Barrel Theory Beer Company

Barrel Theory Beer CompanyBarrel Theory Beer Company
Barrel Theory Beer CompanyBarrel Theory Beer Company
Brewery, Bar

248 E 7th St
Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55101
United States

(651) 600-3422 | map

Why "Barrel Theory"?
Our name is derived from Liebig’s Law of the Minimum which explains that the capacity of a barrel is always limited by its shortest stave. Picture a barrel on standing upright with varying stave lengths, the content that the barrel can hold isn’t determined by the taller staves, but by its shortest.

At Barrel Theory, we don’t define our brand by our best-selling or most successful product, but by the overall quality of our beers and customer service. Our quality-control philosophy is simple: If the beer isn’t something we are proud of, we won’t serve it to you.

Barrel Theory’s founders Brett Splinter, Timmy Johnson, and Todd Tibesar bring years of combined industry experience and knowledge. There’s an understanding among the owners that it is a team effort to run a successful brewing operation that produces real quality and that no one channel of the business can reach a high level of success without the others.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
*Batteries Not IncludedAmerican Imperial Stout10.91401-14-2021
...Smile Because It HappenedNew England IPA6.394.207-13-2020
After School SnacksFruited Kettle Sour4154.3205-15-2020
Against The CurrentAmerican IPA6.7513.7511-23-2022
Agua FrescaFruited Kettle Sour4114.3905-15-2020
Ain’t No PartyAmerican IPA70007-07-2021
Air MailImperial IPA8.524.1101-02-2022
Airstream SupplyNew England IPA6.90008-09-2023
All The ThingsFruited Kettle Sour40006-14-2023
All The Way LiveAmerican IPA7.214.1712-01-2023
All Things ConsideredAmerican IPA7.30012-16-2023
Alligator SwagImperial IPA8.164.2809-01-2023
Alter Of MadnessAmerican IPA6.954.0104-30-2022
Are We Having Fun Yet?Imperial IPA844.1911-25-2023
Are You New HereFruited Kettle Sour50002-13-2024
Art Is HardImperial IPA8.50003-27-2022
Asking For A FriendGose434.3705-10-2019
Assistant Regional ManagerAmerican IPA7.5164.1304-06-2018
Astral BarrageAmerican Imperial Stout11.214.302-19-2022
Avada KedavraNew England IPA7.794.2305-15-2020
Back in the DayAmerican Imperial Stout12.514.3512-18-2022
Barrel Aged Ice Cream SocialAmerican Imperial Stout12.8164.5508-17-2022
Barrel Aged Ice Cream Social with CoconutAmerican Imperial Stout12.514.502-20-2021
Barrel Aged Slime Green Paint, Peanut Butter InsideSweet / Milk Stout11.514.3507-02-2022
Batter UpAmerican Imperial Stout12.50002-25-2022
Behind Hazel EyesAmerican Imperial Stout11.564.1805-01-2019
Behind The WaterfallAmerican Porter7.923.9307-30-2023
Birkin BagAmerican Imperial Stout12.564.2410-07-2021
Black LotusSweet / Milk Stout6.8554.2606-20-2020
Black Lotus - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout9.5124.5205-15-2020
Black Lotus 2.0Sweet / Milk Stout10.154.303-13-2023
Blood Orange GoseGose4124.0602-01-2020
Boat ShoesAmerican IPA7.7414.2706-19-2019
BT LITELight Lager4.533.4607-22-2023
Catch The Light Before It FadesNew England IPA71401-23-2021
Chazz Michael MichaelsAmerican IPA7.5284.309-16-2023
