Thin Man Brewery

Thin Man BreweryThin Man Brewery
Thin Man BreweryThin Man Brewery
Brewery, Bar, Eatery

492 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, New York, 14222
United States

(716) 923-4100 | map
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
11 Day Power PilsBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.823.5203-01-2021
11ºBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.724.0507-17-2022
12+83=6American IPA6.623.8112-16-2021
17+14=6New England IPA724.1312-14-2021
Activate The JuicesWild Ale5.10005-09-2019
Alasondro AlegreGerman Pilsner5.714.103-10-2023
All In The Game, YoNew England IPA6.533.7907-17-2022
All The WordsAmerican IPA6.513.6902-11-2018
AllmarilloImperial IPA8.133.4904-22-2018
Always A BridesmaidAmerican IPA6.624.2503-29-2017
Aphrodite JenkinsAmerican Imperial Stout12.564.0102-02-2022
Ask the SkyWild Ale6.614.1102-13-2021
Auf WiedersehenMärzen9.214.2411-02-2021
Awesome JenkinsAmerican Imperial Stout11.7134.2101-21-2022
Awesome Jenkins (Apple Brandy Barrel Aged)American Imperial Stout14.244.208-08-2023
Backwards MarathonImperial IPA844.1806-13-2022
Band of GoldEuropean Pale Lager5.21409-19-2021
Barrels in HarmonyAmerican Imperial Stout12.734.2304-15-2023
Berry Was a Race Car DriverWild Ale614.1401-08-2021
Beyond the Final HorizonAmerican Barleywine11.333.9306-15-2023
Big Enough UmbrellaAmerican Blonde Ale5.10009-09-2018
Black FrancisAmerican Stout6.6123.9101-19-2020
Blanket The SeasonsWild Ale6.524.3302-07-2021
BlendatronAmerican Imperial Stout13.244.4306-02-2023
BlissImperial IPA81264.106-19-2023
Bones In TractionAmerican Barleywine10.533.611-02-2021
Bound For The FloorBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.513.7902-25-2021
Bourbon Barrel Aged Awesome Jenkins (Mauve Wax Blanton’s 3 years)American Imperial Stout14.124.2505-12-2023
Bourbon Barrel Aged Awesome Jenkins - Blanton's (Batch 2)American Imperial Stout14.8834.3901-07-2022
Bourbon Barrel Aged Awesome Jenkins - Willett (Batch 3)American Imperial Stout14.164.5810-25-2022
Bourbon Barrel Aged Coconut Jenkins (Blanton’s White Wax)American Imperial Stout14.154.5206-22-2023
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Awesome Jenkins - Basil Hayden (Batch 1)American Imperial Stout14.8824.4211-02-2021
Buck WildFruited Kettle Sour6.20007-03-2021
Buffalo CrossingAmerican IPA7.41410-01-2023
Buffalo PillsAmerican Lager4.933.7606-17-2018
Burning MoneyAmerican IPA6.6674.0210-08-2020
Burning MonkeyAmerican IPA6.623.8901-05-2020
Candymaker Peanut Butter StoutAmerican Stout714.3405-10-2021
Captain BadassSaison5.933.8604-09-2022
Captain PerkAmerican Imperial Stout11.813.8802-11-2018
Cashmere DDH BlissImperial IPA874.1701-16-2021
Chain ReactionNew England IPA6.714.2912-10-2021
Che Notte!German Pilsner5.424.1909-30-2021
CherubFlanders Oud Bruin5.713.8310-18-2022
Corduroy SuitGerman Pilsner4.723.7705-21-2023
Cosmic GumboNew England IPA8.244.2803-25-2022
Crazy JuiceAmerican IPA853.9412-12-2020
Creep in the CellarKellerbier / Zwickelbier514.2505-03-2022
DDH Mosaic BlissImperial IPA834.311-21-2022
DDH Strata BlissImperial IPA814.2703-24-2021
Diplomatic ImmunityNew England IPA7233.9711-24-2021
Do A Barrel RollNew England IPA6.744.0308-04-2022
Dog Birthday PartyAmerican Stout5.514.0909-24-2018
Dr. OktaviusGerman Pilsner4.214.409-25-2017
