The Referend Bier Blendery

Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

407 Old Route 22
Kutztown, Pennsylvania, 19530
United States

(609) 474-0443 | map

Notes: ***They have completed their move to the new farm in Kutztown, PA and will be opening for tasting room service shortly. Please join their mailing list or check their website for updates on the exact opening date.***

Since 2016, The Referend has produced beer using strictly spontaneous fermentation, sourcing yeast passively from the environment and open air, and actively sourcing locally-grown grain and fruit. These naturally wild beers develop on their own timeline, with total production times ranging from nine months to five years, and with bottles carrying cellaring potentials of three to fifty years.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
A Ghost Is BornFruit Lambic4.544.3704-19-2020
A Novel Of Thank YouFruit Lambic7.934.2912-07-2019
Alleluiavers: UncutFruit Lambic014.5204-29-2022
AlleluiaversusgloriaBerliner Weisse414.1901-26-2019
Apricot AltarFruit Lambic634.3901-26-2020
Avond: de rode boomFruit Lambic5.824.312-09-2018
BalbecFruit Lambic624.5512-07-2019
BergotteFruit Lambic434.1209-29-2018
Berliner MesseBerliner Weisse4204.1612-06-2021
Berliner Messe: Agnus DeiBerliner Weisse6174.112-10-2021
Berliner Messe: AlleluiaversBerliner Weisse4164.2108-17-2020
Berliner Messe: Alleluiavers Grand CruFruit Lambic424.6212-07-2019
Berliner Messe: CredoBerliner Weisse4144.3707-03-2020
Berliner Messe: GloriaBerliner Weisse4204.1204-07-2019
Berliner Messe: Gloria (Cuvée Reed)Berliner Weisse414.1911-10-2017
Berliner Messe: Gloria (DDH Strata)Berliner Weisse424.0203-31-2019
Berliner Messe: Gloria (Sommer)Berliner Weisse454.1605-18-2018
Berliner Messe: KyrieBerliner Weisse4.7264.2703-06-2022
Berliner Messe: SanctusBerliner Weisse6194.0612-27-2020
Berliner Messe: UnblendedBerliner Weisse484.305-05-2020
Berliner Messe: Unblended No. 3Berliner Weisse3.224.2804-08-2019
Berliner Messe: Veni Sancte SpiritusBerliner Weisse5124.2206-20-2021
Berliner Messe: Veni Sancte Spiritus (Blend 3)Berliner Weisse514.4709-13-2019
Berliner Messe: Veni Sancte Spiritus (Cognac Cask)Wild Ale4.814.106-13-2021
BluetsFruit Lambic7.114.3403-21-2021
Bog PoemsFruit Lambic5.614.312-19-2021
Bog PomesFruit Lambic5.114.3107-09-2022
Cheap Songs I: The CobblerBerliner Weisse514.5212-04-2018
DialoguesFruit Lambic014.2305-01-2022
Ecce PuerLambic5.414.1407-01-2022
Enigma VariationsWild Ale513.6409-30-2018
Globe Theater: Riesling (2020)Fruit Lambic7.814.3410-16-2021
Globe Theatre: Cabernet FrancFruit Lambic7.844.3612-29-2019
Globe Theatre: ChardonnayFruit Lambic7.824.3506-15-2020
Globe Theatre: VerdejoFruit Lambic7.724.4504-29-2022
GlückBerliner Weisse414.5412-26-2020
Hills Like White ElephantsLambic7.233.7312-19-2021
Ice-nine (Cabernet Franc)Fruit Lambic8.884.109-22-2018
Ice-nine (Vidal Blanc)Fruit Lambic8.80006-02-2021
InfernoBerliner Weisse424.1904-28-2019
Juan GrisWild Ale6.624.2708-06-2021
Jung - AbsintheLambic6.534.4412-03-2018
Jung - GalaxyLambic5.524.2207-30-2017
Jung - Hallertau BlancLambic5.514.2807-15-2017
Jung - MosaicLambic5.583.8108-19-2017
Jung - Nelson SauvinLambic5.513.707-21-2018
Jung - OlorosoLambic5.50004-15-2017
Krak!Fruit Lambic6.574.0903-15-2022
Krak! (Cognac)Fruit Lambic7.534.406-01-2020
Krak! (Rum Barrel)Fruit Lambic7.543.9403-15-2022
Krak! (Vanilla)Fruit Lambic6.553.9902-17-2022
Krak! Krek!Fruit Lambic6.923.8205-12-2019
Krek!Fruit Lambic6.554.2312-07-2019
Le MurFruit Lambic6104.2211-06-2021
Le mur Grand CruFruit Lambic614.5305-29-2022
Le Rouge et le NoirFruit Lambic714.3101-02-2021
Liber NovusFruit Lambic674.308-19-2019
Locus SolusWild Ale624.6501-16-2021
MetamorphosesFruit Lambic5.944.1104-13-2021
Mont Saint LaurentWild Ale7.714.3401-10-2021
Mont Sainte-Victoire (Houblon)Saison6.314.202-16-2020
Mont Sainte-Victoire (Spruced)Saison6.324.4108-03-2021
Mont Sainte-Victoire (White Peach)Saison664.2812-07-2019
NightwoodFruit Lambic4.654.4410-07-2020
No Place For Literature Vol. 2Lambic414.3101-01-2022
PlutarchWild Ale624.1409-07-2019
Pomes PenyeachFruit Lambic4.954.2708-08-2022
Richard IIWild Ale614.1911-16-2018
SmultronillaFruit Lambic614.1507-23-2022
SmultronlavengroFruit Lambic614.3707-23-2022
SmultronställetFruit Lambic624.4304-06-2020
SmultrumetälletFruit Lambic714.0407-23-2022
Song of the Earth (Maitake)Fruit Lambic6.414.3910-21-2021
SudaBerliner Weisse424.307-13-2019
Tender ButtonsFruit Lambic664.4512-07-2019
Tender Buttons - VanillaFruit Lambic664.4511-26-2020
Tender Buttons Grand CruFruit Lambic6.414.5412-16-2020
That Obscure Object Of DesireGueuze5.514.2303-27-2022
The Big SleepLambic5.524.4201-22-2022
The Blue BookFruit Lambic5.664.3109-18-2020
The Blue Book (Vanilla)Fruit Lambic5.614.4212-07-2019
The ExquisiteAmerican Stout6.414.0105-23-2022
The Iceman ComethFruit Lambic534.0903-03-2019
The Name of the RoseBerliner Weisse4.454.3210-06-2018
The RecognitionsLambic724.212-30-2018
The Revolutionists Stop For OrangeadeBerliner Weisse414.3608-05-2018
The Song of the Earth (Black Trumpet)Lambic614.4912-03-2018
The Song of the Earth (Chanterelles)Lambic6.723.5804-13-2021
The Sound And The FuryFruit Lambic544.0804-21-2018
The Tennis Court OathLambic614.2804-29-2022
The Uses of EnchantmentFruit Lambic614.2603-28-2021
The Way of All FleshWild Ale4.5104.2204-17-2022
This Is Just To SayFruit Lambic6.244.4104-07-2022
Un Chien AndalouLambic4.424.3411-08-2021
Welcome To The Monkey HouseFruit Lambic5.514.1101-27-2018
WittgensteinWild Ale4.3104.103-02-2020
Writing Degree ZeroWild Ale6.244.103-26-2022
XYZBerliner Weisse413.7307-08-2018

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The Referend Bier Blendery in Kutztown, PA
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