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9030 Kenamar Dr
Ste 308
San Diego, California, 92121-2432
United States

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Iit all started back in 2013 when friends from San Diego, Jesse Pine and Mat Robar were on a backpacking trip with friends in the Rocky Mountains. Jesse had recently moved to Costa Rica and was starting to become acquainted with the country. Over the next few days in the woods, the idea took shape to open a craft brewery in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and Manuel Antonio Brewing Company was born, Pura Vida!

Enter Winslow Sawyer, an award-winning brewer from the Santa Cruz Mountains. With a strong knowledge and background in agriculture, he was very connected to the ingredients and did his senior thesis at UC Santa Cruz on sustainability in the brewing industry. Winslow jumped on board in late 2015 and quickly began to build out our initial tap list.

We blend distinctively Southern California style with unique flavors & ingredients. It is a big world out there and we are committed to sourcing quality from across the globe to right down the street.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
#ISOImperial IPA10.3124.3503-31-2023
Across the SkyNew England IPA6.513.9809-06-2023
Aether FlowNew England IPA1524.1305-07-2023
All Of Our DreamsAmerican Strong Ale14.223.9701-05-2024
Alpine BreezeImperial IPA10.524.3412-29-2020
Angelic HarmoniesWild Ale7.414.0902-26-2023
Angels LandingNew England IPA6.70002-01-2024
ApianNew England IPA6.914.0606-18-2022
April SkiesAmerican Pale Ale5.113.9804-30-2022
Astral WandererNew England IPA1314.1206-04-2022
Atmospheric DisturbanceImperial IPA1314.3111-21-2023
Atmospheric RiverAmerican Pale Ale5.313.8202-09-2022
Atomic HopImperial IPA130005-22-2023
Autumn GoldNew England IPA6.514.512-13-2020
Back to the PhutureNew England IPA6.50005-21-2023
Beast BelowAmerican Imperial Stout11.634.1307-15-2022
Beneath the CanopyNew England IPA6.70008-31-2023
BlenheimWild Ale6.214.4406-30-2022
Blueberry MagicImperial IPA8.544.1410-03-2019
Bonsai Series - Black PineImperial IPA8.814.2812-30-2020
Bonsai Series - TamarackImperial IPA8.214.0212-08-2023
Brave NoiseAmerican Pale Ale514.0712-27-2022
Brewing BridgesImperial IPA10.324.5902-11-2023
Built to LastAmerican Adjunct Lager4.70006-11-2023
California SwayAmerican IPA6.314.3101-16-2023
Cedar SurfAmerican Pale Ale5.21407-02-2022
Chamber Of ReflectionAmerican Imperial Stout1324.4203-14-2022
Chance of SunNew England IPA6.714.0708-29-2023
Chocosaurus RexAmerican Imperial Stout12.5124.1206-28-2020
Circular ParadigmAmerican Imperial Stout1344.2901-12-2023
Clearer ThinkingImperial IPA8.524.1806-08-2023
Cloud MountainNew England IPA8.554.3509-24-2022
Clouds Of DelusionNew England IPA8.7194.3801-15-2024
Coastal TiesNew England IPA6.423.8203-20-2023
Cocosaurus RexAmerican Imperial Stout12.5124.1407-20-2022
Cool RiverAmerican IPA6.534.0510-28-2023
CorylusAmerican Imperial Stout16.574.5209-23-2023
Corylus - VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout16.5114.6110-12-2020
Corylus batch #4 (2023)American Imperial Stout13.40009-25-2023
