Chief BlackHawk Porter | Tyranena Brewing Company

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Chief BlackHawk PorterChief BlackHawk Porter

Brewed by:
Tyranena Brewing Company
Wisconsin, United States | website

Style: American Porter

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.60%

Availability: Year-round

Notes / Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

Added by BeerAdvocate on 04-15-2002

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User Reviews
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Reviews: 170 | Ratings: 344
Photo of jlindros
3.8/5  rDev -1.3%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

Thanks to erric for this one.

Screw top really?

Pours a nice fluffy fizzy 1 finger head that fades at a med pace with a bit of lacing, over dark midnight black beer with no light coming through.

Nose adds creamy porter, light sweet malts, toasty malts, caramel, hint chocolate, aromatic malty aroma, hint of biscuit, and some lactose sugar.

Taste starts slight sweet malts but mostly dry, trial typical porter flavors but light feeling. Hint of bakers chocolate, caramel, biscuit and toasty malts, wants to get syrupy but doesn't quite. Then hops, a light earthy and spicy hop come through with a decent bitterness. A very light yeast flavor. In the background I get a hint if roasted malts and light acrid burnt flavor subsequently. Finish is dry still, a slight metallic mineral adrift burnt flavor lingering, more chocolate and roast, light syrupy malt. A hint more cocoa late.

Mouth is med to slightly richer bodied, good carb.

Overall not bad, interesting porter, somewhat drinkable, a slight burnt acrid flavor, nice malts, hops come through nicely,

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Photo of samie85
3.65/5  rDev -5.2%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

Pours an opaque, inky black color with a finger of light brown head.

Smells of deep cocoa with some dark chocolate with light hints of earthy hops.

Roasted and dark chocolate notes with a slight vanilla note and some bitter, dark chocolate on the finish.

Light yet rich with moderate carbonation and a slick feel.

Pretty nice example of a porter; I could see myself buying this one again.

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Photo of tykees88
3.36/5  rDev -12.7%
look: 4.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

A-Amazing pour. Two fingers of gray khaki colored rocky foamy head. Stays about one finger the whole glass. Lacing licking all sides from each drink. Beautiful.

S-Smell is a bit of a letdown. I don't get in touch with many of the coffee and chocolate aromas as I am used to in a porter. I am instead greeted by a much more dull aroma in a mild form. A hint of coffee gives way to a spicy peppery aroma.

T- Also not great. It's just really mild tasting. The chocolate, the coffee and roasted malt character is there, but nothing stands out. They all are very mild tasting. The hop flavor is almost nonexistent to me too.

M- It's lighter bodied for a porter.

O-It's alright. Maybe I had an off day or an off batch. I love porters so I'll come back to this

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Photo of codsmith
4.08/5  rDev +6%
look: 4.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4

A: Pours black with a nice finger tall mocha cream head that laces the glass nicely.

S: Heavy malt aroma mixed with a nice mellow nut, coffee and roasted malt character.

T: Very malty character with a low touch of roasted grain character towards the end. Finishes with a nice bittersweet chocolate and hop touch.

M: medium-to-full body. Sits fairly heavy and very creamy and smooth. Goes down very easily. Carbonation is right on.

O: A very malty beer and sits rather heavy. Not sure if I would choose to drink more than 2 in a session because they are rather filling, but still has a good beer.

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Photo of dlello2
4.2/5  rDev +9.1%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

A - Nice medium-bodied dark brown (almost black) pour into a snifter. Finger of head leaves a soap bubble ring around the edges of the glass after 20 seconds.

S - Subtle smoky chocolate and espresso. Touch of sweetness/molasses.

T - Really smooth. Nice chocolaty finish is (oddly) the first thing that I notice. Maybe a touch of dark chocolate/espresso-bean bitterness in the middle of the tongue. Really well balanced!

M - Nice carbonation, and again, a nice smooth finish. Nice coating of the mouth and some dark fruit stickiness on my teeth.

O - While not overwhelmingly intricate, all of the pieces to this porter seem to fit really well! Definitely happy to have tried it (thanks Binny's new mix-a-six!)

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Photo of chicagoabbot
4.08/5  rDev +6%
look: 4.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4

This is a fine porter...12 oz bottle into a tulip and it bubbles up reddish and black. Classic porter nose, slightly sour with some malt backbone sweetness. Smooth on the tongue. A little sweetness. Nice bite. Well balanced. Mouthfeel is excellent. Recommended. Price is reasonable too.

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Photo of tvv375ia
3.97/5  rDev +3.1%
look: 3.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

poured from 12oz bottle into pint glass

A-poured a very dark brown almost black with no light showing through

S-lots of coffee to start with followed by some cocoa and maybe a little smoke

T-much like the smell coffee and chocolate with some smoky finish

M-good carbonation and a little creaminess

O-This is a really good beer from Tyranena I might have to make another trip to Wisconsin to pick up some more of this beer,

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Photo of GallowsThief
3.88/5  rDev +0.8%
look: 4 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

Received in trade from the man himself ChugginOil. Thanks man! Poured out of a 12 oz bottle into my tulip.

