The Veil Brewing Co.

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The Veil Brewing Co.The Veil Brewing Co.
7,035 Ratings
The Veil Brewing Co.The Veil Brewing Co.

Type: Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

1301 Roseneath Rd
Richmond, Virginia, 23230-4623
United States | map

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#ladyBrozNightOutAmerican Imperial IPA9.00204.02-
4UAmerican Imperial IPA8.5074.09-
Ale Kinda GuyAmerican IPA6.00124.06-
All That You AreBelgian Saison5.6014.25-
All Thingz ConsideredAmerican IPA6.0054.07-
AloneAmerican IPA6.00114.08-
Alone AloneNew England IPA6.00134.21-
Apri-Guav TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.50104.34-
Apri-Plum TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.5024.25-
Apricot CreamsicleLeipzig Gose3.5014.56-
Astro ThunderAmerican Imperial IPA8.0084.03-
BBAmerican Imperial IPA8.00134.2-
BenjelzBelgian Saison5.6083.79-
BhumblAmerican Imperial IPA8.00184.21-
BilliamAmerican Imperial IPA8.00104.3-
BJCP UpdateAmerican Imperial IPA8.5054.29-
Black and Blue TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.50224.28-
Black Out TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.50154.23-
Blackberry Swirl TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.5024.62-
blackferrariAmerican Black Ale8.00144.07-
BlackivyAmerican Imperial IPA8.00254.1-
Blaprigo TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.50104.24-
Blueberry Kevin From SalesAmerican IPA6.0044.09-
bluebugattiAmerican Imperial IPA11.0014.38-
blueferrariAmerican Imperial IPA8.00224.21-
bluemiataAmerican IPA6.00133.89-
Boss LadyAmerican Imperial IPA8.9074.07-
Boss ManNew England IPA8.70494.03-
Bourbon BA White Russian HornswogglerAmerican Stout8.5034.65-
Bourbon Barrel Aged WhangdoodleAmerican Imperial Stout11.5034.46-
Bourbon White Russian Hornswoggler (2018)American Imperial Stout8.5064.55-
BraühaüsenweisseGerman Hefeweizen5.30224.16-
Breakfast Blend HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00183.95-
Brenner Pass: Grand CruBelgian Saison4.2034.18-
Broz Broz Day DayAmerican IPA4.80614.16-
Broz Broz Night NightNew England IPA9.00514.35-
Broz Night OutNew England IPA9.001304.31-
Broz Night Out³American Imperial IPA9.00114.37-
Buried AliveAmerican Imperial IPA11.00114.38-
Buried Buried Alive AliveAmerican Imperial IPA11.00144.38-
Buttery Brioche BunzAmerican IPA6.5084.03-
Candy Bar HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.0084.13-
Casual Casual Drinks DrinksAmerican Imperial IPA8.50264.24-
Casual Drinks³American Imperial IPA8.5024-
Cat Cat Nap NapAmerican IPA6.0014.07-
Cat Guy's 9 to 5American Imperial IPA8.0054.25-
Cat NapNew England IPA6.00134.03-
Cherry Lime LambzAmerican Wild Ale4.5044.17-
Cherry Razz TasteeBelgian Saison5.50124.21-
Child Support - LoralGerman Pilsner4.5053.93-
Child Support! - AmarilloBohemian Pilsener4.5054.1-
Child Support! - CitraBohemian Pilsener4.50334.01-
Child Support! - El DoradoBohemian Pilsener4.5053.96-
Child Support! - GalaxyBohemian Pilsener4.5094.11-
Child Support! - Hallertau BlancGerman Pilsner4.5033.83-
Child Support! - MotuekaBohemian Pilsener4.5064.1-
ChubblesNew England IPA10.90424.34-
Chubbles II: Discovering PilsengrisAmerican Imperial IPA8.00204.01-
Chubbles III: Promised LandAmerican Imperial IPA11.0034.21-
Cinnamon Streusel HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00214.17-
Circle Of WolvesBritish Barleywine10.8094.03-