DummyBelgian Pale Ale6.20009-28-2016
Efficiency and ProgressNew England IPA724.1903-21-2022
Eggs Did Crack on Haze’s BackNew England IPA6.614.509-13-2020
El JardineroAmerican Imperial Stout9.244.0312-29-2022
Elettrico EternoGerman Pilsner5.123.9505-28-2023
Elmwood BeachAmerican IPA4.813.8502-11-2017
Enrico PalazzoAmerican Imperial Stout13.624.0411-02-2021
EquipoiseNew England IPA834.1109-23-2021
European SexyEuropean Pale Lager524.0201-27-2020
Fall is EliteAmerican IPA714.1510-30-2022
Fifth AnniversaryNew England IPA6.634.1510-21-2021
Foreign CurrencyAmerican IPA6.514.1901-06-2019
Forever Cordial - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout14.523.8806-10-2018
Forever Cordial - CoffeeImperial IPA14.20007-17-2018
Fort Lauderdale Mega SnakeAmerican Imperial Stout9.20009-09-2018
Fried Mozzarella Space CowboyImperial IPA864.1702-22-2023
Genie JuiceNew England IPA5.814.2310-27-2022
Glamour OverdosesCream Ale5.913.6501-27-2020
Glow Worm: Blackberry & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour4.423.9404-06-2021
Glow Worm: Boysenberry & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour4.4234.0909-21-2021
Golden BootAmerican Lager523.5611-27-2022
Grapefruit PilsGerman Pilsner4.723.7309-23-2023
Greek Mechanical OwlNew England IPA734.2602-01-2021
Happy Little AccidentsSaison6.614.0110-10-2018
Hefe HaüsHefeweizen4.813.909-26-2023
Helter KelterKellerbier / Zwickelbier4.763.8202-14-2020
Hidden TalentGose5.214.108-16-2020
Hijack The FreqenciesAmerican Stout6.613.5910-27-2021
Hop PantsAmerican IPA6.483.9305-02-2018
Hoppy Pils No. 1Bohemian / Czech Pilsner4.70012-13-2018
Hustler Of CultureFlanders Oud Bruin6.223.8202-24-2018
I Love It When You Call Me Big PapayaGose5.514.104-10-2021
I'm A WinnerFruited Kettle Sour5.543.7105-15-2022
In Love With The SystemAmerican IPA6.223.8806-12-2017
Inside the SunNew England IPA813.9901-03-2022
It Tastes Better Than The TruthAmerican IPA733.9112-17-2016
John HenryAmerican IPA6.113.503-26-2022
JuicemasterWild Ale5.473.8901-12-2018
KellerbierKellerbier / Zwickelbier5.623.5208-21-2017
King For A DayImperial IPA8.233.8108-30-2021
Kolsch Vs. CancerKölsch4.513.7611-21-2022
LagerkollerBaltic Porter8153.9605-16-2022
Lagerkoller - Bourbon Barrel AgedBaltic Porter12.413.9803-30-2023
Laminar FlowFruited Kettle Sour6.263.9304-22-2021
Let Me Put You In The PictureNew England IPA624.0403-31-2019
Life is But a DreamAmerican Strong Ale13.164.5908-02-2021
LionessGerman Pilsner5.524.0507-04-2021
Listen Here PalAmerican IPA713.7709-15-2020
Local IrishAmerican Porter6.244.0601-02-2023
ManaImperial IPA80010-10-2018
Mecha BoodleFruited Kettle Sour5.434.4105-12-2020
Mecha Boodle-Blueberry, RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour5.214.1506-27-2021
Mecha CotFruited Kettle Sour6.214.2505-04-2021
Minkey BoodleFruited Kettle Sour7854.1408-08-2023
Minkey SunriseFruited Kettle Sour743.8603-06-2023
Mosaic DDH BlissNew England IPA823.9711-29-2022
My Girl SashaAmerican Pale Wheat Beer5.633.9611-03-2019
MyrnaBerliner Weisse4.223.8401-01-2017
Nib Nut - Bourbon Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout14.414.4706-14-2021
No PressureAmerican IPA5.1114.0410-27-2019
Now That's SpecialFruited Kettle Sour6.424.4501-08-2022
Oat No You Didn'tImperial IPA9.233.9903-29-2017
