Hubbard's Cave Brewery

Hubbard's Cave BreweryHubbard's Cave Brewery
Hubbard's Cave BreweryHubbard's Cave Brewery
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

6343 Gross Point Road
Niles, Illinois, 60714
United States

(847) 635-0655 | map

Notes: Beers are brewed at / by another brewery. Brewed at Une Année Brewing.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
Accident In Hubbard's CaveAmerican Imperial Stout10.5484.1409-25-2022
Bananas FosterAmerican Imperial Stout12194.2710-08-2022
Barrel Aged Accident In Hubbard's CaveAmerican Imperial Stout1234.4604-20-2020
Barrel Aged Bananas Foster Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout1354.5211-27-2022
Barrel Aged Chocolate & Blackberry Pot De CremeAmerican Imperial Stout1254.0509-20-2021
Barrel Aged Chocolate & Blueberry Pot De CremeAmerican Imperial Stout1324.7109-12-2021
Barrel Aged Chocolate & Strawberry Pot De CrèmeAmerican Imperial Stout013.2809-27-2020
Barrel Aged Coco VanAmerican Imperial Stout1374.3909-07-2022
Barrel Aged Coffee & CakesAmerican Imperial Stout1234.3112-04-2021
Barrel Aged El ZacatónAmerican Imperial Stout1294.303-30-2022
Barrel Aged Espresso Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout1314.3905-22-2021
Barrel Aged French ToastAmerican Imperial Stout1374.4108-22-2022
Barrel Aged Me Love To Eat Cream Filled CookiesSweet / Milk Stout1314.3404-11-2022
Barrel Aged Päncake WalkAmerican Imperial Stout1314.402-24-2022
Barrel Aged Peanut Butter CupAmerican Imperial Stout1364.1907-22-2022
Barrel Aged Vanilla Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout13154.209-29-2022
Barrel Aged Warehouse 1.0American Imperial Stout1314.1512-16-2020
Barrel-Aged Chocolate & Raspberry Pot De CremeAmerican Imperial Stout1254.1108-02-2020
Black Forest Cake Smoothie StoutAmerican Imperial Stout9.523.8208-23-2021
Bourbon Barrel Aged Peanut Butter S'moreAmerican Imperial Stout1324.3408-22-2022
Calm ClassroomAmerican IPA743.7905-28-2021
Chocolate Covered StrawberriesAmerican Imperial Stout1264.0904-25-2022
Clearly HopsurdImperial IPA8.5113.9708-24-2022
Coco VanAmerican Imperial Stout11.5933.9705-22-2022
Coffee & CakesAmerican Imperial Stout121354.1808-27-2022
Coffee & Cakes - BlueberryAmerican Imperial Stout12134.3103-26-2022
Coffee & Cakes - HazelnutAmerican Imperial Stout12244.2710-22-2022
Coffee and Cakes - VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout12154.2504-26-2021
Coffee Coco VanAmerican Imperial Stout1234.2606-27-2021
Coffee El ZacatónAmerican Imperial Stout12134.2801-26-2022
Coffee PorterAmerican Porter863.8807-06-2019
Come Heavy Or Not At AllScotch Ale / Wee Heavy1034.0411-11-2022
Drippin DewNew England IPA7.544.108-28-2022
El ZacatónAmerican Imperial Stout12844.2511-04-2022
French ToastAmerican Imperial Stout121194.3111-20-2022
French Toast - BlackberryAmerican Imperial Stout1274.1712-21-2020
French Toast - RaspberryAmerican Imperial Stout12154.3207-02-2021
Fresh AleAmerican Pale Ale61406-21-2022
Fresh DDH IIPA One Hop Two Hop Simcoe MosaicImperial IPA8.524.1604-26-2022
Fresh IIPA One Hop AmarilloNew England IPA8.544.408-05-2017
