Pure Project

Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

9030 Kenamar Dr
Ste 308
San Diego, California, 92121-2432
United States

(858) 252-6143 | map

Notes: To us, beer is art.

We believe every beer should tell a story; just like a world class meal, a perfect cup of coffee or a timeless wine, and we aim to bring that same level of passion, creativity and artistry to the ever evolving craft beer community. We look forward to sharing our art with that movement by focusing on quality & experience to give context to the beer in your glass.

Globally Sourced & Locally Brewed

We blend distinctively Southern California style with unique flavors & ingredients. It is a big world out there and we are committed to sourcing quality from across the globe to right down the street.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
#ISOIPA - Imperial10.3114.3310-03-2019
600 Pounds Of SinCream Ale6.433.7905-13-2017
Aether FlowIPA - New England1514.0812-11-2021
Alpine BreezeIPA - Imperial10.524.3412-29-2020
ApianIPA - New England6.914.0606-18-2022
April SkiesPale Ale - American5.113.9804-30-2022
Astral WandererIPA - New England1314.1206-04-2022
Atmospheric RiverPale Ale - American5.313.8202-09-2022
Autumn GoldIPA - New England6.514.512-13-2020
BadlandsRye Beer5.533.8103-09-2018
Beast BelowStout - American Imperial11.614.0403-14-2022
Binary SunsIPA - American6.81405-21-2018
Black Is BeautifulStout - American Imperial9.314.507-19-2020
Blueberry MagicIPA - Imperial8.544.1410-03-2019
Bonsai Series - Black PineIPA - Imperial8.814.2812-30-2020
Brettish BitterBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)50008-19-2016
Bright Side Of The MoonStout - American8.814.2609-03-2016
Cannery RowIPA - Imperial6.794.3911-03-2017
CanyoneroIPA - American6.813.7502-12-2018
CapecheIPA - Imperial10.33410-08-2017
CenterpointeIPA - American40008-19-2016
Chamber Of ReflectionStout - American Imperial1324.4203-14-2022
Chocosaurus RexStout - American Imperial12.5124.1206-28-2020
Circular ParadigmStout - American Imperial1334.2303-14-2022
Cloud MountainIPA - New England8.544.3706-25-2021
Clouds Of DelusionIPA - Imperial8.7184.3802-28-2021
Coco VengaCream Ale634.0202-25-2018
Cocosaurus RexStout - American Imperial12.5114.1301-04-2020
Cool RiverIPA - American6.514.0906-26-2022
CorylusStout - American Imperial16.564.5309-14-2021
Corylus - VanillaStout - American Imperial16.5114.6110-12-2020
CoryluxStout - American Imperial16.114.9203-14-2022
Could Be An IllusionStout - American Imperial11.624.1908-27-2021
Créme De La PêcheCream Ale5.863.6711-14-2017
Cup Of GoldIPA - New England8.414.2805-24-2022
Dark Side Of The SunStout - Russian Imperial8.834.3610-04-2018
DelilahPale Ale - Belgian60008-01-2016
DelphyneSour - Berliner Weisse473.6909-24-2017
Diamond DustIPA - American6.7264.2406-07-2022
Double CorylusStout - American Imperial16.154.6203-14-2022
Double DustIPA - New England8.794.306-25-2022
DualitéStout - American Imperial10.524.2412-30-2021
EnchiridionStout - American Imperial13.714.6512-11-2021
Endless VistaIPA - New England8.334.2905-28-2022
EnvisionIPA - New England6.714.0901-15-2022
Esoteric KnowledgeIPA - New England8.414.4311-25-2021
Eternal ForeverStout - American Imperial1314.3706-11-2022
Ethereal PlaneIPA - New England6.324.0804-23-2022
EvangelineSour - Gose5104.0202-28-2021
Everyday CaliforniaIPA - American70009-01-2016
