Brouwerij De Moersleutel


De Overtoom 3a
Heiloo, 1851 VR

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
40 Years of MarriageSaison40009-25-2022
7 HellsRussian Imperial Stout7.524.1802-18-2022
AlexandreSweet / Milk Stout80012-10-2022
Arts & CraftsAmerican IPA70005-09-2023
AZACCAx7New England IPA80006-07-2022
Barcode Black & Green (8719992492923)Russian Imperial Stout1414.2307-15-2021
Barcode Black & Red (8719992492916)Russian Imperial Stout1423.6709-04-2021
Barcode Copper & Wool (8720615261970)Russian Imperial Stout140005-09-2023
Barcode Green & Blue (8719992492930)Russian Imperial Stout1414.6202-18-2022
Barcode Platinum & Blue (8719992492961)Russian Imperial Stout140012-01-2022
Barcode Platinum & Orange (8719992492947)American Imperial Stout1514.6109-27-2022
Barcode Platinum & Pink (8719992492954)American Imperial Stout1514.4902-10-2023
Black Forest Fruit PieGose50001-20-2022
Boogie WoogieNew England IPA821.911-19-2020
Brunch BlancheOatmeal Stout90006-07-2022
Buckwheat MaltOatmeal Stout110012-06-2022
Building Stories TogetherNew England IPA714.4202-18-2022
Bumps AheadAmerican Barleywine1083.7301-29-2021
Can BrûléeEnglish Barleywine934.1907-16-2022
CanelésAmerican Imperial Stout1714.0409-27-2022
CircumspectImperial IPA843.804-12-2020
Could You Pass Me The 12" HacksawNew England IPA814.102-18-2022
Could You Pass Me the 3/8 Pneumatic Butterfly Gun with a 10mm Deep SocketNew England IPA823.8202-18-2022
Could You Pass Me The 550G Nylon Teardrop MalletNew England IPA8.514.8506-15-2021
Could You Pass Me The 5mm Allen KeyNew England IPA51402-18-2022
Could You Pass Me The Circlip PliersNew England IPA6.514.6407-15-2021
Could You Pass Me The Clamp Voltage MeterNew England IPA824.3409-27-2022
Could You Pass Me The Coaxial Ratchet Crimp PliersNew England IPA70009-25-2022
Could You Pass Me The Crescent WrenchNew England IPA8.524.2306-18-2021
Could You Pass Me The CrowbarImperial IPA100010-25-2022
Could You Pass Me The Curved Jaw Vise Grip PliersNew England IPA8.51407-15-2021
Could You Pass Me The Flathead ScrewdriverNew England IPA613.7406-15-2021
Could You Pass Me The KaasschaafNew England IPA80005-09-2023
Could You Pass Me The Needle Nose PliersImperial IPA924.112-25-2022
Could You Pass Me The Offset Box Wrench Size 17New England IPA813.2103-02-2022
Could You Pass Me The Slogging SpannerNew England IPA914.3307-15-2021
Could You Pass Me The Tig Welding TorchNew England IPA8.514.306-15-2021
Could You Pass Me The Torque WrenchNew England IPA713.3502-18-2022
Could You Pass Me The Wire StripperNew England IPA8.50009-25-2022
Cranck the Session JuiceEnglish IPA3.50010-25-2022
Crank Crank the Juice JuiceNew England IPA813.8405-27-2023
Crank The Experimental Hop JuiceNew England IPA5.533.9809-02-2022
Crank the Experimental Hop Juice 2023 EditionNew England IPA60005-09-2023
Crank the JuiceNew England IPA653.9712-30-2022
Creme BruleeAmerican Barleywine1213.504-15-2021
CROD The Cinnamon Churros ChuggerRussian Imperial Stout1133.6801-07-2023
Daily GrindAmerican Stout624.109-27-2022
Daily Grind #3Sweet / Milk Stout813.0509-27-2022
Daily Grind Batch #2American Stout813.9709-27-2022
Dark Side Of The IslandRussian Imperial Stout100005-09-2023
Dew TripNew England IPA833.5103-21-2021
Dolle Dries 2Imperial Porter11153.9103-30-2021
Double Roast Keen CoffeeImperial Porter1043.912-23-2020
Double Roast PlanadasSweet / Milk Stout1033.6202-28-2022
ECHO The Espresso Affogato GolloperRussian Imperial Stout1124.2509-17-2021
Emergency EscapeNew England IPA853.9306-13-2019
Emmer MaltAmerican Imperial Stout1114.4709-27-2022
Fifth DimensionRussian Imperial Stout180005-09-2023
Fizzy FogNew England IPA6.513.504-15-2021
Fruit BombImperial IPA813.8805-21-2023
