Krogh's Restaurant And Brewpub

Krogh's Restaurant And BrewpubKrogh's Restaurant And Brewpub

Type: Brewery, Bar, Eatery

23 White Deer Plaza
Sparta, New Jersey, 07871
United States

(973) 729-8428 | map

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Photo of harpus
4.13/5  rDev +6.7%
vibe: 5 | quality: 3.5 | service: 4.5 | selection: 4 | food: 4.5

The outside of this place looks pretty neat. The downtown area of Sparta looks like a good place to visit and walk around. The Brew Pub is located across the street from the lake. The building was built in 1927 and has log cabin feel to the place. They have 6 year round beers and 1 seasonal, the seasonal was sold out when I went. The quality of the beer was good, not beers stood out as great or bad. I tried the Mexican Pizza, which was good and I think pairs goos with the Pale Ale. If in the area, this is a place worth a trip to go try.

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Photo of phantomwyse
3.68/5  rDev -4.9%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4 | service: 3 | selection: 3.5 | food: 4

I've been going to Krogh's since I was really little. My father and I used to go there as our 19th hole on the way back from certain golf courses. So, I remember the place pre-brewpub era...and I still love it there.

First off, Krogh's is located in Lake Mohawk, a section of Sparta, NJ. It's a quaint little area inundated with Bavarian style homes that reflect the heritage of the developers of the area. Lake Mohawk is a faux mid-sized lake for the area that was once a meadow (of which Krogh's named their Pale Ale after). One side of the lake is taken up by a gated community, where Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston once had a house, although were rarely there.

Anyway, Krogh's is in a rambling Bavarian building that appears long and low. You can enter through one of two doors, the dining room or barroom door. The interior maintains that Bavarian feel with dark beams and white plaster walls. There is sort of a college dorm feel going on with strands of Christmas lights hung above the bar. At first appearance you would classify this place as an old man bar. The dining room area isn't large and when it's busy it gets quite loud and hard to move to the bathroom locations, which are less than spectacular. The bar is shaped like a big inflated 'p' and to egress between the dining room and far end of the bar area requires acts of gut sucking to pass through. Around both areas are brass plaques with real and interesting names from back in the day when Krogh's had an expansive beer list and these were given to those who drank every beer listed.

The food is pretty good. Interesting and typical pub food with a few suprises here and there. I'm a big fan of the rarebit. The service is generally acceptable, staffed by local people, generally youngish. They have a large martini list, which is ht or miss depending on the bartender so I've been told. The beer is good, nothing incredibly outstanding, although I enjoy them, particularly the oatmeal stout. My only complaint ever about the beer is that the carbonation gives is a soda feel sometimes, with exception of the stout. The only other beers on tap besides Krogh's beers and Bud and Bud lite.

Krogh's does offer entertainment, but this is a small place, and sometimes the music can be overwhelming esp for those seated at the far wall by the band.

It my sound like I've been harsh on Krogh's for it being a place that I love. But, I'm just being honest. Krogh's has personality. I wouldn't trade the worn bar and low slung christmas lights for any slick, clean shiney bar in the area.

Edit 1.20.09: Growlers are outrageously overpriced, but the Tuesday night wing night is where it's at.

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Photo of mikesgroove
4.18/5  rDev +8%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4 | service: 4 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4

I used to take the trip up here from my Dad’s place in Butler every couple of months, just for the great feel it offered. I always remembered driving through here as a kid and it just looked like a fairytale kind of place. Once I got older I really got to appreciate what was inside. This was really a cool little place, with their own brand of unique ales. A great cozy, old English vibe inside with great food and a staff that is very eager to please. It has been a while since I have sampled the brew, but I used to love the pale ale, and their seasonals are always great. I never saw a band there, and really cannot picture one as the place is quite small. Overall though it is a must stop if you pass through, you will not find a friendlier place in the area and it is really something that should not be missed.

