Foam Brewers

Foam BrewersFoam Brewers
Foam BrewersFoam Brewers
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

112 Lake St
Burlington, Vermont, 05401-5284
United States

(802) 399-2511 | map

Notes: Resourcefully creating imaginative beers for enlightened palates.
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#1 Hit JamSour - Fruited Kettle Sour11104.07-
#1 Hit SongIPA - Imperial9.864.35-
...Ka-BloomIPA - American4.563.98-
7/4 ShorelinePilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.234.21-
A DJ Saved My LifeWild Ale4.724.04-
A Radio With GutsIPA - Imperial8.264.36-
A Real HeroLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier4.514.06-
Above the RadarIPA - American5.524.25-
All TogetherIPA - American6.584.28-
American SplendorLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.144.32-
Another Trip Around The Sun (2019)IPA - New England8.5114.4-
Another Trip Around The Sun (2020)IPA - New England1094.49-
Ariel PinkWild Ale4.254.16-
Asleep & DreamingStout - American Imperial923.88-
Atlas SoundLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.534.07-
Autumn SweaterFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.4144.3-
Back To NatureIPA - American7.544.15-
BattlesIPA - New England954.47-
Beach HousePilsner - German4.514-
Beautiful LosersIPA - American6.864.28-
Big DipperIPA - Imperial1134.11-
BisonIPA - New England8.224.08-
Black FlagLager - Schwarzbier5.373.81-
Block Print: Blackberry/GuavaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour614.25-
Block Print: Blueberry + Coconut + LemonSour - Fruited Kettle Sour624.07-
Block Print: Raspberry/LimeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour624.37-
Blue Is the Warmest ColorIPA - Imperial9.113.75-
Blues ExplosionIPA - Imperial7.794.23-
Bonus Track: 21IPA - American3.873.98-
Bonus Track: 24IPA - Imperial8114.08-
Bonus Track: 1IPA - New England963.89-
Bonus Track: 10IPA - Imperial8.694.34-
Bonus Track: 11Wild Ale4.554.07-
Bonus Track: 12IPA - Imperial774.18-
Bonus Track: 13IPA - New England8.474.18-
Bonus Track: 14Sour - Gose4.834.12-
Bonus Track: 16IPA - American6.244.13-
Bonus Track: 17Pale Ale - American4.824-
Bonus Track: 18Wild Ale524.15-
Bonus Track: 19IPA - Imperial9.544.24-
Bonus Track: 2IPA - New England6.863.87-
Bonus Track: 22Lager - European Dark524.14-
Bonus Track: 23IPA - Imperial964.25-
Bonus Track: 25Pilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.844.07-
Bonus Track: 3Pilsner - Bohemian / Czech524.34-
Bonus Track: 4IPA - New England7.274.11-
Bonus Track: 5IPA - New England974.12-
Bonus Track: 6Stout - Sweet / Milk983.87-
Bonus Track: 7IPA - New England6.524.11-
Bonus Track: 8IPA - New England8.863.81-
Bonus Track: 9Pilsner - German4.844.28-
Bottle RocketIPA - American7.2103.94-
Cannelé BordelaisStout - American Imperial1254.13-
Caroline RoseWild Ale6.334.23-
CasioWild Ale624.25-
Cat PowerIPA - American6.563.99-
Cheap WineWild Ale4.944.18-
ChereeWild Ale6.214.22-
Chien AndalusiaFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.524.48-
Circa NowFarmhouse Ale - Saison774.16-
City Lights - BlackBerry, LactoseWild Ale544.17-
City Lights - Raspberry and lactoseWild Ale534.39-
Continental BreakfastStout - American Imperial8.2144.38-
Crispin GloverFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.874.16-
Dance Yrself CleanWild Ale714.08-
Dear RamonaFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.513.91-
Death Valley '69IPA - American6.9114.3-
