Long Live Beerworks

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40R Sprague St
Providence, Rhode Island, 02907
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
'Fer SureAmerican Pale Ale50012-30-2015
'Lil SippyAmerican Pale Ale574.201-13-2017
'Lil ZestyAmerican Pale Ale514.0312-23-2016
'Nuff SaidAmerican IPA753.5303-12-2017
20-20-24 Hours To Go!New England IPA7.534.208-17-2022
2017 Ales For ALSAmerican IPA7.334.3806-04-2017
5 Years OnAmerican Imperial Stout11.564.3911-29-2021
5.2 AnniversaryImperial IPA7.924.1711-03-2021
5.4 AnniversaryImperial IPA814.2306-29-2021
5.7 AnniversaryImperial IPA7.914.5311-07-2021
5.8 AnniversaryImperial IPA814.7111-07-2021
5th AnniversaryImperial IPA1024.2502-28-2021
6.1 AnniversaryImperial IPA834.2305-15-2022
6.3 AnniversaryNew England IPA724.1304-27-2022
6th AnniversaryImperial IPA1024.0801-12-2022
7th AnniversaryImperial IPA8.453.8403-13-2023
Acute AttackNew England IPA654.0408-21-2019
Ain't Nobody Gonna Break My StrideImperial IPA834.3304-15-2021
All This And MoreAmerican Imperial Stout1363.7707-18-2019
Alleyways and AvenuesNew England IPA734.1410-26-2019
AlphagramImperial IPA10.523.8701-13-2021
Always a Lonely WeekendNew England IPA724.1402-28-2021
Anniversary 4.4Imperial IPA844.1808-08-2020
Anniversary 5.1Imperial IPA964.0503-02-2021
Another DirectionNew England IPA71403-30-2020
Armando's BreakfastAmerican Imperial Stout11.623.8910-02-2022
AttitudeAmerican Pale Ale6234.2309-23-2018
BA Black Goat of the WoodsAmerican Imperial Stout12.534.1106-03-2023
Bad DudesNew England IPA8.534.2511-29-2021
Bad Dudes 3000Imperial IPA8.544.1511-29-2021
Bad Dudes Die!Imperial IPA8.534.1302-12-2023
Bad ManAmerican Imperial Stout100005-19-2018
Bad ReputationImperial IPA7.924.3102-12-2022
Barrel Aged HolyAmerican Imperial Stout1044.5407-30-2022
Barrel Aged Wine HausEnglish Barleywine13.844.1901-16-2022
Beached SailorAmerican Lager513.9411-15-2021
Beware the Dangers of A Ghost Scorpion!Berliner Weisse624.307-22-2018
Black BatAmerican IPA734.2908-20-2022
Black CatAmerican IPA6.5194.2611-17-2019
Black Cat (Double IPA)Imperial IPA7.814.504-05-2023
Black Cat Sees AllImperial IPA8.5164.2705-18-2023
Black Cat Sees All (Double Dry-Hopped)New England IPA8.534.2806-16-2022
Blood of A GhostBerliner Weisse744.111-23-2019
Blueberry GhostsFruited Kettle Sour813.9110-07-2021
Bonus CupAmerican Imperial Stout8104.2404-17-2022
BreakoutAmerican IPA774.3301-22-2019
Bricks + MortarAmerican Brown Ale5.2513.9905-22-2016
Brunch SideSweet / Milk Stout1244.1503-19-2019
Call Me!New England IPA623.9711-15-2021
Candy GhostsWild Ale534.0601-04-2018
Caribbean ParadiseImperial IPA80007-13-2018
Carry YoursMunich Dunkel6.633.9306-11-2023
Cashew Cake BitesAmerican Imperial Stout1044.3112-30-2022
CattitudeAmerican IPA664.0706-27-2017
Cereal Milk 2.0New England IPA713.9112-05-2019
Chewy BitesAmerican Imperial Stout11.734.2709-14-2021
