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Today's American IPA is a different soul from the IPA style first reincarnated in the 1980s. More flavorful and aromatic than the withering English IPA, its color can range from very pale golden to reddish amber. Hops are the star here, and those used in the style tend to be American with an emphasis on herbal, piney, and/or fruity (especially citrusy) varieties. Southern Hemisphere and experimental hops do appear with some frequency though, as brewers seek to distinguish their flagship IPA from a sea of competitors. Bitterness levels vary, but typically run moderate to high. Medium bodied with a clean, bready, and balancing malt backbone, the American IPA has become a dominant force in the marketplace, influencing brewers and beer cultures worldwide.

ABV: 5.5–7.5% | IBU: 50–70 | Glassware: Tulip

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Name Brewery < ABV Ratings Avg
Mericana'A Magara7.0013.57
(512) IPA(512) Brewing Company7.205234.06
(512) Smash(512) Brewing Company5.30353.95
(512) Smash #6 (Caliente)(512) Brewing Company5.3053.7
(512) Smash (Pacific Jade)(512) Brewing Company5.3014.15
Larry The IPA(512) Brewing Company5.6073.5
Mosaic SMaSH(512) Brewing Company5.60163.75
(512) Juicy IPA(512) Brewing Company6.20214.04
Juicy IPA w/ Blood Orange(512) Brewing Company ? 13.25
Burst! IPA(512) Brewing Company6.00113.93
(512) Cryo Juicy IPA(512) Brewing Company6.0033.98
(512) Calculon IPA(512) Brewing Company6.5043.57
(512) Decade(512) Brewing Company5.8034.06
Lambicus IPA(512) Brewing Company6.8013.86
Squirtin' And Squeelin'1 Of Us Brewing Company5.0013.52
Blood Runs Cold10 Barrel Brewing5.3013.75
Magic Potion10 Barrel Brewing7.6014
Apocalyptic IPA10 Barrel Brewing - Portland Pub ? 13.99
10 Barrel IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.50673.66
Apocalypse IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.808733.87
ISA (India-Style Session Ale)10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.50803.69
OG Wheat India Pale Ale10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.501314
Category 52 IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.6094.05
Whispering IPA (Session IPA)10 Barrel Brewing Co.4.8013.63
Idaho IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.5043.64
S.A.M. IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.5034.43
Goodin' Hoppy Fresh Hop IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.5023.73
Pearl IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.60414.03
Joe IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.906053.97
Locals Only IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.9084.14
Sasquatch 1.510 Barrel Brewing Co.4.70133.45
Dat Sesh Doh10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.40114.02
Idahop - Fresh Hop IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.2033.81
Bine Plucker - Fresh Hop IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.9043.87
Vernside10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.8013.75
White Sesh10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.2044.02
Gold Cones10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.0013.82
Class Clown10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.4013.25
Maine Squeeze10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.0073.87
Freak Alley IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.4.9043.71
Trail Beer10 Barrel Brewing Co.4.80103.59
Category 5610 Barrel Brewing Co.7.5023.71
Snake Joose10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.7033.9
Liquid Sword10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.8013.99
Lil Squeezy10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.2073.87
Blood Runs Cold10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.30113.73
Cloudchaser10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.70133.7
Young Squeezy IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.2083.82
Smack the Lip IPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.2024.11
Roller Pass10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.0013.33
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