’s All RelativeAmerican Imperial IPA8.00114.23-
Juice BarAmerican Imperial IPA8.20123.96-
Late NiteAmerican Imperial IPA8.0044.19-
Leisure EnthusiastEnglish India Pale Ale (IPA)8.0044.28-
Lil Zig ZagAmerican IPA6.0094.05-
Lost In A MazeAmerican IPA6.0034.07-
Low VisibilityAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.801084.07-
Low Visibility - Double Dry-Hopped With GalaxyAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.8094.05-
Low Visibility - Double Dry-Hopped With RakauAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.8023.81-
Low Visibility - GrapefruitAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.8014.21-
Lurching Towards The MoonAmerican Imperial IPA8.5064.27-
Lurching Towards the StarsAmerican Imperial IPA8.5074.17-
Lurching Towards the SunAmerican Imperial IPA8.50124.3-
MacroverseAmerican Imperial IPA8.0044.09-
Magnify / Carton - DelightfulAmerican IPA7.0024.21-
Magnify / Dancing Gnome - MikeAmerican IPA6.5043.82-
Magnify / SØLE Ambrosia Keep It MelloAmerican Imperial IPA8.0073.8-
Magnify / SØLE S'mores Keep It MelloAmerican Imperial IPA8.0014.27-
Maine EventNew England IPA6.50664.3-
Maine Event - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA6.50174.3-
Man and MachineAmerican Imperial IPA8.0044.12-
Maxed OutAmerican Imperial IPA10.0074.24-
Mind Over MatterAmerican Imperial Stout8.0034.06-
Mirror MasterAmerican IPA6.5034.21-
Mixed SignalsAmerican Imperial IPA8.0034.04-
Momentary MasterAmerican Imperial IPA8.50194.16-
Momentary Master - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Imperial IPA8.50214.22-
Most Important MealAmerican Imperial IPA9.00214.13-
MousseAmerican IPA6.5083.83-
Mouth FeelingsAmerican IPA6.40223.95-
Mouth Feelings - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA6.4043.97-
New BiologyAmerican IPA8.0014.31-
New Car SmellAmerican IPA6.7053.95-
On and OnAmerican Imperial IPA8.5084.08-
One-Two PunchAmerican Imperial IPA8.5084.02-
Oops! I Hopped Your Hotel Room!American IPA7.0024.24-
Peach Short StackAmerican Imperial IPA8.00134.09-
Peak of RighteousnessAmerican Imperial IPA8.5064.11-
Peak Of RipenessNew England IPA6.50534.3-
Peak OilAmerican Imperial IPA9.00764.32-
Peak Oil - Passion Fruit And GuavaAmerican Imperial IPA9.0000-
Perception is RealityAmerican IPA6.5093.98-
Point of Divergence - Double Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout10.5074.07-
Pollinator - Double Dry HoppedAmerican IPA7.2014.06-
PunchAmerican IPA7.0094.03-
Read ReceiptsAmerican Brett7.0023.88-
ReservedAmerican Imperial IPA10.5054.29-
Reserved Triple IPAAmerican Imperial IPA10.5000-
Rock Me Dr. 'SaicAmerican Imperial IPA8.00224.29-
Rock Me Dr. CitraAmerican Imperial IPA8.00114.18-
Rock Me Dr. Citra - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Imperial IPA8.00134.22-
Rock Me Dr. MotuekaAmerican Imperial IPA8.0054.11-
Rock Me Dr. Simcoe - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Imperial IPA8.00174.15-
Rock Me Dr. VicAmerican Imperial IPA8.00104.09-
Rocket ScienceAmerican Imperial IPA8.0074.27-
Search SaisonBelgian Saison5.50523.84-
Search Saison - Apricot & PeachBelgian Saison5.5023.84-
Search Saison - PineappleBelgian Saison5.5043.89-
Search Saison - Rose Pedals And White PeppercornBelgian Saison5.5023.73-
Search Saison - SangriaBelgian Saison5.5024.08-
Seasonally AppropriateBerliner Weisse4.50163.72-
Shadows of DarknessAmerican Black Ale7.5014.23-
ShhhAmerican IPA7.0073.8-
Sinister Prime MinisterAmerican Imperial Stout12.0074.21-
Sleep WalkerAmerican Imperial Stout12.5094.37-
Smell Ya Later - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Imperial IPA9.50114.48-
SmugglerAmerican IPA6.8084.01-
Space DiveAmerican IPA6.5024.11-
Speak KindlyAmerican IPA7.00104.03-
Stop With All The MadnessAmerican Porter7.0023.75-
Strawberry Short StackAmerican Imperial IPA8.00144.04-
The Friend ZoneAmerican IPA5.0063.88-
The OGAmerican Imperial IPA7.0063.85-
The Thrill Of The ChaseAmerican Imperial IPA8.0074.01-
Thing of BeautyAmerican Imperial IPA8.0094.24-
Thirty HoursAmerican IPA7.00214.13-
Through the Use of TechnologyAmerican Imperial Stout11.0044.31-
Tiny GlowAmerican Imperial IPA8.0074-
Too Bright To SeeAmerican Imperial IPA8.0074.13-
Too Hot to TouchAmerican IPA6.0074.07-
Total ExposureAmerican Imperial IPA8.0074.14-
Trade Proof (Mango, Passion Fruit, Cherry)Leipzig Gose4.5044.36-
Trade Proof (Strawberry, Guava, Apricot)Leipzig Gose4.5024.56-
Uncharted Territory - Australian hopped Pilsner Fermented In OakGerman Pilsner5.2013.8-
Uncharted Territory: Baltic PorterBaltic Porter8.00114.14-
Uncharted Territory: IPLAmerican Lager6.50194.03-
Uncharted Territory: OktoberfestAmerican Lager5.2063.84-
Upper PeninsulaAmerican IPA6.5064.03-
Valley of RipenessAmerican IPA6.5074.13-
Velvet RopeAmerican Imperial IPA10.5000-
Verbal AgreementAmerican IPA3.80183.95-
VertigoAmerican Imperial IPA8.5043.77-
Vine ShineAmerican IPA6.501804.07-
Vine Shine - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA6.50194.06-
Vine Shine - PineappleAmerican IPA6.7013.88-
Vine Shine - Triple Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA6.5084.21-
Whatever, ManAmerican Imperial IPA8.0044.21-
Without Further AdoAmerican Imperial IPA8.5044.27-
Woah AmarilloAmerican Imperial IPA8.00274.14-
Woah CometAmerican Imperial IPA8.10124.09-
Woah El DoradoAmerican Imperial IPA8.0000-
Woah NellyAmerican Imperial IPA8.00413.99-
Woah Nelly - Dry-Hopped With Mango And LycheeAmerican Imperial IPA8.0024.28-
Work The SystemAmerican IPA6.00104.08-
Yeah You Know Me - Chilis, Cinnamon, Chocolate and CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout15.00184.59-
Yeah You Know Me - CoconutAmerican Stout15.0044.34-
YertleAmerican Imperial Stout13.00104.03-
Zig Zag SmokeAmerican IPA7.10254.17-
Magnify Brewing Company in Fairfield, NJ
Brewery rating: 4.06 out of 5 with 2,237 ratings