Great Notion Brewing

Great Notion BrewingGreat Notion Brewing
Great Notion BrewingGreat Notion Brewing
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

2204 NE Alberta St
Ste 101
Portland, Oregon, 97211-5885
United States

(503) 548-4491 | map

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A Beer Has No NameAmerican Imperial IPA7.7124.12-
A Brief HistoryNew England IPA6.823.98-
AfterglowAmerican IPA744.15-
Alchimia: Mango & GuavaAmerican Wild Ale044.27-
All The StarsAmerican Brut IPA7.563.87-
ApricultBerliner Weisse7.814.17-
ApricultFruit and Field Beer7.844.14-
Baby BlueAmerican IPA6224.07-
Baby DinosaurAmerican IPA6.300-
BaklavaAmerican Strong Ale723.83-
Berries & CreamAmerican Imperial Stout11143.97-
Berry PusherFruit and Field Beer5.514.5-
Big PapayaAmerican Wild Ale6.574.19-
Biscuits & HazyNew England IPA763.78-
Black MathAmerican Black Ale6.543.97-
Blueberry Cobbler MuffinAmerican Wild Ale664.14-
Blueberry MuffinBerliner Weisse62294.44-
Blueberry PancakesAmerican Imperial Stout8234.49-
Boo Berry MuffinAmerican Wild Ale5.5264.38-
Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla LimousineAmerican Imperial Stout1213.54-
Bourbon SilhouetteAmerican Wild Ale9.2300-
Box of ChocolatesAmerican Imperial Stout1133.87-
Breakfast Of LeisureAmerican Imperial Stout11.25184.27-
Bubbly 02American Brut IPA713.74-
Bug Farm - Barrel-AgedAmerican Wild Ale723.87-
Cake PartyAmerican Imperial Stout1164.17-
Changing StatesGerman Pilsner5.524.11-
Cherry MochiNew England IPA7.313.71-
ChillaxAmerican Light Lager514.22-
Choco CocoAmerican Cream Ale623.94-
Chocolate Covered StrawberryAmerican Imperial Stout1153.71-
Chocolate Cream PuffAmerican Cream Ale800-
Citrus Squeeze - Barrel-AgedAmerican Wild Ale714.35-
Contraband - Barrel-AgedBelgian Saison500-
Cookie MonsterAmerican Imperial Stout10.534.21-
Crazy FingersAmerican IPA754.45-
Devil JuiceAmerican Wild Ale644.01-
Dirty SouthAmerican IPA7.334.4-
Double Berry ShakeAmerican Wild Ale924.1-
Double Cookie DunkAmerican Imperial Stout1111.54-
Double Fudge BrownieAmerican Imperial Stout1200-
Double Fudge Coconut BrownieAmerican Imperial Stout12363.96-
Double LustAmerican Imperial IPA8.213.96-
Double StackAmerican Imperial Stout116194.54-
Farm HandBelgian Saison433.85-
Fortunate SunAmerican IPA684.22-
Fresh Hop Juice BoxAmerican Imperial IPA8.213.93-
Frontier TownNew England IPA7.513.43-
Fruit By The FootAmerican IPA724.37-
Fruit Monster - Mango, Guava, and PeachFruit and Field Beer614.25-
Fruit Mönster - Pineapple & Passion FruitAmerican Wild Ale673.96-
Fruit Monster - Tangerine, Cranberry & SpicesFruit and Field Beer644.02-
Full GrownAmerican Imperial IPA1084.22-
Funky BrewsterAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.243.65-
Funky Jr.American Wild Ale654.31-
Funky PantsAmerican Wild Ale713.74-
Funky PineappleAmerican Wild Ale714.56-
G.G.G.New England IPA8.513.56-
Grapefruit ZestBerliner Weisse514-
GrassrootsAmerican IPA764.11-
Great Times PilsnerGerman Pilsner5.534.08-
Guava FlowAmerican Imperial IPA844.24-
Hazed And ConfusedAmerican IPA714.21-
Heart Of GoldAmerican Wild Ale6104.12-
HomecomingAmerican Imperial IPA8.4224.3-
