Abomination Brewing Company


616 Main St
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, 18301
United States

(484) 602-7373 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
A Good Source Of FiberAmerican IPA4.90002-27-2018
A Strange TideAmerican Imperial Stout8.944.1712-01-2022
All About the Wordplay - DDHNew England IPA827412-21-2019
All The RageKölsch5.80006-24-2019
AnthroHOPhagousNew England IPA8.6194.0806-14-2020
Apelsiner Nektariner Vaniljoch SpokenNew England IPA723.8505-12-2020
Astronaut Ice Cream MilkshakeImperial IPA9.154.1203-27-2021
Bedtime StoriesSweet / Milk Stout9.3203.8911-03-2019
Boo BerryCream Ale5.20011-06-2017
Bro BeerNew England IPA4.7103.8406-15-2021
Chocolate Covered LollipopsAmerican Imperial Stout12.814.2108-21-2022
Crunch BerryAmerican Pale Ale5.10006-25-2017
Crunch Berry - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Pale Ale6.50011-06-2017
DipadelphiaImperial IPA80002-27-2018
Does This Look Infected?Wild Ale5.1113.9706-27-2020
Don't Ask Me About My Mom's YoSaison4.30002-27-2018
Don't Step On SnekNew England IPA6.974.0406-11-2022
Double Dry Hopped Reapers & CreepersNew England IPA7.424.1309-05-2022
Drawing A BlankNew England IPA11.1223.9807-10-2020
Dreamatorium (Raspberry, Granola, Yogurt, Cacao Nibs, and Lactose)American Imperial Stout11.313.8107-22-2022
Dreamatorium - Raspberry, Granola, Yogurt, Cacao Nibs, and LactoseAmerican Imperial Stout11.363.8207-15-2022
Dreamscape - Raspberry, Granola, Yogurt, Cacao Nibs, and LactoseImperial IPA1053.6909-08-2021
Dreamscape - Raspberry, Strawberry, BlueberryNew England IPA1083.9907-12-2021
Dreamsphere - Raspberry, Strawberry, BlueberryFruited Kettle Sour724.1602-04-2022
Dreamsphere: Raspberry, Granola, Yogurt, Cacao Nibs, and LactoseFruited Kettle Sour764.1303-18-2022
Dreamsphere: Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Frosting, and VanillaFruited Kettle Sour70001-15-2022
Drippy PopsicleFruited Kettle Sour5.513.6508-07-2022
Dystopian GalaxyNew England IPA8.3164.0802-20-2020
Every Day Fog - NelsonNew England IPA7.114.3808-11-2022
Every Day Fog - RakauAmerican IPA7.114.0710-23-2022
Every Day Fog - SimcoeNew England IPA7.134.0707-17-2022
Everyday FogNew England IPA7.1484.0207-29-2022
Everyday Fog - CitraNew England IPA7.16410-04-2022
Feast X FamineNew England IPA7.963.9511-10-2022
Feast X Famine (Mosaic + Cashmere)New England IPA7.91409-25-2022
Fog MoneyImperial IPA9.264.0211-12-2022
Fog Nog - Double Dry HoppedImperial IPA9.173.8412-04-2022
Foraging With FriendsFruit and Field Beer7.19406-10-2020
Foraging With Friends - IcarusFruit and Field Beer7.123.8604-18-2020
Forbidden PumpkinMilkshake IPA9.3193.9410-29-2022
Frenxh SaisonSaison7.80002-27-2018
Fruit Of The Woods PieFruited Kettle Sour7.224.0307-27-2020
Fuck 2020Imperial IPA9.1234.2406-27-2021
Fuck 2021 As WellImperial IPA9.7214.1204-05-2022
Gingerbread FogImperial IPA9.133.6812-03-2022
Good as NewNew England IPA8.5153.7610-04-2019
Honey Boo BooAmerican IPA7.90002-27-2018
Hop Roulette: CitraImperial IPA8.6113.9512-30-2020
Hop Roulette: Pacific JadeNew England IPA8.6223.9103-14-2020
How Dare You! He's A Nice Lady.American IPA6.90002-27-2018