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Photo of apintofknowledge
3.45/5  rDev -10.9%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4 | service: 3 | selection: 3 | food: 3

The little town along Lake Mohawk that is home to Krogh's looks like a fairy-tale Barvian village... far from what most who get their impressions of New Jersey from the Turnpike or the Soprano's would ever expect to find here. Krogh's itself is housed in a slate-roofed Tutor / log cabin building dating from 1927 right across the street from the boardwalk leading along the lake. The interior is dark, woody, and cozy (how they fit a band in here is beyond me) with the brew-tanks tucked in the back corner behind a glass door beyond the bar. With the exception of the brewhouse, I doubt the interior has changed much since 1927, and that's a good thing.

Simply put, the food and service were hit or miss... the burger was decent, the wings looked great at a neighboring table (have to get them next time), and the turkey with Rarebit sauce was interesting. But the real reasons for a trip "off the beaten path" to the Skylands of NJ are the atmosphere and the beer.

7 beers come with the sampler, 5 regulars, one seasonal (a nice Oktoberfest), and one I never got a clear answer as to what it was (a very good raspberry ale of some kind). All were above average (good to very good), with the Nut Brown and Oatmeal Stout the best of the bunch in my opinion.

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Photo of NJpadreFan
3.9/5  rDev +0.8%
vibe: 3.5 | quality: 4 | service: 4 | selection: 4 | food: 3.5

Krogh's- Sparta, New Jersey.

Having a lake house here all my life I've only been in Krogh's to eat, never for their beer!

After a Long 2 hour drive from Titusville I made my way up rte.15 and into Lake Mohawk. Lotsa rural roads, woods, and lakes up in this beautiful section of NJ.

Krogh's looks like a family pizza restaurant when you first walk in. The bar is off to your right. A semi circle bar with a vertical log cabin look. Lotsa engraved placards all over the bar and wooden beams. The interier was dimmly lit which gave a nice ambiance.
The restaurant was packed for a Sat. afternoon (2pm) and the bar had about 8 of us around it. Service was quick and non intrusive. The Garden burger was average but the beers ranged from good to excellent. Not a bad beer in the bunch.

Overall- A very good pub, albeit small 1, to hang out at. Beers are very good and the dark woodsy ambiance is comfortable. If you're in the area or are looking for a nice weekend drive. Lake Mohawk is the spot!!

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Photo of BillyB
4/5  rDev +3.4%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4 | service: 4 | selection: 4 | food: 3.5

This a pretty long drive from where I live in Trenton but it's actually a very nice scenic jaunt. Up into the mountains North on 287 West on 80 and straight up Rt. 15. Lots of narrow winding roads with rocky mountains (not THE rocky mountains) on either side and in the fall the foliage is quite beautiful.
Kroghs is in a part of Sparta called Mohawk Lake. It's a very nice area. The Plaza that it's located in is really just a strip mall with a couple resturaunts and a package goods store. The brew pub is actually across the street and up a block from the plaza.
The exterior and interior of this place is just excellent. One of the coolest looking pubs I've been to. An old Bavarian style building with lots of wood interior. Very small and cozy.
The food was decent. I tried one of the mexican dishes which was average but I've heard their other food is better.
As far as the beers were concerned they were decent. The seasonal Octoberfest was actually excellent. The others where all at least average to above average. I tried the Krogh's Gold, Alpine Glow Red Ale, Brogden Meadow Pale Ale, Log Cabin Nut Brown and the Old Kroghs Oatmeal Stout. I'd say the oatmeal stout, the nut brown and the octoberfest where above average and the rest were average.
A very nice place and a great weekend beer trip.

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Photo of NeroFiddled
4/5  rDev +3.4%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4 | service: 4 | selection: 4 | food: 4

Krogh's is across from beautiful Mohawk Lake in an original, small, Bavarian-style building. The area is really cute, and it's a huge summer-home vacation destination in the spring, summer, and fall (even during off-periods parking is basically non-existent). The history is interesting, and you should check out their web page.

The bar is small with about 20 seats, and it's made of beautiful old wood with a checkerboard top. The ceiling is low, and it really has a comfortable, lodge-like feel to it. The slate floor really rounds it out, and the stained-glass lamps are just the finishing touch on its charm. It's very intimate, but the windows along the street keep it from feeling confined or tight.

