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7100 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, California, 90046-5896
United States

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Reviews by Beerandraiderfan:
Photo of Beerandraiderfan
Beerandraiderfan from Nevada

3.17/5  rDev -10.7%
vibe: 2.5 | quality: 3.5 | service: 3 | selection: 3.25

Well the absolute worst thing about this is common in West Hollywood: The parking sucks. God you spend so much time in the car trying to go places, find them, and then find a parking spot for them in this neck of the country. Yeah, it hurts the atmosphere score being in a weird inner city mall type of place where you probably will have to find underground parking.

Inside, its just the usual bevmo set up of tons of beer on warm shelves. Which can be fine, but almost half of them are happy ales. But its bevmo, they hit up some decent breweries and get some decent stuff, no dispute there.

Didn't see any employee until we got in line, the line was huge, they stock employees at the cashier positions like Wal Mart does. For whatever reason, they seem to have a lot more selection of beers from across the country than they do local stuff.

I think you might be disappointed if you come from the East coast, to this place, to find local gems. This is a good place if you're local, and want old bottles from the East Coast.

Jun 24, 2013
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Photo of aoampm
aoampm from Hawaii

3.5/5  rDev -1.4%

Sep 11, 2014
Photo of GRG1313
GRG1313 from California

4.3/5  rDev +21.1%

My relatively frequent experience with this branch of BevMo have been very good. I have consistently found beer that I've not found at other outlets and the general selection of beer is quite good.

Moreover, this is the one BevMo where I've almost always found something a bit rare and otherwise hard to find.

For example, the last time I was there, April 2009, I found an entire case of Alaskan Smoked Porter 2007 had just been put on the shelf. Everyone else was running out of the 2008 and here was a case of 2007 at about 4 bucks a bottle.

This place is worth a visit every now and then and the parking which looks horrific, is not all that bad; there are plenty of spaces and one can get out easily despite what it looks like.

May 28, 2009
Photo of barleywinefiend
barleywinefiend from Washington

3.85/5  rDev +8.5%

Stopped in here after visting B, Hollywood and Santa Monica. I was going to hit the place on the way back ome and pick up some beers I cant find on the Central Coast(like everything good). The prices were average from my local BevMo. Service was cluless on beer of course but they were friendly. Selection was not as good as I had hoped given the area and proiximity to SD. They did have RR Damnation, Alesmith Old Nubskull, Horny Devil, IPA,Extra Pale, Grand Cru, Avery Reverend, 15th Anvy, Port Wipeout IPA, Beer Valley brews and some Stone brews. Parking is a pain in the ass!

Sep 17, 2008
Photo of charlzm
charlzm from California

2.45/5  rDev -31%

I have stopped buying my beers from this location. I have gotten several spoiled beers from them due (I assume) to the room-temp storage and unknown vintage of the bottles.

It is always busy and there is always a five minute or longer wait in line. If you should want to ask a question or have someone get something for you (like a cigar from their neglected humidor), it means someone gets pulled off a register or off of restocking.

The prices for their snack foods are very high, though the beer is pretty well priced.

At this point, I'm driving out to Beverage Warehouse, Walnut Liquorette and/or Lone Hill Liquor and stocking up over a hundred bucks at a time rather than driving five miles to this BevMo. What does that tell you?

Mar 11, 2008
Photo of JayTheFinn
JayTheFinn from California

3.8/5  rDev +7%

Yeah there's lots of beer here, but it's not overwhelming. I guess I expected more. They seem to be pushing the wine a good deal more. The beer takes up maybe a 5th of the floor place with the rest going to food, wine and accessories. But their craft beer row is pretty good. It's better than the Belgium, German and English sections. There was just nothing exciting that popped out at me. Man, there was plenty of snack foods though: cheese, crackers, chips, cookies and candy. They seemed to be pushing the kegs as well since they were placed through out the store and rather prominently. There's plenty of underground parking, which is absolutely necessary in that area. And there's also a few transvestites wandering around Santa Monica Blvd, so it's got that going for it. Yikes.

Jun 25, 2006
Photo of PuckLSHS
PuckLSHS from Iowa

3/5  rDev -15.5%

Not one of my favorite BevMo's to stop at. Since I was in West Hollywood, I was expecting a little bit of happiness in the selection, but found none. I tend to prefer the Orange and Brea BevMo's or going to Beverage Warehouse over this place.

Problems. Lack of knowledge by the staff
Parking can be hard to find and hard to get your goods out to your car sometimes.
Not a ton of singles.

Prices are nice all the time.
They have the standard So Cal craft selections so it is a good stop if you are on the way to a friends house and need to pick up a sixer.
Hours are good

Not one of my favorite places, but I will stop there if in the area.

Apr 23, 2006
Photo of sloejams
sloejams from California

2.45/5  rDev -31%

BevMo! - Beverages & More! - sure it's got a lot of beer and booze. I like beer and booze. But it's like the Walmart of beer and booze. Gross. And do you really need to be excited everytime you say "BevMo!"? Question mark dropping is the new explanation point dropping. Right?

I've been burned too many times by BevMo to be happy with them. They really don't care enough about beer to keep me interested. Sure they have a TON of beer. There's plenty good to be found there.