Chazz Michael Michaels - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican IPA7.9174.4102-21-2022
Chunky ShrapnelNew England IPA70005-13-2023
Citra Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.9254.405-01-2019
Clap BackImperial IPA9.184.0307-24-2019
CryptocurrencyImperial IPA8404.406-14-2023
Dancing AloneImperial IPA10.514.107-04-2022
Dark HelmetSchwarzbier564.2301-13-2024
Dawn Never BreaksAmerican Imperial Stout13.233.9712-22-2022
DDH Alligator SwagNew England IPA8.124.0601-01-2022
DDH CryptocurrencyImperial IPA8.684.5804-17-2019
DDH Dorthy Mantooth - MosaicNew England IPA7.234.503-23-2020
DDH DownpourImperial IPA10.234.2202-19-2023
DDH Fan The FlamesAmerican IPA7.144.0412-14-2020
DDH Full SendAmerican IPA7.114.2711-20-2023
DDH Magic ManNew England IPA7.124.0311-19-2021
DDH MechahopzillaNew England IPA70005-12-2023
DDH Party At The MoontowerNew England IPA10.50002-20-2022
DDH Rain DropsNew England IPA7.534.5112-09-2023
DDH Rude AwakeningNew England IPA744.110-30-2023
DDH Shooter McGavinImperial IPA8.3174.4808-30-2023
DDH Shredder McGavinNew England IPA8.524.2407-03-2022
DDH StratasphereNew England IPA7.524.0708-06-2021
Diabolic ThirstAmerican Imperial Stout130012-20-2022
Diamond CutterImperial IPA834.1303-28-2021
Distorted LullabyAmerican Imperial Stout1413.4807-01-2022
Do A KickflipAmerican IPA70011-26-2022
Do It For M-DogAmerican Imperial Stout11.223.9709-23-2022
Do You Think This Is A Game?New England IPA8.274.4205-26-2018
Don’t Cry Because It’s Over...New England IPA7104.3107-18-2020
Dorothy MantoothAmerican IPA7.5324.3208-16-2019
DownpourImperial IPA10.30004-17-2022
DracoFruited Kettle Sour4244.2306-08-2019
Dream EaterAmerican Imperial Stout12.924.3812-03-2021
Dress FlannelFruited Kettle Sour40001-05-2021
DrippyFruited Kettle Sour4.50003-15-2023
Drop TopsAmerican IPA6294.1709-22-2018
Dunk ContestAmerican Imperial Stout12.714.609-24-2021
Edward NygmaAmerican Pale Ale5.1103.9404-18-2018
El Gato DiabloAmerican Imperial Stout9134.3809-17-2018
Enigma Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale5.913.2107-29-2019
Everything Is FineAmerican IPA6.90003-30-2023
FalkorAmerican Pale Ale5.2114.0411-20-2017
Fan the FlamesNew England IPA7.264.2607-13-2020
Feeling Cute, Might Delete LaterAmerican Pale Ale5.564.0104-13-2019
Feelin’ Like A $aber Tooth TigerGose424.2505-15-2020
FifthAmerican Imperial Stout1344.4108-29-2022
Fifth w/ Chocolate Covered Toasted CoconutAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.4910-17-2022
Fire Diss TrackNew England IPA7.374.1205-15-2020
Flame of AnorAmerican Imperial Stout11.594.4708-16-2019
Flattening Of EmotionsAmerican IPA7.30009-15-2023
FOMONew England IPA7.294.3908-03-2020
FOMO IntensifiesAmerican IPA7.284.3607-23-2019
Foolish GamesImperial IPA100004-14-2023
For The CultureSaison60007-02-2021
FourthAmerican Imperial Stout1224.3312-24-2021
Friends Don't LieAmerican IPA713.9408-07-2022
Frog SplashFruited Kettle Sour41405-30-2021
Froothie - Strawberry/BananaFruited Kettle Sour50002-09-2021
Frosted TipsImperial IPA8.534.2207-05-2021
Full SendAmerican IPA7.1124.2907-31-2023
Get Busy LivingAmerican IPA71408-07-2022
Ghost Train HazeNew England IPA7.164.2307-06-2019