The dining room has wooden floors and log cabin walls. It has the same comfortable, very relaxed atmosphere, and a kind of "diner" feel to it.

The food is very good, and includes soups, fried appetizers, hot & cold sandwiches (BLT, club, roast beef), burgers, pizza, chicken, pasta and some Mexican items - really just about anything you could ask of a family restaurant. Prices are reasonable.

The seven beers are very good. They're clean and well brewed. I've never been able to try one of their seasonals though because they've always been out.

And Krogh's has music! How they fit the bands in there, I don't know. Wednesdays are 80's night, and Thursday is open mic night. And they have some larger, touring acts as well.

So, if you're in the area it's definitely worth stopping by, and if you're headed to the area (for the Pocono's or the Delaware Water Gap) don't forget that it's really not that far.

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Photo of silks636
4.15/5  rDev +7.2%
vibe: 5 | quality: 4 | service: 4 | selection: 4 | food: 4.5

Visited Krogh’s on numerous occasions and thought it was high time I got to writing a little review. First off, the atmosphere can't be beat. On a cold winter night, this is a cozy, friendly place to be. Low ceilings, lots of wood, and an old rustic feel make it very comfortable and inviting. Things can get a little cramped though, but if you hit it at the right time, it is a wonderful place to unwind. Parking can be a pain in the neck, but on some nights they have a valet out front that will take care of that for you.

The food selection is diverse and extremely tasty. The pizza is outstanding, and they usually have a couple of pizza specials which are always worth checking out. The rarebit special is one of my favorites. A turkey, bacon, and tomato open face sandwich served with rarebit sauce. Not the healthiest of meals, but one that is quite satisfying and comforting.

Beers are fresh and tasty. Not a tremendous selection, but the beers are solid and reliable. They always seem to be out of whatever seasonal they're offering whenever I'm there though. The oatmeal stout is a fine brew, and the pale ale is a must try.

Staff is somewhat knowledgable. Most of our servers had a basic knowledge of the beers available, some more than others. Service is quick, friendly, and accomodating.

All in all, a definite stop when you're in northwest NJ.

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Photo of crenegar
4/5  rDev +3.4%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4 | service: 4 | selection: 4 | food: 4

I get here somewhat regularly living only 20 minutes away. The quality of the beer has come a long way since first opening and is now consistently good, better in fact than that of nearby Long Valley. The bar is much more comfortable now that the smoking ban is in effect here in NJ and the view out the windows is always pleasant. Lake Mohawk tends to be a bit pricey and Kroghs has no happy hour to speak of (they were doing 50 cents off pints of Gold for awhile - WOW). Easy to drop $60 here for 2 people drinking 3 or 4 pints and having a sandwich, otherwise I'd be here more often. That said the food is good and the beer from good to very good depending on the style.The personal pizzas are a good deal at $9 with plenty of toppings (try the veggie).

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Photo of IrishRedRock
3.8/5  rDev -1.8%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 4 | service: 3.5 | selection: 3.5 | food: 4

How is it that in all this time I never wrote a review of Krogh's? I grew up in Sparta so I've certainly been there more times than I can count. Anytime I make my way back there from Philadelphia and head out with the family or friends, Krogh's is usually the place to go. Pretty much anything you order off the menu is good and there are not many places in town where you can sit down in a wonderful atmosphere (both the restaurant and it's exterior surroundings of the plaza, boardwalk and Lake Mohawk are beautiful) and enjoy pints of fresh beer that is not brewed in St. Louis.

As has been stated, Krogh's is not by any means a large place and certainly can feel pretty tight at times, especially on weekend nights (and even moreso in the summer when the college kids are back in town). Still, most hours of the day a seat at the small, wooden bar can be had pretty easily, as can a table for lunch or dinner.

