American Wild Ale

Sometimes Belgian influenced, American Wild Ales are beers that are introduced to "wild" yeast or bacteria, such as Brettanomyces (Brettanomyces Bruxellensis, Brettanomyces Lambicus or Brettanomyces Anomolus), Pediococcus, or Lactobacillus. This introduction may occur from oak barrels that have been previously inoculated, pitching into the beer, or gained from various "sour mash" techniques. Regardless of the method, these yeast and/or bacteria leave a mark that should be noticeable to strong, and often contribute a sour and/or funky, wild note. Mixed-fermentation examples will display a range of aromatics, rather than a single dominant character.

ABV: 6.0-10.0% | IBU: 5-30 | Glassware: Tulip

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Name Brewery < ABV Ratings Avg
Thou Hast Seen Nothing Yet5 Rabbit Cerveceria8.0024.38
La Pina De Mis Ojos5 Rabbit Cerveceria7.00144.03
Cascarudo5 Rabbit Cerveceria7.3054.03
La Valiente5 Rabbit Cerveceria9.2014
Strawberry Farmhouse Ale5 Stones Artisan Brewery ? 14.19
Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale with Blackberries5 Stones Artisan Brewery ? 34.22
Hanging Scarlet5 Stones Artisan Brewery6.1014.4
Marion5 Stones Artisan Brewery6.2014.05
Bleeding Kindness5 Stones Artisan Brewery6.7014.25
Ready to Pie608 Brewing Company5.6000
Moanin N Groanin7 Hills Brewing Co ? 14.24
Noblest Nectar7 Hills Brewing Co7.2514.25
Bitch Monkey Sour Ale7 Locks Brewing5.1023.36
Bitch Monkey Sour with Pomegranate7 Locks Brewing5.5000
Passion Killer71 Brewing4.2013.88
Seven Seas Sour7th Wave Brewing6.7014.19
Keys To The Kingdom7venth (Seventh) Sun Brewery ? 34.02
Trapeze Jesus7venth (Seventh) Sun Brewery6.9014.02
Black Wedding8 Barrels Brew9.0000
Spontaneous Blackberry8 Barrels Brew7.0000
Spontaneous Apricot8 Barrels Brew7.0000
Spontaneous Plum8 Barrels Brew6.0014.16
Cherry Overtime8 Barrels Brew8.0000
Basilio8 Barrels Brew8.0000
Odd Spontan-isabel8 Barrels Brew8.0000
Odd Spontan-rose8 Barrels Brew7.5000
Odd Spontan-muscadet8 Barrels Brew8.0000
Mario Tart: Lakitu Cooler8 Bit Brewing Company6.4013.77
Daenerys Tartgaryen8 Bit Brewing Company6.7013.65
By the Sour of Gr8Skull8 Bit Brewing Company8.1034.02
Wireless NZ Pale Ale8 Wired Brewing Co.5.5013
A Fistful Of Cherries8 Wired Brewing Co.7.60114.16
Double Tap81Bay Brewing9.0023.85
Slushy - Berry903 Brewers4.5014.18
West Branch ElderberryA Homestead Brew6.1014
Dandy’s Last Stand Barrel-Aged Sour AleA Homestead Brew6.8000
OG Sunshine Peach Sour AleA Homestead Brew6.0000
The General imPeared Pear Sour AleA Homestead Brew ? 00
Farmhouse Plum SourA Homestead Brew5.7014
Pink Guava PineappleA Homestead Brew5.0000
Pink Moon Raspberry Grapefruit Kettle SourA Homestead Brew5.0000
Plum Kettle SourA Homestead Brew5.5000
Cascade Saison Kettle SourA Homestead Brew6.0000
Aronia Berry Wild Sour AleA Homestead Brew ? 00
Barrel Aged Aronia Berry Farmhouse SourA Homestead Brew ? 00
Barrel Aged Farmhouse Raspberry SourA Homestead Brew ? 00
Barrel Aged Farmhouse Plum SourA Homestead Brew ? 00
South Dakota Sunset Kettle SourA Homestead Brew ? 00
Barrel Aged Blueberry Farmhouse Wild Sour AleA Homestead Brew ? 00
Barrel Aged Cherry Wild Sour AleA Homestead Brew ? 00
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