Glass Case of EmotionNew England IPA6.91302-06-2021
Good ,You?Bohemian / Czech Pilsner50001-24-2023
Goodie BagAmerican Imperial Stout10.514.0212-23-2022
Gucci PinataFruited Kettle Sour4124.4505-15-2020
Gucci SlidesGose464.1205-25-2019
Hadley Jay’s IPANew England IPA7.750002-05-2023
Handful Of StarsNew England IPA724.3809-02-2022
Hard In. The PaintImperial IPA8.544.1403-27-2021
Hard PassImperial IPA8.524.4307-28-2021
Hattori HanzōImperial IPA9.1154.4505-15-2020
Havin’ A Good TimeImperial IPA8.254.2105-15-2020
Haze Of Our LivesImperial IPA10.313.8601-29-2022
Hazy Like Sunday MorningNew England IPA7.264.2605-12-2020
Herman Ze GermanHefeweizen50010-01-2022
High Top CrocsAmerican IPA723.9709-23-2023
Hot TakeAmerican IPA724.0507-05-2021
Hüsker Düs & Hüsker Don’tsAmerican Pale Ale5.994.1705-15-2020
Hydration PackAmerican IPA633.9707-03-2022
I Cant Stand The RainAmerican IPA6.933.9803-11-2023
I Wanna Be Your EndgameAmerican IPA744.204-19-2019
Ice Cream SocialAmerican Imperial Stout11.144.2605-15-2020
Ice Cream Social w/ PistachioAmerican Imperial Stout11.114.2509-17-2021
Ideas Are BulletproofAmerican IPA723.7411-23-2023
In Season TournamentNew England IPA70002-13-2024
Is This A Joke?American Pale Ale6.90008-16-2023
Is This Still A Thing?Imperial IPA823.8805-15-2020
It Is What It IsNew England IPA70002-01-2024
Italian DunkersAmerican Pale Ale5.994.1805-15-2020
It’s Morphin’ TimeImperial IPA864.2309-02-2022
It’s Not FairNew England IPA8.50009-20-2023
It”ll Leave You BreathlessImperial IPA100001-02-2024
I’m Not Crying, You’re CryingNew England IPA7.734.0312-15-2018
Jagged Little PilsBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.124.1711-13-2022
Java OatsAmerican Stout6554.2601-12-2024
Java Oats - Bootstrap Coffee Roasters' DIY EspressoAmerican Stout6.924.2403-13-2018
Jazz FluteNew England IPA6.534.0707-15-2019
juicy boiGose443.9702-02-2019
Jungle HijinxAmerican Imperial Stout10.523.8812-04-2021
Just Look At ItFruited Kettle Sour50001-22-2024
Key SublimeFruited Kettle Sour4454.2909-25-2020
Keyboard WarriorSweet / Milk Stout784.0705-15-2020
Landscaping DutyFruited Kettle Sour50005-25-2020
Left On ReadAmerican IPA6.92407-03-2022
Let Me Tell You SomethingAmerican Pale Ale6.224.1606-28-2023
Let’s DuetAmerican IPA6.913.509-19-2021
Lime ScooterImperial IPA8.253.9212-26-2018
Limousine RidesFruited Kettle Sour423.9312-24-2020
Lip SmackersFruited Kettle Sour4104.2805-15-2020
Local Rain 651American IPA7.514.1901-16-2023
LOL WUT?American IPA6.993.9911-27-2017
LongclawAmerican IPA734.0103-30-2019
Love SpellFruited Kettle Sour434.1805-15-2020
LoveJoyAmerican IPA7.433.8206-06-2021
Magic ManAmerican IPA7.1474.3712-18-2020
Marionberry & BoysenberryFruited Kettle Sour014.0911-07-2017
Mascot RaceNew England IPA713.7508-26-2023
Master Of The VoidNew England IPA8.234.3512-08-2023
Master WinduFruited Kettle Sour424.5205-15-2020
MaverickAmerican Pale Ale5.2124.1710-01-2017
MechahopzillaNew England IPA744.1105-15-2023
MidWestern ExoticGose464.3705-31-2021
Million Dollar DreamImperial IPA10.534.4410-08-2021
Mo Peach Mo ProblemsImperial IPA864.1805-15-2020
MPG -W/CoconotBerliner Weisse60008-30-2023
MugatuAmerican Stout8104.0901-06-2018