Churro BitesAmerican Imperial Stout1023.7504-15-2021
Clarity + ConvergenceImperial IPA8.554.2511-29-2021
Clone DefectAmerican IPA614.4806-07-2023
Cloud BitesAmerican Imperial Stout10.434.2802-13-2023
Coarse GrindAmerican Stout4.7894.2301-10-2018
Coconut NightsAmerican Imperial Stout964.4301-12-2023
Conflicting IdeasAmerican IPA753.8608-09-2020
Cookie HourAmerican Imperial Stout1124.1701-18-2023
Corpse PaintBlack IPA734.0401-12-2018
Crimson GhostBerliner Weisse734.3509-19-2018
Crown of the NightImperial IPA8.524.2702-12-2023
CryoberriesImperial IPA7.7714.0412-04-2019
Crystal GazerImperial IPA8.124.3906-29-2022
Cyber ThreadNew England IPA1044.2110-07-2022
Cyber Thread: The AttachmentNew England IPA1013.8209-21-2022
Dance Dance DanceNew England IPA723.9103-25-2021
Day DreamerAmerican IPA6.50008-03-2018
Days Months YearsImperial IPA8.234.211-12-2022
DDH AttitudeNew England IPA634.4704-17-2022
DDH BandwagonesqueNew England IPA6.554.3905-17-2020
DDH Black CatImperial IPA7.894.1512-07-2022
DDH Heart of a ChampionNew England IPA8.5144.4104-16-2023
DDH Hopeless RomanticImperial IPA854.2902-12-2023
DDH Move MountainsNew England IPA634.2606-05-2022
DDH One TonImperial IPA8.444.0105-26-2023
DDH Poets in the NightImperial IPA8.554.306-29-2022
DDH PrissintNew England IPA834.1511-29-2021
DDH ReplicaImperial IPA824.1702-12-2023
DDH Sea LifeImperial IPA8.834.1411-29-2021
DDH Self Destruct or BustNew England IPA7.524.2907-22-2022
DDH Skull MedallionImperial IPA8.534.1111-29-2021
DDH This Is How We Do ItNew England IPA744.2107-20-2022
DDH Through These EyesImperial IPA8.234.7403-21-2023
DIY HaircutNew England IPA7.523.8806-23-2020
Don't Stop PartyingNew England IPA524.2507-07-2018
Double Cup VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout11.214.0911-19-2019
Double MountainsNew England IPA844.2106-23-2020
Draquiri, Let's Check It Out.American IPA60006-17-2018
El TerribleAmerican IPA513.7905-05-2017
EquilaterallyNew England IPA634.0903-24-2023
Eternal ShroudAmerican Imperial Stout1223.9312-24-2022
Eye Am SpartacusImperial IPA8.344.1402-12-2023
EyethereousImperial IPA7.823.7108-23-2021
Fading Into AutumnNew England IPA6124.1501-07-2023
Farm To FoundryAmerican Imperial Stout1074.0105-21-2023
Fight MilkAmerican Stout80002-10-2018
Fire, Blood and SteelImperial IPA8.114.4902-23-2023
Foeder-Aged Robot HausGerman Pilsner4.634.0102-12-2023
Forever FreeNew England IPA6.614.412-22-2022
Four Times A LadyNew England IPA1244.0511-08-2021
FriendsgivingAmerican Imperial Stout1334.111-29-2021
Friendsgiving Aged in Bourbon Barrels W/ Hazelnuts, Cacao + Vanilla BeansAmerican Imperial Stout1364.0811-29-2021
Frozie Cup: Cool Cool CoolFruited Kettle Sour514.0306-05-2022
Frozie Cup: CreamsicleFruited Kettle Sour414.0307-31-2022
Frozie Cup: Fashion FruitFruited Kettle Sour513.8908-18-2022
Frozie Cup: Fuck Yeah!Fruited Kettle Sour41507-17-2022
