Kros Strain Brewing

Kros Strain BrewingKros Strain Brewing
Kros Strain BrewingKros Strain Brewing
Brewery, Bar

10411 Portal Rd, Ste 102
La Vista, Nebraska, 68128
United States

(402) 779-7990 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
(Clever Name)Fruited Kettle Sour60006-12-2022
5 Point InspectionNew England IPA6.213.1204-12-2022
53 MagnumHelles4.823.5707-04-2021
Adam's BeerNew England IPA6.20010-20-2022
Award Show IncidentNew England IPA6.20004-20-2022
Azure ExperimentHelles4.813.8503-17-2023
Azure ExperimentHelles4.80002-10-2023
BA Salted Caramel StoutAmerican Imperial Stout130002-23-2023
Banana HammockFruited Kettle Sour3.20003-21-2023
Barlywine: Shadow LakeAmerican Barleywine1314.2511-06-2021
Barrel Aged Imperial StoutAmerican Imperial Stout1323.807-18-2022
Barrel Aged KrostoberfestMärzen5.514.4612-06-2022
Barrel Aged SpumoniAmerican Imperial Stout130012-10-2022
Barrelwine: Shadow LakeEnglish Barleywine1324.612-11-2022
Barrelywine Batch 1000: Blanton'sEnglish Barleywine1314.512-11-2022
Barrelywine Batch 1000: BrickwayEnglish Barleywine1314.5212-11-2022
Barrelywine Batch 1000: Stranahan'sEnglish Barleywine1314.0212-11-2022
Barrelywine: Single BarrelEnglish Barleywine130007-12-2022
Barrelywine: Spirit WorldEnglish Barleywine1424.3212-11-2022
Barrelywine: Volume 6English Barleywine1344.2701-24-2023
Barrelywine: Volume 7English Barleywine1324.3407-29-2022
Barrelywine: Volume 8English Barleywine1323.9612-11-2022
Berliner Weisse With RaspberriesBerliner Weisse3.50003-28-2022
Bernstein BierVienna Lager683.7712-18-2022
Berry ManilimeFruit and Field Beer5.223.6712-22-2019
Blackberry SaisonSaison7.30003-28-2022
Blue Jeans VolleyballNew England IPA6.20008-28-2022
Bo-PilsBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.833.5710-14-2018
Boots With the FoederFlanders Oud Bruin6.50011-04-2022
Bragging RightsNew England IPA7.723.8812-13-2020
Brick ShotOatmeal Stout5.50011-09-2022
Broken BulbBerliner Weisse3.20012-15-2022
C4New England IPA6.213.7905-28-2021
Can You Print This For MeNew England IPA6.213.1509-18-2021
Cara Cara SaisonSaison7.81401-30-2023
Cashmere WeatherNew England IPA5.324.0803-22-2023
Casual SixGerman Pilsner6.750012-14-2022
Cherry Vanilla Pastry MüMüSweet / Milk Stout60005-05-2019
Choco-LatteAmerican Imperial Stout1314.412-09-2022
Crib SheetNew England IPA6.213.2103-17-2023
Crush-A-LotFruited Kettle Sour50001-13-2023
Dad JokesNew England IPA5.954.2107-04-2022
Dark ParadiseAmerican Amber / Red Ale4.3143.8704-25-2019
Designer ImposterNew England IPA6.20005-16-2022
Desk PopGerman Pilsner5.50010-26-2022
Dessert DreamsSweet / Milk Stout614.0605-30-2020
Ditch BeerNew England IPA6.324.0107-18-2022
DodgsonAmerican Amber / Red Ale4.50009-09-2022
Doe, A DeerBerliner Weisse4.20012-15-2022
Don't Go Chasing HopperfallsImperial IPA813.0811-21-2021
Drunken FrenchieFruited Kettle Sour4.20003-21-2023
Dry Hopped SaisonSaison60007-22-2022
