BlackStack Brewing

BlackStack BrewingBlackStack Brewing
BlackStack BrewingBlackStack Brewing
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

755 Prior Ave N
Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55104-1063
United States

(612) 369-2932 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
"INC."American Stout6.534.0204-25-2020
4 My DawgsGerman Pilsner5.223.9405-01-2021
86 : MosaicImperial IPA8.654.201-08-2023
A Lil’ LoudNew England IPA6.684.2712-24-2021
A Word From Our SponsorsAmerican IPA71403-12-2023
A.M. IPAAmerican IPA6.32407-29-2020
After Careful ConsiderationNew England IPA7.574.2602-26-2022
Ales for A L SImperial IPA1034.1812-04-2021
Alf PogsGose5.52410-13-2022
ALL CAPSImperial IPA8.394.2202-18-2022
Am I Wrong?American Pale Ale5.333.8211-19-2021
Amarillo & ChillAmerican IPA733.6202-20-2023
Amarillo By MorningAmerican IPA7.834.1105-27-2022
Amirite?American Pale Ale5.32407-09-2020
And Now, ThisImperial IPA8.584.3211-09-2020
Anyway You Slice ItAmerican IPA7.213.9412-06-2021
Aptitude TestImperial IPA8.534.1404-16-2023
Are We Clear?American IPA713.7311-21-2022
Are You There God? It's Me, GuavaFruited Kettle Sour6.444.2706-05-2023
Are You There God? It's Me, PlumBerliner Weisse6.454.1503-20-2021
Are You There God? It's Me, RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour6.463.8505-15-2021
Are You There God? It's Me, Strawberry.Fruited Kettle Sour6.434.0510-09-2022
Are You There God? It's Me, TangerineFruited Kettle Sour6.433.7205-01-2021
AstroworldImperial IPA10.154.1907-17-2021
Back In My DayAmerican IPA6.923.8509-13-2022
Barely Street LegalAmerican IPA7.383.9806-14-2020
Barrel Aged In the PocketAmerican Imperial Stout14.644.4409-24-2021
BasicAmerican Blonde Ale5.113.502-12-2021
Bear BaitNew England IPA7.563.4408-02-2022
Belly ButtonsImperial IPA10.464.3204-30-2021
BlotzAmerican Lager4.653.8510-22-2021
Blueberry CrumbleBerliner Weisse6.724.2302-08-2021
BombersImperial IPA8.594.2505-27-2022
BottlesAmerican IPA754.2812-31-2021
BottomlessFruited Kettle Sour513.9408-01-2022
Building Blocks - Strata & SpeltImperial IPA854.0701-03-2022
Building Blocks : Citra & OatsImperial IPA874.310-09-2021
Building Blocks : Mosaic & WheatImperial IPA854.1612-19-2021
Can I Speak To Your Manager?New England IPA7.254.2201-16-2023
Case Of The MondaysNew England IPA9.974.2604-24-2023
Casual FridayBerliner Weisse413.7511-02-2019
Catch A WaveImperial IPA8.314.2904-16-2023
Central AirBerliner Weisse454.1405-11-2020
Chess ClubAmerican Blonde Ale5.30007-18-2020
ChillersAmerican IPA6.933.7810-03-2021
Citra… But Make It PopNew England IPA783.7902-10-2023
City PagesAmerican IPA743.9906-05-2022
Clap BackNew England IPA974.2504-20-2021
Cleared For TakeoffImperial IPA10.244.3304-02-2023
Coffee Cream AleCream Ale5.234.0510-27-2017
Concerned CitizenAmerican IPA7.513.9904-25-2020
Conducting BusinessImperial IPA8.664.1702-06-2023
ConventionalAmerican Pale Ale5.50006-14-2022
Cream AleCream Ale4.834.1408-25-2018
Crowd ControlImperial IPA824.2210-02-2022
Crunch TimeAmerican Imperial Stout14.524.2204-24-2022
D.M.’SImperial IPA1033.809-17-2020
Dad JokesNew England IPA8.3244.2107-10-2021
Dad Smokes?Imperial IPA8.5104.1710-20-2021
Dad’s StokedImperial IPA10.5194.3402-04-2023
Dark SaisonBelgian Dark Ale5.322.5109-27-2017
