Southern Grist Brewing Co.

Southern Grist Brewing Co.Southern Grist Brewing Co.
Southern Grist Brewing Co.Southern Grist Brewing Co.
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

1201 Porter Rd
Nashville, Tennessee, 37206-1733
United States

(615) 727-1201 | map

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#LFGMarriedStout - American Imperial9.524.22-
100K HillWild Ale5.6144.23-
12SWW HillWild Ale5.824.28-
2 Trainz: BlackberrySour - Gose824.28-
3rd Anniversary DIPAIPA - Imperial8.1114.17-
4th Anniversary Double Dry Hopped IPAIPA - Imperial894.28-
4th Anniversary HillWild Ale5.464.19-
4th Anniversary Petit FourStout - Sweet / Milk8.584.31-
A Modern Twist On BreakfastStout - American Imperial10.154.08-
Acts of CaringIPA - American6.664.19-
All TogetherIPA - New England6.533.93-
Always Bring A Knife To A Pizza PartyIPA - New England8.254.12-
Always Leave A NoteWild Ale6.544.02-
Always SomethingIPA - Imperial8.3344.3-
Always Something ExtraIPA - Imperial8.523.88-
Ambrosia HillWild Ale5.414.11-
Anniversary CakeStout - American Imperial9.284.42-
Apricot-Guava HillWild Ale5.414-
Apricot-Pineapple HillWild Ale5.444.13-
Bad And JouceeIPA - American7.574.14-
Barista-Berry HillWild Ale5.6114.19-
Batch On Theory - Hazelnut PralineStout - American Imperial13.524.49-
Batch One Theory - Bananas FosterStout - American Imperial13.344.25-
Batch One Theory - Bourbon German Chocolate CakeStout - American Imperial12.624.47-
Batch One Theory - Honey BunsStout - American Imperial1324.13-
Batch One Theory - Maple Pecan PieStout - American Imperial12.244.49-
Batch One Theory - Rum German Chocolate CakeStout - American Imperial12.624.67-
BatidaWild Ale6.594.25-
Batida w/ PassionfruitWild Ale6.524.12-
Batida w/ RaspberryWild Ale6.534.5-
Bean There, Brown ThatBrown Ale - American5.4234.13-
Bine As HellIPA - Imperial8.753.98-
Bine-ary ScaleIPA - Imperial8.513.77-
Blackberry Upside Down CakeIPA - Imperial7.534.22-
Blonde RecluseBlonde Ale - American5.433.7-
Blue Razz HillWild Ale5.624.29-
Blue Velour JumpsuitPorter - American743.98-
Blue-BERRY Hill SourWild Ale5.844.14-
Blueberry CobblerWild Ale5.854.26-
Blueberry Pancake BreakfastBrown Ale - American024.17-
Blueberry Upside Down CakeIPA - Imperial7.573.98-
Boco BrownBrown Ale - American4.233.71-
Boil the OceanWild Ale5.8274.33-
Boysenberry CobblerWild Ale634.35-
Breakfast BowlSour - Gose614.63-
Brewer's TreasureStout - Sweet / Milk12.634.24-
BroCoNutIPA - American6.2324.03-
Bruleed Grapefruit HillWild Ale5.444.24-
Buckeye DripStout - American Imperial9.564.48-
Callista Explains It AllIPA - New England8.453.96-
Campfire TreatStout - American Imperial9.244.18-
Canela OscuroStout - American6.264.07-
Caprison HillWild Ale5.654.33-
Cascara GoseSour - Gose4.823.75-
Causation CorrelationPale Ale - American533.79-
ChambéryStout - American Imperial9.294.56-
Chocolate Vanilla Macadamia Nut Copra KaiStout - Sweet / Milk724.35-
Chop It UpBrown Ale - American5.484.15-
Chop It UpBrown Ale - American5.414.13-