CoryluxAmerican Imperial Stout16.124.8809-19-2022
Cosmic DancerAmerican IPA7.414.1811-21-2023
Could Be An IllusionAmerican Imperial Stout11.634.1612-15-2022
Cup Of GoldNew England IPA8.424.1710-04-2022
Dankness RisingImperial IPA8.314.0612-05-2022
Dark RomanceAmerican Imperial Stout1224.202-26-2023
Day MovesAmerican IPA6.723.9202-21-2024
Del Norte TitanImperial IPA14.214.2506-30-2022
Diamond DustAmerican IPA6.7324.2212-29-2023
Distant StargazerImperial IPA8.534.1812-23-2023
Double ArchImperial IPA8.30002-01-2024
Double CorylusAmerican Imperial Stout16.154.6203-14-2022
Double DustNew England IPA8.7114.3901-29-2023
Double Log CabinAmerican Imperial Stout15.70006-08-2023
DualitéAmerican Imperial Stout10.524.2412-30-2021
Electric DepthsFruit Lambic6.924.1709-09-2023
Enchiridion (Batch 1)American Imperial Stout13.7104.5812-31-2023
Enchiridion (Batch 2)American Imperial Stout14.334.4502-26-2023
Enchiridion (Batch 3)American Imperial Stout13.424.4102-05-2024
Endless NightAmerican Imperial Stout12.324.4202-05-2024
Endless PlanetsSaison5.824.3604-28-2023
Endless VistaNew England IPA8.334.2905-28-2022
EnvisionNew England IPA6.714.0901-15-2022
Esoteric KnowledgeNew England IPA8.454.4105-07-2023
Eternal ForeverAmerican Imperial Stout1324.3606-18-2023
Ethereal PlaneNew England IPA6.334.207-20-2022
Euphorik - BlackberriesWild Ale714.2708-21-2023
Euphorik - StrawberryWild Ale5.214.1808-07-2023
Everything Gold May StayFlanders Red Ale734.2107-20-2022
EXSQUEEZE ME, IT'S MY BIRTHDAYAmerican Blonde Ale5.113.2508-15-2023
FatewalkerNew England IPA6.524.2302-03-2023
Fear Leads To AngerAmerican Imperial Stout11.644.4901-18-2022
FernprostVienna Lager5.124.3801-05-2023
Finger on the PulseSaison623.4711-10-2023
Fingers of GoldNew England IPA6.5314.101-28-2022
Fireside MesaAmerican Imperial Stout11.924.4304-03-2023
Fly ByAmerican IPA7.363.9510-03-2019
Force Of NatureAmerican IPA7.5114.2606-27-2022
Forest GuardianNew England IPA9.514.0112-12-2022
Forest of GiantsNew England IPA1324.8403-17-2021
Forgotten BrillianceAmerican Barleywine12.364.1603-02-2022
Form & MelodyNew England IPA6.724.0706-15-2023
Formless ReflectionsAmerican IPA6.9364.1604-30-2023
Formless ShadowsImperial IPA10.573.9606-25-2020
From The TreeAmerican Imperial Stout15.714.5312-16-2023
Fuzzy MemoriesFruited Kettle Sour6.514.2412-16-2023
GatsbyImperial IPA10.3114.110-03-2019
Gift of TerraWild Ale6.914.311-14-2023
Graham SlamAmerican Imperial Stout12.314.4512-12-2019
Happy New BeerNew England IPA10.214.1206-06-2021
Home for the HolihazeImperial IPA8.8104.4401-18-2024
HomeostasisNew England IPA8.614.1201-10-2022
Hops on RepeatNew England IPA10.20012-29-2022
Houblon DeluxeNew England IPA8.544.2707-15-2023
Hundreds of MoneyAmerican IPA4.634.2107-20-2022
I Choose YuzuJapanese Rice Lager514.2301-24-2024
In Search of BalanceGerman Pilsner5.323.9712-28-2021
InnermissionNew England IPA6.513.8912-14-2022
Jade DustNew England IPA6.954.1312-28-2023
Joshua Tree FaceliftAmerican Pale Ale5.514.0204-22-2023
Keep Amurka Dank - DDHNew England IPA764.112-04-2019
KIRA KIRAJapanese Rice Lager5.21408-15-2023
Knot MurkyAmerican IPA6.7104.1710-03-2019
KusanagiNew England IPA8.424.2212-09-2022