Old Man Yells At Cloudy IPANew England IPA6.60007-25-2019
One Constant PitchNew England IPA613.7505-30-2022
One Constant RhythmAmerican IPA643.7711-08-2022
One Track MindJapanese Rice Lager4.913.1409-24-2022
Ookla The MokBaltic Porter9.464.0303-03-2019
Oxford CommaKellerbier / Zwickelbier5.813.7708-09-2018
Pacific SunNew England IPA613.4310-02-2021
Paintin' The TownAmerican Brown Ale5.863.7712-24-2021
Party BagNew England IPA6.723.6111-18-2021
Pattern is FullImperial IPA814.0206-11-2023
Peanut Butter JenkinsAmerican Imperial Stout11.7284.0207-09-2022
Peanut Butter Jenkins (Bourbon Barrel-Aged)American Imperial Stout14.454.408-15-2021
Phototroph IPAAmerican IPA6.514.0207-16-2022
Pills MafiaGerman Pilsner4.9603.6808-29-2023
Poor DecisionsAmerican Imperial Stout15.3253.8911-29-2021
Pour AdviceGerman Pilsner5.213.7801-09-2022
Power of ProphecyRauchbier5.524.0607-08-2023
Purple ParrotsNew England IPA5.51402-04-2023
Rain Boots and Rubber DucksNew England IPA7.743.9909-12-2021
Rye Barrel-Aged Awesome Jenkins (Willett)American Imperial Stout1434.5509-14-2022
Sassi Frassi LassiFruited Kettle Sour6.70004-27-2022
Saturation StreetNew England IPA813.4807-20-2020
Savage LandsNew England IPA743.9204-14-2022
Sci-Fi Hamster WheelAmerican IPA7623.9909-04-2023
Skinny FatAmerican Pale Ale4.30009-28-2016
Soft Black StarsAmerican Imperial Stout12.534.4605-03-2022
Some Static StartedAmerican Imperial Stout8.223.5710-05-2021
Something Or OtherAmerican IPA6.424.0302-11-2018
SonnyboiAmerican IPA4.80007-12-2018
Speculoos CookieAmerican Imperial Stout12.30009-09-2018
SpelunkenheimerAmerican Strong Ale9.664.2111-04-2022
Stop Using Comic SansHelles633.8809-30-2021
Stranded In BrusselsBelgian Pale Ale5.723.7707-30-2022
Sun is Shining Peach and GuavaWild Ale5.233.712-16-2021
Super FreakAmerican IPA5.853.9508-05-2023
Sympathize For A DaydreamWild Ale6.70007-17-2018
T-Rex Push UpsWild Ale7.214.307-27-2019
Take PrecautionAmerican Imperial Stout1124.0502-17-2019
Temper Tantrum TurtleAmerican Pale Ale5.114.1206-26-2022
Tension BreakerGerman Pilsner4.833.9107-05-2020
The H.A.I.S.Y. AgeAmerican IPA754.1111-17-2019
The Hypnotized Never LieImperial IPA8104.1704-17-2021
Then We War!American Lager4.90005-06-2022
These Waves Are MineAmerican IPA6.613.8310-15-2020
Think Of A NumberEuropean Strong Lager6.20007-12-2018
This Triangle Has Too Many CornersAmerican IPA764.0302-06-2020
Tmavý LežákCzech Dark Lager4.714.0304-29-2022
To Hell With The FruitFruit and Field Beer6.224.0508-03-2018
Tre LuppoloBohemian / Czech Pilsner523.6210-05-2021
Trial By WombatNew England IPA71334.1802-20-2023
Tripping UpstateFruited Kettle Sour6.213.5201-08-2022
Tropical CamouflageAmerican IPA733.906-24-2021
UnsungSmoked Beer4.91407-17-2022
Vanilla Cocoa LatteAmerican Imperial Stout110009-09-2018
VelocityAmerican IPA6.214.0209-29-2016
Wake and LakeNew England IPA5.533.7807-04-2022
Waterfall of Creative Alternatives w/ Blueberry, Maple, and VanillaWild Ale714.2502-23-2022
Wave Of PhaseAmerican IPA622.8609-25-2022
We Decided My Best Interest?New England IPA724.1201-16-2021
WestwardAmerican IPA6.643.8401-15-2019
Zero Trade ValueHelles613.5803-01-2021
Zig Zag ChildAmerican IPA7.563.9610-14-2022

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Thin Man Brewery in Buffalo, NY
Brewery rating: 3.99 out of 5 with 1078 ratings