Creekside Beverage


1401 Boardman-Canfield Road
Boardman, Ohio, 44512
United States

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Ratings by Maestro:
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Reviewed by Maestro from Pennsylvania

3.4/5  rDev +1.8%
This was a decent store. They had a few random singles but overall, there was a decent selection of six packs. It seems that this is more of a liquor store than a beer store. Lots of Victory, Brooklyn, Stone, and Bells. The prices were okay. Definitely more than you will find at a gas station. They had singles of Youngs Double Chocalate and Dirty Dicks. I thought that was cool. Also, Bombers of Arrogant Bastard were available. Some of the six packs were over-priced, but generally they were $7-$8. Open 7 days a week is a definite plus.
Feb 01, 2005
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Photo of bigdeuce
Reviewed by bigdeuce from Pennsylvania

2.75/5  rDev -17.7%
I would have to say this place is improving, somewhat. They have way more of a selection than they used to, around 2 years ago. No one knows shit about beer in here but they will TRY to help you. Don't call cause they won't know what beers you are referring to. I've bought certain brands here and you call them, and they'll tell you they've never heard of that brand or style. They carry (you have to buy sixers) Penn, Stone, Dogfishead, Victory, Goose Island, Great Lakes (and they do get Nosferatu), Paulaner, Thirsty Dog, Brooklyn and a few Hippie IPA bombers as well as chimay 25 ouzers. And of couse, all the wine and liquor imagineable, plus all macros. It is not bad. Adding Troegs to the mix may put this place in a higher category, in my eyes.
Dec 19, 2008
Photo of Bierguy5
Reviewed by Bierguy5 from Ohio

3.55/5  rDev +6.3%
Wide open, with beer on one side of the store, wine and liquor on the other. Some beer in the coolers, and some on the shelf. Selection was average. The staff seemed friendly, however I was not there long enough to see how knowledgeable they were. I saw a few beers by Great Lakes, Victory, Brooklyn and some Germans as well. Decent, but not really impressive. Could not purchase singles, and there were very few bombers. Looked like some things were out of stock, as there was some empty space on the shelf.
May 06, 2005
Photo of WVbeergeek
Reviewed by WVbeergeek from West Virginia

3.65/5  rDev +9.3%
While up in visiting my girlfriend, who resides in Sharon, PA we made a little jaunt to Boardman to catch some dinner and a movie. On the main strip we spotted this little state liquor/beer store, so I asked if we could make a stop to check out the selection. I am glad we did, found some Chimay red and blue 750ml for like 7 bucks, in my book this was a steal. Not a huge selection of individual beers but they had few. As for the six packs and samplers wide variety of German, and micros very nice I wish always had this type of selection at my fingertips. Well, the girls working the desk were very friendly young and fliratious and I'm glad we made the stop to this easy to find locale in Boardman, OH. The liquor and wine selections seemed much more massive, but I was concentrated on the beer.
Jun 14, 2003
Creekside Beverage in Boardman, OH
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