Foam Brewers

Foam BrewersFoam Brewers
Foam BrewersFoam Brewers
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

112 Lake St
Burlington, Vermont, 05401-5284
United States

(802) 399-2511 | map

Notes: Resourcefully creating imaginative beers for enlightened palates.
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#1 Hit JamAmerican Wild Ale1164.12-
A DJ Saved My LifeAmerican Wild Ale4.724.04-
A Head With WingsNew England IPA8.494.11-
A Real HeroGerman Kellerbier / Zwickelbier4.514.06-
AcknowledgementAmerican Wild Ale6.574.27-
Ain’t It A SinAmerican Wild Ale633.93-
All I Ever NeedAmerican Imperial IPA8.533.97-
All TogetherAmerican IPA6.544.2-
AnemoneAmerican Wild Ale544.02-
Another Trip Around the Sun (2018)New England IPA884.27-
Another Trip Around The Sun (2020)New England IPA1064.36-
AnswerAmerican Imperial Stout10.584.4-
AntisocialiteAmerican Imperial IPA8.414.35-
Architecture & MoralityBelgian Saison11.363.93-
Avant GardenerFruit and Field Beer4.263.94-
Baby NameAmerican IPA5.2184.25-
Beat HappeningNew England IPA9.164.29-
Because I'm MeBelgian Saison723.73-
Big DipperAmerican Imperial IPA1134.11-
Big NothingNew England IPA9.154.37-
Block PrintAmerican Wild Ale644.15-
Block Print: Blackberry/GuavaAmerican Wild Ale614.25-
Block Print: Blueberry + Coconut + LemonAmerican Wild Ale624.07-
Block Print: Coconut + Vanilla + OrangeAmerican Wild Ale664.18-
Block Print: Guava/CherryAmerican Wild Ale634.22-
Block Print: Raspberry/LimeAmerican Wild Ale624.37-
Block Print: Strawberry/Vanilla BeanAmerican Wild Ale644.11-
Bonus Track 24American Imperial IPA814.5-
Bonus Track: 21American IPA3.873.98-
Bonus Track: 24American Imperial IPA8114.08-
Bonus Track: 13New England IPA8.474.18-
Bonus Track: 14Leipzig Gose4.834.12-
Bonus Track: 15American Imperial IPA864.21-
Bonus Track: 16American IPA6.244.13-
Bonus Track: 17American Pale Ale (APA)4.824-
Bonus Track: 18American Wild Ale524.15-
Bonus Track: 19American Imperial IPA9.544.24-
Bonus Track: 20American Imperial Stout8124.21-
Bonus Track: 22European Dark Lager524.14-
Bonus Track: 23American Imperial IPA964.25-
Bonus Track: 25Bohemian Pilsener4.844.07-
BubblesBelgian Saison9.294.24-
Built To SpillNew England IPA82684.42-
Cannelé BordelaisAmerican Imperial Stout1254.13-
CannonsAmerican IPA6.314.21-
CanvasAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.5264.08-
Career OpportunitiesAmerican Imperial IPA8.844.02-
CaribouNew England IPA8.4494.24-
CasioAmerican Wild Ale624.25-
Chasing TraneAmerican Wild Ale5.114.75-
Cherry Blossom GirlAmerican Wild Ale6.864.22-
City Lights - Boysenberry & LactoseAmerican Wild Ale563.92-
City Lights - Cherry and LimeAmerican Wild Ale524.28-
City Lights - Hibiscus and Sea SaltAmerican Wild Ale554.18-
City Lights - Pineapple And TangerineAmerican Wild Ale554.03-
City Lights: BlackcurrantAmerican Wild Ale054.16-
ClockworkNew England IPA7174.4-
CojitoAmerican Imperial IPA844.25-
Compact DiscGerman Pilsner5.6184.03-
Computer LoveAmerican Imperial IPA8.664.18-
Craving Art DropletsAmerican Imperial Stout9.544.12-
CreditsAmerican IPA7.314.34-
CultsAmerican Imperial IPA814.25-
Current JoysAmerican IPA4.300-
Dead WaxNew England IPA6.8284.17-
Deep CityAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5204-
Desire LinesLeipzig Gose4.534.49-
Desolation Angels - Scene 1American Imperial Stout12.554.53-
Desolation Angels - Scene 2American Imperial Stout12.514.41-
Desolation Angels - Scene 3American Imperial Stout12.514.17-
DestroyerAmerican Imperial IPA1024.22-
Digital UndergroundAmerican IPA7.214.1-
Disco LemonadeAmerican Pale Wheat Ale4.2214.01-
Discretion GroveAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.234.12-
Dismantling SummerLeipzig Gose3.533.77-
Distant DreamsLeipzig Gose3.224-
Distopian Dream GirlNew England IPA7504.1-
Dogwood WinterAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.523.86-