Dunk TankMunich Dunkel5.513.6804-12-2022
Dunkel Breakin' My HeartMunich Dunkel5.683.9503-26-2023
Et Tu CardinalImperial IPA8.813.9111-24-2019
Fairy NectarNew England IPA6.2644.103-17-2023
Fairy Nectar - Anniversary BlendNew England IPA6.224.1712-22-2022
Fairy Nectar - DDHNew England IPA6.264.1101-24-2023
Fairy Nectar - IPA Day BlendNew England IPA6.213.5708-05-2022
Fairy Nectar - Nelson SauvinNew England IPA6.20009-05-2022
Fairy Nectar London - DDHNew England IPA6.2364.2311-08-2021
Fake SpringHelles4.80003-15-2022
Farm TeamNew England IPA60005-03-2022
Flandy CornFlanders Red Ale5.70010-28-2022
Foeder Berliner WeisseBerliner Weisse3.51401-30-2023
Foeder Berliner Weisse W/ AppleBerliner Weisse3.80005-16-2022
Fruits And PineconesFruited Kettle Sour4.20012-15-2022
Funky NectarBrett Beer6.223.9512-23-2022
General AdmissionNew England IPA6.314.0207-02-2022
Glass OrnamentBerliner Weisse5.70012-15-2022
HeightsPANew England IPA6.213.5307-23-2022
Helles CreekHelles4.8283.803-28-2023
Hey BabesBerliner Weisse3.20012-15-2022
Hibiscus Helles CreekHelles4.823.810-05-2018
Hop StreakerAmerican Pale Ale4.984.2307-18-2022
Hot As HellesChile Beer4.873.8403-27-2023
Hurricane BobBerliner Weisse3.813.7703-01-2022
I'm Going Going, Back Back, To Cali, CaliBerliner Weisse3.20012-15-2022
Imperial Stout - Heaven HillAmerican Imperial Stout1313.9612-02-2022
Inflatable SnowmanHelles4.823.7512-23-2022
InvictusRussian Imperial Stout1114.0305-05-2019
Iris PearlBerliner Weisse5.70012-15-2022
Juice and DesistImperial IPA9.4394.1703-01-2023
Juicy BrutBrut IPA8.813.5207-17-2019
KalykeBelgian Blonde Ale5.613.0211-24-2019
Kiwi HermanBerliner Weisse3.80009-24-2022
Koala Tears Project (Banana And Vanilla)Berliner Weisse50010-20-2022
Koala Tears Project (Blueberry)Fruited Kettle Sour3.20003-26-2022
Koala Tears Project (Boysenberry)Berliner Weisse4.523.5105-02-2019
KohiaNew England IPA6.213.1511-21-2021
Little Full, Lotta SapAmerican IPA6.50011-16-2022
Lunar WavesAmerican IPA6.750003-26-2023
Mai TaiFruited Kettle Sour4.20003-21-2023
Mandarina SaisonAmerican Pale Ale5.813.3409-09-2018
Margarita GoseGose4.513.111-25-2019
Mele KalikimakaHerb and Spice Beer7.273.8101-31-2021
Mello CelloLight Lager3.81412-12-2022
Meyer Lemon SaisonSaison5.61405-11-2022
Meyer Lemon/Kaffir Lime SourBerliner Weisse3.80002-19-2023
MidcoastAmerican IPA6.213.6405-29-2021
Mixed Ferm W/ Cab Sauv Grape MustFruited Kettle Sour60006-12-2022
Mo' Nectar, Mo' ProblemsNew England IPA6.213.4303-17-2023
MuMuSweet / Milk Stout674.1907-18-2022
Muscle PeachFruited Kettle Sour70003-03-2023
NebrutskaAmerican IPA834.1801-02-2019
Needlenose NedEuropean Dark Lager5.213.6802-05-2022
Nice BunzFruit and Field Beer60011-20-2022
Not SorryAmerican Imperial Stout130012-23-2022
OmaHazeNew England IPA6.234.0205-11-2021
OmaHaze Batch #11New England IPA6.214.0807-02-2022
Omahaze Batch #12New England IPA6.20007-22-2022
