Stockertown Beverage

Stockertown BeverageStockertown Beverage
Stockertown BeverageStockertown Beverage

515 Main St
Stockertown, Pennsylvania, 18083-7018
United States

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Photo of Knapp85
Knapp85 from Pennsylvania

4.22/5  rDev -4.7%
vibe: 4 | quality: 4.25 | service: 4.25 | selection: 4.25

Not sure why it had taken me so long to stop in here, it’s super close to where I live and I had always heard good things about it. I stopped in one afternoon looking for a specific case of beer that my parents needed for a party. Upon arrival the front of the store had a nice bottle shop vibe going on. They have an assortment of craft and import selection on display to purchase all over the place. The associate working there was friendly and willing to help. The overall experience was a good one and I wouldn’t hesitate to stop back in sometime in the future.

Dec 15, 2017
Photo of doppeljr
doppeljr from New Jersey

4.7/5  rDev +6.1%

What a great place this is. It is a pretty decent size and their selection is excellent. They have pallets and pallets of some of the beers that are difficult to find, especially in NJ.

They have a large supply of cases from Founder's, Troeg's, Summit, Bell's, etc. They usually have several varieties of each brand as well.

The PA laws requiring case purchases is silly, but I still purchased from them and will do again as it is a convenient stop on my way top NE PA.

Their prices are very fair and their excellent selection makes this a place that I will definitely visit again.

I hope that this helps.

Feb 15, 2010
Photo of TheLastEngineer
TheLastEngineer from Pennsylvania

4.65/5  rDev +5%

To look at it from the road, you would think that this was a place to pick up a case of mega-swill and some scratch-off lottery tickets. And you would be wrong.

Impressive variety of far-flung beers including an entire side-room filled with mysterious boxes of Belgian descent. Owners were extremely helpful and generous with their time, opinions, and freebies. Was awe-struck by the back room full of kegs from around the globe.

Nice people, interesting beers. Worth the trip. I just wish the place was bigger so that there would be more of it to enjoy.

Feb 27, 2009
Photo of wtrbeer
wtrbeer from Pennsylvania

4.35/5  rDev -1.8%

OK, Stockertown Bev. I have only been there twice, although I have lived in the Lehigh Valley all my life. Positives are that they have a great selection of beers (some you can't find at other, bigger places). Staff is very nice and helpful. I also e-mailed them a few times about thew availibilty of certain beers, and they responded right away. The only drawback (for me) is that it is a bit of a drive. It also is a little hard to find and can be missed if you take a wrong turn. But, over-all really cool place.

Feb 06, 2009
Photo of BigIrishman
BigIrishman from New Jersey

4.15/5  rDev -6.3%

This is my case/keg depot when in NEPA. They have a solid selection which includes plenty of founders, troegs, lancaster, etc. Prices are pretty good especially on kegs. The staff there knows a lot, if the owner is around he has a ton of knowledge so pick his brain if you can. They have a very high turnover rate so if they run out of something, they will let you know when they expect it to come in and will reserve a case for you. Overall a gem in a part of the state that doesn't have a whole lot.

Jan 30, 2009
Photo of leftmindedrighty
leftmindedrighty from New Jersey

4.5/5  rDev +1.6%

Wow, I can't believe I haven't reviewed this place. One of the best case and keg stores in the state, bar none.

I found this place only last year, when the Founder's Breakfast Stout was released. I heard a rumor (Thanks Jason) that the Breakfast Stout was hitting the shelves, and immediately called them to reserve a case. They set one aside for me, thanked me for my business a couple of times, and the rest is history. I've since come back for the Kentucky Breakfast Stout, and for their awesome selection of Rock Art beers.

The service is top notch, and they are very much customer service driven. The store is on the small side, and a bottle of Formula 409 wouldn't be a bad idea. But that said, I look forward to each and every one hour drive to this place. I've never left short of blissful with what I carried out of this place.

Aug 24, 2008
Photo of sholland119
sholland119 from Pennsylvania

4.35/5  rDev -1.8%

I finally got a chance to stop in here today while i was (kind of) in the area for business. It is as good as promised.

As the master distributor for Bear Republic, Founders and Hoppin' Frog (among others), there is great stuff here, sometimes in skid quantities. Some local breweries also and the requisite selection of BMC if you look for it. Unlike other master distributors (e.g. BV or Shangy's), there was a limited, perhaps nonexistent, selection of craft beers "imported" by others.

There is also a large room of imports. Which looked pretty cool but given the stupid PA case law and the fact that I had not just robbed a bank, I let it pass.

Service was very knowledgeable and friendly. I am looking forward to trying the beer I got on his recommendation.

Worth a stop if you are anywhere nearby.