DDH 755 - MotuekaAmerican IPA6.854.1210-08-2022
DDH 755 - NelsonNew England IPA6.8104.0911-15-2022
DDH 755 - Experimental 17701New England IPA6.844.1212-26-2022
DDH 755 - HBC 586New England IPA6.834.0608-12-2022
DDH 755 - JuliusAmerican IPA6.60008-26-2019
DDH 755 - StrataNew England IPA6.944.4601-07-2020
DDH 755 - TalusAmerican IPA6.884.0806-05-2021
DDH 755 - USDA 074American IPA7114.103-01-2022
DDH 755 - Vic SecretNew England IPA754.2912-13-2019
DDH ALL CAPSImperial IPA8.3104.1202-13-2021
DDH City PagesNew England IPA754.1512-11-2022
DDH Dad JokesImperial IPA8.6114.2908-12-2022
DDH Early AdmissionImperial IPA814.606-05-2023
DDH Jurassic ParkNew England IPA10.1104.4810-25-2022
DDH Link In BioImperial IPA934.1810-09-2021
DDH Local 755 - Citra & EnigmaAmerican IPA6.634.4307-21-2018
DDH Loon SquadAmerican IPA743.904-22-2023
DDH Loud 755New England IPA7.594.0112-02-2022
DDH Loud PackImperial IPA8.334.1211-13-2022
DDH Mating RitualsImperial IPA10.244.2705-26-2022
DDH Pull TabsAmerican Pale Ale624.1508-13-2022
DDH Slow ClapAmerican IPA7.5104.0901-15-2021
DDH Sponge BathImperial IPA8.5114.1905-26-2023
DDH WavyNew England IPA7.243.9112-24-2021
Dear DiaryImperial IPA1064.105-22-2022
Dear MamaNew England IPA6.8174.2510-17-2021
DisintegrationImperial IPA12.154.1801-01-2022
Doin’ NumbersImperial IPA8.454.0811-17-2022
Dont Make It WeirdImperial IPA1044.1804-30-2023
DOUBLE 755Imperial IPA8.894.2406-13-2021
Early AdmissionImperial IPA844.1409-10-2022
EncoreAmerican IPA6.333.6810-04-2022
Ends MeetSaison5.3113.7610-20-2018
Estate SaleImperial IPA8.254.1602-12-2022
Exit RowImperial IPA1064.1807-13-2022
Family StyleImperial IPA1034.1704-28-2023
Farmers Only.ComSaison5.523.6810-08-2022
Field TestingBière de Garde5.223.6310-09-2021
Final Fantasy : 1Imperial IPA874.3812-05-2022
Final Fantasy : 2Imperial IPA854.1710-16-2022
Final Fantasy : 3Imperial IPA854.1505-15-2023
First RodeoNew England IPA7.254.108-20-2022
FjordsAmerican IPA7.523.8705-21-2019
Flaming Moe’sNew England IPA733.9906-03-2023
Flight PatternsSaison9.60011-08-2022
Fluff Piece - Guava StrawberryBerliner Weisse614.2406-14-2021
For The BirdsFruited Kettle Sour6.433.6104-19-2023
Foregone ConclusionImperial IPA1273.8105-01-2021
ForesightImperial IPA8.534.1709-21-2021
Free CitraImperial IPA1094.1309-29-2020
Free MosaicImperial IPA1074.2804-23-2021
Free NelsonImperial IPA1044.2709-25-2021
Free StrataImperial IPA10174.302-04-2023
Freestyle FridayImperial IPA10.644.404-21-2023
FugaziBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.8153.9708-27-2022
Fugazi 2 FreshKellerbier / Zwickelbier4.814.508-23-2021
Full DisclosureImperial IPA8.364.1903-11-2023
Garden UnitImperial IPA85403-05-2023
Gas GuzzlerAmerican Imperial Stout14.114.2509-02-2022
Gas Guzzler- BA CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout14.10008-27-2022
Ghost StoriesImperial IPA1064.1101-16-2022
Giving TreesFruited Kettle Sour61408-15-2022
Hallmark HolidayWild Ale814.502-14-2020
Happy AccidentsBerliner Weisse614.0806-15-2021
HolesSweet / Milk Stout7.513.7711-22-2022
Home Field AdvantageImperial IPA874.1604-23-2022
Honorable MentionImperial IPA8.254.0604-19-2020
Hop Circles : Exhibit BImperial IPA8.474.1512-06-2021
Hop Circles : Exhibit MImperial IPA8.464.1609-22-2021
