Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods MarketWhole Foods Market
Whole Foods MarketWhole Foods Market

1555 W. Lane Ave
Columbus, Ohio, 43221
United States

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Photo of crashdavisinoh
crashdavisinoh from Ohio

4/5  rDev +9.9%
vibe: 3 | quality: 4 | service: 4 | selection: 4 | food: 5

This is now a whole foods...I have always had a pleasant experience here...they offer growler fills from their on tap section as well as samples...though the last couple of times I have been in it was not available (discontinued?)...the selection is solid for a smaller whole foods...I have made some excellent finds here...a 4 pack of Founders Nemesis on the shelf about a month after it sold out all over town. They offer a nice selection of Ohio beers as well as other US and imports. The food is great...hell...it is a whole foods. The beer staff is fantastic as well...very knowledgable and eager to help....when you see one...most times they are not patrolling the area that I have been there but will always come a runnin' when paged. I was able to chat w/ a rep from Bell's here when he was peddling hopslam...nice experience. People seem to forget about this place...don't...or do...and leave the good finds to me.

Apr 14, 2011
Photo of MbpBugeye
MbpBugeye from Ohio

3.55/5  rDev -2.5%

This is now Whole Foods but I the beer selection has not faltered.

For those who are not familiar with Whole Foods they are an alternative grocery store/super market. They specialize in organic and health foods.

Upon walking in you get a totally different vibe from most supermarkets. It feels more intimate, but I also get the feeling that I dont know what Im doing. They carry brands that I am not familiar with and types of foods that are foreign to me. Nonetheless the quality and cleanliness here is top notch.

Anyway, Im here for the beer, not the food. The beer is tucked back in the far rear, right corner past the wine. There is a long supermarket style open cooler with bombers and 6ers. Plenty of Stone, Avery, Bell's, Founder's, Southern Tier and typical Belgians and Germans are here.

Facing the cooler is a small shelf that holds 4-packs 6-packs bombers and 750s. Here are where some of the surprises hide. 750s of St Bernardus Tripel and 12, Black Ops, a few from The Bruery and a few others. There are plenty of beers you would not expect to find at a grocery store. This blows area Giant Eagles out of the water.

Prices didnt seem out of the ordinary. They were clearly marked on the shelves right below each beer.

I left with just a single bottle of Orval.

Apr 24, 2010
Photo of csmiley
csmiley from Ohio

3.55/5  rDev -2.5%

The beer selection is situated in the far back corner of the store. Quality is usually good when dropping by this place. There is usually a lack of any employees in the beer department but that could be because of the off hours that I frequent the establishment. For a store this size, the selection is rather impressive. The beer department is on the small side but the selection is full of quality brews. Some of the breweries represented inlude: Dogfish Head, Great Lakes, Avery, Abita, Founders, Stone, Rogue, Wolavers, Sam Smith, Alesmith, Weyerbacker, Full Sail, Victory, and Bells. The import area is small but not enough to deter me from stopping by. Prices are average compared to other stores in the Columbus Area.

What I walked out with:
Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout
Alesmith Speedway Stout
New Holland Pilgrim's Dole

Apr 21, 2008
Photo of Daehpoh
Daehpoh from Ohio

3.9/5  rDev +7.1%

I believe Wild Oats is now owned by Whole Foods. Not sure if this affected the beer selection, but this store has top notch quality to offer in the Upper Arlington/Grandview/west campus area. This is primarily a grocery store, so the beers are tucked away in the back corner. The selection is not as vast as Palmers or Kenny Rd, however what they do offer is solid. Mostly American craft beer including plenty of Stone (including Double Bastard and 11th Anniversary currently), Founders (including Breakfast Stout), Alesmith, limited Bells, Three Floyds and plenty of others. Some Belgians and other imports are available as well as organic and gluten-free beers. I have found some relative rarities here which is nice since I live close by. Prices are on par with all of the other good beer stores in Columbus. It's easy to get to, just a couple of miles off of 315 to the west. While I can't recommend Wild Oats over those other two I have mentioned, it is yet another nice spot in Columbus to grab some fine beverages. And maybe they will have something that other beer centric stores have already sold out of.

Nov 19, 2007
Photo of mattcrill
mattcrill from Ohio

3.15/5  rDev -13.5%

Not much to add to all the reviews that have been presented. The selection doesn't seem to have changed much to date. This is convienent as heck for me and serves as a "go to" place if I'm desparate. But with Kenny Rd. Market and Gentile's in Grandview, I'm not likely to make this a regular occurence. Still, I know the owner enjoys craft beer and I admire his desire to fill that niche among all the other needs that his store is able to cater to. Recommended to stop by at least once.

Mar 17, 2005
Photo of Ahhdball
Ahhdball from Ohio

3.85/5  rDev +5.8%

I used to drive by this place on my way from work. I had no idea it had a decent selection of brew until i had gone in there with my father to look for some gluten free foods. Inside sits a lot of gourmet foods, coffees bakery goods and, of course beer.
The people are friendly although I never had to ask anyone for beer. The selection was good for the area. A nice cooler with around three to four rows of cold brews. The last time I was there I also saw a few racks of warm as well. Great Lakes, Paulener, and Rogue where present.

I won't go out of my way for anything they have but if I'm in the area I know I can depend on this place to get me by.

Aug 01, 2004
Photo of Dogbrick
Dogbrick from Ohio

3.55/5  rDev -2.5%

Columbus seems to have quite a few gourmet/mom & pop grocery stores with decent microbrew selections, and this is another. Located just west of OSU off Lane Ave in Upper Arlington, Wild Oats is an organic/health food grocery store with ample parking.

The beer selection is tucked away in the rear corner of the store, and they have a decent albeit small selection. You can find stuff from Bell's (they had Batch 6000!), Great Lakes, Thirsty Dog, Otter Creek, Bluegrass, Left Hand etc., along with a couple sampler packs.

Being a grocery store atmosphere don't expect much in the area of beer knowledge.

All in all this place doesn't boast the huge selection of other stores, but it is probably the best in the immediate area to find a fair selection.

Nov 07, 2003
Photo of AtLagerHeads
AtLagerHeads from Ohio

3.5/5  rDev -3.8%

This used to be one of my regular haunts on Lane Avenue, but it then housed the great Micro Center. Since Micro Center moved to more spacious surroundings and better parking on Bethel Road, this is a good reuse of the space. Since the traffic levels are much less than for Micro Center, the parking is now adequate where it used to be precious.

I really like Wild Oats for its unusual and varied selection of food products, but I'm also growing in appreciation of their beer options. This store has a great deal more selection than the store off Edwards in Cincinnati and the quality is very good for micros, not as hot for imports. Refrigeration is not a plus here and neither is the lighting level. Still the good choices and overall atmosphere are to my liking.

Sep 06, 2003
Photo of Wildman
Wildman from Ohio

3/5  rDev -17.6%

This place was pointed out to me by a friend who lives in the area and knows my interest micro beers. This is a grocery store for people wanting healthy and organic foods. The beers are in the back near the wine section. A small area is devoted to micros. While the selection was fairly small, it was varied enough to be helpful for someone living in the area like my friend. But there are better places closer to me. But will be helpful when I go to see my friend in Upper Arlington.

May 24, 2003
Whole Foods Market in Columbus, OH
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