Offshoot Beer Co.


717 Dunn Way
Placentia, California, 92870
United States | map

Notes: Beers are brewed at / by another brewery. The wait is over. Say hello to new, fresh, juicy, hoppy, aromatic beers. We’re Offshoot Beer Co. – an offshoot, if you will, of The Bruery, and the latest extension of the Famille Rue fam.

Our wheelhouse? Hoppy beers. Think “IPA” and “Double IPA”. And other stuff that has the acronym “IPA” in the name. Pretty much any hoppy eruption that excites and tantalizes the taste buds is fair game.

Our 16-oz. cans are released in limited supply and sold in 4-packs directly from our brewery for fresh enjoyment.
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'Nother BrotherIPA - American5.714.14-
1IPA - New England8.5224.24-
3IPA - Imperial8.314.4-
A Beer Of Mystery & SuspenseIPA - American7.664.02-
AlphaIPA - American6.774.03-
Amarillo By MorningIPA - American6.500-
Ariana's Breakthrough PerformanceIPA - American7.524.38-
Away MessageIPA - New England7.5414.26-
Better Late Than NeverIPA - Imperial8.5284.11-
Better TogetherIPA - American733.68-
Brain PourIPA - New England8.583.67-
BravoIPA - Imperial8.2204.13-
But What Am I?IPA - Imperial8.3153.92-
CartIPA - American6.7283.9-
Cherry DivideIPA - American7.523.98-
ChillIPA - Imperial9.824.1-
Choose You Own AdventureIPA - American7.564-
CloudsourcedIPA - Imperial8.3384.02-
Cloudy With A Chance Of RainPale Ale - American5.723.9-
ConditionsIPA - Imperial8.3204.16-
Cool It!IPA - American7.424.08-
Craft CornerIPA - American8.114.5-
Cryonic FogIPA - American6.643.65-
DankhouseIPA - Imperial7.943.92-
Delayed GratificationIPA - Imperial044.14-
DeltaIPA - Imperial8.2104.11-
Dino PebblesIPA - American6.7814.08-
District Delights: Take A Load OffIPA - New England6.713.97-
Don’t RunIPA - New England8.534.25-
Double IPAIPA - Imperial8.224.02-
Drifting Away IPAIPA - American7.824.1-
EchoIPA - American6.764.11-
EscapeIPA - American7.1154.05-
Extra Dry Brut IPAIPA - Brut7.124.05-
Fashionably LateIPA - American6.5284.03-
Flight Of The WolverinesIPA - American6.824.09-
Flower PowerIPA - Imperial1224.36-
FoxtrotIPA - American6.764.17-
FriendsgivingIPA - Imperial8.1234.32-
GhostsIPA - New England8.664.21-
GhoulsIPA - New England6.723.97-
GodivaIPA - American7.223.92-
GolfIPA - New England8.263.94-
Grain DamageIPA - New England6.543.95-
Green BillIPA - American6.844.14-
Hall MonitorIPA - American6.7124.05-
Haze ParadeIPA - New England8.144.19-
Hazy Pale PartnersPale Ale - American5.624.17-
HBC 360IPA - New England7.714.34-
HBC 431IPA - American6.524.05-
HBC 520IPA - American7.723.93-
HBC342 IPAIPA - American6.513.89-
Hold My BeerIPA - American6.8244.01-
Hometown FeelingIPA - American734.13-
Hop LuckIPA - American7.4104.18-
Hop TrotIPA - New England6.464.17-
Hops & RecIPA - Imperial8.1144.04-
Hoptimized ReturnsIPA - Imperial7.924.13-
HorseIPA - Imperial8.2244.06-
HotelIPA - Imperial8.274-
I Know You AreIPA - American6.7163.96-
In The ZoneIPA - Imperial7.954.32-
IndiaIPA - New England6.753.88-
IPAIPA - New England6.734.04-
It’s Going to be GreatIPA - American7.614.23-
Juicy BrutIPA - Brut6.823.78-
JuliettIPA - American6.863.95-
Keep The Haze Ya Filthy Animal™IPA - New England6.924.06-
KILOIPA - Imperial8.234.03-
Life Of The PartyIPA - American534.01-
LimaIPA - New England6.753.94-
Line CutterIPA - Imperial10.5114.12-
MikeIPA - Imperial8.284.07-
MulleganIPA - American714-
Mysteries Of The BruniverseIPA - Imperial834.03-
New Beer ResolutionIPA - Imperial9.834.07-
Niner NinerIPA - American7.644.03-
Nose SnugglesIPA - American7.213.81-
One If By LandIPA - New England7.684.09-
Out Of ContextIPA - American054.13-
Overdraft ProtectionIPA - New England643.91-
Path Of Yeast ResistanceIPA - American6.964.15-
PerjuryIPA - Imperial034.02-
Planning AuthorityIPA - American734.05-
PlaycationIPA - American6.934.13-
Pleasant TownIPA - American793.98-
Poppin' PilsPilsner - German5.0513.83-
Powder RangerIPA - Imperial10.564.08-
Regarding HoppyIPA - American7.524.41-
Relax (It’s Just a Hazy IPA)IPA - New England6.82894.09-
Relax DDHIPA - New England6.873.98-
RepresentationIPA - New England8.614.05-
Resilience Australian Bushfire ReliefPale Ale - American5.214.06-
RetreatIPA - New England8.61034.13-
Ruemor MillIPA - Imperial7.1244.39-
SafariIPA - Imperial7.834-
Settle DownIPA - American7.523.98-
ShakenCream Ale6.3163.92-
Shuster's Last StandIPA - American7.124.28-
Single DigitsIPA - American613.94-
Spidget FinnerIPA - Imperial8.524.17-
StirredIPA - Imperial8.1134.26-
SubmergedIPA - New England8.124.25-
Summer DazeIPA - New England7.824.2-
SurfaceIPA - New England6.224.14-
Swell ReportIPA - American7.5834.18-
Taste That TasteIPA - Imperial8.5144.13-
Tattered VestIPA - American7.4423.9-
TaxationIPA - New England6.114.02-
Temple Of BoomIPA - American7.2113.91-
TermsIPA - American4.5204.06-
The Lil GuyLow Alcohol Beer2.913.98-
Three Piece BrutIPA - Brut6.933.94-
Two If By SeaIPA - Imperial8.1254.3-
Unwind (You Earned this Hoppy Pils)Lager - American5.7123.9-
Walk Hazy IPAIPA - New England6.534.35-
Watch ThisIPA - Imperial11.2203.87-
Wave The White FlagIPA - American6.8263.85-
Wedding IPAIPA - American7.624.44-
Welcome To The Haze DazeIPA - American7.433.72-
Where's The Piñata?IPA - Imperial8.6914.1-
Yule Shoot Your Eye Out Kid™IPA - Imperial8.123.87-