Fruit Bomb Batch #1New England IPA814.5409-27-2022
Fruit Bomb Batch #2English IPA814.6509-27-2022
Fruit Bomb Batch #3English IPA80009-25-2022
Give Or TakeAmerican Imperial Stout1174.0302-17-2022
Graxx 'The Cream Horn Gobbler'American Imperial Stout923.6104-25-2021
GRAxXx ReloadedAmerican Imperial Stout1114.0709-27-2022
Gummy LaceFruited Kettle Sour50001-20-2022
Hank In A Dank TankImperial IPA1333.9107-18-2020
HappyRussian Imperial Stout1414.512-29-2020
Happy 2022 EditionRussian Imperial Stout130012-19-2022
HolidaysRussian Imperial Stout1414.512-29-2020
Holidays 2022 EditionRussian Imperial Stout130012-19-2022
Hop RocketNew England IPA814.4704-15-2021
Hovercraft FreestyleEnglish IPA100010-25-2022
Hydrogen HeroRussian Imperial Stout1214.2505-02-2023
Hype BombImperial IPA80005-09-2023
Idaho 7x7New England IPA823.8302-18-2022
In the Nick of TimeRobust Porter80009-25-2022
Indulgence 12Russian Imperial Stout140005-09-2023
Indulgence EightRussian Imperial Stout150009-25-2022
Indulgence NineRussian Imperial Stout150010-25-2022
Indulgence SevenAmerican Imperial Stout150007-07-2022
Indulgence SixAmerican Imperial Stout150006-07-2022
Indulgence TenRussian Imperial Stout140012-10-2022
Je Moer op de KoffieImperial Porter1074.1511-09-2019
Je Moer Op Een BakfietsAmerican Imperial Stout1083.8208-03-2018
Keys of HeavenEnglish IPA5.30001-20-2022
KIVEX The Muscovado Pecan Pie FinisherRussian Imperial Stout1133.5611-29-2022
LergullSweet / Milk Stout1114.1309-27-2022
LizardAmerican Barleywine1624.0202-18-2022
LoadedRussian Imperial Stout1214.3206-15-2021
LORI The Sticky Maple Coffee Cake ChampRussian Imperial Stout1223.8103-11-2023
Lucky TonkaRussian Imperial Stout110005-09-2023
Macaroon MachineRussian Imperial Stout1034.1209-27-2021
Maple Pecan PieAmerican Imperial Stout1864.2602-21-2021
MargreetSweet / Milk Stout160007-08-2022
MaxNew England IPA80007-08-2022
May The S'Mores Be With YouSweet / Milk Stout1114.3209-27-2022
MexicoffeecakeAmerican Imperial Stout1124.5409-27-2022
Moersleutel/Ophiussa ConstrictorNew England IPA713.5205-22-2023
Mosaicx7New England IPA70010-25-2022
Motor OilRussian Imperial Stout1244.0304-17-2023
Motor Oil - Christmas SpecialRussian Imperial Stout120012-19-2022
Motor Oil - Vanilla, Chocolate & CoffeeRussian Imperial Stout1214.303-26-2023
Motor Oil Christmas SpecialAmerican Imperial Stout1214.2411-06-2022
Motor Oil CoconutRussian Imperial Stout1113.109-27-2022
Motor Oil Double ChocolateRussian Imperial Stout1023.4809-26-2021
Motor Oil Double CoffeeRussian Imperial Stout1014.5910-22-2021
Motor Oil Double VanillaRussian Imperial Stout1024.3405-05-2023
Motor Oil Double Vanilla 2022 EditionSweet / Milk Stout1014.2505-20-2023
Motor Oil Double Vanilla, Double Chocolate & Double CoffeeRussian Imperial Stout1214.5902-18-2022
Motor Oil Vietnamese & Tanzanian ChcocolateAmerican Imperial Stout120007-07-2022
Motorolie 10Russian Imperial Stout12134.0701-13-2023
Motorolie 10 (Barrel Aged Dailuaine 1992)Russian Imperial Stout1214.7501-30-2017
Motorolie CoffeeRussian Imperial Stout1294.2502-06-2022
Motorolie Mexican VanillaRussian Imperial Stout12113.9604-04-2021
Motuekax7Imperial IPA8.50012-16-2022
Muscovado Maple MagicianRussian Imperial Stout1123.4303-12-2023
My Milkshake Brings All The Geeks To The Yard - VanillaNew England IPA8.514.0610-12-2018
n (ETA)New England IPA643.7402-02-2019
Nice To Mead YouAmerican Barleywine130012-17-2022
NorthboundBaltic Porter110005-09-2023
Nut JobAmerican Imperial Stout1014.1410-22-2021
ObliviousNew England IPA6.553.9302-24-2021
Oblivious 2022 EditionNew England IPA70009-27-2022
Octane OverlordRussian Imperial Stout12163.9604-23-2021
Ordinary FenceNew England IPA743.702-17-2022