The beer, on the whole, is pretty good. Someone said the seasonals (like the service) are hit or miss, which I would have to agree with. The brewer here does not really experiment in wild fashion with styles or flavors - I think for many people, just drinking something brewed on the premises, rather than a shitty mainstream lager, is "different" enough. Hence, it seems to me that many BA's come to Krogh's and leave a tad disappointed in the beer. The BA crowd is not the clientele they are really trying to sell to, as evidenced by their keeping of Bud on tap next to their own creations.

Most of the beers certainly are good enough. I've had them all, so every time I go in I pretty much only drink the Oatmeal Stout, which I really like. Unless of course there is a seasonal on tap, which is always worth a shot. I would love to see Krogh's offer more/diverse beers...but I'd probably like to see that from most brewers (though DFH does a FINE job, haha).

In short, Krogh's is a great place to hang out, and both the food and beer are certainly up to snuff. As a Sparta native, I think I can safely say that the majority of people there are not into craft beer, so Krogh's certainly fills a role of educating the masses. Plus, it has a fiercely loyal clientele of both beer enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. Great place, great location, and I'm glad to say I am from one of the few towns in NJ that has a brewpub. And a pretty good one at that.

 2,385 characters

Photo of vladtheimpaler
3.55/5  rDev -8.3%
vibe: 4 | quality: 3.5 | service: 3.5 | selection: 3.5 | food: 3.5

My second closest brewpub. Small place with a square bar and an adjoining seating area. The bar is cozy with name plaques all around for those who have consumed at least 70 beers (like me). Beers are decent, with the Oatmeal Stout being the standout. Seasonals are hit or miss. Food is on the higher end, with limited pub grub available. And the brewer and chef are one and the same. Food has always been good here and the portions are large. Friday and Saturday eves there are bands and cover charges. Fun place to hang out and have a few with friends.

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Photo of jrancan
3.05/5  rDev -21.2%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 3 | service: 2.5 | selection: 3

I'll start off by saying I've only been here once so my rating might be low due to them having an off night.
Beautiful, cozy looking inside with the whole log cabin thing going on, and a fireplace warming up the room. Small place with dining in front of you as you walk in and the oval bar to your right. Come to think of it, where do they keep the brewing equipment? I didn't see any.
Anyway, the older couple behind the bar were slow and cranky (are ALL old people like that?) and the guy, in particular, couldn't answer any of my questions.
They had a whopping five beers on tap,not counting the Coors Light and Bud. No seasonals or wheat, so that left a pale ale, stout, red, brown, and golden ale. Talk about a prolific brewer...
English style pale was good, but the brown and stout were both watery. I think these beers were meant for those people who are willing to try something different but don't want to be scared off with intense flavors. Oh well, it is what it's just not for me.
By the way, $15 for a growler of this crap?! Get real, I can buy a six pack of some of the best beer in the world for a lot cheaper than that. I don't know if I'll ever make it back here.

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Photo of yen157
3.5/5  rDev -9.6%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 3 | service: 3.5 | selection: 3.5 | food: 4

Very, very cute little place. I really liked the log cabin look on the inside. Wonderful, beat up, old horseshoe shaped bar pushed to one side of the restaurant with the tables on the other. Don’t look for a “Men” sign on the bathroom, just a little metal plate with a boy pissing to mark the door (or just ask). For lunch we had the wings (tasty and pretty hot), Cajun pizza (very hot), and Hamburger rarebit platter, all of which were tasty.

The one big letdown was the beer. My first pint was served in a frosted glass, which produced slush on top for my first sip. At my request, the next two came in a regular glass, but were still way too damn cold. If the beers were robust enough to handle the cold then fine, but they were not. The house style seemed to be very thin and watered down. The three that I didn’t mind were the brown, pale, and stout. The brewer seemed to have orders to mot offend anyone with flavor or body. I asked the owner what temperature the beers were served at, and he started a spiel about how the stout should be served a little warmer than the rest. One I clued him in that my question wasn’t a complaint about the stout, he told me 41degrees. He then explained that all of the beers were in the same cooler. I guess that meant that since the Coors Light and Bud (also on tap) needed to be chilled to make them palatable, the rest had to suffer. Oh, and my girlfriend was made fun of by a patron for cupping her glass to raise the temp. He told her that warm beer is for the British and beer over here beer should be ice cold. She shut him up by telling him that one can taste more at unfreezing temperatures. He shut up. I wish I wasn’t moving the car at the time!

