Said to be one of the only primitive beers to survive in Western Europe, Sahti is a farmhouse ale with roots in Finland. First brewed by peasants in the 1500s, mashing (steeping of grains) went down in wooden barrels, and then that mash would be scooped into a hand-carved wooden trough (a kuurna) with a bed of juniper twigs that acted as a filter. The bung at the bottom of the kuurna would be pulled to allow the sweet wort (liquid infusion from the mash) to pass through the twig filter, followed by wort recirculation and a hot water sparge (rinsing of the grains), all of which created a juniper infusion of sorts.

Sahti is also referred to as being turbid, because the wort isn’t boiled after lautering (separation of spent grain and liquid), leaving loads of proteins behind, thus providing tremendous body. A low-flocculating Finnish baker’s yeast creates a cloudy unfiltered beer, with an abundance of sediment. Traditional Sahti is not typically hopped, so the task of balancing is left up to the juniper twigs, which impart an unusual resiny character and also act as a preservative. Some have compared Sahtis to German Hefeweizens, though we find them to be more akin to the Lambics of Belgium due to the exposure to wild yeast and bacteria, and its signature tartness.

Average alcohol by volume (abv) range: 7.0-11.0%   [ ? ] 

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Sah'teaDogfish Head Craft Brewery9.001,8413.88
Norse Legend SahtiBoston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)7.004933.52
Bare BearOff Color Brewing7.002343.81
Arctic Circle AleMalmgårdin Panimo7.301453.94
SahatiThe Ale Apothecary10.501444.29
Lammin Kataja OlutLammin Sahti Oy7.001143.27
Lammin SahtiaLammin Sahti Oy7.50413.45
Sahti ClawsParallel 49 Brewing Company7.70363.88
Prykmestar Savu KatajaVakka-Suomen Panimo9.00233.83
SahtiPropolis Brewing7.50203.89
Nordic AleCastle Danger Brewery5.00153.67
Barrel-Fermented SahtiScratch Brewing Company7.00123.87
PlumageFonta Flora Brewery7.20104.06
Finlandia SahtiFinlandia Sahti Ky8.0083.45
Unforgiven AleTempest Brewing Company5.4083.87
Summer SahtiVintage Brewing Company5.4074.05
Roots Of The MountainOliver Brewing Company8.4064.19
KoduõluSaku Brewery LTD4.8053.4
#15 Modern SahtiVenn Brewing Co.8.5053.8
SahtiScratch Brewing Company7.7054.04
Koniec SwiataBrowar Pinta7.9043.82
HackapeliGoose Island Beer Co.8.0043.89
Malmgård JouluolutMalmgårdin Panimo4.5043.4
SantigoldFoam Brewers8.0043.99
Caedmon's AleBS Brewing5.5043.84
Finlandia Strong SahtiFinlandia Sahti Ky10.0033.34
Drawing Down the MoonBatch Brewing Company8.4033.63
GesikHammerHeart Brewing Company7.6034.03
Jäinen Osmotar, Kahdeskymmenes RunoSahtipaja15.0033.5
JoulupukkiVintage Brewing Company6.8033.56
Sah DudeBar Hygge / Brewery Techne5.0023.83
SahtiSchilling Beer Co.7.8023.76
Sif's GiftLakeville Brewing Co.6.7023.86
Nordic FarmhouseLiquid Riot Bottling Company6.3023.71
SahtiDry River Brewing ? 13.91
Anne Of Gruit GablesRefined Fool Brewing Co.8.5013.46
ValhallaEl Rancho Brewing Company7.6013.98
Sahti Fetish*Fetish Brewing Company6.5313.5
JelonkiBrowar Bazyliszek9.0013.36
Skysong SahtiFalling Sky Brewing6.6014.13
Puhti IV BLammin Sahti Oy7.0013.82
SahtiBarrel + Beam6.2013.84
De Raine PoreEarth Bread + Brewery ? 14.18
Yksi KaksiŠirvėnos Bravoras6.0014.46
SahtiLaBEERint Brewery8.5013.83
KiviSahtiHollolan Hirvi7.0014.04
JänisBeau's All Natural Brewing Company7.0014.25
Norsemen AleBathtub Row Brewing Co-op6.8013.72
Berserker ÖiLeft Hand Brewing Company7.7014
Kallio Artisan & Birra Amiata - LuraBirra Amiata7.2012.87
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