I Am The ManagerNew England IPA8.433.8510-28-2022
Is West Coast IPA Okay?American IPA7.363.7711-13-2022
Issa VibeFruited Kettle Sour6.50010-12-2022
It’s Legal ThereImperial IPA844.0308-13-2022
Jack MovesImperial IPA10.164.1503-16-2022
Jurassic ParkImperial IPA10.1134.5408-09-2021
Just Circling BackAmerican IPA6.694.0403-28-2022
Keeping It CasualNew England IPA7.154.0303-20-2023
Ken Burns Presents: Blueberry Strawberry GuavaFruited Kettle Sour6.30012-18-2020
Ken Burns Presents: Cherry,Tangerine, & PineappleFruited Kettle Sour6.30006-10-2020
Ken Burns Presents: Dragon Fruit, Pineapple & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour6.314.3601-10-2022
Ken Burns Presents: Guava, Passionfruit, Apricot (Ep. 11)Berliner Weisse6.374.0704-20-2021
Ken Burns Presents: Passionfruit, Strawberry, & Pineapple (Ep. 10)Fruited Kettle Sour6.30007-18-2020
Ken Burns Presents: Pineapple, Passion Fruit & MangoFruited Kettle Sour6.324.0402-24-2021
Ken Burns Presents: Pink Guava and BoysenberryFruited Kettle Sour6.714.504-26-2020
Ken Burns Presents: Raspberry, Pineapple, MangoFruited Kettle Sour6.374.2611-30-2021
Killer BeesImperial IPA983.9701-17-2023
Kveik 755New England IPA6.644.0910-09-2022
Late To The PartyFestbier / Wiesnbier613.7710-09-2022
Laugh Now, Cry LaterImperial IPA10.574.3204-30-2021
Leave No TraceAmerican IPA6.624.0304-16-2023
Leopard PrintImperial IPA8.434.2507-20-2020
Link In BioImperial IPA9134.1402-04-2023
Linked (IN) BioImperial IPA10.554.2501-02-2023
Little Spoon - Reese’s PuffsSweet / Milk Stout6.834.0212-24-2020
LiveBaitFruited Kettle Sour6.924.0211-21-2021
Local 755New England IPA6.3974.1202-18-2023
Local 755 - 1/2American IPA6.543.8809-04-2017
Local 755 - SquaredAmerican IPA7.374.0810-09-2022
Local 756American IPA654.1703-02-2018
Local 757American IPA6.243.8803-02-2018
Local 759American IPA6.564.1703-02-2018
Local 762American IPA6.60007-09-2018
Local 763New England IPA6.924.1812-13-2019
Local Dream UniverseAmerican IPA7114.207-08-2021
Local DropsNew England IPA7.243.9601-31-2023
Loon SquadNew England IPA774.1804-30-2023
Loon Squad (Game Day)American IPA723.9406-27-2021
Loud & ClearImperial IPA8.25402-27-2023
Loud 755New England IPA7.5514.3305-14-2020
Loud BitsImperial IPA8124.2608-26-2022
Loud PackNew England IPA8324.2706-18-2022
Loud Pack XLImperial IPA10.364.4406-09-2021
Love LanguageFruited Kettle Sour00002-02-2023
Magic MisfitsAmerican IPA6.534.0905-14-2023
Make Good ChoicesBerliner Weisse6.684.0712-13-2021
Maximum DripSweet / Milk Stout7.244.2308-12-2022
Meat SweatsAmerican Lager5.343.7403-07-2022
Medium RareImperial IPA844.2205-03-2020
MicrodosingNew England IPA7.274.2911-01-2022
Microdosing : StrataNew England IPA7.274.202-04-2023
Microdosing CitraAmerican IPA7.264.2902-19-2022
Microdosing: MosaicNew England IPA7.224.1211-26-2020
Microdosing: SimcoeAmerican IPA7.243.9704-20-2021
Miracle Of Birth CenterImperial IPA8.554.110-09-2022
Mommy DearestImperial IPA8.2124.2611-07-2021
Mornin’!Light Lager3.824.0405-05-2023
Mosaic & ChillAmerican IPA723.9908-15-2022
Mosaic… But Make It PopNew England IPA724.2303-14-2023
Mothership Connection : MosaicImperial IPA1024.1706-03-2023
Murk MerchantsImperial IPA12.5154.302-19-2023
Netties Cream AleCream Ale5.213.7507-16-2018
Next WeekImperial IPA8.284.1310-03-2021
