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Zipp's LiquorsZipp's Liquors

Type: Store

2618 E Franklin Ave
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55406-1104
United States

(612) 333-8686 | map

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Photo of dfried
4/5  rDev -4.5%

Zip's was my corner liquor store a couple years, and all in all I feel like it is a pretty quality establishment. It's in a really cool neighborhood, the Seward neighborhood, so as you could expect there are some pretty cool people working there that will remember you. Not every worker that walks by is super knowledgeable, but there is usually someone there who can answer any questions you have. They have a great selection, an impressive amount of Belgian ales. They even recently just expanded their 'good' beer section so they are even getting more. They also have a lot of good sets of beer with nice beer glasses around the holidays. This is a great liquor store to live by.

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Photo of spoots
2.7/5  rDev -35.6%

I like Zipps, if for no other reason than that it is a browser's paradise. There are few beer stores I'd rather spend time in, and I often go out of my way to stop in for a sixer of something. Not that Zipp's carries the absolutely broadest variety of beers, but what they do carry seems somehow appropiate for the store, their Cedar/Riverside/U of M customer base, and the BA crowd that comes here.

Their prices can be thrillingly cheap...sometimes. When they close out stock, they really slash prices, but I find their day-to-day prices are usually higher than most of their competitors. For example, Surdyk's (another terrific beer purveyor) actually undercuts Zipps on just about everything lately.

Still, the store is fun just to be in, and they have one of the most eclectic wine selections I've ever seen, making Zipps a one-stop shop for your tippling needs.

[Note: The emo-punk-goth-slacker staff behind the register is great, unless they overcharge you and you have the audacity to ask for a correction--whoa! Also, they sometimes don't watch the freshness dates very closely, so take a close look before you buy to avoid getting really tired stock.]

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Photo of TastyTaste
3.35/5  rDev -20%

Very busy Friday night at this evidently popular liquor store. Beer gets pretty high billing. Many singles, and most of the regulars available in the Twin Cities. Prices are reasonable, as far as I know. I bought some Hair of the Dog (it's the first time I had seen it here, so I don't have any reference for average price). The other beers seemed alright, fairly large selection. The employees there only rang me up, never even batted an eye my way until i brought beer to the counter (that isn't always a bad thing, I really didn't have any questions). Blue Max and Cellars have better selection, but this may have better prices,

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Photo of feloniousmonk
4.3/5  rDev +2.6%

Zipp's is characterized by by several anachronisms, from the name and bold neon sign that recall the Sputnik era in which it was founded, to the roly-poly cartoon mascot who bounces down the aisles, over the kegs, and in between father and son proprietors, Mickey and Andy, in their TV commercial. Add to that, it's a pretty good place to get your beer!
Walk in and go straight ahead, through the wine aisles, and you'll find that the entire West wall is devoted to beer, in coolers and on shelves. In fact, as you start at the first cooler, don't forget to turn around and check those shelves out, filled with various 6-packs, priced to move. From the left side, we start with regionals, and national craft-brews, many of which are on sale prices. That's one of the first things I loved about Zipp's when I first discovered it, that there's always something marked down, and usually something you want to drink. Not just cheap stuff, but sometimes Bell's, Victory, Goose Island, Capital, Boulavard, etc., all kinds of imports and even the occasional Belgian abbey tripel. Towards the middle, it gets a bit more mainstream, then turns to imports. Take a turn into the little island in the center, 2 more coolers of large size bottles, singles, and various oddments, form malt liquors to English ales, Roque bombers, Bell's stouts, and everything under the sun, then more shelves of imports of all types, from Russia, Japan, Canada, Belgium, and more, complete with the occasional blurb from BA, how do you like that? (None of mine, yet, sniff...sob...)
The rest of the coolers and displays are entirely forgettable, and filled to brim with all those beers you're better off avoiding, conveniently lumped together.
Service has always been friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic. Great staff, and I've got to hand it to management for special ordering stuff no-one else would carry.
Within the limits of the city of Minneapolis, Zipp's is always one of the best places to shop for good selection, and now-and-then a deal or two.

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Photo of tavernjef
4.3/5  rDev +2.6%

What a great little surprising selection this place has. Lots of stuff just lying around, on sale, or with pretty good normal prices. Some of the usual out in plain sight. Most of the good beers are in back, gotta really look, they're kinda spread out all over, but can find stuff perhaps not lingering in other stores. Like some of the Bell's Nov. only stouts still there in June, wow. I was quite happy to have made a stop here. You could easily come away with very good beer here, even in keg form as well if throwing parties. Good friendly service as well, they seemed to know there stuff. Worth a stop if in the Franklin area.

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Zipp's Liquors in Minneapolis, MN
4.19 out of 5 based on 94 ratings.
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