Back Channel Brewing Co.

Back Channel Brewing Co.Back Channel Brewing Co.
Back Channel Brewing Co.Back Channel Brewing Co.
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

4787 Shoreline Dr
Spring Park, Minnesota, 55384
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Notes: Back Channel Brewing is a collective of highly-motivated individuals who take pride in the necessary measures to produce beer that is second to none. We are a destination taproom on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, producing small-batch beers that go hand-in-hand with each season. As with the nature of our surroundings, nothing is off limits, and our progressive mindset will always lead the way forward.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
6American Pale Ale60008-25-2022
Alfred'sAmerican Blonde Ale523.0408-17-2018
Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Notable AscentAmerican Imperial Stout17.514.3309-24-2022
Bamm’s WonderwallAmerican Lager4.750011-09-2021
Barrel Aged Popeye - Heaven HillAmerican Imperial Stout1714.5309-24-2022
Barrel-Aged TekmelerAmerican Imperial Stout12.50008-29-2021
Basement Tool ShedRye Beer6.50011-09-2021
BasketsAmerican IPA7.250003-11-2022
Bel-AirAmerican Imperial Stout130012-20-2021
BirdwingNew England IPA5.251412-23-2022
BladeradeNew England IPA5.252407-27-2022
Blue Ribbon BakerAmerican Imperial Stout110005-03-2021
Brewhouse RocksAmerican IPA7.250007-25-2022
City RoarsNew England IPA6.751401-29-2023
Claw MasterNew England IPA814.3806-13-2022
ClaymationNew England IPA6.250003-08-2023
Click ThriceCream Ale5.2553.406-18-2018
Clown BallFruited Kettle Sour6.250006-20-2020
Cold FeatAmerican Pale Wheat Beer5.60010-06-2017
CorneliusEuropean Pale Lager5.2513.509-24-2022
Crook’s HavenIrish Dry Stout4.50003-27-2022
Dark NomeBlack IPA612.1602-15-2020
Days Of Our IPA’SImperial IPA1014.2510-09-2022
Dinkytown DonHefeweizen5.250011-17-2021
District 5New England IPA6.250012-21-2022
DistrictsNew England IPA6.2513.7912-08-2022
DoyenneImperial IPA8.50001-26-2021
Duck DuckAmerican Imperial Stout110002-18-2021
Duck Duck Duck - BAAmerican Imperial Stout110012-20-2021
Duck Duck Duck Duck - (Blanton’s BA)American Imperial Stout110012-26-2022
DunzoNew England IPA6.514.1205-15-2022
Earth RingsImperial IPA8.513.7508-19-2022
F*CK That GuyImperial IPA8.513.7501-06-2023
Finn FinaleAmerican IPA6.50002-15-2022
Five FlashesBerliner Weisse5.50002-14-2023
Five Trick PonyBerliner Weisse7.251411-10-2020
Flyte TimeAmerican IPA7.250008-17-2020
Foamy RootsNew England IPA6.751409-22-2022
FunniesBerliner Weisse5.250008-19-2022
GunslingerImperial Red Ale100012-20-2021
HammyFestbier / Wiesnbier614.2510-09-2022
Hard DriveAmerican IPA7.50005-03-2021
Harry PeterAmerican Imperial Stout8.250002-28-2018
Homer DomeNew England IPA6.251406-12-2021
Horney SidekickLight Lager4.513.510-01-2022
Inter-Locked-InNew England IPA8.250005-25-2020
Iron RangerAmerican Stout6.623.3912-20-2017
Island DigsAmerican Stout6.750008-17-2020
JagrBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.250002-14-2023
Justice PageFruited Kettle Sour4.512.3207-26-2020
Key LinesBerliner Weisse5.250008-19-2022
King of the WringAmerican Imperial Stout11.2514.1808-01-2018
Last NattyAmerican Barleywine12.750010-04-2021
Last Natty - Blantons Barrel AgedAmerican Barleywine16.2514.5809-22-2022
Le Tour GuideImperial IPA814.506-15-2019
LPMBerliner Weisse50011-09-2021
MAD FeaturesNew England IPA6.750008-17-2020
Maitre d’New England IPA7.20006-15-2022
MingeiNew England IPA70009-01-2019
Money BabyAmerican IPA7.250002-28-2018
MoneybagsBerliner Weisse50001-21-2023
Multani MittiAmerican Pale Ale50009-09-2020
Neck DartAmerican IPA6.750008-04-2018
Non-Lethal ResolutionsAmerican Imperial Stout11.514.2107-24-2022
Non-Lethal Resolutions (Appleton Rum Barrel Aged)American Imperial Stout1514.2509-01-2022
