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Bavarian Beverage Center

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Type: Store

643 Saw Mill River Road
Ardsley, New York, 10502
United States

(914) 693-3339

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Reviews by slander:
Photo of slander
4/5  rDev +12%

Out and about this week doin' my spot checks throughout Westchester County, trying to figure out how to easily get from the Saw Mill southbound onto I-87 southbound, I remember that little exit in Ardsley just off 9A, that kind of connects the two (kind of), but what's this Bavarian Beverage Center nestled in there? 'Taint never seen that befo'.
It's your standard beer and soda "bevee", with a pretty impressive beer selection. They have a good representation of many of the upper New York State beers that have recently found their way this far south (Middle Ages, Wagner Valley, Cooperstown and Hudson Valley) as well as the decent regionals (Victory, Dogfish Head, Harpoon, Magic Hat, and there's a lot of Smuttynose activity goin' on here, from the "big beer series" Barleywine to the sampler pack and Weizenheimers box).
Around the bend and over there also (you have to look where I'm pointing,... no, over there, okay), they have a good selection of English and German beers (Fullers, Young's, Pinkus, Ayinger, Bamberger) as well as a handful of Chouffe's and Corsendonks and the big bottles of the Brasserie Caracole beers (Saxo, Nostradamus & Troublette). They've got a couple of things you don't really see too much of around here (Mendicino's, Spanish Peaks, Harlem Brewery).
Not a bad selection, all and all, and not too terribly pricey, but...
be fo'warned!! They've got Geary's Summer Ale on the shelf and it's late March so either they did that time machine thing like that other joint in Connecticut (went into the future 3 months to bring back this Summer's beer) or thems have been around for a while.
"Aw, c'mon now Slander", you say, "that ain't so old". Okay, they've also got the 3 beers from from Woodstock Brewery out of Kingston, NY on the shelves and although Woodstock was real good in their day, they haven't been operating for upwards of 3 years now since (evil) Black Bear Brewing Co out of Atlanta acquired them. A good beer store in lower Westchester County but watch for dated beer, you've been warned.

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Photo of hmk22
2.45/5  rDev -31.4%

I really want to like this place, but it's terribly overpriced. I don't begrudge the owners making a decent living, esp. when they have to stock obscure stuff that has a limited audience, but they are way high on everything, even the American macros. If they at least had some weekly specials, or good prices on NYS beers (Saranac, Genesee, Captain Lawrence, the F.X. Matt contract brews, etc.) I'd be happy, but no dice. They seem to cater to 3 groups: higher-end beer geeks, the cold Coors Light 30-pack crowd, and non-beer-drinking suburbanites buying beer for a summer BBQ or Super Bowl party who don't care what they pay. DeCicco, just up the road a bit, has a better selection, better presentation (with BA shelf-talkers), and a superior shopping experience -- and now growler service -- but they're a bit snooty, while Bavarian is more down-to-earth in everything but price. At least DeCicco puts stuff on sale once in awhile...they are a full-service grocery store (produce, meat, fish, prepared foods, etc.) so the comparison is not perfect, but even more reason for Bavarian to position itself as the beer store in the Rivertowns. Hey Bavarian: put in some taps to sell some growlers, run some sales, and I'm there...heck, put a taco truck in the parking lot and I'll be there every other day.

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Photo of JoeBloe
4.35/5  rDev +21.8%

i decided to check this place out on a whim after noticing it while having to pull off the parkway for gas one evening - not expecting much, i was blown away by the selection here - 2 long walls of well reviewed brew - more than i could fully take in on this evening stop - quite a few 4packs of samichlaus were on hand, with one of those, i also picked up a bomber of hitachino white, a bear republic stout, avery ol' jubilation, a 4pk of old rasputin, a 6 of st old man ale and a couple more gems - the fellow at the register made sure i knew the 4pk of samichlaus was $18.99 (ok by me) and the fellow on the floor related a tale of being intrigued by it's story and knocking back a samichlaus and having to wash it down with a couple of bud lites, 'cause he's used to bud lite, you see. i'll be revisiting soon, a good stop on the way back from an early day working in nyc - i also can't wait to stop in at the very well reviewed diciccio's a few blocks away (apparently the answer to the previous reviewer's question here)

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Photo of mattloaf1
4.2/5  rDev +17.6%

I was shocked how poor some of the reviews of this place are considering where it is and the excellent selection available. I went not expecting much, and was very pleasantly surprised about what was there.