Aug 04, 2008
Photo of ClockworkOrange
ClockworkOrange from Pennsylvania

4.15/5  rDev -6.3%

Ever since finding out about the great selection here about a year ago, I've made the roughly hour long drive at least a dozen times. The selection is great. They are the wholesaler for Shelton Bros. (Cantillon, Mikkeller, Nogne O, Coniston, etc.) as well as Founders, Bear Republic, Hoppin' Frog, Lancaster, Middle Ages, Penn, Rock Art, Summit, Hooker, Breckenridge, etc. Prices are reasonable and they frequently have cases on clearance that are out of season. They also usually have a keg or two on tap for samples, but I've never been offered one outright, I've always had to ask for one. Service is usually friendly and helpful and they will hold a case of something rare for you no problem as long as their bar/distributor accounts have been satisfied first. Worth a stop if you are anywhere near the area.

Feb 15, 2008
Photo of mymrnngjckt
mymrnngjckt from Pennsylvania

4.3/5  rDev -2.9%

I had the good fortune of stopping here a few times. The quality is great. The beers are fresh and easily displayed (except for the Belgian beer selection.)

Service here was great. On one stop, the owner spoke to my party and I for about 30 minutes about the beer and helped us with any questions we had. He even gave my party and I some galssware.

Selection is great. Lancaster, Middle Ages, Fantome, Cantillon, Founder's, and Breckenridge to name a few. The only complaint is the room housing all the Belgian beers was a bit crowded and the prices were not clearly marked on the cases.

Jan 22, 2008
Photo of Risser09
Risser09 from Pennsylvania

4.8/5  rDev +8.4%

I didn't even realize this place existed so close to my inlaw's house. 33 North to the Stockertown exit, make a right, then a left at the 3-way light and it's on your right. Simple to find.

Upon entering it looks like a run down place. Above average selection of micros from the US. Instantly I spotted 5 cases of nugget nectar (in june) and was so happy to find this fleeting brew so I bought a case. The kid working there was eager to help me and let me check out the import room which is dutifully supplied with beers from the shelton brothers. He also took me down to the garage to see all of the Jolly Pumpkin, Panil, Cantillon, etc. that they don't have on the shelves. Wide selection of hard to find stuff, but the imports get so expensive due to the PA case law. However, the prices are very good, and they will give you 2% off for cash purchases. (ie. they probably bump the prices up 2% to pay for the CC surcharges)
This is a solid distributor and I plan on going back again and again just to see what they have, and maybe I'll splurge on something pricey.

Jul 10, 2007
Photo of number1bum
number1bum from Pennsylvania

4.65/5  rDev +5%

I visited Stockertown for the first time recently and was VERY impressed. It's as good or better than Shangy's except that they don't have as large a selection, but the selection is fantastic nonetheless. Where do I begin?

I went to Stockertown with some friends searching for some cases of 750ml bottles for our next beer split (see my profile for details of our splitting club). They have a tiny little Belgian room with all sorts of different stuff in it, a lot of it imported by the Shelton brothers. You have to look closely at everything because there are only 1-2 cases of a lot of the stuff. They also have stuff downstairs in the warehouse that isn't on the floor, and if you get talking to the owners (there are 2, I believe, and the one who was there on our visit was very friendly and was willing to talk beer for as long as we were, if not longer, while the other one, according to my friends, is also very helpful but maybe not as personable) they'll let you know what they have. Speaking of service, it was outstanding. The aforementioned owner talked to us for a good half hour about beer, what they've been getting in, how it's been selling, what they're working on getting, etc etc etc. He was great and extraordinarly helpful and friendly. He also gave us free glassware on our way out, which again was very generous and the icing on the cake.

What also impressed me was all of the US micros they have. Unfortunatley I wasn't in the market for anything other than the big bottle case, but I wish I was. They carry a lot of smaller microbreweries that Shangy's doesn't. To name a few, they have Summit, Middle Ages, Southampton, Hooker, Breckenridge, Atwater, Flying Bison, Cricket Hill, Lancaster, Troegs, Victory, and Funders! Although they only get stuff in sporadically and they didn't have any on our visit, they do get Founders in.

Then there are the prices which I found very reasonable. As an example, I visit Syracuse, NY quite a bit and go to Middle Ages Brewery as often as I can, and they carry Middle Ages for cheaper than it's available in the brewery. A good 10% cheaper. Cases of Beast Bitter were $24 and change, and they'll cost you around $28 at the brewery.

Overall, I will definitely be going back to Stockertown. Selection is great, service is outstanding, prices are very reasonable. This place is fantastic.

Jun 03, 2007
Photo of roan22
roan22 from New Jersey

4.65/5  rDev +5%

This distributor is like "the little engine that could." They are big-time now, and have big-time accounts like the Grey Lodge Pub in Philadelphia. I came here the same day I went to Shangy's, and yes this place is smaller and dirtier than Shangy's, but who gives a crap because Stockerton cares about the important things: customer service and managing their accounts properly. They carry some important beer brands to Philly and Montgomery County; DeRanke XX Bitter, Founders, Southampton etc.

I didn't get to meet Chuck but I did meet John Beljan who was approachable, genuinely friendly and honest. He gave Matt Capone and I a tour of the facility. They have a lot of beer! The lesson you should learn here is...Don't overlook the little guys, you may not get your delivery until 10pm, but at least they show up in their little white truck. Slow and steady (and honest!) wins the race.

