Japanese beer companies produce what's called "Happoshu," which is sparkling low malt beverage. Since the tax for Happoshu is much less than the tax for beer, happoshu is cheaper than beer. For that reason, Happoshu has become very popular in Japan. Happoshu classification occurs when an ingredient other than malt, hops, rice, corn, kaoliang, potato, starch, or sugar is used, or if the malt ratio is less than 67%.

Average alcohol by volume (abv) range: 4.0-7.0%   [ ? ] 

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Sapporo Mugi To Hop Natsuzora No Hop SessionSapporo Breweries Ltd.5.5014.19
Tanba No KuromameKizakura Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.5.0044.04
Sapporo Mugi To Hop: Kaoru KokuSapporo Breweries Ltd.5.0014
Akita Bijin HadaTazawako Beer Brewery Restaurant5.5014
Winning TeamHenHouse Brewing4.5023.95
Helios Goya DryHelios Distillery Co., Ltd.5.0093.58
Kinshachi Nagoya Red Miso LagerLand Beer6.00123.56
Sapporo Mugi To Hop Aka RedSapporo Breweries Ltd.5.0013.5
Suntory Kinmugi Clear Label (金麦クリアラベル)Suntory5.0033.45
Coedo BeniakaCoedo Brewery (Kyodo Shoji Koedo Brewery)7.001343.43
Suntory Fuyu No HoujyunSuntory5.0023.37
Kirin SumikiriKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.0033.36
Inari BiruYeastie Boys4.8013.33
Kirin SmoothKirin Brewery Company, Limited4.0013.33
Sapporo Sozai IppinSapporo Breweries Ltd.5.0013.25
Asahi Fukairi No AkiAsahi Breweries Ltd6.0013.25
Honkaku Karakuchi MugiKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.0043.19
Asahi Honnama GoldAsahi Breweries Ltd5.5073.19
Orion Mugi ShokuninOrion Beer Co., Ltd.5.5093.18
Kirin Enjuku KuroKirin Brewery Company, Limited6.0053.14
Suntory Aki No ZeitakuSuntory6.0023.12
Sapporo Mugi To Hopppu (trans. Barley And Hop)Sapporo Breweries Ltd.5.0033.12
Summer WhiteUehara Shuzou Co. Ltd. / Echigo Beer Pub5.0023.12
The StraightSuntory6.0023.12
Kirin ShirokirinKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.5053.06
Kirin Nodogoshi Aozora KomugiKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.0013.06
Asahi Zeitaku BiyoriAsahi Breweries Ltd5.5013.05
Orion Southern StarOrion Beer Co., Ltd.5.5063.05
Kirin EnjukuKirin Brewery Company, Limited6.00103.05
Orion Special XOrion Beer Co., Ltd.6.0033.03
Suntory White BelgSuntory5.0013
Okhotsk Blue DraftAbashiri, K.K.5.00142.99
Mugi No ShizukuOrion Beer Co., Ltd.5.0012.92
Kirin Mugi No GochisouKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.0012.91
Suntory Kinmugi (Rich Malt)Suntory5.00322.88
Clear Sakura BeerAsahi Breweries Ltd5.00272.87
Sapporo Mugi To Hop: The GoldSapporo Breweries Ltd.5.0062.83
Asahi Honnama RedAsahi Breweries Ltd5.50302.82
Kirin NodogoshiKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.0082.76
Asahi Strong OffAsahi Breweries Ltd7.0032.76
Oishi ZeroSuntory5.0012.75
Sapporo Mugi To Hop Miwaku No Hop SessionSapporo Breweries Ltd.4.5032.75
Kirin TanreiKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.50762.71
Kirin Koi Aji DeluxeKirin Brewery Company, Limited6.0012.5
Kirin Fuyu KirinKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.0012.5
Asahi / Orion Okinawa DayoriAsahi Breweries Ltd5.0012.5
Sapporo Hokkaido PremiumSapporo Breweries Ltd.5.0042.48
Asahi ShinnamaAsahi Breweries Ltd5.0052.48
Kirin Tanrei W DoubleKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.5032.45
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