Horus Aged Ales

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4040 Calle Platino, Ste 120
Oceanside, California, 92056
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Notes: Horus Aged Ales is a brewery located in Oceanside, California. We believe in pushing the boundaries on how much beer can evolve through resting in oak by using a variety of different wine and spirit barrels, adding exotic fruits, and fermenting spontaneously. The complexity of the beer portrays our passion for experimentation and patience required to produce such a unique beverage. Horus has been a decade long dream that is finally coming true and we look forward to introducing our exclusive beer to the fine people of San Diego County.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
Arctic Circle of LifeEnglish Barleywine1444.5904-16-2023
Atom Heart OtterEnglish Barleywine1414.4512-08-2022
Aviceda LeuphotesAmerican Imperial Stout13.834.1302-21-2022
Baza Bonne Bouche (Purple Label)American Imperial Stout13.864.3111-28-2021
Baza Bonne Bouche (Red Label)American Imperial Stout13.814.3103-13-2021
Birds in the Squad Sing VacationlandAmerican Imperial Stout15.214.3912-01-2021
Bizarre BootsAmerican Imperial Stout12.414.4105-24-2023
Blanton's AroniaWild Ale7.914.3506-24-2018
Blanton's Double AroniaWild Ale8.313.906-23-2018
Bonelli's DistractionAmerican Imperial Stout15.514.3608-22-2021
Booker's BruinAmerican Imperial Stout14.214.0309-17-2021
Brazilian Eagle’s AgilityAmerican Imperial Stout13.414.1605-02-2023
Brazilian Eagle’s GraceAmerican Imperial Stout13.312.6110-16-2022
Cloud Breaker 2American Imperial Stout1414.9109-29-2022
Cloud Breaker OneAmerican Imperial Stout1414.7509-24-2021
Coastal Spontaneity #41Wild Ale7.524.3508-13-2018
Coco DoseAmerican Imperial Stout12124.2308-05-2022
Couronne NoisetteAmerican Imperial Stout14.223.7710-26-2021
Cub ComboAmerican Imperial Stout14.414.412-08-2022
Deepest ShadeAmerican Imperial Stout15.5224.4510-18-2021
Duppy DolphinAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.3711-26-2022
Exquisite Blend One: Phillip's Three Little BirdsAmerican Imperial Stout13.114.611-08-2022
Exquisite Blend Two: Chance Says It Is Pretty GoodAmerican Imperial Stout1314.3401-15-2023
Father of FilbertsAmerican Imperial Stout14.824.3101-30-2023
Feather PluckinAmerican Imperial Stout12.414.2509-01-2021
Fourth DoseAmerican Imperial Stout12.814.3102-26-2023
Fur And Feather Flock TogetherAmerican Strong Ale1424.0910-24-2022
Goat HillAmerican Imperial Stout014.4307-17-2022
Goodbye to BeautyWild Ale034.4501-01-2019
Goshawk's BeansAmerican Imperial Stout13.3324.2911-06-2021
Goshawks BranchAmerican Imperial Stout13.20008-01-2021
Goshawks BranchAmerican Imperial Stout13.20007-14-2021
Grandaddy GrizzlyAmerican Imperial Stout13.934.3511-28-2021
Grasp’s DistractionAmerican Imperial Stout1433.9811-26-2022
Hazel BeamAmerican Imperial Stout15.924.5702-13-2021
Hazelnut CrownAmerican Imperial Stout14.2364.4211-06-2022
Hazelnut Harris (Nano Challa Ethiopian Coffee)American Imperial Stout13334.3901-30-2023
Ichor of OsirisAmerican Imperial Stout14.724.3610-02-2022
Isola-TionAmerican Imperial Stout12.214.0501-18-2022
Justin's Double PeachWild Ale7.323.906-14-2018
Justin's PeachWild Ale71406-03-2018
Longer Than LongestAmerican Imperial Stout1414.2212-08-2022
Longest Barrel RideAmerican Imperial Stout13.224.4511-26-2022
Maple DoseAmerican Imperial Stout12.534.2806-01-2022
NectaMelorineWild Ale014.1706-23-2018
Nectar of the OtterEnglish Barleywine1444.3907-15-2022
Nickel's Double NectarineWild Ale7.914.1506-20-2018
Otherness OneBraggot15.614.5210-17-2022
Otherness TwoBraggot15.214.5910-17-2022
Otter at the Gates of DawnEnglish Barleywine14.214.3712-08-2022
Pallas’s PedigreeAmerican Imperial Stout13.114.4305-27-2021
Pallas’s PrescienceAmerican Imperial Stout023.8709-25-2022
Pappy's CherryWild Ale7.21405-21-2018
Pappy's Double CherryWild Ale7.41406-03-2018
Permanent HangoverAmerican Imperial Stout15.614.0207-10-2022
Phantom PorpoiseAmerican Imperial Stout13.714.605-22-2021
Planifolia PurrAmerican Imperial Stout12.914.4407-12-2021
ProteaWild Ale7.714.4408-12-2018
Rime of the Ancient MarisEnglish Barleywine1424.0701-18-2022
Run the YulesAmerican Imperial Stout14.214.3311-02-2022
Seagle, Not SeagullAmerican Imperial Stout1464.0310-24-2021
Sharkeez SharkeezEnglish Barleywine1424.4303-29-2023
Sharknado 28English Barleywine15.313.4311-06-2021
Sharp TiltAmerican Imperial Stout12.623.6403-12-2023
Shew CrewAmerican Imperial Stout12.414.2504-13-2023
Shew FetishAmerican Imperial Stout12.213.2210-24-2022
Shikra’s CrestAmerican Imperial Stout15.224.3108-22-2022
Sky RiderAmerican Imperial Stout12.324.5106-18-2022
Sparrowhawk’s AshraEnglish Porter15.114.6110-14-2022
Straight From The HillsAmerican Imperial Stout13.914.603-25-2023
Supercalimillenialisticexpialidocious FalconAmerican Imperial Stout15.614.0905-23-2022
SwainsonWild Ale7.714.7607-18-2018
TammyWild Ale9.40006-12-2019
Thicc SkinAmerican Imperial Stout1264.0202-06-2023
Third DoseAmerican Imperial Stout12.534.3512-26-2022
Triple DoseAmerican Imperial Stout12.524.4703-25-2023
Weller's Double PlumWild Ale7.713.906-23-2018
Weller's PlumWild Ale7.414.3506-24-2018
You’re Going to Need a Bigger Mash TunEnglish Barleywine13.424.0812-22-2022

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Horus Aged Ales in Oceanside, CA
Brewery rating: 4.25 out of 5 with 256 ratings