A – Deep dark root beer brown pour with tan one finger of head.

S – Dark chocolate, mocha, vanilla and slightly sweet.

T - Bittersweet chocolate and coffee bitterness start it off. Vanilla comes along after leading it to a bit of a sweet taste. Has a nice roasty malt that finishes the flavor off. Touch of molasses.

M – Medium bodied with decent carbonation. Leaves a bit of a smoky sweet taste on your palate.

O – Pretty solid porter here. Has nice flavors and they balance well. Easy drinker and tasty.

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Photo of ChugginOil
4/5  rDev +3.9%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

Pours a dark cola color that is nearly opaque. Less than a fingers worth of tan head with little lacing. The nose is quite chocolatey with a roasty wrapper. The taste is also quite roasty with some chocolate and little tobacco. The mouthfeel is a bit thin but suites this beer just fine. Overall, a great session porter that isnt too filling and packs some great flavors.

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Photo of jwinship83
4.1/5  rDev +6.5%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4.5

12oz bottle out of a recent sixer. drank from my samuel adams perect pint glass.

A- the pour yields a black body under a small beige colored head. the head sticks around for a while and leaves behind small spots of lacing on the sides of my glass.

S- roasted malts are the first things that i notice. after that i get chocolate and a hint of smoke. earthy and spicy hops along with coffee finish this off.

T- the taste starts off with the roasted malts that i could smell before moving onto some milk chocolate with just a hint of dark chocolate. a touch of smoke is picked up just after that. coffee, along with spicy and earthy hops move in at the end.

M- medium bodied with a nice and middle of the road carbonation level. smooth and easy to drink.

O- overall, this is a very solid porter and a pretty under rated year round offering from tyranena. this is something ill definitely pick up again in the future.

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Photo of bigfnjoe
3.7/5  rDev -3.9%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3 | overall: 4

Poured from a bottle into a DFH glass

A- pours a very dark brown, nearly black, with a one finger tan head. The head sticks around for a decent bit of time

S- crisp aromas of chocolate, coffee, and cola. Smells good

T- nice notes of cocoa, with a slight finish of cola. Tastes pretty solid, albeit not spectacular

M- it's actually a little thin, and pretty watery. Disappointing

O- this is a solid, inoffensive porter. Nothing wrong with this one

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Photo of JAYAR1
3.98/5  rDev +3.4%
look: 4.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 4


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Photo of PDXHops
3.56/5  rDev -7.5%
look: 4.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

12 ounce bottle from jsilva poured into a shaker pint. Thar she blows; we've got a gusher here. After a delayed 2nd pour, I've got a nice rocky and dimply head formed of foamy, large bubbles. Looks a bit like a cola, except with excellent head retention. Thick patches of scattered lacing.

Cherry pie filling appears to be the dominant aroma; lighter notes of roast and chocolate in the background. The label proclaims this to be a 'sharply bittersweet' ale, and it certainly is. An interesting take on the porter style. Tart cherry and bittersweet chocolate give way to a clean, but not exactly dry, finish. Thickish but not clinging, with abundant carbonation. Tart cherry lingers.

Overall impression: Interesting, and worth a try.

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Photo of Duff27
4/5  rDev +3.9%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

A- Pours a dark brown/black color with a thin head. Solid lacing and average head retention.

S- Rich chocolate notes.

T- Dark maltyness/sweetness. More coffee notes than chocolate. Nutty. Very sweet aftertaste.

M- Smooth, creamy. Well carbonated.

D/O- I liked this one a lot...a porter without gimmicks (ie. smoked/coffee/etc). A good session porter from one of the best porter breweries around, Tyranena.

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Photo of iDrinknewglarus
3.6/5  rDev -6.5%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3 | overall: 3.5

A: Black with ruby red edges. Nice tan head that slowly dies down, but never disappears. and leaves some nice lasing.

S: Roasted malt. Sweet caramel notes. Some coffee. Pleasant smell.

T: Slight roasted taste with some bitter chocolate. A little bit of coffee as well. Finishes with a nice bitterness.

M: Light mouthfeel.

This beer started out with a nice solid taste, but as I progressed, it turned a little watery. This is a good beer, and would make a great session beer as it is very drinkable, but I prefer a slightly more robut porter. I preferred Edmund Fitzgerald.

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Photo of secondtooth
3.68/5  rDev -4.4%
look: 4 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

Deep black, with a thick, tan head. Attractive lacing on the old ale glass.

Aroma is chocolate, with a little roastiness. Not bad.

Flavor is bitter chocolate, burnt with a bitter finish.

It's not too memorable or unique, but as a representative session porter, this one is well-balanced and tasty.

