Resident Culture Brewing Company

Resident Culture Brewing CompanyResident Culture Brewing Company
Resident Culture Brewing CompanyResident Culture Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

2101 Central Ave
Charlotte, North Carolina, 28205
United States

(704) 333-1862 | map

At Resident Culture, we have a genuine appreciation for assertive, hop-forward styles and strive to accentuate the character and quality of our farmers' harvest. The concepts of subtlety and nuance are heralded, particularly with regards to our lager beer, mixed culture and spontaneous offerings. Our coolship program reminds us daily of our obsession with a hyper sense of place that inspired us to transform an old family warehouse into a space that, first and foremost, serves our neighbors. We take our beer seriously, but most importantly, we value the relationships and family culture we have cultivated at the brewery. We are proud to have an incredibly tight-knit crew, all of whom play an important role in creating the brewery we have become. At the end of the day, it's beer that we make, but it's our community and the taking care of each other that makes the foundation we're built upon.

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
A Beast For TheeAmerican Imperial Stout1234.2307-07-2021
A Flood Of LightBerliner Weisse5.213.8710-17-2020
A Lesson In EconomicsAmerican Imperial Stout13.533.308-03-2023
Abstract AnalysisAmerican IPA614.2506-08-2018
All These YearsAmerican Imperial Stout1324.2512-13-2022
All These Years - CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout1324.312-13-2022
AnchovyAmerican IPA713.8203-13-2023
Anchovy SpritzerNew England IPA824.1708-24-2023
Anti-Social ButterflyNew England IPA7104.1601-11-2021
Are You Afraid Of The Dark?Baltic Porter8.254.1204-12-2020
Artists OnlyAmerican IPA723.807-03-2018
Baby You're OutNew England IPA71411-01-2019
Bad AttitudeNew England IPA8.563.9907-21-2021
BBA Not Your Nana's Banana PuddingAmerican Imperial Stout12.514.2402-04-2024
BBA Not Your Nana's Bananas FosterAmerican Imperial Stout12.513.7502-04-2024
BBA Not Your Nana's Banoffee PieAmerican Imperial Stout12.513.8502-04-2024
BBA Not Your Nana's Peanut ButterAmerican Imperial Stout12.513.9302-04-2024
Beer, Thank YouAmerican Lager4.523.7704-30-2022
Black Is Beautiful - Bourbon Barrel-Aged With CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout1314.5906-26-2023
Black Is Beautiful - Bourbon Barrel-Aged With Coffee, Cocoa Butter, HazelnutAmerican Imperial Stout1314.5906-26-2023
Bloodless For NowAmerican Imperial Stout1314.4910-05-2022
Bloodless For Now - VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout1314.4808-02-2022
Books On TapeSaison5.533.9501-22-2019
Brain TrustImperial IPA874.4607-04-2019
Breathe DeeperAmerican Imperial Stout1234.2807-17-2022
Brother FlowerAmerican IPA70010-06-2020
Causal ContinuumNew England IPA7284.210-19-2023
Caution FlagAmerican Imperial Stout13.514.0908-08-2022
Caution Flag V2American Imperial Stout13.514.3108-22-2022
Century Of SlangEnglish Bitter3.523.7911-12-2022
Civil CultureNew England IPA1014.2901-29-2023
Cold Blooded Old TimesAmerican IPA714.4302-17-2024
Cold FlowersAmerican IPA713.9604-03-2023
Collective StrengthAmerican IPA6.513.9304-16-2023