No PeekingImperial IPA10.333.8507-09-2022
Non - FungibleImperial IPA10.184.0501-24-2022
Not So Relaxed FitAmerican Porter7.514.0309-19-2018
Not With That AttitudeImperial IPA10.144.1906-19-2022
Now Presenting: Plum, Grapefruit & Passion FruitBerliner Weisse6.324.0910-14-2022
Nu MetalAmerican Adjunct Lager4.913.7507-10-2021
Open BarImperial IPA884.1411-07-2022
P.M.Imperial IPA8.444.3809-06-2020
Parent TrapAmerican Imperial Stout9.973.9504-03-2023
Participation TrophyNew England IPA6.824.1709-29-2020
People PersonBerliner Weisse514.2303-04-2019
People PowerImperial IPA824.0711-04-2020
Piano LessonsImperial IPA8.144.304-08-2022
Plead The FifthImperial IPA12.354.3304-29-2023
Please ProceedFruited Kettle Sour6.30008-30-2022
Pop CultureImperial IPA10.244.2409-03-2021
PotSweet / Milk Stout7.524.412-10-2022
Pretty ToneyImperial IPA843.9207-23-2022
Prim N’ ProperGose814.502-14-2020
Prior Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.250009-23-2017
Pull Tabs #5New England IPA643.8407-03-2022
Purely DecorativeImperial IPA8.244.3104-13-2023
Pyramid SchemeImperial IPA1054.2402-14-2022
Rain CheckFruited Kettle Sour614.1206-06-2021
Rain Check - Mango Orange RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour60007-22-2021
RareImperial IPA10.364.3706-12-2021
Rave ReviewsGerman Pilsner5.60006-23-2019
Read The RoomFruited Kettle Sour5.313.7510-09-2022
Real EstateAmerican IPA763.8912-07-2022
Red BottomsImperial IPA8.874.1602-19-2022
Regrets - Peach MangoFruited Kettle Sour80002-11-2021
Required ReadingEuropean Dark Lager573.8101-29-2023
Rule Of ThirdsImperial IPA10.154.2303-26-2023
Second NatureNew England IPA6.313.206-03-2023
Security BlanketNew England IPA7.724.1102-10-2020
Self SabotageImperial IPA1054.1604-18-2022
Shine OnNew England IPA6.954.1310-21-2022
Shipping DelaysNew England IPA7.454.0708-20-2022
Side HustleImperial IPA8.444.0205-13-2023
Side Of RanchAmerican Lager4.834.0702-03-2021
Simcoe & ChillAmerican IPA713.9902-27-2022
Slice Of LifeImperial IPA1074.103-29-2023
Slime TimeFruited Kettle Sour523.7412-25-2022
Slow ClapNew England IPA7.323.9405-28-2022
Slumber PartyImperial IPA824.1605-22-2023
Small CapsNew England IPA6.343.9704-14-2023
Something ElseBerliner Weisse413.7504-19-2020
Southern HospitalityGose7.553.9511-12-2021
Southern Nights & Northern LightsImperial IPA10.4114.2401-09-2022
Spaghetti WesternAmerican IPA7.153.7906-20-2022
Spare PartsEuropean Dark Lager5.1143.710-08-2022
Speaker CityAmerican IPA7.11407-22-2022
Speltie Oatie Dope DeliciousImperial IPA10.264.203-11-2022
Splash PadImperial IPA874.1301-04-2023
Sponge BathImperial IPA8.5104.2310-20-2022
Sponsered ContentAmerican Pale Ale564.0509-26-2021
Sprockets!Kellerbier / Zwickelbier4.834.0109-25-2018
Stack At The LabImperial IPA8.464.1608-20-2022
Stacking Bricks : ScramjetNew England IPA7.274.1102-26-2023
Stacking Bricks : Slime TruckNew England IPA7.224.0711-13-2022
Stacking Bricks : Universally PannedNew England IPA7.224.1209-07-2022
Stacking CashImperial IPA10.174.3309-02-2021
Stacks In The ParkImperial IPA9.734.3409-19-2022
StacksmanAmerican IPA6.923.5805-19-2023
Standing OvationImperial IPA10.564.0702-12-2023
Staying CurrentImperial IPA8.974.3104-29-2021
Straight From The CanGose5.613.9911-22-2022
Straight FyreImperial IPA8.874.2602-19-2022
