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Reviews by corey0212:
Photo of corey0212
4.7/5  rDev +6.6%

We went here on a mission to find some Fisherman's Pumpkin Stout, and came away with a whole lot more...

I had been to the Wine Gallery near Fenway, and was nothing but impressed with the place, so I was looking forward to checking out the one in Brookline. First impression is that the place is just very clean, airy, and spacious. The staff were very helpful and, after driving up from the Cape, the fact that they have a bathroom available for customer use is a massive plus in my book....nothing worse than sneaking into the nearest Dunkin Donuts to use the head. I love the way the shelves are arranged, everything is about hip-high, which I like...I don't want to be reaching over my head for a $15 bottle of beer. I picked up some amazing stuff (on top of the Pumpkin Stout), including a few offerings from The People's Pint (more Imperial is this stuff still on the shelves?), and a cave-aged Three Philosophers (seriously?). This is an excellent shop, and I'll be sure to stop by whenever I'm in thhe area.

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Photo of RblWthACoz
4.5/5  rDev +2%

Photo of AdamPennin
3.35/5  rDev -24%

After reading the other reviews for Wine Gallery, I'm wondering if things have just changed over time. I decided to check out several of the top reviewed places within 128 (Boston area) to see if I could find any new favorites. If I lived around Wine Gallery, it'd be a great alternative to a corner six-pack store, but it isn't a best of Boston. While they had some various imports that I don't see as often, their craft selection was fairly weak. I saw nothing aged there, and only a single representative beer from places like Stone, Dogfish Head, Allagash, and Rogue. This would still be fine if the selections they had seemed like a best-of-the-best with great service to guide you through it, but they seemed more haphazard than not and the only guy working seemed puzzled when I asked about beer.

If I'm going to make the drive, in the future I'll probably go to Publick House Provisions, or Downtown Wine and Spirits.

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Photo of CavePainter
4.65/5  rDev +5.4%

Fantastic selection of beer and wine. Free Wine tastings and a knowledgeable staff who can make great pairing recommendations.

Wine Gallery has a great selection of beer - Whether you are looking
for something from the farthest flung regions of the world, or something brewed right in Boston's backyard- you will most likely find it here.

Staff is cheerful and laid back. These guys know their stuff. Some of the products can be a little pricey, but Wes will usually help you out in selecting something that will rock your socks off without emptying your wallet.

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Photo of harsley
4.3/5  rDev -2.5%

This is my go-to beer store near home. Everytime I'm there I get approached at least once (or more) by employees asking if I need any help with anything. Very friendly and very knowledgeable.

Selection is great. They have some cold in coolers along the back wall to the left (probably 8 fridges or so) all stocked with good brews. They then have beers in the store arranged by country/area. Nice Belgian selection, North American, German, UK, etc. Prices are around the same as anywhere else in the Boston area...I've found some beers less expensive elsewhere but also some that are more expensive elsewhere. They have a nice little cheese selection too and some crackers/snacks. They usually have a few glasses as well, but they are random and sparse. They have given me a free glass on 2 occasions in the past but that might have been before they started selling the randoms they get. They have beer tastings every week too, I think on Thursdays but not sure. They have a blog online that updates regularly. Ask them about it if you go to the store.

Huge wine selection as well (and some good liquors)...some of which (the wine, not liquor) you can sample at anytime in the store. Great place. Easily accessible too as they have parking right outside (off route 9), or it's less then a 5 minute walk to the D Line Brookline Hills stop.

*edit: This place has gone WAY down hill... (3/24/10)

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Photo of Lothore
4.45/5  rDev +0.9%

Stopped through here the other day and was not disappointed. Their beer is very organized and have a fairly large selection of both imports and craft brew. Their belgian selection is rather large and includes a lot of good guezes which is always a plus for me. They had quite a bit of stone, weyerbacher, lost abbey, berkshire etc.. While I usually go for the divey, small business vibe where you have to search for treasures, the organization and cleanliness here was amazing. Their beer guy was extremely helpful and even broke up a four pack for me so that I could have 1 double simcoe before I left on the plane the next day (I don't think they usually do this but the guy there was extremely nice). Anyhow, great service, a decent selection and it seemed very clean (unlike many other stores with good beer).