Notable AscentAmerican Imperial Stout15.50003-11-2022
NumbersScotch Ale / Wee Heavy91409-24-2022
NutureJapanese Rice Lager4.2513.3412-12-2022
One LinerAmerican IPA5.750008-29-2021
Open DoorsAmerican Imperial Stout90010-04-2021
OrangeFruited Kettle Sour40004-28-2022
Pace RaceImperial IPA100005-03-2021
Plow BoyAmerican Adjunct Lager4.20007-17-2020
PluckyNew England IPA6.513.7702-14-2022
PopeyeAmerican Imperial Stout1514.2505-03-2022
Poppin' Bury PilsBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.6543.602-01-2022
PortmanteauLight Lager3.813.511-07-2021
Pride Pie 'inBerliner Weisse60008-08-2021
PuffySmoked Beer5.7514.202-24-2022
RacketAmerican Lager5.2513.7505-07-2022
Rail KingAmerican Pale Ale5.973.5808-18-2018
Recreational FoamAmerican IPA6.70008-18-2018
RedBerliner Weisse40004-28-2022
Red SpoonsAmerican Imperial Stout120010-24-2021
Robby BobbyNew England IPA7.513.7506-12-2021
Sauer PowerBerliner Weisse60011-09-2021
Scowling CavemanChile Beer614.111-10-2017
Sea DogsAmerican Lager5.2514.1808-14-2022
Seal CallAmerican Lager4.60007-25-2022
ShadowramaAmerican IPA7.51401-10-2023
Single - HandedNew England IPA5.250007-25-2022
Sixteen TimesHelles5.2514.2511-24-2022
Slappy Beer GirlNew England IPA70003-11-2022
SnifftyNew England IPA6.2514.1210-13-2022
Soviet SlayerAmerican Imperial Stout1033.9712-04-2022
Soviet Slayer - Jack Daniel’s Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout013.7512-04-2022
Space BlazerImperial Porter914.7506-15-2019
Space Blazer - Appleton Rum Barrel AgedImperial Porter1014.3509-22-2022
SparkyAmerican Imperial Stout1514.302-12-2023
SpongNew England IPA6.50010-25-2020
SpoofNew England IPA6.50001-26-2021
Sports ReelAmerican IPA614.0205-12-2022
SpringsAmerican Pale Ale5.2513.7709-04-2021
SquashNew England IPA6.750010-31-2022
SterlingImperial IPA7.750006-20-2020
StokesScotch Ale / Wee Heavy9.50010-04-2021
Tampa 2New England IPA90010-04-2021
TekmelerAmerican Imperial Stout12.50005-30-2022
Ten Letter WordNew England IPA6.7593.8401-09-2023
The Art BaronAmerican Adjunct Lager713.4202-15-2020
The Big TicketNew England IPA101411-30-2022
The Blue BomberFruited Kettle Sour6.250006-20-2020
The Brave Stave-IPLAmerican Lager6.150010-16-2018
The Bus DriverAmerican IPA6.9554.3608-18-2018
The DraftsmanVienna Lager5.150009-09-2020
The Eight WayAmerican Porter5.2533.8211-27-2017
The EmpressAmerican Pale Wheat Beer5.2533.7109-14-2019
The Empress - Tangerine/StrawberryAmerican Pale Wheat Beer5.2513.906-12-2021
The Gant LifterImperial IPA863.6107-07-2022
The Great 8New England IPA80004-06-2021
The Lake MakerAmerican Lager5.2533.7805-12-2019
The PadreAmerican Imperial Stout923.1609-14-2019
The Rugged WheelerNew England IPA60010-04-2021
The SkipNew England IPA6.7514.0209-01-2022
The Swirly MammothAmerican Imperial Stout150002-11-2023
The TelestratorNew England IPA6.2523.9708-05-2022
The X-ManNew England IPA6.250001-26-2021
Thought LockNew England IPA6.51410-28-2022
Three SoldiersForeign / Export Stout6.20004-06-2021
Thunder Buds - LightningAmerican Imperial Stout1314.505-07-2022
Thunder Buds - RainAmerican Imperial Stout1314.505-07-2022
Thunder Buds - ThunderAmerican Imperial Stout1314.605-07-2022
Time TravelNew England IPA714.2505-07-2022
TippiAmerican Blonde Ale50008-14-2022
TitlesNew England IPA70004-06-2021
TonkaWebLight Lager4.10008-04-2022
Trail BlazeAmerican Porter60010-04-2021
TroopshipOld Ale60004-06-2021
TulipsNew England IPA3.750010-03-2020
Turtleneck TakedownAmerican IPA6.750008-04-2018
UnbridledNew England IPA5.751406-12-2021
Wake PopAmerican Lager5.251408-14-2022
Word JazzNew England IPA6.250010-11-2020
ZubazNew England IPA7.514.2904-28-2022

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Back Channel Brewing Co. in Spring Park, MN
Brewery rating: 3.94 out of 5 with 113 ratings