IPA - Imperial

We have west coast American brewers to thank for this somewhat reactionary style. Take an India Pale Ale and feed it steroids, and you'll end up with a Double or Imperial IPA. Although generally recognizable alongside its sister styles in the IPA family, you should expect something more robust, malty, and alcoholic with a characteristically intense hop profile in both taste and aroma. In short, these are boldly flavored, medium-bodied beers that range in color from deep gold to medium amber. The "imperial" usage comes from Russian Imperial Stout, a style of strong Stout originally brewed in England during the late 1700s for the Russian imperial court. Today Double IPA is often the preferred name in the United States.

ABV: 7.0–12.0% | IBU: 65–100 | Glassware: Tulip

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Name Brewery < ABV Ratings Avg
(512) TWO(512) Brewing Company9.00943.94
Double IPA(512) Brewing Company9.50534
Duck Life1 Of Us Brewing Company7.5000
DUB Double India Pale Ale10 Barrel Brewing Co.9.501034.09
Mother Faucher10 Barrel Brewing Co.9.5033.5
Ruffneck Peak DIPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.9.5023.8
Big DIPA10 Barrel Brewing Co.8.0044.15
Double Mosaic10 Barrel Brewing Co.10.00104
Mountain Gem10 Barrel Brewing Co.8.5023.58
Pearl10 Barrel Brewing Co.8.0053.76
Polished Not Sparkled10 Barrel Brewing Co.8.5013.96
All Ways Down10 Barrel Brewing Co.9.0053.85
Poor Man's Galaxy10 Torr Distilling and Brewing8.8013.34
Jelly's Double IPA105 West Brewing Company9.8084.21
Jelly the Elder105 West Brewing Company10.7033.53
Charlie Brown's Hop Addiction105 West Brewing Company9.9014
Double IPA10K Brewing8.9013.51
Honey Hash10K Brewing8.1000
Fruit Cup10K Brewing8.4013.68
Double IPA10th District Brewing Co.8.8000
Robocall11 Below Brewing8.7033.87
Lost In the Sauce12 Bones Brewing8.4013.19
When Stars Align12 Bones Brewing8.4014.13
Doublegate12 Gates Brewing Company8.5012.85
Ales for ALS Double IPA12 Gates Brewing Company9.6023.47
Anastasis12 Gates Brewing Company8.0023.75
Wicked TRIPA12 Gates Brewing Company12.0014.39
Mijo12 West Brewing Co.10.4034.28
Hazy Cat Lady - Southern Star Southern Passion12 West Brewing Co.8.0014.02
Newish Kidz On the Block12 West Brewing Co.9.1013.82
Exultation13 Below Brewery8.0000
Craft or Die13 Stripes Brewery9.8013.75
Freedom Juice DIPA13 Stripes Brewery8.5023.74
Hoptimal Results Imperial IPA13 Virtues Brewing Co.9.5023.59
MAX Stout Imperial Stout13 Virtues Brewing Co.10.5000
Sky High Triple IPA1323 R&D10.5000
Remix1323 R&D8.8000
Slippery Deck14 Cannons10.5014
Point Dume14 Cannons8.5034.23
Big Island DIPA14 Lakes Brewery8.9000
Double Mt. Massive14er Brewing Company8.30233.76
Double IPA14th Star Brewing Co.7.8083.94
Tribute Double India Pale Ale14th Star Brewing Co.8.108544.17
Alpha Wolf14th Star Brewing Co.9.0014.06
DIPA1516 Pub & Craft Brewery / Two Capitals7.5014.65
The Beast16 Lots Brewing Company9.0000
Lupulin Comet1623 Brewing Company9.8000
Dually1623 Brewing Company8.0012.25
Aqua Hop1623 Brewing Company9.9024.22
Very Rainy Day IIPA1702 / The Address Brewing Co.9.5064.31
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