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Photo of rasta16ry
4.4/5  rDev -0.2%

I used to go here in college a lot. They have a very good selection, with very little crap and a big section of both American and European beers. They also carry People's Pint most of the time, which is one of my favorite breweries in Massachusetts. They usually have some good Smutty and Berkshire as well as some good California breweries, and even Hoppin' Frog from Ohio.

The prices are cheaper than Blanchard's in Allston, and the place itself is clean and pleasant. The people working there are also pleasant, and there is nice tasting room in the back. When I was in college they had a tasting almost every Thursday. I'm not sure if they still do that, but it was awesome when they did.

The Wine Gallery is awesome.

Side note: I went back recently for the first time in a year or so, and I was surprised to find a wine tasting center open in the middle of the place. You give them your ID and they give you a glass and a card good for six tastings. Nice to taste some wine while you're looking at the beer selection.

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Photo of jaluria
4.5/5  rDev +2%

On a recent business trip, I stopped by this place in search of beer not available back in Southwestern Connecticut. One walk through the beer section and I realized I had made a great decision in stopping by.

A variety of local and regional breweries were represented in their domestic beer section including: Buzzard Bay, Cisco, Olde Burnside, Opa Opa, Peak Organic, Harpoon, Sherwood Forest, and Berkshire.

In addition, English and Belgium beers were well represented with a variety of sought after brews.

What surprised me was that they had some Founders (Curmudgeon), Pizza Port (Sharkbite, Wipeout, Hop Suey), Middle Ages (Dragonslayer, Wailing Wench, Druid Fluid), and The Lost Abbey (Inferno).

The staff was friendly and offered to help me find what I was looking for. The store also carries gourmet snacks and obviously wine. The store is well-kept and laid-out nicely with plenty of space to move around.

Overall, I highly recommend this store and will definitely be back the next time I'm in the Boston area.

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Photo of IBUnit63
4.35/5  rDev -1.4%

This place is a little outside my circle of destruction but I had heard good things, so here goes...

First impression - the place is very very CLEAN. Very inviting atmosphere with a couple of tasting areas for wine. The quality of the offerings was quite good - a wide selection of American craft brews as well as imports - saw a fair amount of German and Belgian fare. Service was friendly and very courteous. Prices were quite reasonable - for bombers maybe 50 cents to a buck cheaper than comparable spots - nothing huge, but good to know. One more arrow in the quiver...

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Photo of morebeergood
3.85/5  rDev -12.7%

My second ever visit to this location was this past Saturday for their annual grand wine tasting afternoon. Always a good time. This store has a great selection of everything you need. There are several large coolers in the back with an assortment of cold six packs. There are also at least six entire shelves (three rows) dedicated to bombers. One whole section has the best Belgian selection I've seen around. Each section is also clearly organized. They have a small glassware section in the back too. On top of this, they have a great selection of fine wines and gourmet cheeses. High quality place with a great selection and good service. Can't go wrong.

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Photo of Hojaminbag
4.85/5  rDev +10%

The Wine Gallery has absolutely the best service I have encountered in Boston. Maybe the best service including any kind of retail. Very friendly, very helpful. They will always approach and ask if you need help in a sincere manner. The staff is knowledgeable about beer, and as far as I can tell wine also. They are always up for a conversation too.

24 hour wine tasting, and beer tastings every Thursday.

The selection is about as good as anywhere I've seen in Boston. Prices run about average. I grabbed a few bottles of Hooker's Liberator and Old Marley when I was there last (8 bucks a piece, I may or may not have bought all they had left). Some Ten Fidy Stout too.
All kinds of tasty snacks, I've bought some chips and chocolate there and both were excellent.
Large Wine selection.

Also has a parking lot in the back, which is very nice.

Go to the Wine Gallery!

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Photo of ohmesohoppy
4.5/5  rDev +2%

Even though probably more known for their wine selection, their beer selection is pretty good too. They have about two aisles of beer and then some more in coolers. The variety is pretty good too alot of american craft, some german, some english, and some belgian stuff also. I started comin to this place instead of marty's in newton cause even though the selection isnt as large i can still get pretty much everything I want and the stuff looks like it moves alot quicker here (not as many dusty bottles). Oh and it seems a lot cheaper I know one 22 ounce bomber I bought here was two dollars cheaper than it wouldve been at martys but i guess thats the price you pay for more selection. Finally this place has a great tasting room and they pretty much have a beer tasting every thursday. Last week it was dogfish head it was nice to get a free sip of a world wide stout.