Passionfruit & MangoFruited Kettle Sour60007-07-2022
Pierre the Coconut CrusherSweet / Milk Stout6.90009-25-2022
PimAmerican Imperial Stout1114.4210-09-2022
PunchlineNew England IPA5.523.9408-05-2019
Raisin awareness for dried grapesRye Beer1214.1701-28-2023
ReloadedSweet / Milk Stout1114.1402-10-2023
ResonanceAmerican Imperial Stout824.4802-16-2022
RobNew England IPA100007-08-2022
RustyAmerican Brown Ale8183.910-21-2021
Salta BananersRussian Imperial Stout120005-09-2023
SjaakAmerican Imperial Stout1414.4109-17-2022
SmeerolieAmerican Imperial Stout10124.0804-10-2023
Smeerolie Coconut MilkshakeSweet / Milk Stout10244.0809-11-2022
Smeerolie MexicakeAmerican Imperial Stout10154.1709-11-2022
Smoke ScreenSmoked Beer884.1212-18-2019
Smoked Peated Islay No1American Imperial Stout120001-20-2022
Smoked Peated Islay No2Russian Imperial Stout120001-21-2022
Spelt MaltAmerican Imperial Stout1123.9803-07-2023
SpockAmerican Imperial Stout1214.5510-22-2021
Squeaky ToyImperial IPA833.5407-15-2019
Strawberry Coconut White Chocolate Meringue PieFruited Kettle Sour713.603-18-2022
Suska SechlońskaAmerican Imperial Stout1214.2504-02-2023
TAKAS The Chocolate Almond Torte TorturerRussian Imperial Stout1114.6402-18-2022
Tanks Are Made For BrewingBaltic Porter10.50012-04-2022
The Bolt & The BeastRussian Imperial Stout1314.0502-18-2022
The Shape of BrewingGruit / Ancient Herbed Ale100005-09-2023
Third HarmonicImperial IPA90005-09-2023
Three Years DinnerAmerican Imperial Stout1384.1802-19-2020
TIG Welding TorchImperial IPA8.51406-18-2021
Tiramisumo TripletsSweet / Milk Stout1114.0409-27-2022
Tiramisumo Twins (Rum Barrel Aged)Russian Imperial Stout1214.6402-18-2022
To The RootzAmerican Barleywine131402-10-2023
TomRye Beer1014.0311-22-2022
TRONKS The Chocolate Hazelnut Napoleon MasticatorRussian Imperial Stout1113.8907-15-2021
Two Years DessertAmerican Imperial Stout1243.4411-18-2019
UNMOD The Almond Bar DemolisherAmerican Imperial Stout1113.9410-22-2021
Vegan VonsSweet / Milk Stout110009-25-2022
VegorSweet / Milk Stout110012-13-2022
Vic Secretx7Imperial IPA80012-09-2022
Violet ViolenceAmerican Imperial Stout1323.9806-18-2021
VONS The Peanut Butter Brownie ChomperRussian Imperial Stout1123.9106-18-2021
Wanna Taste My Candy Cane?American Imperial Stout1134.0205-14-2019
Wanna Taste My Gingerbread Man?American Imperial Stout1054.1502-28-2022
Wanna Taste My SnowflakesAmerican Imperial Stout953.704-29-2021
Wanna Taste My Yule Log?American Imperial Stout913.5311-06-2022
We Helped Build the Brewery With This Barley WineAmerican Barleywine1014.1801-01-2020
We Helped Build the Brewery With This India Pale AleAmerican IPA023.5410-03-2018
Willy Tonka - Tonka & PeanutsAmerican Imperial Stout1324.1203-06-2021
Willy Tonka & The Seven ChocolatesRussian Imperial Stout120005-09-2023
Willy Tonka - Chocolate & LiquoriceAmerican Imperial Stout1314.502-18-2022
Willy Tonka - Chocolate, Vanilla, Cardamom & NutmegAmerican Imperial Stout1314.102-18-2022
Willy Tonka - Double Dose Chocolate, Double Dose VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout1314.402-18-2022
Willy Tonka - Maple, Vanilla & Smoked ChiliAmerican Imperial Stout1314.5210-22-2021
Willy Tonka - Tonka & ChocolateAmerican Imperial Stout1354.2801-21-2023
Willy Tonka - Tonka, Chocolate & CinnamonAmerican Imperial Stout1334.4104-25-2021
Willy Tonka - Tonka, Chocolate & VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout1314.5506-15-2021
Willy Tonka - Tonka, Coconut, White ChocolateRussian Imperial Stout120010-25-2022
Willy Tonka - Tonka, Maple & PecanAmerican Imperial Stout1324.3502-10-2023
Yuzu BombImperial IPA80012-12-2022
ZusquoidSweet / Milk Stout110012-05-2022

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