The selection was typical: brown, pale, filtered golden wheat, stout, red, seasonal, and one or two more. I guess they have all of the expexcted styles covered, they just weren't special at all.

Good food, very boring beer. Like Davo said, I wasn’t worth the trip for the beer alone unless you just want to try something you’ve never had before. In that case it’s worthwhile. Since I don’t live in the immediate area, I don’t think I’ll be back for just the beer.

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Photo of slander
3.85/5  rDev -0.5%
vibe: 4 | quality: 3.5 | service: 4.5 | selection: 3.5 | food: 4

Cindy unexpectedly moved our Vermont trip to the Poconos, a little corner of Pennsylvania I'm not too familiar with. I found a listing for a brewpub en route in a town called Sparta, in way west of here Sussex County off I-80 a dozen miles or so. Located on picturesque Little Bavaria on the wasn't always a Lake Mohawk, it totally looks like the Vulgaria village square from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and this place a little stone gnome home, alpine style. "Here we are children, come and get your lollipops... ice cream, chocolate... all freee today!"

Very rustic in appearance, the interior is quite cozy. The bar on the far end sits, wood, unusually "P" shaped seating 20 with a center marble topped bar island inside holding tiered booze below, and the restaurant holds the rest of the room. Booze and glassware all the way around below the bar with strung glow rope tucked up there. At the back of the bar, another marble topped piece with cupboards below and a single tower of 10 taps atop holding mostly house handles and Bud & Coors Light. Next to the taps, a popcorn machine from wherest she fills (baskets) and feeds (me).

Décor is like dark brown tree walls in the bar & a loggish cabin scene on the restaurant side at the other end. I've got a center tree upright right next to where I'm sitting. Dark wood ceilings, paneled front windows, color slab tile floorings, drop mismatched stained glass lamps over the bar with more strung glow rope lining above the bar, and sunken spots throughout. Small flatscreen over the bar and in the corners. Small metal bands on posts, beams and the overhang everywhere tells tales of a beer club once ago. Old Lake Mohawk '29 black & white print on the wall there and a painting someone did of the exterior of the place. In the rear corner, a row of copper kettles behind glass.

3 raised bar tables and some bar counterage on the far wall behind me, below a carved Krogh's logo wood piece & individual signs around it each naming an individual beer making up the current tap list, and darts in the corner in a forward nook there. On the dining room side, panel front windows with lake views, twenty something tables and booths and a small fireplace in the corner. The room sparsely decorated with a handful more of old Lake Mohawk black & white prints.

Um, samplers please. The best of the lot was clearly the Pack a Punch Porter, full bodied and roasty, very flavorful; the Old Krogh's Stout had a nice oaty flavor but I like my stouts a little chewier; the Log Cabin Nut Brown Ale could've done with a bit more bite but wasn't too shabby; the Alpine Glow Red Ale was very nicely done; the Three Sisters Wheat Ale was pleasant as well.

And foodings, I had the chili and a sandwich, both very good, everyone seemed pleased with their meals. Staff was knowledgeable and friendly. This was a nice diversion off the highway.

Updated 5 and a half years later...

Jed, you'll never guess where I am. Okay, I'll tell you, I'm at Krogh's, yes, Krogh's. Remember, you, me and Dave were here like 5 and a half years ago? Dude, everything is exactly the same, even that same nice lady behind the bar. Seriously.

Sampler revisited: The Krogh's Gold, slightly hoppy and a bit malty, actually quite pleasant; the Three Sisters Golden Wheat, filtered, okay; the Brogden Meadow Pale Ale, deep copper color with a good hoppiness; the Log Cabin Nut Brown, good nutty brownness; the Old Krogh Oatmeal Stout, oaty, chewy, roasty; the seasonal Windy Brow Cider Ale, seemingly funny at first, but nicely apple cidery as it warmed, and as the Alpine Glow Red Ale kicked, they subbed in a black & tan which was like a slightly thinner Oatmeal Stout, fine with me. After the sampler, I ordered the Oatmeal Stout and was asked if I wanted a cold glass or a room temperature glass. Thank you for asking. Tasty stout, I may have had more than one.