Circle Of Wolves - Apple Brandy Barrel-AgedBritish Barleywine12.80204.45-
Circle Of Wolves - Bourbon Barrel-AgedBritish Barleywine12.80224.36-
CoalesceBohemian Pilsener5.50264-
Coconut & Vanilla HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.0034.25-
ConcentricBelgian Saison?44.1-
CREEPAmerican Imperial IPA9.00224.01-
Crucial AuntNew England IPA8.20514.3-
Crucial Crucial Aunt AuntNew England IPA8.40874.25-
Crucial Crucial Taunt TauntNew England IPA8.00904.38-
Crucial ShredderNew England IPA5.50264.27-
Crucial TauntNew England IPA8.003254.38-
Crucial Taunt³American Imperial IPA8.00504.24-
DeathlessGerman Märzen / Oktoberfest5.5083.9-
dieyoungGerman Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.2073.7-
Dirt BrothersNew England IPA8.80444.27-
Dirt Dirt Nap NapAmerican Imperial IPA8.80344.31-
Dirt NapNew England IPA8.802054.36-
Dirt Nap³New England IPA8.80104.39-
DirtyferrariNew England IPA8.0054.18-
Dissect MeAmerican Imperial IPA8.00184.01-
Do Not DisturbAmerican Imperial IPA8.00164.22-
Double Barrel Circle of WolvesBritish Barleywine14.0000-
Double Chocolate HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00184-
Double Coconut HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.0034.16-
Double Peanut Butter HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00123.99-
Double Stuffed Oreo & Cinnamon HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.0014.47-
Dream + RealizationAmerican Imperial IPA8.0084.02-
DreamlessBelgian Witbier4.00213.93-
Dreamz + RealizationzAmerican Imperial IPA8.0064.11-
Droid ChargerAmerican Lager6.20103.97-
Dub Black Out TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.8094.36-
Dub Razz TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.50164.41-
Dusty RoadzAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.20384.14-
DwellAmerican Lager5.5034.02-
Eating Bird FoodAmerican IPA5.3011.75-
EscapeBelgian Saison5.8054.22-
EscapeBelgian Saison5.8014.22-
Eternal Eternal Shredder ShredderNew England IPA8.50504.37-
Eternal Lord ShredderAmerican Imperial IPA8.70254.17-
Eternal ShredderNew England IPA8.50714.28-
Even Even More MoreAmerican Imperial Stout13.0034.5-
Expert TastemenAmerican Imperial IPA8.5000-
Extra KremeAmerican Imperial IPA8.00323.73-
EyelidzAmerican Imperial IPA8.50194.24-
Fake Fake Love LoveAmerican Imperial IPA8.00284.33-
Fake LoveNew England IPA8.00624.26-
Feel FeelingsGerman Helles5.40243.88-
Fire EmojiAmerican Imperial IPA8.20234.25-
For LoveAmerican Lager5.0043.85-
French Vanilla HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00214.16-
Fried Fried Chicken ChickenAmerican Imperial IPA8.00314.14-
FrostbiteAmerican Imperial IPA8.0013.84-
FrostgodAmerican Imperial IPA8.0013.85-
Frozen Frozen Ocean OceanAmerican Imperial IPA8.00174.3-
Frozen OceanAmerican Imperial IPA8.00194.14-
Fun NightAmerican IPA6.0064.02-
Future Hypothetical GirlfriendAmerican Imperial IPA8.00204.08-
GoosebumpzAmerican Imperial IPA8.00254.1-
GooseGooseBumpzBumpzAmerican Imperial IPA8.00114.33-
greenbugattiAmerican Imperial IPA11.00154.26-
greenferrariNew England IPA8.00294.33-
greenmiataNew England IPA6.00144.1-
HeadlessAmerican Imperial IPA8.50114.02-
Henry Ded MonAmerican Imperial IPA11.00164.5-
Henry From MonkishAmerican IPA5.90294.2-
Holiday Treat WhangdoodleAmerican Imperial Stout10.5024.11-
Honey WhangdoodleAmerican Imperial Stout11.5034.14-
HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00924.07-
