New Trail Brewing Company

New Trail Brewing CompanyNew Trail Brewing Company
New Trail Brewing CompanyNew Trail Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar

240 Arch St, Bldg 18
Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 17701
United States

(570) 980-9295 | map

Notes: We love the outdoors and we love beer. At New Trail Brewing we encourage our friends and neighbors to spend more quality time outdoors experiencing the natural environment around us.

We are woodsy types – hikers and bikers, paddlers and kayakers, birdwatchers and stargazers. We are beer enthusiasts. We love beer, and we believe great beer makes life’s experiences taste even better. That’s why we started New Trail Brewing Company, to make great beer for everyone to enjoy when you dare to explore new places, do new things, take new trails, and have truly memorable adventures.

We preserve the great outdoors and enhance the experience of getting out there. New trail brewing company is committed to preserving the wild wonders of Pennsylvania. We connect with a wide range of people and organizations in our area dedicated to elevating the quality of, and access to, our region’s outdoor resources, including local trails, PA Trail Dogs and more. Our brewery culture seeks to facilitate meaningful relationships between our neighbors and our natural heritage.

We feel there is a creative connection between nature and beer. That’s why we brew fresh, great tasting, locally made beer for people active in outdoor recreation, and why we strive to manage our beer making process to have the least impact on our resources.

