American Wild Ale

Sometimes Belgian influenced, American Wild Ales are beers that are introduced to "wild" yeast or bacteria, such as Brettanomyces (Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, Brettanomyces Lambicus or Brettanomyces Anomolus), Pediococcus, or Lactobacillus. This introduction may occur from oak barrels that have been previously inoculated, pitching into the beer, or gained from various "sour mash" techniques. Regardless of the method, these yeast and/or bacteria leave a mark that should be noticeable to strong, and often contribute a sour and/or funky, wild note. Mixed-fermentation examples will display a range of aromatics, rather than a single dominant character.

ABV: 6.0-10.0% | IBU: 5-30 | Glassware: Tulip

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Name Brewery < ABV Ratings Avg
(512) Wild Bear(512) Brewing Company9.00923.85
(512) Funky Kingston(512) Brewing Company7.00404.04
(512) Peach Sour(512) Brewing Company ? 34.28
Young Funkenstein(512) Brewing Company6.5024.06
Young Squeezy10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.3013.96
Uberweiss Huckleberry10 Barrel Brewing Co.9.0033.78
Lychee Tart10 Barrel Brewing Co.4.5024
Gooseberry10 Barrel Brewing Co.9.0013.48
Pyka10 Barrel Brewing Co.4.3114
Shaken Not Stirred10 Barrel Brewing Co.6.9013.66
Ambre Roche10 Barrel Brewing Co.7.3013.77
Orange Crush10 Barrel Brewing Co.5.0013.75
Funk'n Cherry Tart105 West Brewing Company6.3013.72
King115 Grill & Brewhouse ? 00
Inside Job12 West Brewing Co.4.8000
Rainbow Dash12 West Brewing Co.3.8000
Peach Among Worlds12 West Brewing Co.4.1000
Cuvée Verdad Series - Hannah12 West Brewing Co.7.2000
Cuvée Verdad Series - Scarlett12 West Brewing Co.5.5000
Cuvée Verdad Series - Ava12 West Brewing Co.4.6000
Cuvée Verdad Series - Alma12 West Brewing Co.4.4000
Cuvée Verdad Series - Trinity12 West Brewing Co.4.4000
Cactus Juice12Degree Brewing6.5000
Lithuanian Kettle Sour14er Brewing Company4.5014
Huntress Creek (Raspberry Sour)15-24 Brew House6.2000
Kimchi Spiced Sour Porter1516 Brewing Company ? 13.42
Sucker Punch1787 Brewing Company4.5014
Sumerian Origin (Bourbon)1840 Brewing Company6.4013.75
Sea Foam1840 Brewing Company5.0014.31
Plumpy - Superfruit1840 Brewing Company6.0034.33
Plumpy - Smoothie1840 Brewing Company6.0014.29
Demonic Chocolate1912 Brewing Co.5.3014.46
Crosswired2 Crows Brewing Co.5.7013.75
Passion Trip2 Crows Brewing Co.4.8023.53
Ramble2 Crows Brewing Co. ? 13.75
Thunderdome2 Crows Brewing Co.5.3034.29
Mellarium2 Crows Brewing Co.5.3014.75
Five Petals2 Crows Brewing Co.5.9014.41
Dandy2 Crows Brewing Co.5.1013.86
Grace2 Crows Brewing Co.5.5014.35
Jamboree2 Crows Brewing Co.4.8033.99
Glamour2 Crows Brewing Co.5.1013.94
Old & New2 Crows Brewing Co.5.4023.88
Paradise2 Crows Brewing Co.4.7014.15
Hoopla2 Crows Brewing Co.4.3014.34
Persica2 Crows Brewing Co.6.5014.09
24 Inches2 Feet Brewing ? 00
Dovahkiin2 Feet Brewing7.9000
Huckleberry Sour Ale2 Row Brewing5.9014.25
Mango Sour2 Way Brewing Company ? 13.97
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