Chopper Series: Jet PilotFruit and Field Beer5.533.89-
Chopper Series: Painkiller StoutStout - Sweet / Milk5.743.14-
Chopper Series: ZombieWild Ale5.524.06-
Churro PorterPorter - American6.114-
Cinnamon Banana Copra KaiStout - Sweet / Milk7.214.04-
Cinnamon Donut Coffee Party StoutStout - American Imperial12.714.24-
Cinny SnickersStout - American8.614.41-
Coconut Cream Pie GoseSour - Gose074.1-
Coconut Fudge BrownieStout - American Imperial9.124.11-
Coconut IPAIPA - American6.224.16-
Coconut White Chocolate Macadamia Brown AleBrown Ale - American014-
Coffee Copra KaiStout - American6.894.24-
Coffee Donut StoutStout - American6.124.16-
Coffee VanillionaireStout - American Imperial9.514.45-
Cold Like MinnesotaIPA - Imperial7.573.92-
Compliments & Kind WordsStout - American7.224.05-
Copra KaiStout - Sweet / Milk6.2254.13-
Cordially YoursOld Ale12.954.03-
Cover pageIPA - American6.213.86-
CressIPA - American4.753.94-
Curious AnecdotesBarleywine - English1334.01-
Stout - American Imperial11.534.14-
DDH Citra GreensIPA - New England6.224.2-
DDH Mixed GreensIPA - New England6.2374.19-
DDH Mixed Greens (42) - South African QueenIPA - New England6.224.38-
DDH Mixed Greens (Mosaic & Hort 4337)IPA - New England6.214.14-
DDH Mixed Greens (Southern African Queen, Mosaic, & El Dorado)IPA - New England6.214.33-
DDH Mixed Greens 48 (Citra & Sultana)IPA - New England6.224.38-
DDH Mixed Greens XLVI (46)IPA - New England6.214-
DDH Nelson GreensIPA - American6.224.16-
DDH Noise PollutionIPA - Imperial7.5304.29-
Directionally CorrectWild Ale5.124.36-
Dirt PuddingStout - American Imperial11.814-
Double Fruited 100K HillWild Ale5.614.34-
Double Fruited Banana Key Lime Blackberry HillFruit and Field Beer5.624.1-
Double Fruited Blackberry Strawberry HillFruit and Field Beer5.654.21-
Double Fruited Double Currant HillFruit and Field Beer5.614.27-
Double Fruited Mango Banana Strawberry HillWild Ale5.614.25-
Double Fruited Marshmallow Black Currant Guava HillWild Ale5.634.14-
Double Fruited Marshmallow Passion Fruit Dragon Fruit Papaya HillFruit and Field Beer5.634.2-
Double Fruited Marshmallow Passion Fruit Pineapple HillWild Ale5.6114.08-
Double Fruited Orange Apricot Raspberry HillWild Ale023.98-
Double Fruited Pineapple Peach Passion Fruit HillWild Ale5.624.4-
East Brown And DownBrown Ale - American5.413.83-
Eden FlowStout - American5.433.94-
Ekuanot OrangesIPA - American6.223.96-
El Coco ReyStout - American Imperial9.124.06-
Electric Ditty BagIPA - Imperial8.2104.06-
Elida FlowStout - American624.15-
Elvis Double BrownBrown Ale - American8.514.17-
Emerald SkiesSour - Berliner Weisse5.424.17-
Fake CreaturesIPA - American6.813.75-
FestbierLager - Märzen / Oktoberfest5.413.88-
FOMO QuotientIPA - New England6.224.23-
Freezies & HoverboardsWild Ale5.534.11-
Fruity Pebb HillWild Ale5.624.03-
Funky GreensIPA - American6.233.58-
Galaxy GreensIPA - American6.254.1-
Generally SpecificIPA - American613.56-
German Chocolate CakeStout - American Imperial9.234.45-
