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Fade To Black - Volume 3Fade To Black - Volume 3
Very Good
523 Ratings
Fade To Black - Volume 3Fade To Black - Volume 3

Brewed by:
Left Hand Brewing Company
Colorado, United States

Style: American Porter

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7.50%

Availability: Limited (brewed once)

Notes / Commercial Description:
Pepper porter

Added by claytong on 09-28-2011

This beer is retired; no longer brewed.

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Ratings: 523 |  Reviews: 192
Photo of DelicateDelirium
1/5  rDev -73.9%

Photo of JoeyG1010
1/5  rDev -73.9%

Photo of nickaa45
1.5/5  rDev -60.8%

Photo of 59rockabilly
1.5/5  rDev -60.8%

Photo of SickNukes
2/5  rDev -47.8%

Photo of MumboJumbo
2/5  rDev -47.8%

Photo of cbyrd4088
2/5  rDev -47.8%

Photo of deonreds
2.25/5  rDev -41.3%

Photo of Collin-Jackson
2.48/5  rDev -35.2%

Photo of wo87810
2.5/5  rDev -34.7%

Photo of StevenH
2.5/5  rDev -34.7%

Photo of nsabo
2.5/5  rDev -34.7%
look: 3 | smell: 3 | taste: 2 | feel: 3 | overall: 2.5

Smokey, roasted grains, coffee, faint vanilla, and spicy cloves that mix for an instant with the pepper. The pepper is obvious after the first sip, and the more I drink the more the pepper takes over, coating the back of my throat. It brings a different (not bad) heat to the beer, but it also stunts my palate, I don’t think I could switch over to another beer after drinking this. Medium thin mouthfeel. About halfway through this beer, the pepper has almost completely taken over and I’m bored.
Years ago, I tried LH’s first FtB export stout. It was excellent, and just about everyone agrees it’s the best of this FtB series. Just like I said about Stone’s Belgo-Anise RIS, bravo for experimenting, now cross this experiment off your list and bring back the tastier beer you had before!

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Photo of Tpsauer
2.5/5  rDev -34.7%

Photo of mwbrady12
2.5/5  rDev -34.7%

Photo of CopeTech
2.5/5  rDev -34.7%

Photo of jpuetz
2.5/5  rDev -34.7%
look: 2.5 | smell: 2.5 | taste: 2.5 | feel: 2.5 | overall: 2.5

Photo of Fat_Guy_Likes_Beer
2.5/5  rDev -34.7%

Photo of DZales1000
2.5/5  rDev -34.7%

Photo of jacknsally5148
2.5/5  rDev -34.7%

Photo of muletrane
2.5/5  rDev -34.7%

Photo of Jeffo
2.54/5  rDev -33.7%
look: 3 | smell: 4 | taste: 2 | feel: 2 | overall: 2

Got this at Geers in Gent last weekend.

From a bottle into a snifter

APPEARANCE: Pours out dark brown and yields a 1+ finger, medium looking, fizzy, light tan head with decent retention. Black body with medium levels of carbonation evident. Head fades to a splotchy wisp and ring but leaves no real lacing down the glass.

SMELL: Roasted and smoked malts, cocoa powder and some light peppery notes. A touch of caramel and sweet cream as well. SMells pretty nice really.

TASTE: Roasted and dark malts up front with sweet cream, dark chocoalte and a pepper bite at the swallow. Mild but lingering aftertaste of chocolate, vanilla cream and roasted notes are minor compared to the pepper burn that hits the back of the throat. The pepper component is rough here. Unballanced and somewhat offensive.

PALATE: Medium body and medium carbonation. Creamy on the palate, goes down fine and finishes a touch dry. A big pepper kick tickels the back of the throat. Everything is fine, but the peppers make it like spicy mexican food. Fine for mexican, but tough for a beer.

OVERALL: This is fine, especially if you like spicy food. It has a big pepper kick for sure, but in my view, that pepper kick just makes the beer harsh as opposed to adding any real flavor or complexity to the beer. The base beer seems fine and perhaps this one would have been better without the chili peppers. Regardless, Left Hand can brew nice beer, but this one was a dud if you ask me. I dumped most of it. Skip it.

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Photo of HumanParaquat
2.75/5  rDev -28.2%

Photo of dlin0sbb
2.75/5  rDev -28.2%

Photo of EmilySanders
2.75/5  rDev -28.2%

Photo of cackalacky
2.75/5  rDev -28.2%

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Fade To Black - Volume 3 from Left Hand Brewing Company
Beer rating: 3.83 out of 5 with 523 ratings