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Troon BrewingTroon Brewing
Troon BrewingTroon Brewing

130 Hopewell Rocky Hill Rd, Bldg #5
Hopewell, New Jersey, 08525
United States | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
A By Myself MeetingNew England IPA10.51405-17-2021
A Cashless EconomyWild Ale7.91408-12-2020
A History of Bad MenFruited Kettle Sour814.310-02-2021
A Menace on the WindImperial Porter924.6205-22-2022
A More Perfect UnionAmerican IPA7.844.2911-29-2017
Abducted by AliensImperial IPA8.50012-13-2022
Ageless WitticismFruit and Field Beer9.524.3511-29-2017
Alternate PlumageAmerican Imperial Stout12.524.5301-15-2023
Ample OpportunityNew England IPA8.914.4110-16-2021
Apocalyptic VisionsAmerican IPA834.5311-29-2017
Argle-bargleAmerican IPA7.254.2311-29-2017
Artfully RestoredNew England IPA9.124.2402-15-2022
As The Sun DescendsImperial IPA9.114.5610-04-2019
BathosImperial IPA8.614.2408-26-2018
Beer Fest #1American Imperial Stout014.0610-03-2021
Beer Fest #2American Imperial Stout014.4810-03-2021
Beer Fest #3Sweet / Milk Stout013.8810-03-2021
Beer Fest #4Fruited Kettle Sour014.2910-03-2021
Bestial SacrificeAmerican Imperial Stout1034.6205-01-2022
BogomilismImperial IPA9.244.508-16-2017
Born Without Your SpineAmerican IPA614.8204-02-2017
Brain LintImperial IPA8.244.2511-28-2018
BumfAmerican Blonde Ale6.434.0111-29-2017
Buried Without Your Funny BoneAmerican IPA6.314.6802-16-2017
Calan GaeafAmerican IPA7.634.3911-25-2017
Can't Be BotheredImperial IPA8.824.3312-11-2017
Canine CompanionsAmerican IPA814.4410-03-2021
Chained To The Bottom Of The OceanImperial IPA8.324.1211-25-2017
Chaotic ConditionNew England IPA8.514.3208-23-2022
Children of the UrnNew England IPA8.524.2702-04-2022
Chopped and ChewedNew England IPA914.305-17-2021
Chum For the SharksNew England IPA7.614.2505-31-2022
Clinically ProvenAmerican IPA7.514.2706-30-2021
Comma CrisisImperial IPA8.834.6511-25-2017
Complete DisorderNew England IPA8.914.3503-26-2022
Consuming ImpulseNew England IPA814.3907-23-2021
Corporeal TormentNew England IPA7.734.3810-30-2021
Craven CottontailAmerican Imperial Stout1124.1606-17-2021
Crucified ThievesNew England IPA8.314.2107-27-2022
Crust Punk DogImperial IPA924.1201-04-2018
Daily AblutionsAmerican Pale Ale5.423.9507-09-2019
Destined to FesterNew England IPA914.2506-12-2022
Diabolical ThirstAmerican Imperial Stout1324.5206-06-2022
Dog-Eared NovelAmerican IPA754.302-16-2017
Don’t Waste Any TimeImperial IPA1014.0907-10-2020
Eat the TurnbuckleAmerican Imperial Stout1214.2706-18-2022
Eggregious Editing ErrorImperial IPA9.444.3711-25-2017
Engulfed In FlamesImperial IPA9.713.8606-12-2022
GabberImperial IPA8.634.7312-10-2017
Gather Your ThingsFruited Kettle Sour814.5906-12-2021
Gone And ForgottenNew England IPA8.214.607-25-2021
Grammar GaffeImperial IPA8.624.4211-25-2017
Grandma's Famous Oatmeal CookiesImperial IPA9.544.0209-22-2019
Gravity Is My EnemyImperial IPA9.324.4101-16-2023
Hatred for MankindImperial IPA8.514.303-05-2021
Hello? Are You There?Imperial IPA9.324.2502-08-2020
Hyperbolic Tasting NotesAmerican IPA7.624.3211-25-2017
I Can't Do Small TalkNew England IPA8.314.3612-17-2022
I see you here oftenImperial IPA8.334.4312-14-2022
I Wont Be ReturningImperial IPA9.214.4706-30-2021
Illegible Metal FontImperial IPA954.2311-25-2017
Immersion TherapyNew England IPA9.234.305-31-2022
In Good ConscienceImperial IPA9.314.2701-16-2023
Innumerable FormsNew England IPA8.324.6312-06-2022
Inspirational QuoteAmerican IPA734.7411-25-2017
Instrument Of PainNew England IPA9.724.3810-18-2022
It’s Been a PleasureImperial IPA100006-10-2022
I’m to Blame for the RainAmerican Imperial Stout1224.4911-30-2018