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Photo of PlaywrightSam
4.35/5  rDev -1.4%

I don't live in Boston, but I come here somewhat frequently as my partner's family lives here. This Christmas was probably my third or fourth trip to Wine Gallery, and it will definitely not be my last.

The selection is really outstanding, especially for those looking for some of the more esoteric American extreme beers. Great selections from Lagunitas, Southern Tier, Great Divide, many many others. There's a wonderful selection of bombers on the shelves to your left and a cooler toward the back stocked with six packs.

The staff is very nice, very willing to offer help. Last time I was there, the guy told me about a black and tan that you can make with Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA and World Wide Stout. A crazy idea, but one I may have to try simply because I've never had an $18 dollar beer before.

Easy to get to, parking always available.

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Photo of
4.35/5  rDev -1.4%

Stopped in while on business in Boston.

Head for the back left corner of the store. Beer is on shelves and in the coolers.

Quality was fine, no apparent issues. Proper seasonals, lack of dust, and the beer I drank later showed no problems.

Service was offered on arrival, and a few suggestions were made as I was checking out. They packed everything up nicely.

Selection was quite nice. I picked up some Berkshire Brewing Company, Alesmith and Opa Opa. Other offerings included a nice selection of imports (Belgian offerings very broad), Pizza Port, Southern Tier, DFH, Two Brothers, Vermont Rock Art, and some of the Harpoon 100 Barrel series. Not disappointed.

Overall, quality establishment. If you can make it there, you won't have any trouble finding something you need to buy.

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Photo of atigerlife
4.65/5  rDev +5.4%

Wow!! This place was truly amazing. Their selection was outstanding and the beer is wonderfully displayed. Very neat, organized and easy to find. I must have found about 20% of the beers [+/- 30] on my wish list. Filled up a shopping cart.

Also nice parking on the side/back of the store. The checkout guy was nice enough to use his handtruck to help me out to the car.

Prices seemed reasonable considering the quality of the beer.

Overall, a truly excellent place to visit. Very professional. I am greatly impressed. There may be better beer stores out there, but I haven't been to one. I've been to bigger, but not better.

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Photo of YonderWanderer
4.35/5  rDev -1.4%

Stopped by the Wine Gallery for the first time ever for the Ommegang tasting tonight. And wow, I walked out of there with a couple bottles of the Ommegang and several other bottles I haven't seen anywhere in the Boston area. Next to Marty's, this place is one of the best I've been too. A huge selection of bombers from all over the US and the world, a great Belgian selection, a good deal of craft brew 6 packs, and of course, a damn fine selection of wine as well. The staff is courteous and helpful, and offered some suggestions as I was walking from one bomber shelf to another.

Price is reasonable for the area - certainly some of the harder to get stuff costs a bit more, but I'm willing to pay it. Between this place and Marty's, I could easily go bankrupt.

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Photo of BattleRoadBrewer
3.8/5  rDev -13.8%

There are neighborhood beer shops who dependably let you down.
There are shops which at least make an effort to carry a selection.
And there the 'go to' supershops with big selections, and discounts.

This place fits right into the middle category. So I'm scoring them for that category. They'd blow away the typical neighborhood store who can be expected to have all the different macro beers plus SA and maybe MH and Harpoon. But they're far short of the big stores out in the 'burbs.

They have a nice selection which is constantly growing. A row of Belgians. Plenty of American artisan beers. I went there looking for Leatherlips and found it. I was pleasantly surprised, and they are clearly growing, with some empty shelf space waiting for the next shipment & even more variety.

They do NOT discount beer, even though they DO discount wine. This amounts to a 5-25% surcharge compared to the stores that have discounts.

They do NOT break up 12 oz sixxers. Who wants six of one beer?

I was approached quickly by beer-knowlegeble staff eager to help.

Beers were clean, fresh, not dusty. "Quality" takes a hit because I need to dink them somewhere for the lack of discounts and lack of single 12s. If they break up six packs and apply their wine discount schedule to beer, then quality would jump to 4.5 or better.

I wish they were in my neighborhood! They will steer me away from the usual middle-category store I previously hit on a regular basis. But they won't keep me from driving out to Acton or Westboro for carriage-filling mega-shopping trips.

