Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC)

Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC)Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC)
Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC)Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC)
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

381 Troutman St
Brooklyn, New York, 11237
United States

(929) 234-6557 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
5th OrbitIPA - Imperial834.1903-09-2022
Alchemy & ZymurgyCream Ale524.0201-09-2022
Apocalypse MeowIPA - Imperial8.534.1304-17-2022
Bark To the FutureIPA - American7.213.9903-03-2022
Basquet of BeastsIPA - American6.944.4801-29-2020
Beach BotSour - Gose423.9607-24-2021
Beach ZombieSour - Berliner Weisse3.7324.107-17-2021
Beast Of ParadiseIPA - New England844.4201-28-2022
BlocktopusIPA - American6.2164.0811-06-2021
Brains On BrainsIPA - Imperial1064.2504-18-2022
Breakfast Zombie ApocalypseSour - Fruited Kettle Sour644.0205-05-2021
Brew Man GroupIPA - Imperial824.0604-08-2022
Bug HugFruit and Field Beer5.213.8410-13-2021
Buried Beneath the WavesStout - Oatmeal5.923.8712-12-2021
Bushwick ZombieSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4114.1212-21-2020
Cactus Hug IPAIPA - American6.224.3204-05-2020
Candy BomberIPA - Imperial824.0302-02-2021
Cantina HyenaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour70012-02-2021
Catbot Strikes BackIPA - American7.264.1412-08-2021
CheermaniaPilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.714.0312-14-2021
Child of ZombieSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4.513.1510-07-2021
Community NachosIPA - New England7.263.9103-15-2021
Cosmic ZombieSour - Fruited Kettle Sour50011-17-2021
Dangerous PrecedentIPA - American6.6494.1410-09-2021
Deadlock VictimStout - American Imperial1124.1801-28-2021
Deep Space Yacht ClubIPA - American6.914.0604-01-2022
Demons on the Dance FloorStout - American Imperial1174.2702-05-2020
Donnie BarkoIPA - American7.234.2205-10-2022
Dr. FruitkensteinSour - Fruited Kettle Sour514.2501-28-2022
Dragon WagonSour - Fruited Kettle Sour714.207-18-2021
Dynamite Daredevils (2021 Pink Boots Hop Blend)IPA - American6.913.9303-09-2022
EastRiverDanceIPA - Imperial8.554.0108-28-2021
El TrenLager - American4.233.807-19-2021
El Tren RapidoLager - Vienna4.763.8505-29-2021
Emerging from Darkness: CoconutStout - American Imperial1114.0911-29-2021
Emerging from Darkness: CoffeeStout - Sweet / Milk1114.510-15-2021
Forgotten FatesStout - American Imperial1414.412-22-2021
Friends & AnemonesIPA - Imperial814.2403-01-2020
From Dusk till PrawnIPA - Imperial824.0801-22-2022
Fruitbot 6000Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.20002-02-2021
Fruitbot 7000Sour - Gose5.223.9205-09-2021
Gulp AddictionIPA - New England814.503-11-2021
Hades CorpsesLager - European Dark4.813.8204-16-2022
Hardcore ParkourIPA - New England7.224.1404-08-2022
Hatchet JobIPA - Imperial8304.2405-16-2022
Helles KitchenSmoked Beer4.5153.8508-04-2020
Here Comes Santa ClawsIPA - New England7.21412-22-2021
Hippopotomus RexIPA - American6.914.3904-17-2020
Hybrid VigorIPA - Imperial8.5153.9509-17-2020
Hyper TyperSour - Fruited Kettle Sour714.0303-16-2022
Iceberg Zombie Apocalypse - Strawberry, Blackberry, Tart Cherry & LemonSour - Fruited Kettle Sour623.9805-06-2021
Il ParadisoPilsner - German4.614.2609-18-2021
Indiana Bones and the Last BrewsadeIPA - New England7.224.3707-07-2021
Indiana Bones Raiders of the Lost BarkIPA - New England7.243.9105-08-2021
Inglorious BastoadsIPA - New England834.1205-11-2022
Interstellar StallionIPA - American6.843.8110-29-2021
Intruder AlertIPA - Imperial8.3174.1709-05-2020
Intruder AnnihilationIPA - Imperial9174.1904-22-2021
Intruders Attack!IPA - Imperial8.663.8511-10-2020
Invasion of the Berry SnatchersSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.11401-03-2020
Janiak ManiacPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.2233.7205-09-2022
Jingle ZombieSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4103.9701-04-2021
Jingle Zombie ApocalypseSour - Fruited Kettle Sour634.0901-23-2021
Karaoke KingIPA - American6.954.1203-13-2020
Kitty CommandosIPA - American7.224.3204-07-2020
Komputer PhoneIPA - American6.920404-17-2022
Krill BillIPA - New England813.7508-14-2021
La Puerta De La BodegaSour - Gose4.544.0510-19-2020
Light the LightningStout - American Imperial954.303-28-2021
Lobster Drum SoloIPA - New England834.207-12-2021
Lurchin UrchinSour - Fruited Kettle Sour714.2108-02-2021
Lurking in the DepthsStout - Oatmeal5.934.202-12-2022
Marble Of DoomSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5364.0109-14-2021