Frozie Cup: Never Lava MonsterFruited Kettle Sour414.511-12-2022
Frozie Cup: NovaJuiceFruited Kettle Sour524.6209-15-2022
Frozie Cup: Orange CreamFruited Kettle Sour513.7501-05-2022
Frozie Cup: Peach & PalsFruited Kettle Sour40011-07-2022
Frozie Cup: Proven WinnerFruited Kettle Sour524.1306-12-2022
Frozie Cup: Puft EditionFruited Kettle Sour6.614.2502-28-2021
Frozie Cup: Raspberry Pink Guava CurrantFruited Kettle Sour3.51405-05-2020
Frozie Cup: TangeranaberryFruited Kettle Sour513.7501-05-2022
Frozie Cup: Valentine'sFruited Kettle Sour524.3504-04-2023
Fruit DudesAmerican IPA653.6609-14-2017
Future TrianglesImperial IPA83411-02-2019
Gettin DrippyAmerican Imperial Stout12.514.2108-19-2020
Ghost HugsBerliner Weisse524.0208-21-2019
Ghost of BlinkyBerliner Weisse734.0905-06-2019
Ghost of SummerBerliner Weisse614.509-22-2019
Ghost TownBerliner Weisse723.911-02-2019
Ghouls Night OutBerliner Weisse60006-24-2018
Gimme DangerImperial IPA7.7514.1907-29-2018
Glory BoundImperial IPA8.124.305-28-2023
Glowing OrbsImperial IPA823.3903-01-2020
Good Good ThingsImperial IPA8.554.3511-12-2022
Goodnight, DearAmerican Imperial Stout12.954.3111-29-2021
Graham HammerAmerican Imperial Stout12.514.2304-20-2023
Growl!New England IPA6.524.2410-30-2019
Harry MayAmerican Porter6.264.2901-10-2018
Haus PaleAmerican Pale Ale624.2702-13-2023
Heart of a ChampionNew England IPA8.5104.0705-21-2023
Hearts of FireImperial IPA844.1905-10-2023
Heck HoundSmoked Beer684.0803-12-2017
Hidden DoorNew England IPA714.5711-24-2022
Hip Hop Is DeadImperial IPA8.824.1204-17-2022
Hola FantasmaBerliner Weisse61409-22-2019
Hold Me TightAmerican Imperial Stout1114.3104-27-2023
HolyAmerican Imperial Stout1024.3803-09-2023
Hopeless RomanticNew England IPA8194.205-21-2023
Hopeless Romantic ExtraImperial IPA80006-24-2018
Hot LooksImperial IPA823.8809-22-2019
House On A Mountain 2022Imperial IPA8.114.7109-29-2022
Hungry EyesVienna Lager624.106-05-2022
I Only Have Eyes for YouImperial IPA8.323.8703-02-2020
I Wanna Be A BearAmerican IPA5.514.2107-07-2018
I Was Born On A Saturday NightImperial IPA7.934.4207-18-2021
I Would Walk 866 MilesImperial IPA8.6634.2903-28-2021
I'll Have An Ice Cream: ChocolateAmerican Imperial Stout1114.2704-07-2022
If We Can Walk Together Why Can't We Rock TogetherNew England IPA624.1204-05-2022
In the Future When All's WellNew England IPA634.0902-20-2022
Invisible GirlAmerican IPA60005-13-2018
Is This Love?Fruited Kettle Sour614.110-06-2021
Isosceles DimensionNew England IPA6124.1905-07-2023
Jenny GrahamsAmerican Imperial Stout1124.0402-15-2021
Juice SuitImperial IPA8.124.2302-12-2023
Just GrandIrish Dry Stout524.0208-15-2022
Kittens Inspired By KittensImperial IPA8.264.2212-13-2022
KokoananaImperial IPA8.523.902-28-2021
KroeungAmerican Pale Ale5.8514.2909-15-2022
La LobaBelgian Pale Ale6.40008-22-2016