Desolation Angels - Scene 2Stout - American Imperial12.523.98-
Desolation Angels - Scene 3Stout - American Imperial12.524.31-
Digital Vs AnalogIPA - New England9.3154.25-
Dividing LightSour - Gose4.733.86-
Double JukeboxIPA - Imperial924.15-
Easey KeseyWheat Beer - American Pale533.75-
Ed Is DeadIPA - Imperial9.244.2-
Electric BloomFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.653.79-
Electric LinesPale Ale - American5.114.21-
Elephant 6IPA - Imperial8.264.22-
Elevator MusicIPA - New England8104.18-
Emergency & ISour - Gose5.423.97-
Emotions And MathFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.224.09-
Endurance NZ PilsPilsner - German594.14-
EntertainmentIPA - Imperial774.25-
Eternal SunshineIPA - American6.654.1-
Euporie TideFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.943.85-
Everybody DaylightIPA - American6.844.4-
Everything’s Gone GreenIPA - Imperial8.554.18-
Eyes Wide ShutIPA - New England8.844.06-
Fabulous Freak (No. 1)Farmhouse Ale - Saison5.934.4-
Fire EaterStout - Sweet / Milk10.584.16-
FireworksWild Ale700-
Food For CloudsFarmhouse Ale - Saison634.01-
FOTW 2019Wild Ale5.514.23-
Freak IncidentFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.4154.09-
Free VerseFarmhouse Ale - Saison633.94-
Friday Night, Saturday MorningSour - Gose4.164.28-
GhostFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.9224.29-
Go It AloneSour - Gose544.14-
Go OutsideIPA - American6.524.17-
Gold DayLager - American5.623.36-
Green AislesIPA - Imperial8.564.17-
Grounds for DivorceIPA - New England884.19-
Group Effort: Champlain Valley HopsIPA - Imperial8.544.03-
Group Effort: Crosby Hop FarmIPA - Imperial8104.5-
Happy Colored MarblesWild Ale4.814.52-
Hatful Of HollowWild Ale6154.18-
Heavy PopIPA - Imperial7.664.03-
Hold FastBlonde Ale - Belgian5.5174.14-
HypoluxoWild Ale4.624.13-
I See A DarknessStout - American Imperial9.634.1-
I Was Never YoungWild Ale8.214.21-
ImpressionsIPA - Belgian754.15-
IndieSour - Gose4.2104.12-
Influence Of HeatStout - Sweet / Milk994.49-
Interstate 8IPA - American6.854.06-
IntervaleSour - Berliner Weisse3.500-
Jealous AgainIPA - American7.564.23-
Jukebox 2.0IPA - American6.600-
Jukebox 3.0IPA - American624.19-
Kid MercuryIPA - American714.21-
Killin' the VibeIPA - American7.223.94-
Kindness, A RebelPale Ale - American5.514-
KubrickIPA - New England8.8244.25-
Last GirlLager - American5.864.23-
Late Night TalesLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.223.98-
Le TigreFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.844.3-
Let the Funk FlowWild Ale5.544.35-
License To ConfuseStout - American Imperial11.500-
Lie Down In the LightWild Ale5.744.23-
Life Without BuildingsIPA - Imperial9.274.58-
Little HondaWild Ale5.214.25-
Local Dork 3.1IPA - American7.534.36-
Local Dork 3.2IPA - American6.644.23-
Local Dork 3.3IPA - New England7.314.19-
Local Dork 3.4IPA - New England7.324.31-
Local Dork CVHIPA - Imperial8.414.09-
Lost My Head ThereIPA - Imperial9.234.27-
Made Up DreamIPA - New England8104.2-
Major Label DebutPilsner - German4.224.1-
MantecaIPA - Imperial8154.33-
Maxxo SeshIPA - American764.09-
Mayans Vs. MartiansIPA - Imperial8.254.12-
Mazzy StarIPA - American6.644.2-
Mellow GoldPale Ale - American5.864.12-
Mind FlowersIPA - Imperial814.5-
MobileIPA - New England8.434.2-
Moments NoticeWild Ale6.514-
Moon DuoFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.513.96-
Mountain EnergyIPA - Imperial9114.4-
Mr. BrightsidePilsner - German5.514.35-