Everything Gold May StaySour - Flanders Red Ale724.0110-03-2019
Fear Leads To AngerStout - American Imperial11.644.4901-18-2022
FernprostLager - Vienna5.114.4911-27-2021
Fingers of GoldIPA - New England6.5314.101-28-2022
Fly ByIPA - American7.363.9510-03-2019
Force Of NatureIPA - American7.5114.2606-27-2022
Forest of GiantsIPA - New England1324.8403-17-2021
Forgotten BrillianceBarleywine - American12.364.1603-02-2022
Form & MelodyIPA - New England6.714.2501-29-2022
Formless ReflectionsIPA - American6.9304.1511-29-2021
Formless ShadowsIPA - Imperial10.573.9606-25-2020
GatsbyIPA - Imperial10.3114.110-03-2019
Graceful InstrumentsIPA - Imperial8.514.2309-25-2018
Graham SlamStout - American Imperial12.314.4512-12-2019
Grassfed IPAIPA - American6.634.0905-12-2016
GypsyWheat Beer - Hefeweizen5.70011-05-2018
Hanging GardensIPA - American6.814.0205-21-2018
Happy New BeerIPA - New England10.214.1206-06-2021
HazeradeIPA - American6.713.511-09-2017
Home for the HolihazeIPA - Imperial8.864.5406-20-2021
HomeostasisIPA - New England8.614.1201-10-2022
Hop WhispererIPA - American7.214.1609-03-2017
Hoppy PawjectBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)40008-19-2016
Houblon DeluxeIPA - New England8.524.1406-20-2022
Hundreds of MoneyIPA - American4.624.105-06-2018
In Search of BalancePilsner - German5.323.9712-28-2021
Jade DustIPA - New England6.914.112-25-2021
JoleneWild Ale5.30005-03-2016
Keep Amurka Dank - DDHIPA - New England764.112-04-2019
Knot ClearIPA - American6.764.5507-20-2017
Knot MurkyIPA - American6.7104.1710-03-2019
KusanagiIPA - New England8.414.4307-11-2021
La Vie En RoséFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.5123.9903-30-2019
Log Cabin - Blanton's #2 BarrelStout - American Imperial11.324.6306-21-2021
Log Cabin - CoffeeStout - American Imperial12.8114.2809-25-2021
Log Cabin - Weller's Full ProofStout - American Imperial11.324.4906-21-2021
Lone CypressIPA - New England8.314.5901-22-2022
Longest NightFruit and Field Beer614.9912-18-2021
Lost MonarchStout - American Imperial11.554.7611-12-2021
LowePilsner - German5.313.9810-21-2018
MadelineFarmhouse Ale - Saison7114.2407-16-2020
Man Beer PigIPA - American733.9601-03-2018
Man Murk PigIPA - New England6.813.7712-30-2018
Mango MagicIPA - Imperial8.563.8804-15-2019
MantraIPA - Imperial10.214.0404-20-2022
Maplesaurus RexStout - American Imperial14194.2609-12-2021
Midnight In MoscowPorter - Baltic8.82405-20-2016
MilagroStout - Irish Dry5.3243.9704-30-2022
Mindless PhilosopherIPA - New England6.714.4312-13-2020
MönchQuadrupel (Quad)10.823.7105-20-2016
Moonlight SummitIPA - New England6.814.2510-21-2018
Mountains Are CallingIPA - New England1314.3812-24-2020
Murk Of The BeastIPA - American6.66214.2311-28-2019
MurkaveliIPA - Imperial8.884.4708-02-2018
MurkeleyIPA - New England8.5104.1604-04-2022
MurklandsPale Ale - American5.5434.1907-16-2020
Murklands - AmarilloPale Ale - American5.533.8102-25-2018
Murklands - CitraIPA - New England5.523.8912-15-2019
Murklands - GalaxyIPA - American5.533.9611-28-2017
Murklands - MosaicPale Ale - American5.534.7809-05-2017
Murklands - SimcoePale Ale - American5.534.2204-18-2020
Murklands - Vic SecretPale Ale - American5.513.9801-08-2018
Murkshake - StrawberriesIPA - Imperial10.564.2805-08-2020
Murkshake w/ MangosIPA - Imperial10.544.2812-24-2018
MurkwoodIPA - American7164.2102-19-2022
Murky SeasIPA - Imperial8.854.1612-24-2020
Mystery Veils the DesertIPA - New England6.614.0601-10-2022