Hop WaffleAmerican IPA713.95-
Hot Fudge SaturdayEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout7.593.96-
Hull & OatsHerb and Spice Beer6.823.88-
I Love It When You Call Me Big PapayaAmerican Wild Ale6.5224.29-
Jack Fruit ZestBerliner Weisse5.524.24-
Jammy PantsAmerican Wild Ale7194.32-
Jammy Pants (Black Currant, Boysenberry & Guava)American Wild Ale713.56-
Jammy Pants (Strawberry & Raspberry)Fruit and Field Beer724.2-
Juice AlmightyAmerican IPA6.224.26-
Juice Box (JB DIPA)New England IPA8.22524.43-
Juice ExplorerNew England IPA8.2104.19-
Juice InvaderNew England IPA7.2314.23-
Juice Invader - PineappleNew England IPA7.2104.25-
Juice Jr.New England IPA61914.35-
Juice WilliamsNew England IPA8.25144.28-
Juicy FruitAmerican IPA713.93-
JumboAmerican Imperial Stout1364.05-
Junior PromAmerican IPA8.2584.36-
Keep It TastyAmerican Cream Ale6.514.29-
Keep The FireAmerican Imperial Stout11.584.31-
Key Lime MomoNew England IPA733.86-
Key Lime PieLeipzig Gose5484.14-
KippyAmerican IPA6.524.24-
KomodoAmerican Imperial IPA813.58-
Ledge BierGerman Pilsner5.553.71-
Love & RitualAmerican IPA784.18-
LSDAmerican Imperial IPA8.374.12-
LucidityAmerican Lager6.534.31-
Luminous 05American Wild Ale5.723.93-
Luminous 06American Wild Ale5.7574.06-
LunaGerman Pilsner6.500-
LunacyAmerican Imperial IPA8.554.3-
Lychee MochiAmerican IPA700-
MadelineBelgian Saison700-
MamutAmerican Imperial Stout1100-
MandalaNew England IPA7.254.17-
MandelaAmerican IPA7.2464.23-
Mandela (with Nelson)New England IPA7.254.27-
Mango & Coconut MochiAmerican Imperial IPA8.2104.06-
Mango Juice Jr.American IPA6184.13-
Mangosteen MochiNew England IPA700-
Map Of The MochiAmerican IPA744.16-
MCA IPAAmerican IPA7.624.47-
Medulla OblonguavaNew England IPA854.19-
Melted MarshmallowAmerican Brown Ale6.224-
Merry DanksterAmerican Imperial IPA8.2104.16-
Midnight HowlerAmerican Imperial Stout11.5134.05-
MirageAmerican Brut IPA824.34-
MoMoAmerican IPA7224.31-
MoMojitoNew England IPA734.03-
Moon PieAmerican Imperial Stout1174.07-
MothershipAmerican Imperial IPA1124.46-
Mr. FahrenheitAmerican Imperial Stout11.523.51-
Mr. RainNew England IPA814.52-
Ned FlandersFlanders Red Ale813.56-
No SeedsBerliner Weisse074.27-
Oatmeal CrumbleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.713.61-
OblivionAmerican Imperial IPA8.564.04-
OINK!American Imperial Stout10.513.96-
Orange Creamsicle IPAAmerican IPA7574.24-
Orchard Reserve (Cherry)American Wild Ale643.74-
Over-RipeNew England IPA6384.41-
Pandan IPAAmerican IPA714.35-
Papaya MochiAmerican IPA723.68-
Party In Your MouthAmerican Imperial IPA9.574.03-
Passion Fruit MochiNew England IPA7374.26-
Passion Fruit Sour - Barrel-AgedAmerican Wild Ale6.7514.59-
Passionate IPANew England IPA714.45-
Peach Punch (You In The Eye)American IPA7394.22-
Peanut BrotherEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout8.5584.32-
Peanut Brother & JellyEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout900-
Pineapple ExpressAmerican IPA034.22-
Pineapple SkiesAmerican IPA724.16-
Pineapple Space InvaderAmerican IPA784.3-
PlumpAmerican IPA6154.18-
Pomegranate ZestBerliner Weisse524.13-
Power StruggleAmerican IPA7.564.26-