I'm Not Allowed To Talk To NeighborsAmerican Imperial Stout140002-27-2018
I'm Not Allowed To Talk To StrangersAmerican Imperial Stout140002-27-2018
Imperial Midnight Snack Biscotti Break StoutAmerican Imperial Stout12.5134.2912-04-2022
Intergalactic LoveNew England IPA7.1114.0501-18-2021
Jazz CigarettesAmerican IPA4.90006-24-2019
Lantern LighterMilkshake IPA10.31194.2303-01-2021
Let's Make Strange Things TogetherAmerican IPA80010-17-2017
Lost in the FogNew England IPA1154.0210-05-2022
Make Stouts Great AgainAmerican Stout6.40010-17-2017
Manticore's ManifestNew England IPA10104.3810-19-2022
Midnight Snack - Chocolate Covered CheesecakeAmerican Imperial Stout1434.2410-03-2021
Midnight Snack - Coffee And DonutsSweet / Milk Stout12.4534.0910-05-2022
Midnight Snack - Cookies And Cream Ice CreamAmerican Imperial Stout1454.5212-16-2021
Midnight Snack - Double PastryAmerican Imperial Stout1424.3101-22-2022
Midnight Snack - Nutty BuddyAmerican Imperial Stout13.213.9911-03-2017
Midnight Snack - Peanut Butter PieAmerican Imperial Stout1444.2707-10-2022
Midnight Snack - Pumpkin Pie CheesecakeAmerican Imperial Stout1494.1211-01-2022
Midnight Snack - Rocky RoadAmerican Imperial Stout1444.2710-03-2022
Mister Potato DeadAmerican IPA7.944.0811-13-2021
Not From ConcentrateImperial IPA8.263.7303-22-2019
Ocean MonstersNew England IPA6.523.8411-05-2022
Old GhoulishAmerican Lager4.783.609-03-2022
Only Hell Can Save Us NowNew England IPA7.2293.9812-11-2020
Pilgrimage into the DankImperial IPA8.6103.8312-29-2019
Pummelo Wheat IPAAmerican IPA6.30002-27-2018
Rare FogImperial IPA10.5554.2712-04-2022
Rare Fog (2022)Imperial IPA10.50009-11-2022
Rare Fog (Mosaic)Imperial IPA10.514.0210-31-2022
Rare Fog (Nelson)Imperial IPA10.514.0710-31-2022
Rare Fog: Simcoe (2021)Imperial IPA10.50001-15-2022
Reapers CreepersNew England IPA6.66123.907-11-2022
Rotting EarthNew England IPA9.3394.0705-19-2022
Rotting Earth (2021)New England IPA9.344.2505-23-2022
Rotting Earth (2022)New England IPA9.344.2105-30-2022
Rotting Earth (Purple Edition)New England IPA9.384.1605-15-2020
Santa’s Black BloodSweet / Milk Stout13.3114.0711-26-2022
Shotgun SourWild Ale4.174.0202-02-2020
Shotgun Sour - Apricot, PassionfruitFruited Kettle Sour4.10011-06-2017
Shotgun Sour - Black Currant, PeachFruited Kettle Sour5.21301-03-2018
Shotgun Sour - Boysenberry, ApricotFruited Kettle Sour6.323.9304-27-2020
Shotgun Sour - Boysenberry, LycheeFruited Kettle Sour4.10002-27-2018
Shotgun Sour - Red Raspberry, BlackberryFruited Kettle Sour6.143.9502-26-2020
Slushie FightFruited Kettle Sour7.393.9310-25-2019
Social Distancing: IsolationNew England IPA8.4144.0910-13-2022
Sticky OvenAmerican Brown Ale5.80006-25-2017
Still Social DistancingImperial IPA8.214.303-14-2021
Tall, Dank And HandsomeImperial IPA80006-25-2017
Thank You for Being a FriendAmerican IPA7.40001-15-2022
The Creature's RevengeNew England IPA763.8506-28-2020
The HarvesterFruited Kettle Sour7.124.1506-23-2022
The Harvester: Açaí, Plum & MangoFruited Kettle Sour7.133.9909-05-2022
The Harvester: Cranberry, Cherry, and TangerineFruited Kettle Sour7.13403-21-2022
The Harvester: Mangosteen, Dragon fruit, and PeachFruited Kettle Sour7.123.8708-29-2022