Hornswoggler - Salted Caramel + OreoEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00133.21-
Hornswoggler Double Stuffed Oreo StoutEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00154.07-
Hornswoggler With Bourbon Pecan Butter And OreosEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00304.27-
Hornswoggler With OreosEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00294.25-
Hornswoggler With Peanut Butter CupEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00214.22-
Hornswoggler: Adjunct LordEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00163.94-
House WitBelgian Witbier4.0000-
Human AdultAmerican Imperial IPA9.20154.38-
Ice ColdBelgian Saison5.9083.67-
IdonteverEVERwanttoBUNew England IPA9.30854.46-
IdonteverwanttoBUNew England IPA9.301194.34-
IdonteverwanttoBU3New England IPA9.30144.33-
IdontwanttoBUNew England IPA6.901364.25-
IdontwanttoBU³New England IPA6.9094.14-
If You're Drinking This It's Too LateNew England IPA9.00224.21-
ImdonewithUNew England IPA11.00714.43-
ImREALLYdonewithUNew England IPA11.00244.31-
Internet PresentsAmerican IPA6.0033.77-
InvolvedAmerican IPA6.2000-
IREALLYdontwanttoBUNew England IPA6.90584.37-
I’m Derek JeterNew England IPA8.00204.26-
Jackson FlavorAmerican Adjunct Lager5.60203.87-
Japanese DenimJapanese Rice Lager4.5012.5-
JC From TrilliumAmerican Imperial IPA8.50284.16-
JimothyAmerican Imperial IPA8.00184.21-
Keepz BuildingNew England IPA9.0064.41-
KendellsonAmerican Imperial IPA8.50103.89-
Klean BelgiezBelgian Quadrupel (Quad)8.5024.2-
Lady Broz Night OutAmerican Imperial IPA9.00143.76-
LifelessAmerican Imperial IPA11.0083.87-
Lil Kitty Boi’s Day OffAmerican IPA4.80143.91-
Liquid ArchitectzAmerican Imperial IPA8.5034.02-
LOL ThoNew England IPA8.50304.11-
Longoven: Chapter OneAmerican Wild Ale5.5043.7-
Longoven: Chapter One Grand Cru-STILLAmerican Wild Ale?00-
Lord Lord Shredder ShredderNew England IPA6.30774.23-
Lord ShredderNew England IPA6.30494.26-
Lord WhangdoodleAmerican Imperial Stout11.5044.59-
LovelyBelgian Saison5.2033.74-
LVLAmerican Imperial IPA11.00184.08-
Mai Tai TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.50144.03-
Make You FeelBelgian Saison5.90134.35-
Mang Boy TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.5094.19-
Maple WhangdoodleAmerican Imperial Stout11.5000-
Master Master Shredder ShredderNew England IPA5.501354.28-
Master ShredderNew England IPA5.502204.27-
Master Shredder ³New England IPA5.50344.25-
Master TauntNew England IPA8.00204.28-
MelancholiaBelgian Saison6.0033.83-
Mixed FeelingsGerman Helles5.4013.9-
Mixed GreenzAmerican IPA5.2023.95-
Mouth BodyAmerican Imperial IPA8.00244.27-
MVBAmerican Amber / Red Lager5.4023.75-
Naissance Grand CruAmerican Wild Ale?24.39-
NeedsamonthAmerican Imperial IPA11.0084.02-
NeedsaweekAmerican Imperial IPA8.60174.18-
Never AgainLeipzig Gose4.90344.25-
Never Again³Leipzig Gose5.3044.26-
Never AlohaLeipzig Gose4.90234.32-
Never Aloha³Leipzig Gose5.30194.26-
Never Calm³Leipzig Gose5.3064.16-
Never DeadLeipzig Gose4.90194.21-
Never EverLeipzig Gose4.90104.16-
Never FearLeipzig Gose4.90114.17-
Never Forever³Leipzig Gose5.30164.45-
Never Gonnagetit³Leipzig Gose5.30194.57-
Never KnowLeipzig Gose4.90144.16-
Never LeaveLeipzig Gose4.9043.9-
Never LetgoLeipzig Gose4.90174.02-
Never LightLeipzig Gose4.9094.11-
Never LuckyLeipzig Gose4.9000-
Never MeantLeipzig Gose4.9094.19-
Never Mind³Leipzig Gose5.3064.09-
Never MoreLeipzig Gose4.90154.18-