Mystik SpiralNew England IPA7.224.1210-07-2021
Nameless FearImperial IPA10.20003-01-2023
New Year , New BeerAmerican IPA724.2505-15-2020
No Hard FeelingsImperial IPA8.51404-08-2023
No More GamesAmerican IPA724.3901-09-2024
No Turn On RedFruited Kettle Sour434.4205-15-2020
Nocturnal EmpireAmerican Imperial Stout12.944.205-18-2023
Not On My Worst DayAmerican IPA7.543.8105-15-2020
October RustMärzen533.8810-08-2022
Off The Hop RopeAmerican Pale Ale5.924.4902-25-2024
One Above AllAmerican Imperial Stout1314.506-25-2023
One Below AllAmerican Imperial Stout130004-11-2023
One MoreNew England IPA723.8803-11-2023
One Way 2 MIAFruited Kettle Sour4.50002-05-2023
Open The GatesNew England IPA7.50010-06-2023
Overheard In The Target Parking LotAmerican Pale Ale614.2906-21-2023
Oxford CommaAmerican IPA7.214.0807-07-2021
Panda WatchImperial IPA10.30011-07-2021
Party At The Moon TowerImperial IPA10.534.2807-07-2021
Patches O'HoulihanAmerican Porter7183.8708-19-2018
Patio SeasonGose444.3504-13-2019
Peach ApricotFruited Kettle Sour4114.2512-16-2017
PermafrostAmerican IPA7.534.2712-07-2018
Police The SauceNew England IPA714.1908-29-2022
Pulling StringsNew England IPA8.20012-14-2023
Pullover Starter JacketAmerican IPA7.2164.309-17-2018
Puma Shell NecklaceAmerican IPA70004-10-2021
Purple LamborghiniFruited Kettle Sour4284.207-23-2020
Radio Won't Even Play My JamNew England IPA7.134.3305-15-2020
Rage QuitBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.7183.8601-02-2024
Rain DropsNew England IPA7.51194.4201-15-2024
Rain Drops - DDH with Citra/mosaic, Mosaic Cryogenic,Vic SecretAmerican IPA7.524.3709-13-2020
Rain Drops - Double Dry-Hopped With AmarilloNew England IPA7.534.2412-28-2019
Rain Drops - Double Dry-Hopped With Citra And Vic SecretNew England IPA7.5334.4706-10-2020
Rain Drops - Double Dry-Hopped With GalaxyAmerican IPA7.5164.4206-11-2020
Rain Drops - Double Dry-Hopped With Mosiac And CryoAmerican IPA7.5164.3805-15-2020
Rain Drops - Double Dry-Hopped With Nelson SauvinNew England IPA7.5144.3805-15-2020
Raining 3SImperial IPA9324.3509-30-2020
Raspberry And Cacao Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout014.5511-07-2017
Raspberry LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour4114.3601-13-2019
Reign of DreamsNew England IPA7.20010-13-2023
Riddles In The DarkAmerican Imperial Stout13.334.3603-13-2022
Riwaka this WayAmerican IPA6.7544.102-12-2021
Robo Trippin’Gose484.2705-15-2020
Rude AwakeningAmerican IPA744.1804-09-2023
SatisfiedAmerican Imperial Stout10.544.3304-05-2021
Savage Nature BAAmerican Imperial Stout130001-04-2024
Say “What” AgainNew England IPA7.661401-08-2023
ScrumdiddlyumptiousBerliner Weisse514.3911-13-2022
Send Me A Dog PicAmerican IPA6.913.7707-01-2023
Serial ChillerBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.823.9706-29-2023
Shadows In TimeFruited Kettle Sour60011-26-2023
Shirt BrothersNew England IPA70008-16-2023
Shoalin Sword StyleAmerican IPA7.10006-13-2021
Shooter McGavinNew England IPA8.2694.4302-25-2024
Shredder McGavinImperial IPA8.5134.3205-16-2021
Shredder McGavin TwistedImperial IPA8.514.4307-02-2023
Simply RavishingFruited Kettle Sour40008-21-2021
Slime Green Paint Peanut Butter InsideSweet / Milk Stout1074.3108-13-2019