Nine Nights - Coconut & Vanilla BeansStout - American Imperial12.874.1803-11-2020
No ReservationsIPA - Imperial9.323.8809-03-2016
No SignalIPA - Imperial8.7184.301-05-2020
Nocturnal LandscapeStout - American Imperial11.634.8606-20-2021
Nothing Is RealSour - Berliner Weisse814.5507-24-2020
Nucifera - CoffeeStout - American Imperial12.344.4904-14-2021
Once In A LifetimePale Ale - American5.513.6304-29-2022
Only YesterdayBitter - English4.813.7812-31-2021
Over the SummitIPA - New England6.524.1106-15-2021
PanteraStout - American Imperial1234.2210-14-2020
PerezosoSour - Fruited Kettle Sour613.911-11-2021
PetrifiedIPA - New England8.324.4811-30-2021
Pinky OutFarmhouse Ale - Saison723.6212-11-2016
PlanifoliaStout - American Imperial1354.2606-07-2022
POG MagicIPA - Imperial8.51401-05-2019
Powerful Beyond MeasureIPA - New England1314.2701-04-2022
Practical EleganceSour - Fruited Kettle Sour614.4411-01-2021
PrecedentedIPA - New England6.624.2612-28-2021
Presence Of MindPale Ale - American513.8812-17-2021
Private IslandIPA - New England10.224.1802-20-2022
Pure WestIPA - American6.5254.1806-10-2022
RainPilsner - German5.3404.0804-30-2022
Raspberry MagicIPA - Imperial8.544.0912-04-2019
ReinPilsner - German5.513.7510-19-2017
River Of TruthStout - American Imperial11.244.0205-22-2022
Roes RedSour - Flanders Red Ale7154.1505-14-2021
Romeo & JuliusCream Ale5.8123.8701-28-2021
Roses RedSour - Flanders Red Ale744.4502-28-2021
Sacred SpacePale Ale - Belgian5.60003-24-2022
Sailboat SpitzerWild Ale5.814.1310-04-2018
SakuraIPA - American6.883.9306-15-2021
Secret Space of DreamsStout - American Imperial16.524.2811-17-2019
Seven SamuraiIPA - Imperial8.313.9912-28-2021
Shadow of the MoonIPA - New England1534.4612-08-2021
Shake the GroundIPA - New England10.224.5707-17-2021
Shepherd To The StarsIPA - New England1314.2403-14-2022
Sign of the TimesIPA - Imperial8.834.2205-27-2018
Silver GateStout - American Imperial1414.4708-19-2019
Situational GravityStout - American Imperial11.554.0103-01-2022
Songs Of The DeepIPA - Imperial8.553.9904-11-2018
Soul of the OakBock - Maibock714.1104-30-2022
Space EchosIPA - New England6.634.4407-05-2021
Spiritual StateStout - American Imperial11.613.6305-31-2022
Subconscious MindIPA - American6.734.0812-21-2021
Sunset CrushCream Ale5.884.1910-03-2019
Super BetaIPA - New England7.2104.0106-18-2022
SyndicationWild Ale8.113.7906-23-2018
SyrenIPA - New England6.664.101-23-2022
The Labyrinth WithinIPA - Imperial8.323.8501-08-2022
Thousands Of MoneyIPA - American7.1154.2704-20-2021
TopkapiStout - American Imperial11.214.0409-03-2021
Trillions of MoneyIPA - New England10.534.210-03-2019
Triple Dry-HypedIPA - Imperial10.3194.3301-08-2021
Trips on DubsIPA - New England10.394.4108-16-2019
Tropical MistBlonde Ale - American5.1113.9104-30-2022
TuanisWild Ale813.6610-17-2019
Twist Of FateWild Ale633.8911-17-2019
UC MurkeleyIPA - Imperial8.373.9607-09-2018
Unfathomed DepthsStout - American Imperial11.624.6206-20-2021
Valle De La SolIPA - New England6.80006-03-2022
Valle Pura VidaBlonde Ale - American5.112.5408-27-2018
Valley Of AbundanceFruit and Field Beer60003-24-2022
Widened HorizonsIPA - New England8.524.3211-11-2020
Willow SkiesWild Ale7.814.3203-11-2020
YumeIPA - Imperial1014.1212-25-2021

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Pure Project in San Diego, CA
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