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Photo of shaebs99
4.65/5  rDev +5.4%

I feel that my review is a little pointless because of all the other extremely positive reviews, but I feel I should give the wine gallery a little love.
Between the weekly beer tastings (recently have included Stone, Clipper City, DFH), the helpfulness of the employees (especially Kai), and the cleanliness of the store I would probably want to give a value above 5.0 for service.
The place is a bit out of the way for me, but I make my way here weekly for the tastings, selection and service.
The beer (not including 6 and 12 pks which are in coolers) is broken up into countries with very little if any dust on the bottles (which is saying something in comparison of my more local options). The selection is good enough that I have been staying within the country (mostly) and haven't exhausted my options yet. The selection includes a bunch of Rogue Ales, Stone, DFH (including Black & White, Pangea, as well as their IPA's) as well as more local breweries like Berkshire
The coolers are also well stocked with very little space dedicated to macros.
The service, like I said, is an A+. I have gotten into several conversations with the staff, espcecially at the beginning of my beer exploration (I am only 21 and do need help to navigate through the many beers available), but also with their new additions and seasonals. Prices are right in line with other stores in Boston/Brookline/Alston. However, the Wine Gallery is on top of their beers age as several beers may be on sale as they approach their freshness date (once again in stark contrast to some of the other Boston/Alston stores I frequent)
Visit on a thursday around 6pm and you will be able to enjoy a good tasting and a great store

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Photo of brewandbbq
4.2/5  rDev -4.8%

Made the trek down from NH to obtain some De Dolle Still Nacht reserva after hunting it down via B.United and Craft brewers guild.
Easy to find via mapquest, with free 30 minute parking out back.
The store is uncluttered and all the shelves were faced, a good sign.
Selection is decent, a good cross-section of belgians, germans,english, and domestics. I think the selection could definately be expanded given the size of the store. Well stocked coolers also, and a couple of finds that I hadn't seen at other stores yet.
Prices were average for Mass, actually lower on most items than I anticipated for the area (Brookline). I would recommend they institute the same discount structure that Julio's goes by " 6 singles, any size=15% discount".
There were a few dusty strays that were on markdown, which I don't have a problem with. If the beer is old, give 'em a deal.
I was happy with the service..I guess? Spence, the guy I spoke to on the phone before heading down, held 2 of the Reservas for me until I got there- two thumbs up. I was dissapointed that they were "holding more out back for aging", and I could only get the two. One thumb down. I had left work early, drove down specifically for those beers, and sat in HELL traffic on the way back to NH afterwards. My choice, if I was to do again, I would have skipped the journey.
Spence and the other guy who rang me up were super nice and friendly, which counts for a lot nowadays.

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Photo of bjohnson
4.3/5  rDev -2.5%

First off, the Wine Gallery is one of the cleanest if not the cleanest store I've ever been in. It amazing how clean it is. It is also very, very well organized. It shows that this place takes pride in their stock and their store. When you walk into a place like this, you've already got a great feeling. About 6 coolers worth of top notch brew stocked by Kai located in the back left side of the store.

Well organized selection, by country. Almost all the really top notch local New England brews are in stock. Many of the "not from here" gems also. Alesmith, Moylans, Oskar Blues Gordon, Rogue, DFH, Sierra Bigfoot, Two Brothers, Founders, Stone, etc. They sometimes have great sale prices on brews, one of which was Moylan's for $2 and $3. Nice selection of German and Belgian beers also--could be a bit more extensive, but nonetheless, still good.

Tastings usually happen regularly at the Brookline location as well as the Kenmore location. Prices are right on par with where they should be. Kai, the beer manager, is very knowledgeable and always ready to offer advice if asked. A place you need to visit, if you have a car or not as it's accessible by train. Definitely worth it.

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Photo of snilsen13
5/5  rDev +13.4%

This is the nicest liquor store I've found in Boston. As I've been going there for nearly a year now, quite regularly, I've gotten to know the staff. They get know your face, tell you what's new, sample beer every Thursday (if you can get there around 6pm)... they'll even offer you options if you ask "Can you suggest a mildy hoppy beer with a super dry finish in a 6-pack." The place is spatious and parking is plentiful. There are 5 coolers devoted to beer and 4 multi-tier shelves devoted to beer. There is usually a pile of singles around that you can assemble into 6-packs, sometimes a particular brewery is featured (in the past Ottercreek, Brooklyn, Sams). I've also picked up Heavyweight Gruit in this way.