Get Off Your Hobby HorseWild Ale613.75-
Ghost Ride The WitWheat Beer - Witbier4.613.95-
Gold Don’t RustFruit and Field Beer5.723.94-
Gradient LoveIPA - New England7.924.25-
Grapefruit GreensIPA - American6.223.92-
GreenwoodPorter - American6.223.79-
Guava Razz HillWild Ale5.6114.18-
Guava Upside Down CakeIPA - Imperial7.574.19-
HaulStout - Sweet / Milk8.544.1-
Hawaiian ThanksgivingSour - Gose5.864.21-
Hop MondoIPA - American4.123.94-
Hoppy CrispPilsner - German4.424.01-
Hoppy TimbsIPA - Imperial7.9394.2-
Horchata HillWild Ale5.453.81-
House of DreamsStout - American Imperial12.524.37-
House Worming PartyIPA - Imperial7.623.92-
Huell RecluseBlonde Ale - American5.414-
Imperial 100K HillWild Ale7.424.2-
Imperial Balaton Raspberry HillWild Ale7.334.26-
Imperial Balaton Raspberry Twinkie HillWild Ale7.324.13-
Imperial Barista Berry HillWild Ale7.363.92-
Imperial Blue & Pink Cotton CandyWild Ale7.224.03-
Imperial Double Fruited Caprison HillWild Ale7.364.33-
Imperial Double Fruited Marshmallow Raspberry HillWild Ale7.354.24-
Imperial Double Fruited Passionfruit Mango Guava HillFruit and Field Beer7.164.3-
Imperial Double Fruited Vanilla Black Currant Boysenberry HillWild Ale7.364.31-
Imperial Double Vanilla Creamsicle HillWild Ale7.374.27-
Imperial Hazy BroconutIPA - New England844.03-
Imperial Kiwi HillWild Ale7.434.32-
Imperial Lemon Pear Black Currant HillFruit and Field Beer7.324.14-
Imperial Passion Fruit Guava HillFruit and Field Beer7.334.23-
Imperial Pavlova HillWild Ale7.314.58-
Imperial Quad Berry HillFruit and Field Beer7.334.24-
Imperial Rings and Fins HillWild Ale814.04-
Imperial Sharkleberry SkiesFruit and Field Beer7.224.05-
Imperial Skootie Skitt HillWild Ale8.513.96-
Imperial Vanilla Barista Berry HillWild Ale043.67-
Imperial Vanilla Black Currant Boysenberry HillFruit and Field Beer7.1124.46-
Impulse BuyStout - American Imperial1244.01-
Indirect ShadeIPA - American6.133.78-
Intentional GlitchIPA - New England814.01-
Island HillWild Ale5.424.05-
Jaded NativeIPA - Imperial7.764.23-
Johann Sebastian BachlavaStout - Sweet / Milk12.854.02-
JT Bloody AleFruit and Field Beer623.76-
Juice CabuiceSour - Gose4.534.36-
KakigōriWild Ale5.624.21-
Kettle ThumpStout - American Imperial9.223.94-
Key Lime Pie GoseSour - Gose5.8124.2-
King CopraStout - American Imperial9.174.33-
KumoriLager - Japanese Rice5.324.18-
Launch SequenceIPA - American7.524.1-
LEGIPA - New England824.13-
Legends In the FogIPA - New England6.734.04-
Lemon Meringue GoseSour - Gose5.844.04-
Liquid KarmaWild Ale1074.27-
Litness TestIPA - Imperial7.523.98-
Loud WhispersPale Ale - American5563.96-
M.C. BroconutIPA - American634.09-
Mad RattlerCream Ale8.143.98-
Mango BroCoNutIPA - American6.244.01-
Mango Strawberry HillFruit and Field Beer5.414.23-
Mango Upside Down Cake IPAIPA - Imperial7.5144.19-
Maple FlowStout - American6.564-
MarbitsIPA - American6.744.19-
Marshmallow Apricot Blackberry HillWild Ale5.413.92-
Meddling In CoconutStrong Ale - American7.914.09-