The soup tonight was lentil; that bean's not my scene so I opted for a cup of spicy beef & bean chili instead, and a grilled chicken sandwich with fries. The chili was good, not over the top spicy and came loaded with cheese & onions, and the sandwich was solid, came on a fresh roll with some toppings sided. Food has always been consistently good. Jed still goes on about the pierogies he had here nearly a half dozen years ago.

As I've been here 2 nights straight, I must say that there's good community here (someone there referred to it as a round bar). Pleasant, comfortable, friendly, Krogh's.

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Photo of pubscout
4.68/5  rDev +20.9%
vibe: 5 | quality: 4.5 | service: 5 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4.5

Krogh's keeps seven of Dave Cooper's beers on hand at all times, but also Hacker Pschorr, Bud, Coors Light, Amstel Light, O'Douls and Kaliber. Our server Nicole said that Krogh's regular food clientele insisted on retaining those commercial beers (some habits die hard, I suppose), and savvy owner Bob Fuchs believes in satisfying the customer.

Three Sisters is actually quite good as a transitional beer--filtered wheats usually fill that role--and I found it very drinkable. Ditto, Daves Krogh's Gold, a maltier, slightly hoppier, well-balanced beer that will not fail to please those Budmillercoorsmen who are brave enough to sally forth.

Both the Log Cabin Nut Brown and the Brogden Meadow Pale Ale rated high marks. The Brown was smooth, nutty, malty and a solid session beer with a delightful nose. It would complement any game dish, and just as easily assist with spicier fare.

The Pale Ale was wonderful, a pretty beer with a good hop nose and loaded with flavor. This very interesting beer seems to be a hybrid that lies somewhere between a standard pale and an IPA. It was good enough to follow me home in a growler.

Next time at Krogh's, though, I'll bring home some Alpine Glow Red Ale. Krogh's most popular brew, it's deliciously smooth with exceptional hop and malt balance. Alpine Glow is outstanding in that it hints of great things in the nose and delivers them on the palate.

This night's seasonal was a true-to-style Maibock that tasted as good as it looked. A hint of malty sweetness was not overpowered by the hops, and it would have been a perfect beer to drink after my afternoon of rowing on Panther Lake.

The Old Krogh Oatmeal Stout was quite smooth and eminently drinkable, though not as chewy as I like my stouts.

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Photo of ElGuapo
3.63/5  rDev -6.2%
vibe: 4.5 | quality: 3.5 | service: 3.5 | selection: 3.5

small, cozy little bar in my hometown. went there for the first time just last night, and it was an enjoyable experience. in the scenic Lake Mohawk Plaza, this bar has a great location with many restaurants right around the corner or across the street. good selection of their own beers which are decent. friendly service and nice people are a given. over the summer, this bar is the place for sparta college students, and it can be packed at times, other than that the place is usualy pretty quiet with the exception of a crowd for a good band

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Photo of beertravel
4.45/5  rDev +15%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4.5 | service: 4.5 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4.5

The ambiance of this historic registered building is quite cozy. With the low ceilings, interior log walls, and old photos and memorabilia, the pub is a very nice place to enjoy a good meal with great beers and the quaintness of a small town. Across the street from Lake Mohawk, the views are exceptional. Out in the middle of nowhere, it is definirtely worth the trip.

 369 characters

Photo of MTMugs
4.28/5  rDev +10.6%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4.5 | service: 4 | selection: 4.5 | food: 4

This part of NJ - Lake Mohawk/Sparta is great! And so is Krogh's. Low ceilings, lots of dark wood, friendly bar patrons. Their Oatmeal Stout and Pale Ale were exceptional. Service was great at the bar. And they filled our personal growler! Definitely worth a visit.

 265 characters

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Krogh's Restaurant And Brewpub in Sparta, NJ
3.69 out of 5 based on 97 ratings.
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