The prices are fair, beating out local competition, except TJs. However, beers occasionally go on sale when their distributers drop them (THANK YOU!). For a week I bought $1 bottles off HotD Fred... big head Fred. I tried to leave some for others but after 7 days I cleaned them out. Rapscallion just went FS and so has Anchor Steam, but it's probably gone now.

Selection includes seasonal brews, the best I've had was Paper City. You can get there super easily via the D line. Get off at Brooklin Hills, cross the bridge to the other side of the tracks and walk a block to Rt. 9 (Boylston), go right (don't cross) and it's a few stores down. You'll thank me.

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Photo of OldSock
4.2/5  rDev -4.8%

Quality – Seems clean with a nice open feeling. Dust free in my experience with plenty of cooler space for the craft beers. I've never gotten a bad bottle there.

Service – Pretty standard, generally you get a “Can I help you find anything?” and at least one positive comment about a beer that you are getting. However, I've never had a long solid conversation with anyone who works there.

Selection – Lots of good stuff, In particular every time I go in they seem to have a couple of bottles that the stores in my metro-west rotation have not, last time I went in I picked up the new beers from Southern Tier. They have a nice mix of locals, regionals and imports, but most likely nothing that will make your head explode if you regularly visit other stores around the state.

I often stop in when I visit The Publick House as it is pretty close by.

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Photo of errantnight
4.85/5  rDev +10%

Just a fantastic beer store that keeps getting better.

I visited for the first time last year when they were doing a tasting of last year's Stone's Russian Imperial Stout (and the rest of the line of Stone beers...) and was floored. But they keep refining and expanding their selection.

Beers are divided by region and sometimes by style. There's Belgians, Belgian-style, International, German, England, and a whole slew of American beers. Today they were featuring Founder's Brewing Company (none of their stouts, *insert frowny face*) and I was lured into picking up a couple sixers of their black rye and IPA. They've got a run of AleSmith beers, there's bunch from Avery, all of the Stone Brews that will travel to the East Coast (i.e.: everything that's not Levitation and Pale), including some 9th Anniversary ales still kicking around (a month ago they still had some 8th Anniversary and some Vertical Epics). There was 2004 and 2005 vintage World Wide Stouts from Dogfish Head (as well as this year's Raison D'Extra and some Golden Shower), a bunch of North Coast offerings, Thomas Hooker brews, Ayinger Celebrator, the Rapscallion 4-packs with free glasses, Unibroue and Ommegang selections... Two Brothers, Left-Handed, a fine selection of Rogue (all bombers).

And so on and so forth. Next pay check I'm returning to create my first beer cellar stock. And hopefully they'll have this year's Stone Russian Imperial in by then.

I love my convenient (and slightly less expensive) Blanchard's, and my extraordinarily convenient (and overpriced) Harvest Co-op, but this is where I go when I'm looking for quality brews at the right price. And to get lost browsing.

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Photo of bignick
4.65/5  rDev +5.4%

This is the best liquor store for beer on the Western outskirts of Boston including the areas of Allston, Brighton, Brookline, Watertown, etc. The selection is pretty extensive. I wish there were more cooler space for six-packs, but there are many rows of warm beer. The focus is clearly on quality; unlike many of the other liquor stores in the area, they do not have a great quantity of students buying 30s, so they can utilize their space for craft beer. The layout of the store makes it just a pleasure shop here. It does not feel cramped at all. I highly recommend this store.

Ask for Kai, the beer manager. He knows his stuff and very helpful.

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Photo of Prufrock
4.65/5  rDev +5.4%

Visited March '06.

For those that haven't been in a while, you need to check it out again. Expansion of the beer selection is now complete. Selection, which was very good before, is now great; some examples: Thomas Hooker (barleywine, imperial porter, doppelbock), Bear Republic, Cisco, Nantucket, tons of Belgians (Delirium, Rochefort, De Dolle, Het Anker, et al.), Peche Mortel (although there was only one on the shelf), Sinebrychoff, Aventinus, and tons of others.

Regular tastings (I think beer is usually on Thursdays), great service and recommendations.

Only complaint is that prices are slightly higher than what you'd find a little further outside of Boston, but I guess that's the price of convenience.

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