A very large choice of local seasonals, Stones, imports and all kinds of other stuff I didn't even have a chance to inventory. Take a place like New Beer Distributors in the city, subtract the exceptionally rare stuff, and you have a pretty fair representation of what this place has on offer. A lot of the seasonals were even in coolers. The prices seemed reasonable, although a 6-pack of Ruination which goes for $15.99 at the aforementioned NBR goes for $18.99 here. Both autumn seasonals I have tried so far were only $7. This place is kind of like a beer oasis in central Westchester. If there's a better place within 10 miles, I'd love to know where it is.

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Photo of aerozeppl
2.2/5  rDev -38.4%

I used to work very close to this place and would often made Friday evening trips for weekend beer. This ended quickly. The entire store get blasted by sun most of the day and they do not move enough stock to keep things fresh. Definitely be wary of old product and not in a good way. The selection is okay but they really do not have anything amazing. Basic fare. When they do get something nice they tend to overcharge so be wary of that.The service ranges from ok to awful. It would be great if someone opened a good bevie in Westchester. All that money and no whee to spend it on beer....Unless it is on the way somewhere avoid.

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Photo of Cadyfatcat
3.05/5  rDev -14.6%

Bavarian is one of the two or three locations I go for beer when I am at my house in Westchester. They have a very large selection of microbrews and imports. Not enough Belgians or obscure German brews though. The service usually sucks and consists of one or two guys sleeping or glued to sporting events behind the counter. They don't seem to know much about beer, sometimes they will offer thier opinion saying "thats strong stuff" or "I didn't like that" but not too much in the way of beer knowledge. They are good guys though, and the place does a decent job caring for the beers for ti is always relatively dark and cool in there. This place should shape up though, for they are being beaten out in selection and quality by a supermarket that moved in down the street.

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Photo of Billolick
4.15/5  rDev +16.2%

This place is about 2 mins from the Saw Mill pkwy and NYS thruway, just south of the tiny burg of Ardsley. All glass front of the store, kind of ratty inside, but you will quickly come upon a much better then average selection of all kinds of high quality brew, spread out all over the store. The highlights I saw were Bear Republic bombers, pleanty of regional micros, good selection of Belgians, including Cantillion (rarely seen in westchester), Typical Germans and Brit imports. Better selection then all other places in westchester, I've seen lateely, Well worth a stop if youre on the Saw Mill, just south of White Plains NY. Didnt see much dust or bottles lookin' old and out of date, maybe they have cleaned out some of their old stock, since the last BA reviewers visited.

recent visit update..5-17-05...heres a heads up...watch out for old stuff, I saw a bunch of it this time, out of date and dusty, also when I visited about 2/3rds of the stock was getting blasted by the afternoon sun, watch out for anything close to the front windows...

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Photo of GreatPondBrewer
3.85/5  rDev +7.8%

Nice little find in a pinch. Not a huge selection, mostly macros, but they do have a nice little selection of victory, middle ages, and brooklyn and a few random belgians, including a huge Choufe, and germans. I will echo slanders warning, there were a few out of date things, but as long as youknow what you are looking for then it won't really matter. Service wasnice, the guy at the counter was helpful and very nice, especially since it was New Years. A little pricey, but that is Westchester for you ;) Nice little find and if you are in the area go for it.

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Photo of Kwak
3.85/5  rDev +7.8%

The service their was good they had a nice selection of hard to find beer, but they aren't
always up to date on their shelves I have seen many a beer with an inch of dust on it. I also one time bought a St. peters wheat ale that must have been sitting up side down because when I got it home and opened it and all the sediment was around the cap I have to wonder how long have they had this in stock. All in all this is one of my favorite beer places you just have to be careful of what you buy!!

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Bavarian Beverage Center in Ardsley, NY
Place rating: 3.57 out of 5 with 9 ratings
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