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Photo of mikesgroove
3.92/5  rDev +1.8%
look: 3.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 4

again i have to give huge thanks to dave for all of these fantastic tyreanna extras. i never would have guessed i would be able to try all of these. muchas gracias.

rich, dark black color and no light shining through on this one at all. Really nice head of tan that was easily a couple inches high at first, slowly settled down into a nice pillow that laid across the top and thoroughly coated the inside of the glass. Rich dark chocolate and roasted coffees are the first things that I am picking up in the Aroma. Really nicely done with hints of caramel and smoked malts, there is almost a peat like smell to it at times, especially as it warmed up. Equally well done as it transfers over to the flavor. Smooth, mellow, creamy, this was a very session able porter. Rich chocolate notes, hints of smoked malts, nice touches of coffee in the finish which left a slightly dry and bitter taste as it rolls away across the tongue. Very smooth and very enjoyable,

Overall while not the most complex thing in the world, this does have a lot going for it. Very rich and smooth and very well done

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Photo of richkrull
3.96/5  rDev +2.9%
look: 4.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 4 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4

Poured a very dark brown, very nearly black color with quite a bit of dark beige head on it. Smell is very nice - roasted malt and coffee. Taste is good as well. Some coffee flavor, maybe a hint of chocolate as well. Taste is not overpowering, this is very smooth. Medium bodied mouthfeel. This is a very good beer, easy to drink, goes down easy, not too filling. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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Photo of Mdog
4.12/5  rDev +7%
look: 4 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

Appearance: Very dark brown, ok head.

Smell: Roasted malt, coffee, hint of chocolate.

Taste: Semi-sweet dark chocolate with some coffee bitterness in the finish.

Drinkability: Reminds me why I used to drink a lot of porters, nice mix of sweetness and bitterness.

Got a single of this as a gift. It's a good porter, nice chocolate flavor with some coffee. Tyranena makes a lot of good beers, maybe I should try more of their regular lineup.

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Photo of Strix
3.88/5  rDev +0.8%
look: 4 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

Poured a deep brown, some initial head, with some lacing.

Mostly roasted malt and caramel in the nose.

Taste is primarily roasted malt, with a coffee note and a gentle hop finish.

Medium-smooth mouthfeel.

On target for style, nothing amazing, but nicely balanced.

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Photo of BeerLover99
3.63/5  rDev -5.7%
look: 4 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 4

A: dark brown body, temporary head, with average lacing.

S: hint of coffee, nuts, toffee.

T: sweet, roasted coffee, nuts, hint of toffee and slight bitter finish

M: med/light body, little too much carbonation.

D: This is a solid porter, but not great. Goes down with ease and could finish off 2-3 with no problem. Tyranena is very good, but this could be a little better.

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Photo of DAllspaw
4.25/5  rDev +10.4%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4

poured from bottle into tulip, on recommendation from other BA for solid great lakes area porter. Since I can't get GL Edmund Fitz in Indiana, I grabbed this one and very glad I did.

Great smell, really nice roasted profile, some coffee and deep caramel but nothing too pronounced. Good substance, not as substantial as others I've tried, but not as thin either. A pretty solid porter, will consider it a go to until I try a few more.

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Photo of dhannes
3.96/5  rDev +2.9%
look: 4 | smell: 3 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 5

A=Very dark brown, with a rich, foamy head that lasts for a minute or so.

S=Almost non-detectable...what there was smelled a bit on the sweet syrupy side.

T=A lighter can tell that this beer was brewed for Wisconsinites that tend to drink in quantities, as it is not very thick, as well as sweet and a bit salty. A great pair with pretzels or peanuts.

M=Light, not thick.

D=No sharpness, this thinner beer is good for when you want 2-3 porters per night.

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Photo of cpolking
3.6/5  rDev -6.5%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3 | overall: 3.5

This beer pours pure black. It has an aroma of dark roasted malt, coffee and dark chocolate. The taste is rich and dark, coffee and chocolate, a bitter finish and not overly sweet. My chief complaint with many American porters is that they are too sweet for my taste. This one is not.

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Photo of SpeedwayJim
2.88/5  rDev -25.2%
look: 3 | smell: 2.5 | taste: 3 | feel: 3 | overall: 3

Poured from a 12oz. bottle into a Sam Adams perfect pint.

A: Standard pour yields a .5 finger coarse, light mocha head with poor retention that dissipates into a cluster of bubbles at the top of the brew. Beer is a clear, near opaque, dark mahogany. Lacing is stringy and spotty with decent cling.

S: Nose is liquorice, bitter chocolate, roasted malt, and a subtle cherry tartness. Aromas are very muted and barely detectable.

T: Opens bittersweet chocolate, roasted malt bitterness, and overtones of cocoa powder and liquorice. Middle is invigorating as the carbonation rushes up. More liquorice in the middle and finish. Aftertaste is chocolate and roasted malt as this one sweetens just a tad. Aftertaste is a filmy coffee.

M: Light to medium bodied, moderately carbonated and light and actually quite crisp in the mouth. Finish is messy and sticky and aftertaste lingers.

D: An average porter. Nothing really stands out here as different in neither good nor bad ways. Body could use a bit of work and aroma is a bit too subtle but otherwise solid.

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Chief BlackHawk Porter from Tyranena Brewing Company
3.85 out of 5 based on 344 ratings.
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