Meddling in MinutiaIPA - New England7.954.18-
Meridiano FlowStout - Sweet / Milk6.324.07-
MicrofoamStout - American7.2104.14-
Mitigated Risk ZBarleywine - American9.123.74-
Mixed Berry Upside Down CakeIPA - American7.513.53-
Mixed GreensIPA - American6.2414.19-
Mo Money Mo OpinionsWild Ale6.533.26-
Moderate FleekIPA - New England10.194.24-
MoerloosStrong Ale - Belgian Pale933.72-
Money MovesStout - Sweet / Milk6.5194.2-
Monotonous And UncreativeStout - American Imperial1243.76-
Moolah MovesStout - Sweet / Milk6.524-
Moves Like JaggeryStout - American Imperial10.1124.15-
Nashville MuleWild Ale5.2294.05-
Neapolitan ComplexStout - American Imperial9.2114.26-
Neapolitan Complex - Bourbon Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial014.25-
Neapolitan Complex With Peanut ButterStout - Sweet / Milk9.214.25-
New Beanland IPAIPA - Imperial7.333.96-
No RebuttalsIPA - New England4.584-
Noise PollutionIPA - Imperial044.01-
Of Space And TimeIPA - American6.524.03-
One Bitter QuitterWild Ale5.844.07-
Open For SuggestionIPA - New England7.800-
Orange Creamsic-HillWild Ale5.634.13-
Orange CreamsicleWheat Beer - Witbier5.483.93-
Orange GoseSour - Gose5.814.39-
Over StuffStout - American Imperial10.164.28-
Pajamas Pyjamas PiejamasStout - American Imperial1315-
Peach & Boysenberry CobblerWild Ale634.24-
Peach CobblerWild Ale6114.18-
Peach Upside Down CakeIPA - Imperial7.583.98-
Peanut Butter BrownBrown Ale - American5.814.04-
Peanut Butter Strawberry Jelly HillWild Ale5.454.31-
Pebbles, Puffs, & Toaster PastriesStout - American Imperial15.224-
People PowerIPA - Imperial800-
Perceived SkillsIPA - American6.513.75-
Performances Of PassionIPA - American6.634-
Perpetual CompositionWild Ale5.214.44-
Perpetual Composition (Blend No.1): Pinot Noir & Balaton CherryWild Ale613.74-
PFM HillWild Ale5.424.16-
Piña Colada HillWild Ale5.424.31-
Pineapple Blueberry HillWild Ale5.433.89-
Pineapple Boil the OceanWild Ale5.823.88-
Pineapple BroCoNutIPA - American634.37-
Pineapple PalePale Ale - American513.84-
Pineapple Raspberry HillWild Ale5.494.25-
Pineapple Upside-down CakeIPA - American7.5114.09-
Pink SkiesWild Ale5.424.24-
Pitted UpIPA - American6.223.87-
Pity FingersStout - Sweet / Milk8.924.22-
Pity MintsStout - Sweet / Milk8.924.24-
Pity PiecesStout - American8.924.26-
Pity SnickersStout - Sweet / Milk8.644.09-
Pressing Matters: RieslingIPA - New England8164.01-
Process ControlIPA - American7.5344.23-
PunappleIPA - Imperial7.924.21-
Push 88IPA - American7.564.05-
Rakau's Modern LifeIPA - Imperial8.433.85-
Rasp-Berry Hill SourFruit and Field Beer5.424.12-
Raspberry CheesecakeSour - Gose634.26-
Raspberry Hazelnut Truffle HillFruit and Field Beer5.424.17-
Raspberry Meringue Pie GoseSour - Gose5.834.07-
Raspberry Strawberry HillWild Ale5.414.43-
Real Recognize RealBrown Ale - American9.154.12-
Red Grapey TimbsIPA - Imperial7.914.1-
Red SkiesWild Ale5.423.91-
Rig Is DownIPA - American5.233.79-
Right side upIPA - American7.523.81-