Life Among GiantsImperial IPA8.534.2702-12-2023
Listen And AcknowledgeNew England IPA5.524.307-09-2022
Live Like No One DaresImperial IPA834.2301-05-2022
Lonely WeekendAmerican IPA734.1303-06-2017
Long Live KolschKölsch4.643.9603-24-2023
Long Live the PartyNew England IPA6.514.6507-20-2022
Lords Of The UnknownNew England IPA8.153.9807-17-2022
Love & HoneyImperial IPA864.3309-15-2022
Make Promises Break PromisesAmerican IPA614.2309-15-2022
Marshmallow Small JoysAmerican Imperial Stout13124.4111-04-2022
Memories Of AttitudeNew England IPA634.1409-15-2022
Merry DancersCzech Dark Lager433.9603-10-2023
Middle RichardAmerican Pale Ale5.554.1712-11-2016
Milk MilkSweet / Milk Stout5.543.9203-30-2016
Move MountainsNew England IPA684.0302-03-2023
MultifacetedNew England IPA634.3304-16-2023
Mutual AgreementAmerican Imperial Stout1344.4511-29-2021
My Morning EyesImperial IPA914.2511-08-2021
My Name Is OutisAmerican Imperial Stout1024.2311-29-2021
Nelson Sees AllImperial IPA8.534.2911-29-2021
Never Be MineNew England IPA7.524.2501-02-2021
NitelifeBlack IPA714.3303-02-2021
Nitro Cart StoutAmerican Stout6.5133.9101-09-2019
NZL PilsGerman Pilsner4.72403-18-2022
Object PermanenceNew England IPA6.824.4705-31-2023
Ohhh MyyyAmerican Imperial Stout1024.0511-02-2019
Omnificent FrogImperial IPA844.3604-16-2023
One Thing A DayWild Ale60008-24-2018
Panic!American IPA6.514.0308-11-2018
Party CrashersAmerican IPA554.0409-08-2017
Party SuitIndia Pale Lager (IPL)513.7501-05-2022
PB Eternal ShroudAmerican Imperial Stout12.524.3905-25-2023
Peanut Butter HolyAmerican Imperial Stout1034.4305-17-2022
Penrose TribarAmerican IPA60008-31-2018
Personality CrisisAmerican IPA6.584.0603-06-2017
Phantom CityBerliner Weisse30007-06-2018
PMAImperial IPA824.3611-23-2019
Popsicle Blood Of A GhostBerliner Weisse3.51409-29-2019
Positive Mental AttitudeImperial IPA844.2305-12-2019
Primitive HeartImperial IPA834.4711-11-2017
PrissintImperial IPA8144.2205-21-2023
Proper CoastAmerican IPA723.809-22-2019
PVD PilsGerman Pilsner5.234.0605-13-2022
Pyramid SchemeAmerican IPA623.6803-01-2020
Radio On!New England IPA5.20008-05-2020
Random HeartsNew England IPA634.1508-06-2022
Raw PowerAmerican IPA7.7554.5104-22-2017
ReplicaNew England IPA81405-05-2020
Replica - Double Dry-HoppedNew England IPA824.3405-18-2022
Return of the WarlordAmerican Imperial Stout12.544.1601-26-2023
Rich GirlImperial IPA90005-27-2018
Riot SquadImperial IPA814.2507-17-2020
Robot HausGerman Pilsner4.744.0501-26-2023
Rude Boy Rude GirlNew England IPA784.2202-02-2023
Safe WordAmerican Stout80005-19-2018
Sandwich BitesAmerican Imperial Stout1024.2511-03-2022
Secret BitesAmerican Imperial Stout1234.2708-18-2022
Self Destruct Or BustNew England IPA7.544.3206-04-2023
SeriouslyAmerican Imperial Stout1313.9808-26-2019
Silver WingNew England IPA613.9111-06-2018
SincerityAmerican IPA624.1505-25-2018
SkrittlesBerliner Weisse70008-31-2018