Just For My FriendsImperial IPA8.714.0210-30-2021
Keep Your DistanceSweet / Milk Stout14.534.3905-25-2020
Let Justice Be DoneFruited Kettle Sour824.2908-27-2022
Let the Devil InAmerican Imperial Stout1054.4412-21-2017
Living Free of FearNew England IPA8.314.0507-16-2022
Living In My DreamsFruited Kettle Sour9.514.3110-03-2021
Luddite ManifestoImperial IPA8.214.2701-16-2023
Ludicrous DisplayNew England IPA9.224.4910-25-2022
Malignant HorrorImperial IPA12.234.3701-19-2020
Mental KaleidoscopeSweet / Milk Stout954.4211-25-2017
Migratory TentshowImperial IPA8.854.0803-05-2017
Molten Black EarthAmerican Imperial Stout11.824.4502-15-2021
Neanderthal TombsNew England IPA7.914.4606-12-2021
Nobody Believes MeAmerican IPA744.303-05-2021
Nostalgia Is A ScamNew England IPA8.814.3307-23-2021
Nothing Grows HereNew England IPA7.534.3205-12-2022
Nothingness Is Not A CurseAmerican IPA7.134.4811-25-2017
Now's Not a Good TimeImperial IPA8.914.4307-19-2020
O Russell, Where Art ThouImperial IPA924.4803-16-2019
Obligate ScavengerImperial IPA8.544.1403-05-2017
Orchard TortureSaison5.924.2111-25-2017
Paid Vacation DaysImperial IPA7.514.4908-03-2022
Pain and SufferingNew England IPA9.2514.4603-26-2022
Pain Will Define UsImperial IPA914.2508-27-2022
Panicked HareImperial Porter11.534.3301-07-2019
PatriarchyAmerican IPA7.353.9504-12-2017
Permanent PurgatoryImperial IPA8.844.3211-25-2017
Personality TraitNew England IPA1014.412-14-2022
Phone TagAmerican IPA7.254.1405-02-2017
Portrayal of GuiltNew England IPA7.314.2712-14-2022
Primordial WoundImperial IPA824.4605-08-2018
Probed by MartiansSweet / Milk Stout1134.5112-14-2022
Pull The PlugImperial IPA8.234.1811-29-2017
Purposeful ObfuscationAmerican Pale Wheat Beer6.233.9502-16-2017
Pushed to the BrinkNew England IPA9.624.3301-16-2023
Quite the ContraryNew England IPA714.0205-17-2021
Ritual NecromancyAmerican Imperial Stout1214.5601-29-2022
Sacrificial DanceNew England IPA9.114.4601-29-2022
Secondhand CasketEnglish Barleywine1414.2408-15-2022
Self-PreservationNew England IPA8.614.2812-14-2022
Send Me An EstimateNew England IPA8.324.3510-11-2021
Soul TrapImperial IPA8.244.0711-29-2017
Spewing PurulenceImperial IPA8.914.3302-15-2022
Stylistic Self-ImmolationWild Ale6.254.0904-07-2018
Sweating Through Your Clown PaintAmerican Imperial Stout10.354.0112-28-2017
Sweating Through Your Coconut BraAmerican Stout8.86411-29-2017
Sweating Through Your Corpse PaintEnglish Porter7.633.5902-16-2017
Symbolic GesturesImperial IPA8.514.7401-15-2021
Take Off Your Skin And Dance In Your BonesAmerican Pale Ale7.574.2602-16-2017
TchotchkeAmerican IPA6.724.1711-29-2017
Thanks for Havin’ UsImperial IPA8.50006-10-2022
The Self-TormentorFruited Kettle Sour9.334.3202-15-2021
The Sun in Your EyesFruited Kettle Sour714.2508-27-2022
The Thorn In My SideNew England IPA8.534.6211-10-2022
There is No HorizonImperial IPA7.714.2807-19-2020
This Abyssal PlainNew England IPA10.724.4202-15-2021
Together to the EndNew England IPA9.514.5212-14-2022
Torn Apart By BirdsImperial IPA1014.3507-07-2022
Trying To Get FiredAmerican IPA814.4307-25-2019
Undead DebaucheryAmerican Imperial Stout1124.3610-11-2021
Unexpurgated TextAmerican Lager8.533.8411-01-2022
Unholy ApparitionBaltic Porter8.824.312-05-2022
Unholy DevourmentImperial IPA834.3607-23-2022
Until We Meet AgainImperial IPA8.50006-10-2022
Who Taught You That?New England IPA7.524.1303-19-2021
Who’s In Charge Here?Imperial IPA10.224.4801-18-2021
Witless AphorismAmerican Strong Ale10.153.9905-02-2017
Working Retail During The HolidaysImperial IPA10.154.302-16-2017
Writ of CertiorariAmerican Lager713.108-30-2021

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