Salt on the RimSour - Gose5.884.08-
Salted Chocolate Bark PartyStout - American Imperial12.724.42-
Samoa Boy Fre$hStout - American Imperial15.214.06-
Samoa Double BrownBrown Ale - American8.523.91-
Sangre RojaWild Ale654.18-
Saved by the BelmaIPA - New England8.414.12-
Secret's OutPale Ale - American5.500-
Skootie GreensIPA - New England6.214.17-
Sliver of CreditIPA - American4.633.88-
Slumber PartyStout - American Imperial12.724.38-
Small worldIPA - American6.213.79-
Soda Parlor: Cherry LimeWild Ale5.624.07-
Sour Weapon ParfaitFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.924-
Southern CrispLager - American4.484.23-
Spin DoctorLager - American Amber / Red5.513.84-
Split MiseryStout - Sweet / Milk884.11-
Stage MagicIPA - American7.533.86-
Straw-Berry HillWild Ale5.624.01-
Strawberry & Vanilla BroCoNutIPA - American624.07-
Strawberry Delight HillWild Ale5.444.1-
Strawberry Upside Down CakeIPA - American7.5204.19-
Style BiasKölsch523.82-
Subtle FlexIPA - Imperial10.174.4-
Sugar BabySour - Gose5.8124.05-
Switch The DripStout - Sweet / Milk8.574.15-
Tambor FlowStout - American6.323.35-
Tang HillWild Ale464.1-
Tangarine NightmareIPA - Imperial7.414.6-
Teal SkiesWild Ale5.444.47-
The Dare DevilStout - American Imperial10.174.18-
The Snuggle Is RealStout - American Imperial10.1134.19-
The UnfollowedIPA - American6.223.91-
The UntamedIPA - Imperial7.533.8-
There Gose TrainSour - Gose5.8153.89-
Thrice Berry HillSour - Berliner Weisse5.494.22-
Tiki TuesdayWild Ale5.634.16-
Tiny House TreatWild Ale654.25-
Told You SowPale Ale - American554.21-
Too Much SauceIPA - Imperial7.843.87-
Trespassing in TrivialityIPA - New England7.984.06-
Triple Berry HillSour - Berliner Weisse5.434.33-
Triple Black HillFruit and Field Beer5.624.41-
Triple Stone Fruit HillWild Ale5.413.75-
Tropical Train RideSour - Gose5.874.27-
Turn RadiusIPA - Imperial7.554.25-
UnderbiteCream Ale7.823.93-
Vaguely DistinctIPA - American644.05-
Vanilla Black & Blue HillSour - Berliner Weisse5.434.35-
Vanilla Black Currant Boysenberry Truffle HillWild Ale5.414.05-
Vanilla Mocha Elida FlowStout - American6.123.93-
Vanilla Peach Blueberry HillWild Ale5.414.29-
VanillionaireStout - American Imperial9.5114.12-
Vanillionaire - Bourbon Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial000-
Vanillionaire With Cinnamon, Peanut Butter, & ChocolateStout - American Imperial10.124.41-
Velour JumpsuitPorter - American733.93-
Vic GreensIPA - American6.233.91-
Virtual BrownieStout - American Imperial10.144.29-
Wall Buster: Black CherrySour - Gose5.824.29-
White Grapey TimbsIPA - Imperial7.934.23-
Who Needs GalaxyIPA - Imperial7.4234-
Who Needs Passion FruitIPA - Imperial7.424.13-
Wishing WellStout - Sweet / Milk5.414.15-
Worth A SqueezeFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.233.73-
[Insert Juicier Pun]IPA - Imperial7.934.21-
[Insert Juicy Pun]IPA - Imperial7.9324.3-
Southern Grist Brewing Co. in Nashville, TN
Brewery rating: 4.13 out of 5 with 1484 ratings