Mr. GrievesIPA - New England6.913.91-
MulhollandIPA - American6.424.28-
My Morning JacketStout - American Imperial8.384.2-
Natural BlueSour - Gose4.524.11-
New DudsIPA - New England6.424.11-
NicoIPA - New England7.2114.47-
No RegretIPA - American554.19-
Noise OrdinanceStout - Sweet / Milk9.6304.07-
Noise Ordinance 2018Stout - Sweet / Milk9.614.16-
Northern CultureKvass3.573.32-
Obstacle 1IPA - Imperial834.11-
Off the GridPilsner - German534.22-
OrangeIPA - New England844.09-
Panda BearPale Ale - American5.414-
Papillon: Part OneFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.644.4-
Paradise NowSour - Gose5.614-
Peel Session: Peach + RaspberryIPA - Imperial1154.3-
Peel Session: TangerineIPA - New England1124.7-
Piano FireIPA - Imperial814.35-
Pitted Against DrieFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.8104.15-
Pleased To Meet MeIPA - American7.4104.17-
PursuanceWild Ale5.834.05-
Put the Kids to BedStout - American Imperial11.654.52-
Ready, AblePale Ale - American5.644.12-
Red PandaWild Ale7134.44-
Remain In LightFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.784.03-
Resilience IPAIPA - American7.324.02-
ResolutionWild Ale663.99-
Rites Of SpringWild Ale664.08-
RushmoreIPA - American634.02-
Saison De Foam 2Farmhouse Ale - Saison4.583.97-
SantigoldFarmhouse Ale - Sahti833.85-
Sequential CircuitsFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.434.19-
Shades of ManIPA - New England8.244.04-
Shine Like SunsFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.543.77-
Sleepy TimeFarmhouse Ale - Saison933.89-
SlowdiveIPA - Imperial8.414.24-
smalltalkerIPA - American3.534.17-
Soft BulletinIPA - Imperial8.254.42-
Solid SilkIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale6.524.08-
Spacemen 3IPA - Imperial8.274.13-
SparklehorseIPA - American7.334.32-
Spotless MindIPA - American624.32-
Stay Loose and Hang TightIPA - Imperial814.28-
Sticky HulksIPA - Imperial8.244.18-
Stranger ThingsSour - Gose4.553.87-
Styles of the TimesIPA - American7.124.14-
Summer In SiamFarmhouse Ale - Saison623.78-
Sun MedallionIPA - New England6.514.33-
Sunset LoverWild Ale5.633.75-
Super SymmetryPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.514-
SupernatureIPA - Imperial8.434.3-
SuperorganismWild Ale044.37-
Sweet SoundStout - American7.324-
Tasman SunPilsner - German494.07-
Terraform HC17IPA - Imperial864.36-
Terraform HC19IPA - Imperial8.543.98-
The AquariumSour - Gose3.200-
The FactoryWheat Beer - American Dark1064.25-
The FrothFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.343.91-
The Glow, Pt. 2IPA - American6.844.32-
The Third RoundWild Ale8.154.01-
The WalkmenIPA - American714.31-
Theme For A JackalStout - Sweet / Milk10.554.57-
This Mystic DecadeWild Ale500-
Time Kills ArtIPA - Imperial824.06-
Tinseltown SwimmingWild Ale914.29-
Togetherness ForeverFruit and Field Beer9.233.51-
Tranquil PilsPilsner - German5.2194.14-
Tree of 100 YearsIPA - Imperial864.37-
Two StatesIPA - American894.33-
Vienna IILager - Vienna023.98-
White PepperIPA - Belgian4.644.05-
WonderlandiaIPA - Imperial854.06-
Wordless ChorusIPA - American713.98-
Years of RefusalPilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.814.25-
You Would KnowIPA - Imperial8.764.39-
You're AlrightIPA - American7.274.1-
YungbachelorIPA - New England734.2-
Zen ArcadeIPA - Imperial8.984.3-

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Foam Brewers in Burlington, VT
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