Omahaze Batch #13New England IPA6.20011-24-2022
Omahaze Batch #14 - Cashmere, Citra And Triple PearlNew England IPA6.50002-23-2023
OmaHaze Batch #9New England IPA6.233.8509-20-2021
Pallet JackFruited Kettle Sour6.50007-03-2022
PartywineEnglish Barleywine110004-24-2018
Pathway Christmas TreeBerliner Weisse4.20012-15-2022
Pena-LopeFruited Kettle Sour3.80009-17-2022
Peppermint DougieAmerican Imperial Stout130012-15-2022
Pit HappensFruited Kettle Sour4.814.0704-13-2022
PO4RNew England IPA6.20012-23-2022
Portal JuiceImperial IPA10.50007-09-2022
Portal PunchFruited Kettle Sour3.20003-21-2023
Psssh!Imperial IPA10.523.9307-04-2021
Pumpkin Pie FlandersFlanders Red Ale5.70012-15-2022
Purple BerriesFruited Kettle Sour714.1612-06-2022
Ratio 79Wild Ale514.2501-30-2023
Red SangriaFruited Kettle Sour3.80002-12-2023
Rising HopeNew England IPA6.513.3211-21-2021
Roller DawgNew England IPA6.214.0203-05-2022
Rubber FloatiesImperial IPA7.534.502-27-2021
Ruby Dooby DooBerliner Weisse3.50008-19-2022
Rules Don't ApplyHefeweizen4.654.0312-29-2022
Sah-Bro?New England IPA9.40005-05-2019
Saison 714Saison6.040003-26-2022
Saison 750Saison524.1512-26-2021
Saison 998Saison60003-26-2022
Saturday Night Book ClubFruit and Field Beer814.2707-17-2019
Save the NeckFruited Kettle Sour00012-01-2022
Seeding and AeratingHelles4.813.3611-11-2022
Self Propelled MowerLight Lager4.813.8107-02-2022
Shanell No. 5 And A HalfBerliner Weisse3.80010-01-2022
Sippin' on Some CitraAmerican IPA4.914.0709-22-2019
Snakes And SparklersFruited Kettle Sour3.80002-05-2023
SometimesAmerican Imperial Stout132412-12-2022
Southern English BrownEnglish Brown Ale4.913.7707-20-2017
Southern HopisphereNew England IPA7.564.2312-04-2022
Sticky FlannelAmerican Imperial Stout1314.2503-15-2023
Story TimeAmerican Lager4.823.6305-30-2022
Strawberry SeventeenFruited Kettle Sour3.90009-11-2022
Sweet ArchetypeAmerican Imperial Stout1014.3407-02-2022
Tan LimesHelles4.8103.705-11-2022
This Is How We Hop ItNew England IPA6.213.4104-12-2022
Thursday Evening Book ClubFruit and Field Beer823.9403-28-2021
Tippy CupLight Lager3.823.7307-30-2022
Tractor SprinklerHelles4.813.6509-18-2021
Tri ClampAmerican IPA6.212.4303-17-2023
TributeEnglish Brown Ale5.50009-28-2022
Tropical Fairy NectarNew England IPA6.20012-31-2022
Union LagerEuropean Dark Lager5.20009-18-2021
VanillawineEnglish Barleywine1324.0612-11-2022
Web Of DreamsImperial IPA8.514.4403-17-2023
Web of LiesImperial IPA7.5114.2708-17-2022
When I Whip, You Whip, We WhipFruited Kettle Sour3.20003-12-2023
White SangriaFruited Kettle Sour3.50002-26-2023
Wild Strawberry Golden SourFruited Kettle Sour3.80003-28-2022
Window Silhouette LightBerliner Weisse3.20012-15-2022
Wisha WishaBerliner Weisse5.70012-15-2022
Yankee CandleBerliner Weisse5.70012-15-2022

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Kros Strain Brewing in La Vista, NE
Brewery rating: 3.89 out of 5 with 383 ratings