Fresh IIPA One Hop CentennialNew England IPA8.5154.1202-05-2021
Fresh IIPA One Hop CitraNew England IPA8.5804.0606-04-2022
Fresh IIPA One Hop El DoradoNew England IPA8.524.1208-19-2020
Fresh IIPA One Hop GalaxyNew England IPA8.5124.211-06-2020
Fresh IIPA One Hop Lemon DropNew England IPA8.583.7203-27-2017
Fresh IIPA One Hop MosaicNew England IPA8.5724.1609-28-2022
Fresh IIPA One Hop NelsonNew England IPA8.553.8808-15-2019
Fresh IIPA One Hop SimcoeNew England IPA8.5214.2610-15-2022
Fresh IIPA One Hop Simcoe Two Hop CitraNew England IPA814.207-24-2021
Fresh IIPA One Hop Vic SecretNew England IPA8.544.1609-05-2019
Fresh IIPA V1New England IPA8.51234.1704-11-2021
Fresh IIPA V10New England IPA8.5104.0212-20-2018
Fresh IIPA V11New England IPA8.564.0503-23-2022
Fresh IIPA V12New England IPA8.594.2107-14-2018
Fresh IIPA V13New England IPA8.53404-19-2018
Fresh IIPA V14New England IPA8.513.8505-19-2018
Fresh IIPA V15New England IPA8.5124.1203-03-2020
Fresh IIPA V16New England IPA8.5104.2310-13-2020
Fresh IIPA V17New England IPA8.5213.8612-20-2018
Fresh IIPA V18New England IPA8.5194.1507-04-2021
Fresh IIPA V19New England IPA8.574.0304-05-2019
Fresh IIPA V2New England IPA9353.9705-31-2019
Fresh IIPA V20New England IPA8.574.1212-04-2019
Fresh IIPA V21New England IPA8.5184.0605-12-2021
Fresh IIPA V22New England IPA8.573.6902-23-2019
Fresh IIPA V23New England IPA8.584.0203-07-2019
Fresh IIPA V24New England IPA8.5134.1804-22-2019
Fresh IIPA V25New England IPA8.5154.0307-06-2019
Fresh IIPA V26New England IPA8.553.8707-06-2019
Fresh IIPA V27New England IPA8.534.1406-03-2019
Fresh IIPA V28New England IPA8.544.1107-06-2019
Fresh IIPA V29New England IPA8.563.8907-06-2019
Fresh IIPA V30New England IPA8.5154.2203-09-2020
Fresh IIPA V31New England IPA8.554.2810-04-2019
Fresh IIPA V32New England IPA8.573.9410-01-2019
Fresh IIPA V33New England IPA8.574.1809-06-2019
Fresh IIPA V34New England IPA8.574.2310-18-2020
Fresh IIPA V4New England IPA8.5774.2803-04-2021
Fresh IIPA V43New England IPA8.52407-05-2020
Fresh IIPA V46New England IPA8.513.8210-07-2020
Fresh IIPA V47New England IPA8.573.9111-10-2020
Fresh IIPA V5New England IPA8.5634.1205-23-2022
Fresh IIPA V52New England IPA8.523.9909-22-2021
Fresh IIPA V53New England IPA8.514.0402-07-2022
Fresh IIPA V6New England IPA8.5244.4301-31-2019
Fresh IIPA V7New England IPA8.5284.2712-17-2021
Fresh IIPA V8New England IPA8.5404.3107-06-2019
Fresh IIPA V9New England IPA8.5114.2212-09-2019
Fresh IPANew England IPA7224.0108-31-2022
Fresh IPA One Hop SimcoeAmerican IPA6124.0907-06-2020
Fresh IPA One Hop Simcoe Two Hop CitraAmerican IPA643.9806-02-2021
Fresh IPA One Hop Simcoe Two Hop MosaicAmerican IPA614.0704-24-2017
Fresh PaleAmerican Pale Ale6183.8606-11-2022
Fresh Triple IIPAImperial IPA10564.1501-26-2022
German Chocolate CakeAmerican Imperial Stout12153.9611-16-2021
HopsurdImperial IPA8.533.6308-22-2022
Hopsurd DDHNew England IPA7.5114.0108-24-2022
Hubbard's Cuvee V2American Strong Ale1164.2611-13-2021
Hubbard’s Cuvee V1American Strong Ale1144.4509-20-2021