Skull MedallionImperial IPA8.564.1310-14-2022
Small JoysAmerican Imperial Stout1394.3411-12-2022
SnakesImperial IPA8.31410-16-2016
SneksNew England IPA6.534.0206-15-2021
Someday MorningAmerican Imperial Stout843.5409-17-2020
Square BitesAmerican Stout9.214.4901-08-2021
Starting NewAmerican IPA614.2509-22-2019
Stormy WeatherAmerican IPA6.513.6703-02-2018
Surrounded By GhostsWild Ale60005-13-2018
Sweet SpotAmerican Imperial Stout1134.1211-29-2021
Taco NightEuropean Dark Lager623.7308-29-2021
Take The Night OffAmerican Imperial Stout10.574.2611-29-2021
Teenage KicksNew England IPA624.1202-10-2020
Temporada de PréssecSaison4.724.2911-29-2021
The All Seeing EyeNew England IPA8.4504.2405-28-2023
The All Seeing Eye - Double Dry-HoppedNew England IPA8.4124.403-17-2023
The All Seeing Eye - ExtraImperial IPA8.414.1405-31-2019
The All Seeing Eye - Triple Dry-HoppedImperial IPA8.444.602-09-2023
The Bean MeisterAmerican Stout613.4306-23-2021
The Ghost of Jim DandyBerliner Weisse30007-06-2018
The JourneyAmerican Imperial Stout11.250001-07-2022
The Most Amazing Pale MildEnglish Pale Mild Ale424.2201-12-2023
The Numbers Add UpImperial IPA8.524.3704-17-2022
The OmniscientAmerican Imperial Stout11.2523.8704-27-2023
The PromiseImperial IPA8.51403-30-2020
This Is How We Do ItAmerican IPA734.0608-13-2022
Three Headed CatImperial IPA1074.1608-25-2019
Through Her EyesNew England IPA8.514.2103-30-2021
Through These EyesNew England IPA8.2194.2905-18-2023
ThunderhorseNew England IPA763.8211-23-2019
Tight PantsImperial IPA90006-02-2018
Time BombAmerican IPA7.524.4111-20-2017
Toki's BestExtra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)524.2704-02-2022
Triangles On TrianglesAmerican IPA624.1210-26-2019
True BelieverNew England IPA613.7505-05-2020
Twice as StrongImperial IPA884.0507-17-2020
UnitedAmerican IPA70002-10-2018
Vanilla HolyAmerican Imperial Stout1024.2311-29-2021
Vanilla WallabyAmerican Stout763.9301-20-2018
Vintage TrianglesAmerican IPA624.309-15-2022
Vinyl TrianglesAmerican IPA6.534.105-02-2023
Wake Up AloneAmerican Barleywine13.824.4201-09-2022
WarlordAmerican Imperial Stout12.514.503-18-2021
Warlord - Peanut ButterAmerican Imperial Stout12.524.3309-20-2021
WeaknessSweet / Milk Stout7.513.7609-03-2018
Wesside IPANew England IPA7254.205-31-2019
Wesside IPA W/GalaxyAmerican IPA724.3209-16-2017
West Side PrideEnglish Bitter6.8514.1304-17-2016
What Is LoveCream Ale814.1805-21-2022
Whole RoastAmerican Imperial Stout1014.0811-19-2019
Wine HausEnglish Barleywine13.834.4111-29-2021
Y2K PT2New England IPA8.554.1603-17-2020
You Got A Good LifeNew England IPA5.61401-05-2022
You're Dead And Out Of This WorldNew England IPA7.334.2712-04-2022
Youth RevoltNew England IPA614.104-15-2021

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Long Live Beerworks in Providence, RI
Brewery rating: 4.16 out of 5 with 982 ratings