Modist Brewing Co.

Modist Brewing Co.Modist Brewing Co.
Modist Brewing Co.Modist Brewing Co.
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

505 N 3rd St
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55401-1201
United States

(612) 454-0258 | map

Notes: At Modist, we push past traditional brewing by embracing creativity and unconstrained experimentation.

This starts with the approach to recipe development taken by our Head Brewer, Keigan. Contrary to starting with a style guideline in mind, then moving forward – he starts with a flavor and experience in mind, then works backward. And since we’ve decided to not be bound by style guidelines, he’s free to use whatever ingredients in any amount with whatever technique he wants to create a new beer experience.

To enable this philosophy and to enhance our creativity, we created a custom built brewhouse that allows us to make the beers we want to make. It’s centered around the region’s first mash filter. This piece of equipment allows us to use any grain in any percentage – and do so while using a fraction of the water and energy of a traditional brewery.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
100% WheatHefeweizen8.21407-24-2016
AbracadaverNew England IPA8.374.107-22-2022
Albert IIAmerican Pale Ale523.7507-04-2021
Albert IVAmerican IPA7.20010-12-2020
Alien AngelNew England IPA7.464.0808-14-2021
Amongst The MadnessKölsch4.523.8505-09-2020
Apiary DripNew England IPA8.4144.2107-22-2021
at the center of EVERYTHINGAmerican Imperial Stout1444.7502-10-2022
Atomic Ale 5.0American Blonde Ale7.50001-12-2022
BA Black Is BeautifulAmerican Imperial Stout1314.5506-22-2021
BA Triple CoconutSweet / Milk Stout160002-01-2022
Barrel Aged 32 TeethAmerican Imperial Stout11.514.207-24-2022
Barrel Aged Innocence and DecadenceImperial Red Ale1414.502-26-2022
Between the TimesImperial Porter1224.2506-05-2022
Bite SizeAmerican Stout6.7123.7111-05-2021
Bite Size - Coffee Peanut Butter CupAmerican Stout7.2103.7807-04-2021
Bite Size - Double Chocolate , Double VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout7.233.2202-26-2021
Bite Size - Maple Double VanillaAmerican Stout6.71404-17-2020
Blue MacaronAmerican Adjunct Lager513.5909-06-2022
Blueberry DiveGose663.7707-09-2022
Brave NoiseAmerican Pale Ale523.9604-04-2022
Breathing : ConversationsNew England IPA6.8123.9807-04-2021
CalibrationEnglish Pale Ale5.933.5205-15-2016
CH CH CH AH AH AHAmerican Imperial Stout1313.1910-30-2021
Chill Chill Chill Chill ChillAmerican IPA613.9404-16-2022
Citrus GlowFruited Kettle Sour6.50009-12-2022
Cobra TriangleGerman Pilsner4.5104.1201-06-2022
Crippling PredictabilityNew England IPA1034.2605-09-2022
Cutting RibbonsNew England IPA5.51312-23-2021
Day Of Another DreamAmerican IPA7.143.9307-04-2021
DDH Double DreamyardNew England IPA8.554.108-03-2022
DDH Double False PatternNew England IPA7.574.2802-01-2022
DDH Liquid Citra CrystalsNew England IPA6.413.9212-14-2020
DDH Liquid Crystals - StrataNew England IPA6.423.9601-15-2022
DDH Space Junk (Simcoe, Strata, Mosaic)New England IPA5.81401-07-2020
DepthAmerican Imperial Stout14.324.4604-18-2021
Deviant MindsGose60006-06-2021
Deviation 001American Dark Wheat Beer5.60012-30-2016
Deviation 002American IPA754.0507-04-2021
Deviation 003Oatmeal Stout5.643.407-04-2021
Deviation 010American Lager5.523.707-04-2021
Divided ReflectionsImperial IPA8.213.6309-23-2022
Double DreamyardImperial IPA8.5404.3808-30-2022
Double False PatternAmerican Pale Ale7.5254.4509-05-2022
Double FruitopolisFruited Kettle Sour814.2506-15-2021
