Equilibrium Brewery

Equilibrium BreweryEquilibrium Brewery
Equilibrium BreweryEquilibrium Brewery
Brewery, Bar

22 Henry St
Middletown, New York, 10940
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1SigmaAmerican IPA10.574.15-
20/20 VisionAmerican IPA8.274.3-
2SigmaAmerican Imperial IPA10.214.5-
A New Level of Science and FlowerAmerican Imperial IPA8.5144.5-
Above The CloudsNew England IPA844.25-
AdrestiaAmerican Imperial IPA8.214.24-
Agent OrangeAmerican Imperial IPA893.93-
All TogetherNew England IPA6.514.21-
Austin - Gin Barrel AgedBelgian Saison6.514.1-
Austin Black Currant and BlackberryBelgian Saison614.1-
Austin BoysenberryBelgian Saison694.38-
Austin Cranberry and LimeBelgian Saison600-
Austin Guava and PassionfruitBelgian Saison624.22-
Austin PlumBelgian Saison653.8-
Barrel Aged Special Relativity 1American Imperial Stout1200-
Barry KnowsAmerican Wild Ale624.34-
Beard Of JupiterAmerican Imperial IPA884.36-
Big Gnome EnergyNew England IPA874.27-
Breakfast Time Is Relative - Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout1214-
Breaking EnigmaAmerican Imperial IPA8.584.33-
CAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.8124.16-
Can’t TIPA Stamp A DIPAAmerican Imperial IPA1000-
CaseyBelgian Saison6284.17-
Casey - ApricotBelgian Saison6144.42-
Casey - PassionfruitBelgian Saison663.94-
CirrusNew England IPA8.544.09-
Climb the Ballmer PeakAmerican Imperial IPA10.574.29-
CMCAmerican Imperial IPA800-
Cold FusionAmerican Imperial IPA884.31-
Come At Me, Bro!American Imperial IPA1034.19-
Control VolumeAmerican Imperial IPA8.164.2-
dC/dtAmerican Imperial IPA8.184.19-
DeviationAmerican Imperial IPA10.584.42-
dHop 20New England IPA8.564.24-
dHop 21American Imperial IPA8.534.18-
dHop0American Imperial IPA8.134.21-
dHop1American Imperial IPA8.5394.25-
dHop10American Imperial IPA8.5204.26-
dHop11American Imperial IPA8.5114.26-
dHop12American Imperial IPA8.2204.2-
dHop13American Imperial IPA873.94-
dHop14American Imperial IPA8.523.88-
dHop16American Imperial IPA8.2134.26-
dHop17American Imperial IPA8.584.32-
dHop18New England IPA8.544.17-
dHop19New England IPA8.594.21-
dHop2American Imperial IPA8.5664.42-
dHop3American Imperial IPA8.5104.36-
DHop5American Imperial IPA8.564.48-
dHop6American Imperial IPA8.5274.43-
dHop7American Imperial IPA8174.37-
dHop8American Imperial IPA8.5153.99-
DIPA StampAmerican Imperial IPA834.13-
Dream Wave DistortionAmerican Imperial IPA10124.51-
Dream Wave FluctuationAmerican Imperial IPA8.1314.54-
Dual Singularity NitroAmerican Imperial Stout1214.59-
Eastern States AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.534.08-
Einstein's FavoriteAmerican Imperial IPA10.5134.49-
Einstein’s DelightAmerican Imperial IPA10.514.5-
Energy EqualsNew England IPA8664.25-
Energy EvolutionAmerican Imperial IPA10.524.2-
Energy LevelAmerican Imperial IPA8.664.25-
Energy WaveAmerican Imperial IPA8204.16-
EnsoAmerican Imperial IPA8.224-
EntenteAmerican Imperial IPA884.3-
EQ De JamaicaAmerican Wild Ale600-
EQMAmerican Imperial IPA8113.62-
ExperimentumAmerican Imperial IPA8104.25-
Falcons and FelinesBelgian Saison744.1-
FluctuationNew England IPA8.11754.42-
Fluctuation WaveAmerican Imperial IPA8.1184.34-
FluxAmerican IPA7124.07-
For Every Action There is a ReactionAmerican Imperial IPA1024.11-
Fractal (Sabro/Mosaic)New England IPA6.824.12-
Fractal CitraAmerican IPA6.8254.21-
Fractal Citra/GalaxyNew England IPA6.8244.39-
Fractal Citra/MosaicAmerican IPA6.8424.27-
Fractal Citra/SimcoeAmerican IPA6.8134.18-
Fractal El Dorado/CitraAmerican IPA6.884.32-
Fractal EnigmaAmerican IPA6.884.11-
Fractal Lab Citra/HopXNew England IPA6.813.47-
Fractal MosaicNew England IPA6.8334.33-
Fractal Mosaic/GalaxyAmerican Imperial IPA6.8194.31-
Fractal Motueka/CitraAmerican Imperial IPA6.844.46-
Fractal SimcoeAmerican IPA6.8554.24-
Fractal StrataNew England IPA6.874.32-
FulcrumNew England IPA8.524.07-
Full CircleGerman Pilsner5.513.91-
General RelativityRussian Imperial Stout9.874.05-
Governing ForcesAmerican Imperial IPA8114.1-
Half FullAmerican Imperial IPA864.32-
Harvester of ScienceAmerican Imperial IPA8.554.14-
Harvester Of SimcoeNew England IPA8.8704.32-
Here and Now (Blackberry/Raspberry/Boysenberry)American Wild Ale034.48-
Hop Wave 2American Imperial IPA8.5114.35-