La VendageWild Ale11.90006-10-2023
La Vie En RoséSaison6.5134.0207-20-2022
Lady Jane's LamentEnglish Barleywine12.224.5604-04-2023
Laugh at the SkyIndia Pale Lager (IPL)524.308-20-2022
LiefWild Ale774.1204-30-2023
Log CabinAmerican Imperial Stout12.864.0402-25-2023
Log Cabin - Blanton's #2 BarrelAmerican Imperial Stout11.324.6306-21-2021
Log Cabin - CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout12.8114.2809-25-2021
Log Cabin - Weller's Full ProofAmerican Imperial Stout11.324.4906-21-2021
Log Cabin ReserveAmerican Imperial Stout11.314.509-01-2023
Lone CypressNew England IPA8.324.3306-26-2023
Longest NightFruit and Field Beer614.9912-18-2021
Lost MonarchAmerican Imperial Stout11.594.5809-30-2022
Lucent ShadowsImperial IPA8.724.1406-19-2023
Man Murk PigNew England IPA6.813.7712-30-2018
Mango MagicImperial IPA8.563.8804-15-2019
MantraImperial IPA10.214.0404-20-2022
Maplesaurus RexAmerican Imperial Stout14204.2807-20-2022
MenaraNew England IPA14.214.3402-26-2023
Midnight In LondonImperial Porter8.873.9106-16-2023
MilagroIrish Dry Stout5.3313.9912-08-2023
Mindless PhilosopherNew England IPA6.714.4312-13-2020
MonteverdeNew England IPA6.624.0602-23-2023
Mountains Are CallingNew England IPA1314.3812-24-2020
Murk Of The BeastAmerican IPA6.66214.2311-28-2019
MurkaveliImperial IPA8.8184.3207-21-2022
MurkeleyNew England IPA8.5114.1405-27-2023
MurklandsAmerican Pale Ale5.5434.1907-16-2020
Murklands - CitraNew England IPA5.523.8912-15-2019
Murklands - SimcoeAmerican Pale Ale5.534.2204-18-2020
Murkshake w/ MangosImperial IPA10.544.2812-24-2018
Murkshake w/ StrawberryImperial IPA10.584.307-03-2022
MurkwoodAmerican IPA7164.2102-19-2022
Murky SeasImperial IPA8.864.2404-03-2023
Mystery Veils the DesertNew England IPA6.643.8712-28-2023
Mystic MatterAmerican Imperial Stout12.924.3909-11-2023
Neotropical MistAmerican Blonde Ale5.133.6602-25-2023
Never Say NeverAmerican Amber / Red Ale5.914.0406-18-2023
Nine Nights - Coconut & Vanilla BeansAmerican Imperial Stout12.874.1803-11-2020
No QuarterAmerican IPA7.814.1305-05-2023
No SignalImperial IPA8.7184.301-05-2020
Nocturnal LandscapeAmerican Imperial Stout11.634.8606-20-2021
Nothing Is RealBerliner Weisse814.5507-24-2020
Nucifera - CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout12.344.4904-14-2021
NZed 103New England IPA513.8612-14-2022
Once In A LifetimeAmerican Pale Ale5.523.5705-30-2023
One of My FavoritesNew England IPA6.524.212-19-2023
Only YesterdayEnglish Bitter4.813.7812-31-2021
Opaque DreamsFruited Kettle Sour613.9908-21-2022
Over the SummitNew England IPA6.524.1106-15-2021
Pacific MemoriesNew England IPA8.513.7902-15-2024
PanteraAmerican Imperial Stout1234.2210-14-2020
Paradise TangoFruited Kettle Sour90007-30-2023
PerezosoFruited Kettle Sour653.8212-29-2023
PetrifiedNew England IPA8.344.401-12-2023
Phuture 1New England IPA6.514.2712-08-2023
PlanifoliaAmerican Imperial Stout1364.2705-05-2023
Pluot TwistFruited Kettle Sour6.813.8408-02-2023
POG MagicImperial IPA8.51401-05-2019
Powerful Beyond MeasureNew England IPA1314.2701-04-2022
Practical EleganceFruited Kettle Sour624.411-06-2022
PrecedentedNew England IPA6.624.2612-28-2021
Presence Of MindAmerican Pale Ale513.8812-17-2021