Comfortable ChaosNew England IPA714.4208-30-2019
Complicated PatternsBohemian / Czech Pilsner50002-02-2024
Confidence Of YouthIndia Pale Lager (IPL)5.513.5611-21-2021
Contrary Motion - MerlotWild Ale714.2510-18-2022
Cosmic ConsciousnessAmerican IPA614.2112-04-2018
Country Kind Of SilenceHelles4.7574.0402-23-2023
Crunk CultureFruited Kettle Sour60012-27-2023
Dance 'Til You're DeadNew England IPA9.5184.1906-06-2023
Dances with BubsAmerican IPA723.8511-24-2023
DDH Double LightningNew England IPA8.524.2109-14-2023
Define Success - Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.2407-24-2022
Define Success - Barrel-Aged - VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout13.514.5305-23-2022
Diamond MindNew England IPA754.4403-16-2023
Doing The Best We CanVienna Lager4.814.0107-17-2023
Double LightningNew England IPA8.214.2801-10-2022
Double UniverseNew England IPA8.2114.1305-30-2023
Dragon EnergyNew England IPA10.544.2502-24-2024
Dream CultureNew England IPA1014.309-17-2023
Dreams From YesterdayAmerican IPA714.0906-06-2022
Dystopian VisionsAmerican Imperial Stout11.514.2703-08-2020
Easy Does ItAmerican Pale Ale523.8706-23-2023
Ego DeathAmerican Imperial Stout12.524.3210-29-2021
Ego Death - Bourbon Barrel-Aged (2023)American Imperial Stout1334.3901-06-2024
Ego Death - Bourbon Barrel-Aged - Compost Cookie (2023)American Imperial Stout1314.3410-23-2023
Ego Death - Bourbon Barrel-Aged - Orange CreamsicleAmerican Imperial Stout1313.4910-23-2023
Ego Death - Bourbon Barrel-Aged - Vanilla (2023)American Imperial Stout1324.411-21-2023
El ResidenteEuropean Pale Lager413.8306-08-2021
Elastic LoveImperial IPA923.8602-19-2024
Electric WarImperial IPA9104.0206-18-2021
Emergency MeditationAmerican Pale Ale5.7584.1806-11-2021
Face With A ViewAmerican IPA7.714.0807-20-2018
Fancy RejectsFruited Kettle Sour513.8605-21-2023
Fellow FeelingNew England IPA8.514.2509-06-2022
FestbierFestbier / Wiesnbier643.9202-10-2024
Fire Walk With MeImperial IPA8104.2103-07-2021
First Of ManyGrisette413.9907-13-2023
For The First Time AgainGerman Pilsner4.524.2609-04-2019
Forever Alone - CitraNew England IPA7.594.2409-24-2023
Forever Alone - EclipseNew England IPA7.524.1710-24-2023
Forever Alone - Experimental 008New England IPA7.514.0403-12-2022
Forever Alone - GalaxyNew England IPA7.514.2411-27-2023
Forever Alone - HBC 1019New England IPA7.513.5608-20-2023
Forever Alone - HBC 586New England IPA7.514.0204-13-2023
Forever Alone - LuminosaNew England IPA7.514.2501-11-2023
Forever Alone - Mango Cryo PopNew England IPA7.50001-06-2024
Forever Alone - Mango Cryo PopNew England IPA7.514.0601-08-2024
Forever Alone - McKenzieNew England IPA7.514.3203-18-2023
Forever Alone - MosaicNew England IPA7.524.0206-17-2022
Forever Alone - NectaronNew England IPA7.514.3211-08-2022
Forever Alone - NelsonNew England IPA7.534.1806-23-2023
Forever Alone - NZH 101New England IPA7.514.1501-29-2024
Forever Alone - OchoNew England IPA7.523.5804-02-2023
Forever Alone - PeacharineNew England IPA7.524.3201-27-2024
Forever Alone - RiwakaNew England IPA7.514.3411-13-2021
Forever Alone - SimcoeNew England IPA7.513.9307-17-2022
Forever Alone - StrataNew England IPA7.584.2802-10-2024
Forever Alone - TalusNew England IPA7.51402-26-2023