Double JukeboxAmerican Imperial IPA924.15-
Electric LinesAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.114.21-
Endurance NZ PilsGerman Pilsner534.06-
EraserheadNew England IPA8.8304.3-
Eraserhead with GalaxyAmerican Imperial IPA8.814.19-
Experimental Jet SetNew England IPA9.21714.32-
Fatboy SlimNew England IPA3.833.95-
Fever To TellAmerican Imperial IPA900-
Fire EaterEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout10.584.16-
Foggy NotionAmerican Imperial IPA8.433.95-
Folk ImplosionAmerican Imperial IPA8.4174.31-
FOTW 2019American Wild Ale5.514.23-
Freedom RideAmerican Imperial IPA834.11-
FrictionAmerican Imperial IPA10.534.42-
Future NostalgiaNew England IPA7.294.21-
Future Starts SlowAmerican Imperial IPA9.644.26-
FuturesAmerican Imperial IPA7.824.03-
Galaxie 500American Imperial IPA9904.4-
Gaudy Side of TownAmerican Imperial IPA824.09-
GiantsGerman Pilsner4.683.92-
Glass CeilingBelgian Saison7.854.22-
Go OutsideAmerican IPA6.524.17-
GoldtoneAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.644.13-
Green AislesAmerican Imperial IPA8.564.17-
Groove ArmadaAmerican Wild Ale5.244.42-
Group Effort: Champlain Valley HopsAmerican Imperial IPA8.544.03-
Guided By VoicesAmerican IPA6.574.22-
Halo BenderNew England IPA8374.32-
Heart Like An OrangeNew England IPA7.224.1-
HellaforniaAmerican Imperial IPA7.844.07-
Hold FastBelgian Blonde Ale 5.553.94-
Horizon LinesAmerican Imperial IPA1164.57-
I Paint a DesignAmerican Imperial IPA8.234.25-
I Wanna Be AdoredAmerican Imperial IPA10.544.49-
Imperial TeenAmerican Imperial Stout8.5184.32-
ImpressionsBelgian IPA754.15-
In LimboAmerican Wild Ale4.224.34-
In Spite Of OurselvesAmerican Imperial IPA8.814.08-
Insanely Jealous Of YouAmerican Pale Wheat Ale6.223.98-
IntervaleBerliner Weisse3.500-
Items DroppedBelgian Saison6.834.11-
It’s Time to Wake UpAmerican Imperial Stout1094.3-
Jamie TamAmerican Imperial Stout1044.15-
Jet In JungleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)624.23-
Joy DivisionAmerican IPA6.2104.03-
JukeboxAmerican IPA6.6164.14-
Jumping FencesNew England IPA7.244.11-
Killing LiesAmerican Imperial Stout10.864.36-
Lakeshore EagleAmerican Imperial IPA854.19-
Late Night TalesGerman Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.223.98-
LavandeBelgian Saison6.243.94-
Lead InAmerican IPA6.813.75-
Levitate MeAmerican Imperial IPA874.18-
Like ClockworkNew England IPA8.21104.29-
Local DorkAmerican Pale Ale (APA)6.4124.26-
Local Dork 2.0American IPA6.883.97-
Local Dork CVHAmerican Imperial IPA8.414.09-
Lost HeadsAmerican Imperial IPA1034.4-
Lupi FreshNew England IPA6.5824.21-
Lyrics of FuryAmerican Imperial IPA7.914.42-
Marquee MoonAmerican Imperial IPA9.684.27-
MeltAmerican Wild Ale024.35-
Method AirAmerican Imperial IPA8.2164.3-
Modern PsychedeliaAmerican Imperial IPA7.844.25-
Moon DuoBelgian Saison5.513.96-
Moon SafariAmerican IPA6.513.75-
MorphineAmerican Imperial Stout10134.29-
Multitude of DropsAmerican Imperial IPA8.854.28-
Mythological BeautyAmerican Wild Ale514.03-
Nectar FlowAmerican Imperial IPA8.414.36-
New SlangAmerican IPA7.574.3-
Nightmares On WaxBelgian IPA6.423.84-
No VacationAmerican Imperial IPA8.524.33-
Nowhere NearAmerican Imperial IPA8.564.1-
Off the GridGerman Pilsner534.22-
One Flew OverAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.774.13-
Our SingerAmerican IPA734.3-
Outside MyselfNew England IPA6.434.27-
OverkillAmerican IPA6.244.16-
P.S. ExclusiveAmerican Imperial IPA8.653.91-
Paradise NowLeipzig Gose5.614-
PassengerGerman Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.453.92-
Patterns & PicturesAmerican Imperial IPA8.7124.28-
PavementNew England IPA8.22544.42-
Peel SessionAmerican Imperial IPA11154.21-
Peel Session: TangerineNew England IPA1124.7-
PersuanceAmerican Wild Ale5.814-
Piano FireAmerican Imperial IPA814.35-