Marble of Doom IISour - Fruited Kettle Sour5164.0104-11-2021
Marble of Doom III (Strawberry, Tangerine, & Peach)Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.514.2504-28-2022
Marble of Doom IVSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.584.1106-12-2021
March of the Penguins In SpacePale Ale - American5.214.2904-21-2022
Middling EarthBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)4.8104.0102-21-2022
Moon SorceressFarmhouse Ale - Saison434.103-30-2022
Morbid HourLager - Schwarzbier4.67173.902-21-2022
Natural Born GillersIPA - Imperial844.0404-09-2022
Necro AlchemyLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.9113.6404-01-2020
Night of the Living PenguinsPale Ale - American5.233.9912-28-2021
OctocyclePilsner - German4.514.3410-19-2021
Octopus Drum SoloIPA - New England844.1311-08-2021
Once Upon A Time In FroggywoodIPA - Imperial814.1902-01-2022
Penguin Vs. HipsterIPA - New England4.913.5204-14-2021
Penguins in CaliPale Ale - American5.22411-17-2021
Penguins of the NorthPale Ale - American5.214.0502-25-2022
Penguins on ParadePale Ale - American5.214.2511-17-2021
Penguins on Planet XIPA - American4.973.9108-26-2020
Phantom OverdriveIPA - New England6.924.0207-14-2020
Ping Pong PandamoniumPorter - American633.9903-25-2022
Platypus RexIPA - New England6.913.8506-16-2020
PolkageistLager - Helles4.893.9204-30-2021
Pure Idaho IPAIPA - American6.654.0703-04-2020
Rhapsody of BonesStout - American Imperial140002-25-2021
Rhino DinoIPA - New England7.224.0610-08-2021
Ride The LigerKölsch5.283.9611-28-2020
Ridiculously Dangerous PrecedentIPA - Imperial10134.3201-14-2022
Robot Fish #5 Mosaic/PearlIPA - American6.6194.0304-12-2022
Robot Fish: Citra SmashIPA - American6.6144.109-12-2021
Robot Fish: Galaxy SmashIPA - American6.633.7808-27-2020
Robot Fish: Nelson SmashIPA - New England6.624.0512-07-2021
Running Man FeverIPA - American6.6124.0701-18-2021
Safe FlightIPA - New England6.2174.0403-07-2020
SandcastlesFarmhouse Ale - Saison583.9304-19-2020
Savage CrushSour - Gose4.574.1701-25-2021
Science Fair ProjectSour - Gose4.533.9506-09-2020
Scissor KickIPA - American744.3411-21-2021
Short Term GoalsIPA - Imperial9.3274.0601-08-2022
Snakes and VulturesIPA - American6.733.9604-09-2021
Spaghetti NorthwesternIPA - American6.963.9405-15-2022
Star FaceIPA - Imperial8.813.9601-09-2022
Steampunk Puppy Pirates In The SkyIPA - American6.5114.0804-03-2022
Stink BombIPA - American6.923.9706-13-2020
StraphangerLager - Japanese Rice4.9153.6804-12-2021
Strictly PlutonicStout - American6103.9608-27-2021
Superhero SidekicksIPA - New England6.91214.1205-15-2022
Symphony of BonesStout - American Imperial146407-05-2021
Taco ThörsdayPilsner - German4.543.9605-15-2021
Taco WednesdayLager - American5.8173.812-30-2021
Tech NoirStout - American Imperial1284.1811-08-2020
The CodfatherIPA - Imperial8.543.8904-11-2022
The Fast & The FurriestIPA - American6.923.7707-05-2021
The Fellowship of the BlingBarleywine - American1113.4702-03-2021
The FinstonesIPA - Imperial814.2705-08-2021
The Good, The Bad & The PuglyIPA - American6.944.0205-09-2022
The Great CatsbyIPA - American7.20005-13-2022
The Hound of MusicIPA - New England7.234.0703-05-2022
The RavenmasterStout - American Imperial1454.205-16-2022
This Is Your Brain On Hops: Citra & GalaxyIPA - New England8.524.4805-04-2021
This Is Your Brain On Hops: Citra & NelsonIPA - Imperial8.544.4509-22-2021
This Is Your Brain On Hops: Citra & Vic SecretIPA - Imperial8.524.1709-16-2021
This Is Your Brain On Hops: Citra & WaimeaIPA - Imperial8.2234.2207-03-2021
This Is Your Brain On Hops: Mosaic & SimcoeIPA - New England8.554.2409-12-2021
This Is Your Brain On. Hops: Mosaic & MotuekaIPA - Imperial8.314.2411-08-2021
Tiger ThunderIPA - Imperial8253.8303-31-2022
Total MayhemIPA - New England6.364.2703-21-2021
Tyrannosaurus TexIPA - New England6.92403-27-2021
Unknown CallerStout - Russian Imperial1463.8303-03-2022
Viking HulaIPA - American7.3174.0803-15-2022
Viking Mosh PitIPA - New England7.214.2511-17-2021
Viking Roller BoogieIPA - American7.264.2910-02-2020
Viking TangoIPA - American754.404-15-2021
Viva Las HellesLager - Helles4.52404-13-2022
What We Don't SeeStout - American Imperial8.5194.2105-07-2022
Yeti ConfettiSour - Fruited Kettle Sour793.9603-25-2021
Zed LupulinIPA - Imperial8.5114.2111-13-2021
ZoktoberfestLager - Märzen5.483.8512-01-2021
Zombieland Double TapSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.533.9408-13-2020

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Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC) in Brooklyn, NY
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