Forever Alone - Vic SecretNew England IPA7.514.2101-12-2023
Forever Alone - VistaNew England IPA7.524.2112-13-2023
Fostering Divine CultureAmerican Imperial Stout1314.5105-08-2023
Fragile MasculinityFruit and Field Beer614.1406-26-2020
Free SkateAmerican IPA6.7134.1211-08-2022
FrischbierAmerican Amber / Red Lager5.51410-14-2023
Full NelsonNew England IPA8.514.4104-03-2022
Full Nelson - Double Dry-HoppedNew England IPA8.523.9301-02-2024
Full StopNew England IPA1024.4804-25-2021
Future SightAmerican IPA7.564.2107-04-2019
Future TrashAmerican Brown Ale5.513.7210-09-2023
Galactic BulgeAmerican IPA6.51411-03-2017
Gateway To WizardryNew England IPA6.824.2406-06-2023
Ghost ParticleSaison534.5804-03-2019
Ghosts Of Future PresentBaltic Porter814.1401-30-2022
Giant, Beautiful, MassiveImperial IPA8.424.1612-26-2017
Gimme The LootHelles4.723.8810-02-2018
Give Me Money, Not FlowersSaison7.234.0311-21-2023
Global HawkSchwarzbier5.314.1704-05-2022
God ComplexNew England IPA9314.3102-02-2024
Golden EternityWild Ale6.7514.2109-05-2020
Half As LonelyAmerican Stout7.523.7105-05-2023
Head SpaceAmerican IPA7.424.1212-05-2017
Heavy FeelerWild Ale3.543.804-05-2019
Hello CLTAmerican IPA754.1110-13-2023
Human PotentialNew England IPA10.394.1204-14-2023
Industrial LipstickFruited Kettle Sour3.864.2511-23-2020
Infinite Gong PackImperial IPA8.324.1704-24-2021
Inland TimesImperial IPA8.70001-06-2021
Intersecting PerceptionsAmerican Imperial Stout12.714.3111-20-2023
Intersecting Perceptions - Congo Vanilla Beans, Salted Pecans & CinnamonAmerican Imperial Stout12.714.2612-04-2023
Irrational StatesAmerican Stout824.1110-28-2023
Isla De NocheEuropean Dark Lager5.423.6503-28-2023
Island TimeAmerican Lager4.573.8209-25-2023
It Has The JuiceNew England IPA1114.5311-10-2022
Jazz HandsAmerican Porter5.523.8810-02-2018
Juice Runs The GameNew England IPA9144.2809-09-2023
Keys To The KingdomNew England IPA7.514.0405-14-2021
King Of ComfortNew England IPA6.814.0212-19-2020
La Ballena PalomaFruited Kettle Sour614.0408-01-2022
La EsquinaWild Ale5.514.305-19-2022
La Petite BêteAmerican IPA713.8612-22-2022
LaelapsAmerican IPA7.1104.2201-11-2021
Lager DropsIndia Pale Lager (IPL)6.513.8504-19-2021
Lager GospelMaibock6.523.502-19-2022
Language Of DreamsAmerican Pale Ale5.533.7405-30-2023
Legends Never DieAmerican IPA6.534.0807-31-2023
Lightning DropsNew England IPA6.5674.1602-13-2024
Lightning Drops - DDH NectaronNew England IPA6.514.2802-06-2023
Lightning Drops - DDH NelsonNew England IPA6.524.3302-19-2022
Lightning Drops - DDH StrataNew England IPA6.524.1411-05-2023
Lightning Drops - ThiolizedNew England IPA6.514.2412-15-2022
Lightning Fu!American IPA734.0710-28-2023
Lightning TropsAmerican IPA6.524.1702-17-2023
Lil' Spud #7American IPA6.223.9810-08-2017
Little Lager BoyLight Lager3.713.9206-08-2018
Live In The DreamAmerican Blonde Ale514.2508-15-2021
lo-fiLight Lager3.823.6210-02-2018
Lost WeekendAmerican Lager4.813.9704-20-2023
Lua DipaNew England IPA8.514.3412-25-2022
Lua DIPA 2.0New England IPA8.524.1808-20-2023
Mahogany ReserveAltbier524.0808-27-2023
Make It RainbowNew England IPA723.9106-11-2023
Manufactured HappinessAmerican Imperial Stout1313.8912-22-2022
Matter Of PrincipleAmerican IPA714.2407-04-2023
Midwood BreakfastAmerican Porter60010-29-2017