Puppy LoveNew England IPA5.4124.12-
Pure GuavaAmerican IPA7134.3-
Radio SilenceAmerican Imperial Stout1424.2-
Reconcilable DifferencesAmerican IPA723.95-
Return to SpaceAmerican IPA7.2144.01-
Ripe - Double Dry-HoppedNew England IPA7124.28-
Ripe InvaderNew England IPA754.3-
Ripe IPANew England IPA71674.31-
Root BeardHerb and Spice Beer773.85-
Saison BlancBelgian Saison643.83-
Scarlet BegoniasAmerican Wild Ale734.04-
ScribbleGerman Pilsner5.823.89-
Second Pressing: Pinot NoirAmerican Wild Ale6.624.33-
SeedlessLeipzig Gose664.12-
Seekers & FindersAmerican IPA6.600-
Self PortraitAmerican Imperial IPA854.08-
Señor BlancBelgian Saison733.56-
Shadow SequenceAmerican Black Ale7.213.57-
Share The FireAmerican Imperial Stout11.543.94-
Single StackAmerican Stout834.51-
SlurricaneAmerican Imperial IPA1033.89-
Smoke StackAmerican Imperial Stout1044.1-
Smoked OakGerman Rauchbier6.544.12-
So Many RoadsAmerican Wild Ale6.500-
So Wrong It's RipeAmerican IPA6.544.12-
So Wrong It's RipeAmerican IPA7104.06-
Sorcerer’s Apprentice - PeachBelgian Saison5.7300-
Sorcerer’s Apprentice: BlueberryBelgian Saison000-
Sorcerer’s Apprentice: CherryBelgian Saison6.324.14-
Sorcerer’s Apprentice: Pinot NoirBelgian Saison9.214.27-
Sorcerer’s ForestAmerican Wild Ale700-
Sounds After DarkAmerican Imperial Stout11.513.5-
Space InvaderNew England IPA7674.35-
Space Invader - GuavaAmerican IPA774.13-
SportsAmerican IPA714.11-
SquirmAmerican IPA713.96-
Stacks Of CoconutAmerican Imperial Stout10274.32-
Stamper StoutAmerican Stout7.523.97-
Steady MobbinNew England IPA763.85-
Sticky BunAmerican Imperial Stout11.25344.31-
StrawbaceousLeipzig Gose513.96-
Strawberry MochiAmerican IPA734.38-
Strawberry TaffyAmerican IPA733.81-
Strawberry TaffyAmerican IPA784.03-
SuMoMoNew England IPA8.534.15-
Super BlueAmerican Wild Ale1324.41-
Super Duper Over RipeAmerican Imperial IPA1173.98-
Super Duper RipeAmerican Imperial IPA1174.58-
Super HumongousAmerican Imperial IPA11.534.04-
Super InvaderNew England IPA034.24-
Super JuiceBraggot1124-
Super Over RipeAmerican Imperial IPA11184.64-
Super RipeAmerican Imperial IPA9.5464.41-
SuperglowAmerican Imperial IPA8.214.25-
SuperstarNew England IPA7.5194.19-
SuppleEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout714.21-
Table for OneGerman Hefeweizen723.84-
The Elusive OneNew England IPA854.28-
The Great Blumpkin AlePumpkin Beer800-
This is the WayAmerican Imperial IPA8.514.5-
Tricky ThoughtsAmerican Imperial IPA813.05-
Triple StackAmerican Imperial Stout12.584.57-
U-PickBerliner Weisse633.85-
Unbalanced BreakfastBerliner Weisse6.5174.08-
Vanilla Latte MochiAmerican IPA734.19-
Vanilla LimousineAmerican Imperial Stout11.544.13-
Velvet GlovesAmerican Imperial Stout814.08-
Wai-itiAmerican IPA714.4-
Wake & BakeAmerican Imperial Stout1174.29-
We'll do it Live!American Imperial IPA8.100-
White LightGerman Pilsner5.814.03-
Whole Bean & CreamAmerican Cream Ale5.514.1-
Whole MelonAmerican IPA6.5104.14-
WiggleAmerican IPA774-
WildlingAmerican Wild Ale7.524.14-
ZestBerliner Weisse5184.08-
Zest Berliner WeisseBerliner Weisse453.8-
Great Notion Brewing in Portland, OR
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