Never Never Again AgainLeipzig Gose5.10424.53-
Never Never Aloha AlohaLeipzig Gose5.10454.33-
Never Never Backdown BackdownLeipzig Gose5.10174.11-
Never Never Calm CalmLeipzig Gose5.1054.3-
Never Never Forever ForeverLeipzig Gose5.10774.4-
Never Never Gonnagetit GonnagetitLeipzig Gose5.10284.48-
Never Never Last LastLeipzig Gose5.10144.02-
Never Never Mind MindLeipzig Gose5.10204.23-
Never Never More MoreLeipzig Gose5.1084.17-
Never Never Recover RecoverLeipzig Gose5.1014.25-
Never Never Satisfied SatisfiedLeipzig Gose5.10103.95-
Never Never Scared ScaredLeipzig Gose5.10114.21-
Never Never Stop StopLeipzig Gose5.10134.11-
Never Never Sufficient SufficientLeipzig Gose5.10274.01-
Never Never Weak WeakLeipzig Gose5.10144.12-
Never SaidthatLeipzig Gose4.9053.9-
Never ScaredLeipzig Gose4.90164.25-
Never TogetherLeipzig Gose4.9073.93-
New SunBelgian Saison6.10134.02-
Nice Nice Relationship RelationshipAmerican Imperial IPA8.50104.4-
No More SleepBelgian Saison5.9064-
NumbAmerican Lager4.4073.89-
Obey the CycleAmerican Imperial IPA9.0044.02-
Old LionsAmerican Imperial IPA8.60544.25-
Old Old Lions LionsNew England IPA8.60193.97-
Old SunBelgian Saison5.8034.28-
Pain Killer TasteeLeipzig Gose5.5084.12-
Painkiller Tastee 2.0Leipzig Gose5.3034.1-
PallbearerAmerican Imperial Stout13.50274.18-
Paradise Kooler TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.5014.35-
Passion Berry TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.50154.43-
Paul From CloudwaterAmerican Imperial IPA11.00214.26-
Personvl Personvl Spvce SpvceNew England IPA8.50234.45-
Personvl SpvceNew England IPA8.50624.28-
Pina Colada TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.5063.68-
pinkferarriAmerican Imperial IPA8.0074.2-
pinkmiataAmerican IPA6.0054.12-
Plum Berry TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.5094.36-
Potato NapkinAmerican Imperial IPA8.00214.14-
PRBLMSNew England IPA11.00334.35-
PRBLMS PRBLMSNew England IPA11.0094.31-
Premium SauceAmerican IPA6.0013.92-
Put Your Handz UpAmerican Imperial IPA8.0084.06-
RaindropzAmerican Imperial IPA8.00244.25-
Raspberry All That You AreBelgian Saison5.6084.54-
redbugattiAmerican Imperial IPA11.00284.38-
redferrariAmerican Imperial IPA8.00494.27-
redmiataNew England IPA6.00174.1-
RIP meAmerican Imperial IPA8.00174.29-
Rubber Band ManAmerican Imperial IPA13.10194.31-
Sam From Other HalfAmerican Imperial IPA10.00254.17-
SauvageBelgian Saison3.7023.96-
Sauvage RoséBelgian Saison4.0014.19-
Say LessAmerican Blonde Ale4.2023.84-
ScorpionAmerican Imperial IPA11.00164.09-
SentimentBelgian Saison5.6024.1-
Shreddey KruegerAmerican IPA5.5043.72-
Sierra MistyAmerican IPA6.20114.08-
Single BrothersNew England IPA8.90574.29-
SitdwnNew England IPA6.00174.2-
SkeletonzAmerican Imperial IPA9.0074.11-
Sleeping ForeverAmerican Imperial Stout13.00774.23-
Sleeping Forever - Apple BrandyAmerican Imperial Stout13.00234.48-
Sleeping Forever - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout13.20414.35-
Sleeping Forever - CoconutAmerican Imperial Stout13.0044.54-
Sleeping Forever - FrederiksdalAmerican Imperial Stout13.00134.16-
Sleeping Forever - Kentucky ReserveAmerican Imperial Stout14.0044.46-
Sleeping Forever - VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout12.00264.32-
SnakeAmerican Imperial IPA8.00144.31-
SnozzwiredEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout4.40184.01-
Soft StyleAmerican Imperial IPA8.00164.13-