HoptimizationAmerican Imperial IPA8.5154.32-
Hoptimization 2American Imperial IPA8.5234.53-
Hoptimization 3American Imperial IPA8.5134.48-
In The ReedsBelgian Saison614.04-
Infinite Skills Create MiraclesAmerican Imperial IPA1034.29-
Infinity Polar VortexAmerican Imperial IPA10.524.3-
Juice = JuiceAmerican Imperial IPA8.5224.46-
Juice²American Imperial IPA1014.57-
KiwiAmerican Imperial IPA844.37-
Laboratory TubesAmerican Imperial IPA1014.41-
Laboratory WavesAmerican Imperial IPA10.2104.7-
Life After Death StarAmerican Imperial Stout1164.6-
Lifestyle SponsorshipNew England IPA4.824.13-
Lupus SalictariusAmerican Imperial IPA10.544.49-
Mass x AccelerationAmerican Imperial IPA864.14-
Master of PelletsAmerican Imperial IPA8154.2-
mc²New England IPA83494.38-
mc³New England IPA1034.08-
Middletown MurkAmerican Imperial IPA8.254.22-
Middletown WavesNew England IPA10174.29-
Mmm...OsaAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.8714.17-
MöbiusAmerican Porter7304.06-
MoksaMargaAmerican Imperial IPA844.38-
Moon of VegaNew England IPA8.784.39-
Morning HazeAmerican Imperial IPA894.05-
NemesisAmerican Imperial IPA1054.52-
Ocean VibesAmerican Imperial IPA854.32-
Old Denali BastardAmerican Imperial IPA873.95-
Paradise City - Dragon Fruit/Guava/MangoAmerican Wild Ale5.553.96-
Perturbation CitraAmerican IPA6.5123.96-
PhotonAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.81774.14-
PlayersAmerican Imperial Stout1194.25-
Players 2, The Return To Players (Nitro)American Imperial Stout1134.29-
Polar VortexAmerican Imperial IPA10.254.27-
RadiumAmerican Imperial IPA844.26-
Raining BelmaAmerican Imperial IPA8.1104.44-
Raining Belma From A Lactose SkyAmerican Imperial IPA8.154.36-
Relative RatesAmerican Imperial IPA8.164.3-
RhoAmerican Imperial Stout1064.5-
Rho - Lotus & OberonAmerican Imperial Stout1024.51-
Rock FantasyAmerican IPA7.544.2-
Rock Fantasy (2020)New England IPA7.534.34-
RoowakaNew England IPA824.45-
SevenizzupAmerican Imperial IPA7.734.05-
Sexual FluctuationNew England IPA8714.44-
Shared Space (Guava and Passionfruit)American Wild Ale624.11-
Shaved KangarooNew England IPA10.2524.37-
Shook OnesNew England IPA8224.26-
Solar FlareAmerican IPA6.883.64-
Solar FluctuationAmerican Imperial IPA8.554.26-
South Street ExperimentumAmerican Imperial IPA814.25-
South Street ImperiumAmerican Imperial IPA814.25-
Space RainbowAmerican Imperial IPA8.534.39-
Special RelativityAmerican Stout9.564.12-
Special Relativity 2American Imperial Stout9.8114.1-
Straight Outta The LaboratoryNew England IPA10.2454.48-
StratasphereAmerican Imperial IPA8.523.98-
Strawberry ZeppelinAmerican IPA6.5104.1-
Super Fractal Julia SetAmerican Imperial IPA10.534.39-
Super Fractal Kangaroo SetAmerican Imperial IPA1014.49-
Super Fractal Koru SetAmerican Imperial IPA1054.3-
Super Fractal Phoenix SetAmerican Imperial IPA10.544.4-
Supreme MathematicsAmerican Imperial IPA10.554.51-
Sweep the LegAmerican Imperial IPA1054.38-
Swiss BlissAmerican Imperial Stout1224.55-
TachyonAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.573.81-
Tangerine Peel LaboratoryAmerican Imperial IPA10.554.22-
The Beast Arise Like YeastAmerican Imperial IPA10124.08-
The MIddletown ProjectAmerican Imperial IPA8174.28-
There And Back AgainAmerican Wild Ale6474.11-
There And Back Again (Apricots & Peaches)American Wild Ale6114.4-
There And Back Again (Blackberry & Raspberry)American Wild Ale664.34-
There and Back Again (Blueberry)American Wild Ale654.3-
There And Back Again (Cherry)American Wild Ale654.33-
There and Back Again (Mango)American Wild Ale634.33-
There And Back Again (Mango/Lime)American Wild Ale614.5-
This is STRATA!American Imperial IPA854.22-
TimeAmerican IPA6.584.26-
TomorrowAmerican Pale Ale (APA)483.96-
Unlikely ForagersAmerican Wild Ale694.11-
Unlikely Foragers (Chardonnay Barrel Aged)American Wild Ale6.524.33-
Unlikely Foragers (Single Thread)American Wild Ale600-
VitaminM(Sea)³American Imperial IPA1094.58-
Vulgar Display Of FlowerNew England IPA81354.24-
Walk on the SkyNew England IPA8104.16-
Walk Under The SkyAmerican Imperial IPA874.31-
WavelengthAmerican IPA6.5334.17-
You Can't TIPA Stamp a DIPA StampAmerican Imperial IPA10.144.1-
Zero Flucs GivenAmerican Imperial IPA1064.4-
Equilibrium Brewery in Middletown, NY
Brewery rating: 4.29 out of 5 with 2508 ratings