Midwood Gose-ishGose4.50008-30-2017
Mohawk MomentImperial IPA924.1408-02-2020
Monkey's Out Of The BottleGose4.334.3903-15-2019
Mortal JoyAmerican Lager5.523.9602-04-2019
Motivations Of The HeartAmerican IPA753.9902-14-2024
Mouth WooedFruited Kettle Sour633.6609-07-2022
New Boot Goofin'American IPA6.553.9508-07-2019
New Boot Juicin'American IPA6.613.4912-31-2018
No Fuchs GivenAmerican Lager4.833.712-29-2022
No One’s Even From HereAmerican IPA5.213.7905-17-2018
Normal Is DeadAmerican IPA733.7905-11-2022
Orchestrated CultureAmerican Imperial Stout1314.0910-09-2022
Out Of OfficeWild Ale514.2905-27-2021
Over ConeNew England IPA724.3212-06-2021
Over SoulNew England IPA7164.0910-30-2023
P-Stone Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.834.2501-27-2018
Pageant WorthyNew England IPA8.564.0108-24-2023
Party DaysNew England IPA8.524.1904-25-2021
Peach FructifyGose4.514.7509-20-2017
People PowerAmerican IPA624.0601-05-2019
Perception CheckImperial IPA8.1124.311-21-2020
Perpetual Emotion MachineBrett Beer614.2812-24-2021
Pils Don't Pay BillsBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.814.1911-16-2018
PJ PartyGerman Pilsner5.2103.8801-29-2021
Prisoner Of The MomentNew England IPA8.514.108-26-2023
Probably ExistingAmerican Imperial Stout1314.306-13-2023
Probably Existing - CoconutAmerican Imperial Stout1314.4706-06-2023
Punch For LunchBerliner Weisse543.9703-16-2018
Quantum WobbleFruited Kettle Sour4154.1510-31-2023
Quantum Wobble - Rum Barrel-AgedFruited Kettle Sour613.8809-01-2023
Radical EmpathyGerman Pilsner4.894.0502-10-2024
Re-UpKellerbier / Zwickelbier5.534.1706-15-2018
Reckless DiscretionAmerican Imperial Stout1414.5506-13-2023
Reckless RestraintAmerican Imperial Stout1414.3409-26-2023
Resident AnimalsFruited Kettle Sour624.304-25-2021
Resident StrengthAmerican Imperial Stout1214.2105-16-2023
Resting Brett FaceBelgian Pale Ale4.733.9709-28-2017
Rick DankoAmerican IPA6.764.3208-04-2019
Riding For The FeelingGerman Pilsner5214.0510-21-2023
Right TimeLight Lager4.543.7310-01-2023
Road To NowhereSaison6.81402-24-2018
Same Ghost Every Night - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout12.524.6103-08-2022
Same Ghost Every Night - Bourbon Barrel-Aged - Coconut And Macadamia NutsAmerican Imperial Stout12.514.410-18-2021
Screaming EagleAmerican Porter614.3911-03-2017
Sea Of FlowersAmerican IPA6.513.5909-26-2023
Second ComingNew England IPA6.584.2212-01-2020
Second Hand ShantyImperial IPA1024.4604-25-2021
Second of ManyFruited Kettle Sour4.513.9302-14-2024
Second OpinionGerman Pilsner523.8305-30-2021
Seer Of VisionsNew England IPA814.0511-27-2020
Sexy Lil' GuyAmerican Lager5.713.8902-24-2018
Shadow BannedCzech Dark Lager524.2512-25-2023
Short SchwarzSchwarzbier4.923.9707-04-2018
Single Barrel Select: Barrel 97American Imperial Stout12.514.8212-17-2023
Skeleton CrewNew England IPA714.2402-21-2022
Skull PopWild Ale454.2608-04-2019
Skull Sized KingdomAmerican IPA713.605-15-2022
Sleeping On The BlacktopNew England IPA9.524.3302-02-2024
Smiles Over EverythingNew England IPA7.814.3301-06-2023
Soft KissJapanese Rice Lager4.824.1111-19-2023
SoftpowerAmerican IPA734.2712-09-2021
Song For Hard TimesKellerbier / Zwickelbier534.1708-11-2022
Sorry If This Doesn't Change Your LifeGerman Pilsner544.2803-30-2021