We want to help people get out in the natural universe. It’s good for them, for our community and for the outdoors. We hope you’ll join us.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
120 MilesIPA - New England8.8114.0908-23-2021
3 GringosLager - American5.133.803-27-2020
AscentIPA - New England9.2164.1309-13-2021
Back CastIPA - Imperial9314.1405-01-2022
BackpackersPilsner - German4.5103.6705-08-2021
BarleywineBarleywine - American8.423.9308-23-2020
Barrel Aged SunrisePorter - Baltic834.0508-25-2021
Belgian Style TripelTripel8.634.104-27-2022
Blue AlohaFruit and Field Beer5.523.4811-14-2021
Blueberry & LemonTripel8.763.1204-09-2022
Bomb PopIPA - New England7.2143.9112-23-2020
BonfireIPA - New England9254.2404-27-2022
Bright Days: Galaxy IPAIPA - American7104.1101-26-2021
Broken Heels IPAIPA - New England71154.0803-24-2022
Broken PaddleIPA - American7.2104.0907-02-2021
C.F.S.P. - Cook Forest State ParkIPA - Imperial8.874.2112-31-2021
C.S.S.P. - Cherry Springs State ParkStout - Sweet / Milk7.183.5602-12-2022
Cabin FeverIPA - New England8.5173.9102-27-2022
Candy HeartsIPA - American7.513.6902-12-2022
ChaperonIPA - American6.3113.8707-30-2021
Cherry Chocolate Milk StoutStout - Sweet / Milk7.10012-09-2021
Chocolate Covered PretzelPorter - Baltic7.883.7301-11-2022
Chocolate Covered StrawberryIPA - New England7.523.502-24-2022
Coconut MacaroonIPA - American7.50011-27-2021
Coleman Terroir ExperienceIPA - Imperial9234.1212-05-2021
ConfluenceIPA - American6.383.9705-30-2021
Cook Forest State Park Double IPAIPA - New England8.824.2112-11-2021
Creek SideLager - American5.5133.6903-26-2022
CruiseIPA - New England6.714405-03-2022
CryosphereIPA - New England6.2244.1503-03-2022
Dark Skies: AraPorter - English5.50003-19-2020
Dark Skies: CorvusLager - Schwarzbier4.344.0507-29-2020
Dark Skies: Little BearStout - Sweet / Milk5103.9711-30-2021
Day PackIPA - New England5.783.8606-17-2021
Deep BackcountryIPA - New England8114.0506-30-2021
Disc GolfIPA - New England7.124.1205-12-2022
Double Broken HeelsIPA - New England9.2524.2805-07-2022
DriftIPA - Imperial8.5154.1102-19-2021
EmberIPA - New England7.363.7811-14-2021
FieldIPA - Imperial10144.1508-29-2021
First LightIPA - Imperial9.1124.0804-27-2022
Flannel WeatherIPA - New England9454.2104-13-2022
Flannel Weather: MotuekaIPA - New England9154.1704-06-2022
Flannel Weather: Nelson SauvinIPA - New England934.1511-19-2021
Flannel Weather: NZL 32-2IPA - New England913.4511-02-2021
Flannel Weather: Wai ItiIPA - New England943.9911-11-2021
Flannery’s Irish Style AleRed Ale - Irish5.564.1102-26-2021
FlintIPA - New England6.593.9105-04-2022
Foot Path Hazy IPAIPA - New England6163.9812-19-2021
Forgotten StreamLager - Japanese Rice413.7505-16-2022
Fourth OrbitIPA - Imperial11.434.2905-21-2022
FrameworkIPA - New England913.9405-21-2022
FrostIPA - New England6.2234.0112-16-2021
Fruit FestivalFruit and Field Beer5.513.5812-03-2021
Galactic Broken HeelsIPA - New England7134.2304-02-2022
Gear HeadPale Ale - American5.1223.7504-02-2022
GogglesIPA - New England8.8454.2104-15-2022
Green SkiesIPA - American7.194.1711-01-2021
H.R.S.P. (Hickory Run State Park)IPA - Imperial8.8114.1704-14-2022
H.V.S.P. (Hyner View State Park)IPA - New England734.1704-28-2022
HammockIPA - Imperial9324.3708-15-2021
HatchetIPA - New England5.9183.9111-15-2021
HeadlampIPA - New England634.0608-21-2021
Heliocentric - BlackberrySour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.511410-17-2021
Heliocentric - Blackberry LemonadeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.523.8904-30-2022
Heliocentric - Cherry LimeadeWild Ale5.513.5610-30-2021
Heliocentric - PeachSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.553.8907-12-2020
Heliocentric - Tropical MimosaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.513.8804-18-2021
HemlockIPA - American7.1104.1110-21-2021
Hiker UnhingedIPA - New England6.3103.6905-08-2021
Hill ClimbIPA - Imperial8.994.2506-04-2020
Holiday CookieIPA - New England7.5193.9201-20-2022
HorizonPilsner - German4.56405-30-2021
IcicleIPA - New England7254.0903-09-2022
Indigo SkiesIPA - American733.2305-21-2022