Double Ghost VisionNew England IPA8.6374.2301-10-2022
Double Ghost Vision - DDH w Citra & El DoradoNew England IPA8.254.1407-04-2021
Double Ghost Vision - DDH w/ Strata and CitraNew England IPA8.674.603-01-2022
Double Local Dream MirrorNew England IPA8.2104.2901-06-2022
Double Raspberry EndLayerGose7.264.0807-10-2021
Double Up 2 UpNew England IPA8.374.2809-19-2021
DreamyardNew England IPA7.11894.1308-31-2022
Dreamyard (Citra & Sultana)New England IPA7.134.1204-14-2022
Dreamyard - DDH GalaxyNew England IPA7.173.9707-04-2021
Drip DribblesFruited Kettle Sour51403-26-2022
Dungeon JuiceAmerican IPA6.814.504-16-2018
Echoes For AnswersNew England IPA5.634.5705-07-2022
Endlayer - Passion FruitGose7.344.1203-15-2022
Esoteric EclecticismGerman Pilsner5.364.2308-18-2021
False PatternAmerican Pale Ale5.51064.0608-09-2022
Fang & BoneBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.364.0107-02-2021
Feather BarBerliner Weisse7.254.0108-15-2021
Fever DreamNew England IPA6.544.309-14-2019
First CallAmerican Lager6.5824.108-28-2022
First Call Frappé: Turtle Cheesecake Coffee LagerAmerican Adjunct Lager6.5893.8909-08-2022
Fish Top Fish BottomSweet / Milk Stout1313.7503-23-2021
Fit & FinishAltbier4.813.403-23-2021
Forbidden IslandsNew England IPA853.8912-16-2021
Fresh LoafsAmerican Imperial Stout13.114.2501-23-2021
Fruit City: Blueberry, Blackberry, Black CurrantFruited Kettle Sour6.333.6308-26-2020
Fruit City: Passionfruit, Peach, and OrangeFruited Kettle Sour5.324.0301-05-2020
Fruit City: Pineapple, MangoFruited Kettle Sour5.622.9804-22-2020
Fruitrolpolis - Blueberry, Blackberry, Black CurrantFruited Kettle Sour81405-31-2021
FruitropolisFruited Kettle Sour864.2505-06-2021
Future PixelsNew England IPA8294.2707-05-2022
German Fat CapAmerican IPA6.5153.6607-04-2021
Gifts From AboveImperial IPA834.0106-24-2022
Gravity Still SucksNew England IPA82409-16-2022
Gravity Sucks!New England IPA6.733.9301-11-2022
Green Greens DDH IPANew England IPA7.3124.0809-20-2021
Had Mar SuperstarAmerican Lager4.533.5707-04-2021
Half Believing GravityFruited Kettle Sour5.663.9809-11-2021
Half Believing TimeBerliner Weisse5.653.6401-10-2022
Has That Line Ever Worked For You Before?!New England IPA6.213.503-16-2019
Hex CodeAmerican Adjunct Lager5.333.9501-15-2022
Hidden KnowledgeWild Ale61405-04-2019
Hidden Knowledge w/ Vanilla BeanWild Ale614.0805-25-2019
Honeycomb CatacombImperial Porter8.384.407-06-2022
HowlAmerican Pale Wheat Beer6.70008-24-2016
Hype TowelAmerican IPA724.2503-30-2018
HypersolidNew England IPA644.1709-20-2021
I Bring You LoveBohemian / Czech Pilsner5104.0908-14-2022
Identically DifferentNew England IPA613.9811-06-2021
Illbrewminati - Vol. 2New England IPA10114.2603-01-2022
ImalreadyFruited Kettle Sour7.50012-23-2021
Indacouch - Triple Dry HoppedNew England IPA8.564.1207-22-2021
Indacouch DDHImperial IPA8.5104.4301-31-2022
Innocence & DecadenceImperial Red Ale1314.2503-23-2021
Innocence & Decadence- Rye BAImperial Red Ale140003-01-2022
Intergalactic Sofa GhostNew England IPA7.244.105-21-2022
Into It - Lemon LimeAmerican Adjunct Lager4.523.9105-28-2022
Invisible StringAmerican Lager5.533.7807-17-2021
Just You WaitGerman Pilsner5.254.0709-06-2022
Keep Keep’n OnKölsch5.154.404-14-2022
Knees In The BreezeAmerican IPA6.333.8601-07-2022
La CrispyAmerican Adjunct Lager534.1609-16-2022
Liquid Citra CrystalsNew England IPA6.67408-14-2021
Liquid El Dorado CrystalsNew England IPA6.443.9705-29-2022
Liquid Mosaic CrystalsNew England IPA6.41405-28-2021
Liquid Simcoe CrystalsNew England IPA6.653.9309-24-2020