Soul SauceImperial IPA8.344.2106-07-2023
Sphere EversionAmerican IPA4.864.0212-28-2020
Splash MouthWild Ale4.524.1906-15-2018
Squirrel FriendsFruited Kettle Sour513.9106-23-2023
Stadium NachosNew England IPA814.301-15-2023
Static GodIndia Pale Lager (IPL)784.0909-10-2023
Steamy EmailsAmerican IPA4.544.1111-24-2018
Subtle ShadeSaison5.614.2502-17-2024
Sun BentAmerican IPA714.208-14-2023
Sweet AsAmerican IPA713.9911-21-2017
Sweeter The JuiceAmerican IPA6.513.7709-10-2017
SympatheticWild Ale5.51403-14-2023
Take It Or Leave ItImperial IPA8.514.2904-02-2020
Thank You For Being A FriendAmerican Porter6.51408-21-2021
The Great BeautyAmerican IPA71405-14-2021
The Heart Lies Because it MustCzech Dark Lager524.0302-10-2024
The Impossibility Of The Existence Of AnythingAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.3410-18-2022
The Kids Are Not AlrightImperial IPA9.514.2903-05-2023
The Time Between Dog And WolfAmerican Imperial Stout12.514.3409-23-2021
The UnkindnessAmerican Imperial Stout1324.2106-13-2022
The Unkindness - Double Barrel Cherry BrandyAmerican Imperial Stout1314.3708-31-2021
There Is No Light Without The DarkSchwarzbier514.1902-10-2021
Third NippleAmerican Stout623.8603-15-2019
This Apparatus Must Be UnearthedAmerican IPA724.1706-17-2019
This Is Just A TestNew England IPA6.564.1411-13-2020
Thumbs UpNew England IPA6.51403-12-2022
Thunder StudNew England IPA8.3184.3306-13-2023
Tiny EgoAmerican Stout623.7801-20-2024
Tired & Toothless - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout1214.1102-24-2021
Tomorrow Is A Long TimeAmerican Pale Ale5.544.1907-05-2023
Tongue in CheekAmerican Imperial Stout101411-18-2023
Too Much MetalAmerican Pale Ale6.333.9109-28-2017
Triple LightningNew England IPA1014.3406-12-2022
Tropical PoncheBerliner Weisse4.30012-09-2017
Turn StyleAmerican IPA7124.1503-19-2022
Twice As LonelyAmerican Imperial Stout1314.3408-29-2020
Twice As Lonely - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.4910-03-2023
Twice As Lonely - Bourbon Barrel-Aged - BananaAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.1112-27-2023
Twice As Lonely - Bourbon Barrel-Aged - CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.5509-17-2023
Twice As Lonely - Bourbon Barrel-Aged - Macadamia Nuts And VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout13.514.2708-01-2023
Twice As Lonely - CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout1324.4412-05-2020
Two Horned UnicornSaison5.223.8810-02-2018
UnhallowedAmerican IPA6.564.3707-04-2019
Universal MindNew England IPA6.5264.2112-10-2021
Vibe CheckWild Ale614.0706-23-2023
Vicky ViragoImperial IPA8.5284.2907-10-2023
Victim Of FateAmerican Pale Ale6.51402-24-2018
We Are Because We WereAmerican IPA6.513.9309-25-2021
Weekend Safety BriefNew England IPA7.244.2301-23-2024
Werk CultureNew England IPA8.514.2808-31-2021
Whatever You Feel Just Dance ItNew England IPA7294.2511-05-2023
Wild ExcessAmerican Imperial Stout1424.1901-29-2024
Wild IndulgenceAmerican Imperial Stout1414.0402-02-2024
Willful BlindnessBaltic Porter8.554.0906-27-2023

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Resident Culture Brewing Company in Charlotte, NC
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