K.S.P. - Keystone State ParkIPA - New England6113.8701-10-2022
LakeIPA - Imperial10.594.1111-25-2021
Lawn GamesIPA - New England6.9163.8508-03-2021
LayeredStout - American Imperial10.2174.1411-22-2021
Lazy River PilsPilsner - German4.4273.7811-05-2021
Leprechauns Drink Coffee TooStout - Irish Dry5.883.8406-20-2021
Leprechauns Drink Milkshakes TooIPA - New England7.5143.9308-29-2021
Leprechauns Like Shenanigans TooRed Ale - Irish5.583.8504-19-2021
Lift PassIPA - New England6.5194.0601-03-2022
Lightning BugIPA - New England6.5213.9809-27-2021
Loggers PathBarleywine - American10.1143.9405-10-2022
Loyalsock LagerLager - American5.523.8905-24-2021
Match StickIPA - New England7.2124.103-30-2022
Modern West Coast Experimental IPAIPA - American7143.905-06-2022
MoonlitStout - American Imperial9.1334.1204-28-2022
Moonlit - Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial10.573.9912-04-2021
Moonlit - Barrel Aged - Simbai Balus CoffeeStout - Russian Imperial10.524.2712-19-2021
Moonlit Barrel Aged - CoconutStout - American Imperial10.513.9809-26-2021
Moonlit Barrel Aged - RaspberryStout - American Imperial1043.4402-28-2021
Moonlit Barrel Aged - Spice CakeStout - American Imperial10.514.1711-20-2021
Morning NecessitiesStout - American Imperial13.4104.1609-04-2021
MountainIPA - New England11154.1210-21-2021
NeapolitanStout - American Imperial8.684.0704-27-2022
New Trail WhiteWheat Beer - Witbier5.1103.7401-07-2021
OktoberfestLager - Märzen623.2910-08-2021
Petite RadiancePale Ale - American3.513.6805-19-2022
Pocket KnifeIPA - New England6.5224.0110-25-2021
Pointing EastIPA - Imperial9174.1808-30-2021
Purple SkiesIPA - American7.111411-12-2021
Rained OutIPA - New England9204.2910-07-2020
Red SkiesIPA - American784.0803-03-2022
Refracted AuroraIPA - Imperial10.534.1803-07-2020
RiverIPA - Imperial10.5124.208-24-2021
River WalkIPA - New England6.8113.9807-17-2021
RocksylvaniaIPA - New England7253.9501-13-2022
Rocky RoadStout - American7.1123.8704-08-2022
Rope SwingIPA - New England8.8143.8111-29-2021
S.O.B. HillIPA - American6.5283.8707-31-2021
Second OrbitIPA - New England10.1134.4210-07-2020
ShadesIPA - Imperial9.1344.310-01-2021
ShadowStout - American Imperial13.114.2505-29-2021
Slack PackerIPA - New England8.5143.911-22-2021
SleddingIPA - Imperial9.1154.3202-25-2021
SnickerdoodleIPA - American7.50011-27-2021
Snow AngelIPA - New England8.5394.203-02-2022
Snow ShoesIPA - New England6.55406-09-2021
Snow TracksIPA - New England6.794.0204-25-2021
Snowmen Are Jolly TooHerb and Spice Beer6.273.8612-20-2020
Something Deep and MeaningfulIPA - New England8.7184.1301-31-2022
Spilled InkStout - American Imperial9.7164.0111-27-2021
StickyPorter - Imperial9.3164.0404-27-2022
Sticky - Barrel AgedPorter - Imperial10.824.1906-13-2020
Summer AleWheat Beer - American Pale4.823.805-14-2022
SunrisePorter - Baltic5.5123.8908-31-2020
Tent ZipperIPA - New England6.5283.9609-12-2021
Terra FirmaIPA - New England8.164.205-30-2021
The Ground WalksLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier4.8113.9308-21-2021
Third OrbitIPA - Imperial10.594.2108-14-2021
TobogganIPA - New England9103.9802-10-2022
Trail AleRed Ale - American Amber / Red5.4143.6701-24-2021
Trail RunnerIPA - New England6.4194.0704-29-2022
TrellisIPA - New England9204.3208-20-2021
Tripel (Barrel Aged - Peaches)Tripel8.613.9812-24-2020
Tripel (Barrel Aged - Raspberry)Tripel8.614.0712-24-2020
Tripel (Barrel Aged)Tripel8.614.112-24-2020
Triple Broken HeelsIPA - Imperial11.5154.2505-10-2022
Ugly SweaterIPA - Imperial11.2124.1905-12-2022
Valley Of HazeIPA - New England6.6133.6511-22-2021
W.E.S.P.IPA - New England8.8244.211-29-2021
Walking StickIPA - New England7114.0407-29-2021
White OutIPA - New England8.5264.2401-20-2022
Who the Helles on FirstLager - Helles4.843.7503-18-2020
Wild BoarLager - Schwarzbier5.4173.8911-22-2021
Yellow BlazerIPA - Imperial8.8114.1601-29-2022
Zombies Are People TooPumpkin Beer5.7123.9212-19-2021

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New Trail Brewing Company in Williamsport, PA
Brewery rating: 3.98 out of 5 with 1866 ratings