Apr 25, 2007
Photo of Budlum
Budlum from Maryland

4.65/5  rDev +5%

This place is relatively hidden in the small town of Stockertown off of Route 191. From the outside, it doesn't look too impressive but what it holds certainly is.

The selection is great. Victory, Weyerbacher, Southampton, Thomas Hooker, Fantome, DeProef, Middle Ages, Oud Beersel, Sly Fox, the list just keeps going. The biggest thing isn't just the brands they have, but what they have from those brands. Southampton Double White, Imperial Porter, Saison Deluxe, Grand Cru... Thomas Hooker Liberator, Imperial Porter... I think you can get the idea. Their selection is amazing with the US craft beers as the focus but the import selection does not disappoint either.

The service here has always been exceptional for my visits. The staff are true beer people who absolutely love to talk about their stock, inquire about things that you'd like to see and generally just talk about beer. The service alone was enough to take my business from Shangy's when I used to live close by. On my last stop I was treated to a few free glasses with my purchase. If you're a regular customer and focus on the craft beer, they will make it worth your while and remember you. It is always nice to be greeted by such a friendly staff.

The prices here are really quite good. Also, paying cash is good for a 3% dicount which is clearly marked on most beers. Some of the really rare stuff is probably priced a little high but it is unlikely that you'll find it elsewhere.

About the only reason I miss the living in the Poconos was the proximity to this place. It is certainly worth a trip.

Jan 30, 2007
Photo of guzzle211
guzzle211 from Pennsylvania

4.5/5  rDev +1.6%

I love this place. I live very close to Shangy's and still make the drive to Stockertown once a month (I boycott Shangy's but I will save that for another thread.) The two co-owners are great guys. They will take the time to talk with you regardless of how busy it is (last time I was there on a Saturday it was mobbed.) They like to talk about anything, from WVU football to the beer they carry. Due to distribution rights they are missing some of the bigger national craft beers (such as Rogue) but carry brands you can easily substitute for (Southampton.) Good Pennsylvania selection (Weyerbacher, Troeg's, Penn Brewing, Lancaster, Victory.) And there's always something there that turns my head and gets added to the fantasy list (Santa's Butt Porter.) Spend a little dough and they make it worth your while (T-shirt, an extra bomber thats laying around, etc.) They always have something on draft, don't be afraid to ask.
They are renovating and they will be close to doubling their warehouse space - I can't wait.

Jul 17, 2006
Photo of PAYankeeFan
PAYankeeFan from Pennsylvania

4.5/5  rDev +1.6%

This is my third trip here and I picked up the next to last case of Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA. I've always been able to find something at this newly expanded distributor managed by a man who loves to bring in great beers. He brings in Belgians, French farmhouse ales, regional macros in addition to the BMC beers the locals emjoy. The last time I was there I had a Rock Art variety case and before that I had a Victory variety case.
The people who work here are friendly and willing to help their customers get what they desire. The woman who works there is very helpful and has helped me a great deal with beer selection.
This isn't a gigantic as Shangy's, Elkton State Line Liquors, Half Time or Somerville Super Saver but it has enough variety and small town friendliness to draw me back over and over again. I live in the Poconos and make the 20 minute drive here rather than deal with the local macro distributor houses who care little about quality or freshness.

Jun 04, 2006
Photo of francisweizen
francisweizen from Alaska

4.15/5  rDev -6.3%

A nice little beer store that looks like your typical bud-shack from outside. On the inside you are greeted by the friendly owners and a room full of awesome beers. tons of heavyweight, obscure belgians, sph secret ale and more. They also have your run-of-the-mill macros in stock as well. This is a very small store but they make very good use of the space they have and offer this Easton suburb a lot of fine beer at nice prices, and what I expect to be very good turnover as well. A nice little shop.

Jan 11, 2005
Photo of RonfromJersey
RonfromJersey from New Jersey

4.3/5  rDev -2.9%

Easily accessible from Route 33. Overall appearance is typical of PA distributors, though it did seem cleaner than most I've been to. Small room features craft beers, though some are featured in the main body of store. Heavily featured: Heavyweight, Lancaster, Stoudts, Victory, Troegs, Weyerbacher, Ramstein, Cricket Hill. Not everything each one makes, but a representation at least.

Couple things that jumped out were Southhampton Secret Ale and Imperial Porter, which I've picked up a case of each, and Landmark India Red Ale, which I may be back for. First time, the woman working was friendly and helpful, but I did nothing to test her knowledge. Second time, an extremely helpful and knowledgable gentleman assisted me (and was nice to my daughter, bonus points from me).

Prices seem very reasonable, at the very least.

I rarely buy beer in PA due to the case law, and when I do it's usually at Shangys. This ain't no Shangys, but it's closer, and way better than the typical PA distributor, and my gut thinks it's still on the upswing. My wife like's to shop at the Sam's Club down Rt 33, so I'll check in again periodically.

Jan 09, 2005
Stockertown Beverage in Stockertown, PA
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