Liquid Strata CrystalsNew England IPA6.424.0401-16-2022
LonelyBière de Garde40008-31-2021
Lord Humungus - 2022 (Yellow Label)American Imperial Stout11.50004-25-2022
Magick FishAmerican IPA6.814.2508-24-2020
Mallow Cream AleAmerican Lager5.294.1903-03-2022
Mango End LayerFruited Kettle Sour7.363.7402-09-2021
MangoshinoFruited Kettle Sour60010-20-2021
Midwest MindsetNew England IPA6.224.1308-29-2022
Mint OatrichOatmeal Stout7.50004-18-2022
MN Brew Together: Blue MacaronAmerican Lager50008-25-2022
Mod LabsEuropean Dark Lager5.284.103-18-2022
Moon GutsNew England IPA8.354.0703-17-2022
Mother CactusFruited Kettle Sour4.813.9408-01-2022
Mrs. ParkerFruited Kettle Sour713.501-12-2022
Noise FloorNew England IPA7.284.1807-25-2021
NoteworthNew England IPA6.224.0609-06-2022
Oak Aged Amongst the MadnessKölsch4.554.0106-05-2021
OatrichOatmeal Stout7.5143.9309-18-2022
Olde OmenBock6.573.9904-25-2022
Peaches & CreamAmerican IPA6.50009-09-2021
Personal HellesHelles4.624.308-15-2020
PHreshWild Ale4.5283.6210-26-2017
Pinocchio BonesGerman Pilsner4.543.6907-23-2020
Pistachio OatrichOatmeal Stout7.50004-11-2022
Planet LunchNew England IPA5.274.1107-04-2021
Playing DeadSweet / Milk Stout13.524.3612-18-2021
Pocket SandGerman Pilsner513.7409-22-2019
Pretty MetalEuropean Dark Lager5.554.0812-24-2020
Psst... Your Gender Bias Is ShowingNew England IPA6.824.0605-17-2020
Radiant PreserveSaison5.253.8409-04-2022
Raspberry End LayerGose613.3104-25-2020
Reaper CushionsHelles4.8113.8809-09-2022
Reptilian EliteImperial IPA8.373.6203-17-2022
Rhinestone EyesImperial IPA8.3144.110-23-2021
Ritual NightAmerican Stout6.3273.8408-15-2018
Rye & MildEnglish Dark Mild Ale413.902-05-2022
Salted Caramel OatrichOatmeal Stout7.50004-04-2022
Sea Salt Lime Supra DeluxeJapanese Rice Lager523.8608-10-2021
Shook Guava Milkshake IPAMilkshake IPA7.323.5911-24-2020
Shook Pineapple Milkshake IPAMilkshake IPA7.3154.1611-04-2018
Shook Raspberry Milkshake IPAMilkshake IPA7.344.0710-26-2019
Shoot It!Fruit and Field Beer413.5509-22-2019
Shoot the JSaison4.513.506-30-2018
Sick MixBerliner Weisse6.813.8503-26-2022
Sippin' & Forgettin' - Coconut LemonBerliner Weisse513.7505-30-2021
Sippin' and Forgettin'Berliner Weisse554.1510-22-2021
Slow It UpBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.553.7102-06-2022
Small Hang GlideAmerican Pale Wheat Beer623.6209-18-2022
SmooveAmerican Amber / Red Lager5.5223.7401-31-2022
Soft MinuteGerman Pilsner5.534.1512-14-2020
Sour CrawlersNew England IPA80010-26-2019
Space JunkNew England IPA7.3174.1207-04-2021
Space Junk - DDH Citra, Galaxy, StrataNew England IPA6.224.2304-05-2020
Space Junk - DDH Sabro, Galaxy, StrataAmerican IPA6.244.1704-30-2021
Stave Robber BAAmerican Imperial Stout12.514.502-08-2021
Straight Crumblin’Sweet / Milk Stout7.523.7811-03-2020
Supra DeluxeJapanese Rice Lager5343.9809-16-2022
S’more MallowAmerican Adjunct Lager5.223.0411-30-2021
Tabletop SessionNew England IPA4.513.5703-02-2020
Tater Tot HotdishImperial IPA893.8507-11-2022
Teal LabelAmerican IPA6.3124.109-01-2022
The Fix: IWD 2021New England IPA6.233.8504-26-2021
Top Dead CenterAmerican IPA653.9208-19-2021
Trippple OrangeFruited Kettle Sour60008-25-2022
Tropic Level ZombieFruited Kettle Sour8.534.2809-04-2021
Truth SequenceAmerican IPA5.363.8507-17-2021
U Too CanFruited Kettle Sour6.41407-19-2022
WastelandAmerican IPA7.5243.8309-19-2022
WastelandRye Beer7.554.0408-14-2022

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Modist Brewing Co. in Minneapolis, MN
Brewery rating: 3.98 out of 5 with 1369 ratings