Special Combo #1American Imperial IPA8.00204.28-
Special Combo #2American Imperial IPA8.00154.15-
Special Combo #3American Imperial IPA9.00184.16-
Special Combo #4American Imperial IPA8.50154.2-
Starve: Exhibit AAmerican Imperial Stout13.20134.35-
Starve: Exhibit BAmerican Imperial Stout14.0054.67-
Step Dad ChaperoneAmerican Imperial IPA8.50734.33-
Step Step Dad DadAmerican Imperial IPA8.50424.26-
SteveGerman Dunkelweizen4.8000-
Still StrivingAmerican Imperial IPA8.00184.15-
Still Striving Vol 2American Imperial IPA8.00124.33-
Stolen DaysBelgian Saison5.2044.28-
Stout Shuns CliquesAmerican Stout6.2013.8-
Strawberry Swirl TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.50123.96-
Sugar HouseAmerican Imperial IPA8.00103.97-
Suspicious TreatsNew England IPA8.00144.28-
Swimming PoolzAmerican Imperial IPA11.50144.11-
S’mores HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.0094.07-
The Bug ManAmerican Imperial IPA8.00184.23-
The Veil / 3 Sons - Apple Brandy DistantAmerican Imperial Stout12.5000-
The Veil / 3 Sons - Bourbon DistantAmerican Imperial Stout12.5000-
The Veil / 3 Sons - Bourbon DistantAmerican Imperial Stout12.5014.5-
The Veil / Cloudwater - Chubbles III: Promised LandAmerican Imperial IPA11.00134.28-
The Veil / Evil Twin - Even Even More MoreAmerican Imperial Stout13.0024.33-
The Veil / Other Half - Special Combo #4American Imperial IPA8.5014.27-
The Veil / Other Half / Trillium / Monkish / Cloudwater- Toast-E CoilzAmerican Imperial Stout11.0064.4-
The Veil / Trillium - UnconditionalAmerican Wild Ale5.5054.34-
They Know NotFlanders Red Ale8.1000-
ThornAmerican Light Lager5.0023.7-
Toof AcheNew England IPA6.30774.17-
TRBLSAmerican Imperial IPA11.0064.03-
Umm YeaAmerican Imperial IPA8.00114.26-
Uncle CousinAmerican Imperial IPA11.00414.27-
Uncle Cousin³American Imperial IPA11.0054.1-
Uncle Uncle Cousin CousinAmerican Imperial IPA11.00114.3-
Unique FriendshipzAmerican Imperial IPA8.00274.05-
UnlovedAmerican Imperial Stout11.0084.17-
Unloved - Apple Brandy Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout11.5044.33-
Vanilla Circle of WolvesBritish Barleywine12.8000-
VAST: OneAmerican Wild Ale5.5000-
VAST: ThreeAmerican Wild Ale5.6000-
Vast: TwoAmerican Wild Ale7.7014.26-
Veil / Omnipollo AmunAmerican Imperial IPA8.00394.18-
WAKEUPAmerican Imperial IPA8.00174.28-
WakeWakeUpUpAmerican Imperial IPA8.0094.15-
We Ded MonNew England IPA11.001234.41-
We Ded Mon³American Imperial IPA11.0084.54-
We We Ded DedAmerican Imperial IPA11.00524.44-
WhangdoodleEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout12.00244.27-
Which Greg?American Imperial IPA8.0084.13-
White Russian HornswogglerEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.00184.09-
whitebugattiNew England IPA11.00434.33-
WhiteferrariNew England IPA8.001744.45-
whitemiataAmerican IPA6.00174.13-
Winter House Beer (Aged in Oak Barrels)Belgian Saison4.0014-
Without WarningAmerican Imperial IPA8.5044.16-
Y'all Chill OutAmerican IPA6.20144.08-
Yella LambzFruit and Field Beer4.0083.98-
yellowbugattiAmerican Imperial IPA11.00124.31-
YellowferrariAmerican Imperial IPA8.00144.15-
yellowmiataAmerican IPA6.0074.11-
Young & PureAmerican IPA6.0074.12-
You’re Derek JeterNew England IPA10.50194.23-
Yung BabyBelgian Saison4.9000-
Yung BludAmerican IPA6.30164.1-
Zombie TasteeFruit and Field Beer5.5083.93-
The Veil Brewing Co. in Richmond, VA
Brewery rating: 4.16 out of 5 with 7,035 ratings