Japanese Happoshu

Happoshu is a sparkling low-malt beverage produced by Japanese beer companies. To be classified as Happoshu, the malt ratio must be less than 67 percent, or include an ingredient other than malt, hops, rice, corn, sorghum, potato, starch, or sugar. In Japan, the tax for Happoshu is much less than the tax for beer due to its lower malt content, making it cheaper than beer.

ABV: 4.0-7.0% | IBU: 0-0 | Glassware: Pilsener Glass (or Pokal)

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Kirin Tanrei W DoubleKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.5032.45
Asahi Style Free (and Purine Free)Asahi Breweries Ltd6.0032.44
Kirin Nodogoshi NamaKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.0022.38
Jokki (Jug Nama)Suntory5.0062.37
Kirin Tanrei Platinum DoubleKirin Brewery Company, Limited5.5032.37
Bergen BräuOriental Brewery Co., Ltd5.5012.25
Asahi Fuyu No OkurimonoAsahi Breweries Ltd6.5012.25
BarrealHite Brewery Company LTD5.0032.24
Kirin Tanrei Green LabelKirin Brewery Company, Limited4.50192.24
Asahi Style FreeAsahi Breweries Ltd4.0022.21
FiLiteHite Brewery Company LTD4.5022.18
Sapporo Goku ZeroSapporo Breweries Ltd.4.0022.16
Orion Nangoku MonogatariOrion Beer Co., Ltd.5.5022.08
Asahi Honnama Aqua BlueAsahi Breweries Ltd5.00182.08
Sapporo Draft OneSapporo Breweries Ltd.5.00141.96
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