Iced MochaSweet / Milk Stout6283.9307-30-2022
Iced Mocha - CaramelAmerican Stout644.0904-02-2021
Iced Mocha - CinnamonSweet / Milk Stout644.101-26-2022
Iced Mocha - CoconutSweet / Milk Stout612.3504-14-2021
Imperial Stout - CoffeeRussian Imperial Stout9.7524.1303-06-2021
Imperial Stout - MapleAmerican Imperial Stout12383.8201-28-2022
Imperial Stout - VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout1281409-04-2022
Irish StoutIrish Dry Stout633.9509-03-2022
It'd Be a Lot Cooler If You DidEnglish Barleywine1084.103-20-2022
Janet's Brown AleAmerican Brown Ale6.633.7203-13-2022
Maple Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout1214.4202-27-2022
Me Love to Eat Oreo CookiesAmerican Imperial Stout12123.3507-17-2022
Milk of the Murder HornetMilkshake IPA8.563.9105-06-2021
Milk of the Murder Hornet - 2X VanillaMilkshake IPA8.513.7501-26-2022
Milk of the Murder Hornet - BlackberryMilkshake IPA8.513.9410-26-2020
Milk of the Murder Hornet - Blackberry & RaspberryMilkshake IPA8.513.3203-02-2022
Milk of the Murder Hornet - BlueberryMilkshake IPA8.554.0303-13-2022
Milk of the Murder Hornet - GingerbreadMilkshake IPA8.533.5707-24-2022
Milk of the Murder Hornet - Guava & PassionfruitMilkshake IPA8.553.901-26-2022
Milk of the Murder Hornet - Maple PeachMilkshake IPA8.512.8101-26-2022
Milk of the Murder Hornet - OrangeMilkshake IPA8.534.1310-16-2022
Milk of the Murder Hornet - PassionfruitMilkshake IPA8.544.0203-20-2021
Milk of the Murder Hornet - PeachMilkshake IPA8.564.0110-16-2021
Milk of the Murder Hornet - Piña ColadaMilkshake IPA8.523.4601-26-2022
Milk of the Murder Hornet - PineappleMilkshake IPA8.523.7401-26-2022
Milk of the Murder Hornet - RaspberryMilkshake IPA8.513.2302-07-2021
Milk of the Murder Hornet - StrawberryMilkshake IPA8.5104.0404-02-2022
Päncake WalkAmerican Imperial Stout12334.2511-19-2022
Peanut Butter CupAmerican Imperial Stout12303.9801-26-2022
Peanut Butter S'moreAmerican Imperial Stout1254.0301-26-2022
Pot De Crème - ChocolateAmerican Imperial Stout12164.1901-26-2022
Pot De Crème - Chocolate & BananaAmerican Imperial Stout12153.9211-01-2020
Pot De Crème - Chocolate & BlueberryAmerican Imperial Stout12154.2310-19-2022
Pot De Crème - Chocolate & CinnamonAmerican Imperial Stout12524.0311-17-2021
Pot De Crème - Chocolate & StrawberryAmerican Imperial Stout12154.203-20-2021
Pot De Crème - Chocolate And BlackberryAmerican Imperial Stout12204.303-11-2022
Pot De Crème - Chocolate RaspberryAmerican Imperial Stout9.7504.0712-24-2021
Pot De Crème - HazelnutAmerican Imperial Stout12324.2403-13-2022
S'moreAmerican Imperial Stout12114.2311-19-2022
Salted Caramel Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout12314.1907-16-2021
Say Nut AgainAmerican Imperial Stout12184.2803-30-2022
Teeter/Tower IPAAmerican IPA654.109-11-2022
Triple IIPAImperial IPA1074.3210-21-2022
Tropical Double Dry Hopped IIPAImperial IPA8.534.1502-23-2022
Vanilla EverydaeSweet / Milk Stout12194.1311-23-2022

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Hubbard's Cave Brewery in Niles, IL
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