Slow BlinkAmerican IPA7.524.208-25-2021
Snap !Crackle !Pop!American Imperial Stout1123.9905-23-2021
Some MoreAmerican Imperial Stout11.214.1905-07-2021
Some, Not ManyAmerican IPA7.20002-27-2021
Soup Du JourAmerican Pale Ale5.91410-12-2019
Sparkle MotionNew England IPA6.90003-27-2022
Spiritual AthleticismImperial IPA80005-07-2022
Sport ModeAmerican Pale Ale5.954.2305-15-2020
Spotted TigerFruited Kettle Sour454.0406-22-2022
Spring Break '98Fruited Kettle Sour424.203-15-2019
Steel Toe CrocsNew England IPA7.524.0101-02-2022
Still FlyAmerican IPA724.0501-02-2022
Stop Looking At Me SwanAmerican IPA6.744.1705-15-2020
StormbreakerRussian Imperial Stout10.974.4812-26-2020
StratasphereNew England IPA7.544.2605-15-2020
Summertime SadnessFruited Kettle Sour444.5605-15-2020
Sundays Are For RedAmerican Pale Ale654.1610-14-2020
Super Devil JuiceAmerican IPA734.501-20-2021
Super SaiyanImperial IPA8.2174.3501-23-2022
SuperflyFruited Kettle Sour423.9202-14-2021
Suplex CityNew England IPA6.614.3311-23-2019
Sweater WeatherAmerican Imperial Stout12.514.2510-21-2021
Swipe RightAmerican Imperial Stout12194.2810-13-2023
Swipe UpNew England IPA7.484.3304-14-2019
Swirl Stick #1Fruited Kettle Sour00010-10-2020
Switching TagsAmerican IPA70011-26-2023
Sword Of Omens - BAAmerican Imperial Stout130002-18-2023
S’more Support For ALSAmerican Porter70001-19-2024
Tactical ScrunchieImperial IPA8.234.1304-08-2021
Take That, CurseNew England IPA8.514.2311-26-2022
Tear DropsAmerican IPA6.5224.2709-18-2020
Temple Of 1000 DoorsImperial IPA1034.1406-24-2021
That Tracks!New England IPA714.2507-19-2023
The Gray Ghost (Horus Collab)American Barleywine14.524.4902-29-2024
The Last Drive InImperial IPA8.224.1311-13-2022
The Storm UpstairsAmerican IPA7.20008-16-2023
These Things HappenNew England IPA70007-12-2023
Thirst TrapNew England IPA724.3805-15-2020
This Isn't Even My Final FormAmerican Pale Ale6.224.301-17-2019
Threat Level MidnightAmerican Imperial Stout10.7254.4905-10-2021
Through The KeyholeNew England IPA8.223.908-04-2022
Thursday In The Danger RoomNew England IPA7.30010-06-2023
Truck DropsAmerican IPA7.513.9906-29-2023
Truffle ShuffleAmerican Imperial Stout12.214.0503-19-2022
Tuxedo T-ShirtAmerican IPA70004-10-2021
Two WordsImperial IPA10.20004-08-2022
Tyger UppercutAmerican IPA7.224.1201-20-2020
Ultimate PunchFruited Kettle Sour40005-18-2023
Ultraviolet ShineNew England IPA10.554.1908-20-2023
Uncontrollable UrgeImperial IPA10.234.0610-01-2022
UnsubscribeImperial IPA8.514.2505-30-2021
Used To, Might StillFruited Kettle Sour41401-23-2021
Vienna LagerVienna Lager4.923.8806-16-2019
Vogon PoetryAmerican IPA7.233.8305-19-2020
Weird Flex But OKNew England IPA734.2503-02-2019
What The Fluff?American Imperial Stout12124.4305-15-2020
Why Go Hard When You Can Go Home?Imperial IPA8.2184.3505-15-2020
Wicked GameImperial IPA1014.2507-19-2021
Yas QueenFruited Kettle Sour4114.2505-15-2020
You up?Fruited Kettle Sour444.0802-03-2019
You Used To Calamansi On My Cell PhoneBerliner Weisse50011-23-2022

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Barrel Theory Beer Company in Saint Paul, MN
Brewery rating: 4.18 out of 5 with 1745 ratings