Plans For NigelAmerican IPA6.714.03-
Pontiac 87American Imperial IPA9.224.38-
PoolsideAmerican Wild Ale3.524.04-
Pop CrimesAmerican Imperial IPA10144.34-
Power, Corruption & LiesBaltic Porter844.14-
Pressure DropAmerican Imperial IPA9104.32-
Purple MountainsBerliner Weisse514.25-
PuzzlephonicsAmerican Imperial IPA814.25-
QuasiAmerican Wild Ale0114.28-
Random RulesBerliner Weisse4.214.55-
Rated RAmerican Imperial IPA8194.36-
RetrovertigoAmerican Imperial IPA834.1-
RippleAmerican Imperial IPA1084.47-
RoselleBelgian Saison5.584.04-
Saison De FoamBelgian Saison4.5254.09-
SanctuaryAmerican Wild Ale3.614.24-
Self ControlAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.514.23-
SensesAmerican Imperial IPA964.36-
Shark SmileAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.214.09-
Single WireGerman Pilsner534.13-
SisterNew England IPA8.234.41-
SituationAmerican Wild Ale800-
Sleeping VolcanoesAmerican Wild Ale1114.29-
SlowdiveAmerican Imperial IPA8.414.24-
smalltalkerAmerican IPA3.534.17-
Soft KillAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.413.77-
Some Candy TalkingAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.223.85-
Some Kinda LoveAmerican Wild Ale313.5-
Something HolyBelgian Saison513.73-
Son VoltGerman Kellerbier / Zwickelbier544.07-
Soul MiningBelgian Saison513.71-
Sound of RainAmerican Imperial IPA824.08-
Split FountainNew England IPA6.494.23-
StarshineAmerican Imperial IPA7.413.5-
Stay ForeverBerliner Weisse5.313.88-
Still SoundAmerican Imperial IPA834.34-
StormAmerican IPA7.114.23-
Story Of An ArtistNew England IPA6.514.33-
Strawberry JamAmerican Wild Ale654.31-
Styles of the TimesAmerican IPA7.124.14-
Sub PopAmerican Imperial IPA944.31-
Sun MedallionNew England IPA6.514.33-
Sunny DuetAmerican IPA614-
Sunshine SupermanAmerican Imperial IPA8.944.27-
Super UnisonLeipzig Gose5.400-
SuperchunkAmerican Imperial Stout8.2134.39-
Tame ImpalaAmerican IPA6.744.15-
Tasman SunGerman Pilsner454.12-
TelevisionAmerican IPA7.2284.34-
TerraformAmerican IPA6.594.2-
The AquariumLeipzig Gose3.200-
The Crescent ShipAmerican Wild Ale694.51-
The Engine DriverAmerican Imperial IPA8.244.41-
The FactoryAmerican Black Ale1044.04-
The FallGerman Märzen / Oktoberfest523.99-
The Fruit That Ate ItselfNew England IPA7.2974.26-
The HexNew England IPA7.223.22-
The NamelessNew England IPA7794.28-
The NewAmerican IPA7.500-
The Purple OneBelgian Saison5.3204.01-
The Rebels Not InAmerican Imperial IPA7.844.07-
The Right ProfileAmerican Imperial IPA7.514.18-
The ShiningNew England IPA8944.31-
The SidewinderAmerican Imperial IPA864.4-
Things I ImaginedAmerican IPA6.5114.09-
Think I’m In LoveAmerican Imperial IPA8464.28-
This Mystic DecadeAmerican Wild Ale500-
Tinseltown SwimmingAmerican Wild Ale914.29-
Together or AloneAmerican Imperial IPA8.5104.32-
Togetherness ForeverFruit and Field Beer9.233.51-
Tranquil PilsGerman Pilsner5.2194.14-
Tree of 100 YearsAmerican Imperial IPA864.37-
TremmorsAmerican Imperial IPA824.11-
Triple ElvisAmerican Imperial IPA9.354.27-
Twin FallsNew England IPA844.07-
Ugly CasanovaAmerican Imperial IPA8.2164.18-
Unknown PleasuresAmerican IPA7.354.25-
Upright BehaviorAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.814.21-
VehicleAmerican Imperial IPA8.884.09-
Vivrant ThingAmerican Wild Ale584.04-
Wait to PleasureAmerican Lager5.523.94-
Waterloo SunsetAmerican Wild Ale4.844.19-
WavvvesAmerican Imperial IPA8.524.38-
We Are FloatingAmerican Imperial IPA924.45-
WhirlAmerican Imperial IPA8.334.06-
Winter’s LoveAmerican Wild Ale414-
WisdomBelgian Saison5.534.29-
WonderlandiaAmerican Imperial IPA854.06-
X-Ray SpexNew England IPA6.524.3-
YazAmerican Wild Ale4.524.11-
Years of RefusalBohemian Pilsener4.814.25-
Youth LagoonNew England IPA8864.27-
Foam Brewers in Burlington, VT
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