Private IslandNew England IPA10.234.2106-24-2023
Pure GravityAmerican Pale Ale5.513.905-05-2023
Pure WestAmerican IPA6.5344.0901-27-2024
RainGerman Pilsner5.3484.0812-28-2023
Raspberry MagicImperial IPA8.544.0912-04-2019
Resplendent QuetzalAmerican Imperial Stout14.114.2908-21-2023
River of No ReturnNew England IPA6.80006-16-2023
River Of TruthAmerican Imperial Stout11.244.0205-22-2022
Roes RedFlanders Red Ale7174.1908-04-2022
Romeo & JuliusCream Ale5.8123.8701-28-2021
Roses RedFlanders Red Ale754.4411-15-2023
RoveAmerican Lager4.253.4412-17-2023
Royal JupiterAmerican Imperial Stout12.224.3812-30-2023
Sacred RealmBelgian Blonde Ale8.114.607-21-2022
Sacred SpaceBelgian Pale Ale5.614.6108-03-2022
SakuraAmerican IPA6.8113.9301-30-2024
SALTWATER SPRAYAmerican IPA5.81308-15-2023
Sapphire DustNew England IPA6.90011-06-2022
Secret Space of DreamsAmerican Imperial Stout16.524.2811-17-2019
Serpents in the BrambleAmerican IPA6.924.0309-26-2023
Seven SamuraiImperial IPA8.313.9912-28-2021
Shadow of the MoonNew England IPA1534.4612-08-2021
Shake the GroundNew England IPA10.244.5112-09-2022
Shepherd To The StarsNew England IPA1314.2403-14-2022
Silver GateAmerican Imperial Stout1414.4708-19-2019
Situational GravityAmerican Imperial Stout11.594.0809-25-2023
Sky SplashFruited Kettle Sour614.3111-21-2023
Sol PowerAmerican Pale Ale5.514.1807-05-2022
Solar TherapyBerliner Weisse523.8202-11-2023
Soul of the OakMaibock724.1807-15-2022
Space EchosNew England IPA6.634.4407-05-2021
Spiritual StateAmerican Imperial Stout11.623.9303-02-2023
Subconscious MindNew England IPA6.764.1901-31-2023
Sunny DispositionAmerican Pale Ale5.50001-26-2024
Sunset CrushCream Ale5.884.1910-03-2019
Sunset SummitNew England IPA6.61402-09-2024
Super BetaNew England IPA7.2114.0307-01-2022
Sweet RetreatFruited Kettle Sour613.8111-26-2022
SymmetryNew England IPA6.324.2112-15-2022
SyrenNew England IPA6.674.101-16-2023
TahomaAmerican IPA824.0307-03-2022
Tales from the DeepNew England IPA8.364.0411-30-2023
TaoWild Ale7.10001-05-2023
The Labyrinth WithinImperial IPA8.334.0312-27-2022
The Murky WayNew England IPA6.50007-14-2022
The Road RollsNew England IPA10.20001-06-2024
Thousands Of MoneyAmerican IPA7.1154.2704-20-2021
TopkapiAmerican Imperial Stout11.214.0409-03-2021
TransdimensionalImperial IPA8.514.0712-27-2022
Trillions of MoneyNew England IPA10.544.2207-20-2022
Triple Dry-HypedImperial IPA10.3194.3301-08-2021
Trips on DubsNew England IPA10.394.4108-16-2019
Tropical MistAmerican Blonde Ale5.1173.9601-06-2024
TuanisWild Ale813.6610-17-2019
Twist Of FateWild Ale633.8911-17-2019
Uncovered RootsAmerican Imperial Stout913.6811-24-2023
Unfathomed DepthsAmerican Imperial Stout11.624.6206-20-2021
Valle De La SolNew England IPA6.80006-03-2022
Valley Of AbundanceFruit and Field Beer61405-21-2023
Waking MomentsNew England IPA8.314.9603-09-2023
West Coast UnitedAmerican IPA6.913.7906-15-2023
Widened HorizonsNew England IPA8.534.312-28-2022
Willow SkiesWild Ale7.814.3203-11-2020
Worlds AwayNew England IPA10.314.4112-27-2022
YumeImperial IPA1014.1212-25-2021
ZigsaNew England IPA6.314.0712-11-2022

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