Straight ShooterGose80004-01-2021
Strata & ChillAmerican IPA73406-12-2022
Strata… But Make It PopNew England IPA723.5306-03-2023
Stuffed CrustImperial IPA10.8174.3203-16-2021
SubtropicalAmerican IPA6.934.0902-19-2020
Sunday ScariesImperial IPA9.9984.1810-09-2022
T-Shirt CannonImperial IPA10.464.1104-18-2022
TDH Dad JokesNew England IPA8.554.1209-09-2021
TDH Pocket DialImperial IPA8.354.2203-12-2023
TDH Sponge BathImperial IPA8.564.2302-17-2022
TDH Stacking CashImperial IPA10.184.1812-17-2022
TDH Thread CountImperial IPA8.1154.1910-08-2021
Tech DecksNew England IPA724.0407-05-2022
Tell Us More : CitraImperial IPA1024.3104-13-2023
Thank God It's FridayImperial IPA9.9174.1611-30-2022
Thanks A LotAmerican IPA7104.2401-01-2021
Thätz BierKölsch4.493.8305-26-2023
The Great Blackstack Bake Off - Apricot CrunchFruited Kettle Sour6.10012-14-2020
The Great Blackstack Bake Off - Blackberry French ToastFruited Kettle Sour6.75409-30-2021
The Great Blackstack Bake Off - Blueberry CrumbleFruited Kettle Sour6.744.1302-13-2021
The Great Blackstack Bake Off - Blueberry WafflesFruited Kettle Sour6.714.3211-13-2020
The Great Blackstack Bake Off - Pineapple Upside Down CakeFruited Kettle Sour6.81408-24-2021
The Great OutdoorsImperial IPA8.2134.1302-02-2023
The Lost WorldImperial IPA10.194.1602-27-2022
The Real World-Citra (Quad IPA)Imperial IPA1244.5105-14-2023
Thirst Encounters Of The Third KindImperial IPA1024.5806-03-2023
Thread CountImperial IPA8.1254.405-08-2023
Through The WireAmerican IPA794.1601-05-2022
Throw PillowsImperial IPA10.424.3701-23-2022
Tinder DateAmerican Lager4.60008-17-2022
TinseltownAmerican IPA753.8402-05-2021
Too SoonBerliner Weisse7.21410-17-2022
Tough CrowdFruited Kettle Sour80004-28-2021
Triple 755Imperial IPA10.864.2805-12-2023
Triple StacksImperial IPA10.284.3406-28-2021
Truly,Madly,BrieflyImperial IPA1034.1212-06-2022
Trust The ProcessImperial IPA8.464.1812-27-2022
Trying To Find A BalanceImperial IPA10.294.3402-11-2023
Uncut JamsFruited Kettle Sour5.313.8304-23-2022
VHSAmerican IPA7.213.7509-25-2020
Viewers Like YouFruited Kettle Sour6.734.3110-14-2022
Wasting AwayAmerican Adjunct Lager5.233.5506-04-2023
Water PipesNew England IPA7.23406-03-2023
WavierNew England IPA7.364.0310-18-2019
WavyNew England IPA7.2254.2705-21-2021
Wavy - Mosaic & SultanaAmerican IPA7.213.7712-14-2020
We're Not WaitingKellerbier / Zwickelbier5.244.0804-26-2023
Wedding SeasonImperial IPA853.8405-31-2023
Well ReceivedBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.51404-18-2022
What’s The WiFi Password? (German Chocolate Cake)American Imperial Stout8.50002-22-2023
Where Dreams Go To DieSaison4.813.7906-03-2023
Whip - ItsIndia Pale Lager (IPL)5.544.2605-12-2022
White OwlsAmerican IPA724.1105-29-2023
Who Put You On?Imperial IPA8.364.102-01-2023
Who's Idea Was This?American Pale Ale4.823.6502-01-2022
Wild.Wild WestAmerican IPA7.523.8404-30-2022
Wire TransferImperial IPA8.474.2106-14-2022
Working TitleWitbier5.133.8508-17-2022
Worst BehaviorImperial IPA8.5134.2804-25-2020
You Are AppreciatedBerliner Weisse4.213.905-21-2019
You’re CompensatingNew England IPA7.244.1705-22-2023

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BlackStack Brewing in Saint Paul, MN
Brewery rating: 4.09 out of 5 with 1682 ratings