The Harvester: Strawberry, Kiwi & PearFruited Kettle Sour7.133.5303-10-2022
The Key To The City Of North HavenFruited Kettle Sour934.1801-28-2022
Thirteen Lives & RIPImperial IPA9.9954.1309-03-2022
Toxic EarthImperial IPA9.333.3307-21-2022
Tropical FogMilkshake IPA8.694.105-15-2022
Tropical Shotgun Sour SwirlWild Ale7.194.0512-03-2019
Twelve Lives & Still WanderingNew England IPA9.574.107-15-2022
Ultra Galaxy FogImperial IPA8.644.1504-18-2022
Under the Cover of NightEnglish Barleywine12.534.2612-07-2022
Vieja MacabraAmerican Lager4.723.9109-21-2022
Wandering Into Fog EclipseImperial IPA8.614.3410-08-2022
Wandering Into The FogNew England IPA8.6364.2611-29-2022
Wandering Into The Fog - African QueenNew England IPA8.644.0312-10-2021
Wandering Into The Fog - AmarilloNew England IPA8.644.1409-28-2021
Wandering Into The Fog - AzaccaNew England IPA8.674.1212-26-2020
Wandering Into the Fog - BelmaNew England IPA8.613.7511-11-2021
Wandering Into the Fog - Cashmere (Triple Dry Hopped)Imperial IPA8.674.0807-02-2022
Wandering Into the Fog - CentennialNew England IPA8.663.9811-02-2021
Wandering Into The Fog - CitraNew England IPA8.6244.1305-17-2021
Wandering Into The Fog - ColumbusNew England IPA8.664.1103-18-2021
Wandering Into The Fog - EclipseImperial IPA8.644.1311-01-2022
Wandering into the Fog - EkuanotImperial IPA8.614.2808-13-2022
Wandering Into The Fog - El DoradoNew England IPA8.694.1805-17-2021
Wandering Into The Fog - Emerald SpireImperial IPA8.6123.9706-15-2022
Wandering Into The Fog - GalaxyNew England IPA8.61014.111-13-2022
Wandering Into The Fog - LemondropNew England IPA8.613.5908-03-2021
Wandering Into The Fog - LotusNew England IPA8.644.1607-06-2021
Wandering Into The Fog - MosaicNew England IPA8.6224.1203-11-2022
Wandering into the Fog - Mosaic (Triple Dry Hopped)New England IPA8.654.2506-20-2022
Wandering Into The Fog - MotuekaNew England IPA8.664.0112-23-2020
Wandering Into The Fog - Nelson SauvinNew England IPA8.6104.2510-26-2022
Wandering into the Fog - Nelson Sauvin (Triple Dry Hopped)New England IPA8.62411-25-2021
Wandering Into The Fog - RakauNew England IPA8.6154.2710-24-2021
Wandering Into The Fog - RiwakaNew England IPA8.614.4403-03-2022
Wandering Into The Fog - SabroNew England IPA8.6154.201-13-2021
Wandering Into the Fog - Sabro (Triple Dry Hopped)New England IPA8.624.0103-13-2022
Wandering Into The Fog - SimcoeNew England IPA8.6184.3502-12-2021
Wandering Into the Fog - TalusNew England IPA8.654.1507-05-2022
Wandering Into The Fog - Triple Dry Hopped EkuanotImperial IPA8.674.1309-19-2022
Wandering Into the Fog - TropicalNew England IPA043.7407-24-2022
Wandering Into The Fog - Ultra GalaxyNew England IPA8.614.3112-26-2021
Wandering Into The Fog - Wai-itiNew England IPA8.624.2103-20-2021
Wandering Into the SnowImperial IPA9.153.712-04-2022
WanderlostImperial IPA10.80001-15-2022
White Stouts Can't JumpAmerican Imperial Stout9.6303.8102-13-2020
With Our Powers Combined!Imperial IPA8.10002-27-2018
Yeti SpaghettiImperial IPA80001-17-2018
Yetti SpaghettiImperial IPA14.20001-15-2022
Zombie FogNew England IPA10.694.2306-09-2022

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