One of the BevMo problems: quantity over quality. There's tons of shitty beers you can get from South America but only a handful of Belgians. Explanation point indeed! But you can get a ClubBev card that saves you money? For every $250 you spend, BevMo! sends you a discount coupon to be used for your next purchase. Great, right? They send you an email with a 5% off. Do you want to be the chump that shows up at BevMo! with an email printout to get 5% off your $20 order? Yeah, fucking thanks BevMo!

They're relatively good about having quality local products. The problem is that they're not very good about taking care of this product. No one wants old, skunked beer. Most recently I was victim with 2 bottles of Ballast Point IPA - a delicious treat that seems to only be readily available at the clusterfuck that is the Best Buy/Target/BevMo plaza in West Hollywood.

Apr 21, 2006
Photo of Naerhu
Naerhu from Japan

4.55/5  rDev +28.2%

RumRunner says it all in his review of this Bevmo. Housed in a mall that now provides free parking.

I find it annoying that they do not allow the splitting of six packs, but this is a great place to go to pick up little treasures to bring back to Japan.

I have nightmares (really I do) about going to LA and finding this place closed.

They always have the complete Stone line-up and other Microbrew majors. Nothing to out of the way (you'll have to go to Capt N Cork for that). They have a great supply of beer glasses. They also have a great selection of snacks, wine and other beverages.

Feb 16, 2006
Photo of drewmprs
drewmprs from California

3/5  rDev -15.5%

One of the best selections of Yuengling i've ever seen and i've been meaning to try their brews for a while. Several rows of belgians with triple karemeliet on sale. Bev Mo's have always been steady. Mainly california microbrews and a solid selection of Belgian Ales. Prices are cheaper than smaller liquor stores. Can't find a pint in the area for less than 5 bucks. Still probably the best priced beer store in the west ho / beverly hills area. Its located just west of an ultra modern target shopping center that feels like New York. Cheers, Happy holidays.

Dec 12, 2005
Photo of DogFood11
DogFood11 from California

4.2/5  rDev +18.3%

Rumrunner's review is accurate and detailed so no sense hashing out the same thing. I'll add a couple of things I observed about this place. Its a bit tricky to find....look its not a hole in the wall but the mall is designed with a circle in the middle where it looks like all the shops are but you have to go around the corner on the santa monica side of the street and there it will be waiting with glorious beer. TONS AND TONS of wine. They had mostly california micro brews (almost every brewery I've heard of in CA) too many to list and some hard to find breweries but again mostly california for micro's. There is a complete Belgian selection that doesnt vary too much but the usuals plus some hard to find brews. Solid English selection but without a doubt this is the place to go for mostly westcoast micro's as they had lots of sixer's and most of the singles were the big beers. You should get a BevMo card as quite a few of the products are a dollar off or more. Its free and fast so its no big deal to get. Service was very good as I had questions and they looked up all my beer requests on a computer and it was fast and accurate. Dont go there looking for a cold beer because most of the beers in the cooler aren't what BA's are looking for. Some nice eye candy on santa monica blvd adds to the quality #'s.

Jul 11, 2005
Photo of Rumrunner
Rumrunner from California

4.35/5  rDev +22.5%

Alright! There is finally a Bev-Mo in Los Angeles proper and close to where I work. Lucky me.

This Bev-Mo is located in a newly formed mall. There is a Best Buy and a Target located here as well. I am sure this will cause a traffic nightmare because La Brea and Santa Monica Blvd. are already busy streets. If you can get to Romaine St. before getting to this intersection it will be easier to get to the mall. If there is no street parking, enter the parking garage on Romaine St.. The good thing about parking in the garage is there is an elevator for Bev-Mo that takes you very close to the store. This will be easier when exiting with a full basket.

A typical Bev-Mo. Bright and somewhat industrial looking. Concrete floor, white walls and visible ducts. A very sanitary feel to the place.

Everthing else. They have plenty of wine. From inexpensive to locked up. They carry hard liquor and plenty of mixes to go with the booze. Waters from around the world and sodas from around the country. They also carry plenty of wine glasses, shot glasses and decanters. Sadly they do not have a huge selection of pint or beer glasses. Bottle openers, cork screws and cigars. Chips, coookies and cheeses. They stock as many beverage related items as they can.

The beer is in the back. The cooler is a mix of macros, craft and some imorts. The majority of the beer is on the shelves. Big bottles, six packs and cases are abundant. The craft beer is a good mix and they have quite a few that I have not seen at some of the other larger liquor stores in the Los Angeles area and plenty that I have seen. Sudwerk, Drake's, Deschute's(IPA, Pale, Stout, Porter) Sam Adams Cream Stout, Bridgport and others, New Belgium Fat Tire, Ballast Point, Hoptown(IPA, Oatmeal Breakfast Stout), Marin White Knuckle IPA and others, Alesmith, Avery, Bear Republic, Rogue, Moylan's, Lagunitas IPA, Stone(IPA, Pale, Barleywine, Porter, etc.) Anderson Valley Wheat and others, SN, North Coast and plenty of other beers. A great selection. The imports are plentiful and there are some great breweries represented but I do not think there is too much obscurity here. Plenty from England and Germany. Some Japanese, plenty of Mexican beers and a decent amount of beers from Belgium. A few from Scotland and some other countries here and there. All in all a very good selection.

BevMo gets a bad rap for a few things. It is corporate and it sure has a corporate, no fun feel to this and every BevMo I enter. They also do not allow the splitting of six packs. Aside from that they have a great selection and have plenty of other items for the thirsty person in all of us.

Apr 07, 2004
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