Lager - Adjunct

Light bodied, pale, fizzy lagers made popular by the large macro-breweries (large breweries) of America after Prohibition. Low bitterness, thin malts, and moderate alcohol. Focus is less on flavor and more on mass-production and consumption, cutting flavor and sometimes costs with adjunct cereal grains, like rice and corn.

ABV: 4.0-6.0% | IBU: 8-18 | Glassware: Pilsener Glass (or Pokal)

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Name Brewery ABV Ratings > Avg
CoronaCervecería Pública Condesa ? 00
Lakinskoye ZolotistoyeLakinskiy Pivzavod4.5000
BurudikaRedemption Rock Brewing4.8000
Lakinskoye RazlivnoyeLakinskiy Pivzavod4.7000
GusarskoyeVladimirskaya Pivovarnya4.6000
Knob HeadDirect Beers4.9000
Para Mi GenteBeerThugLife5.2000
DisgruntledDisgruntled Brewing ? 00
CaleonCasa Agria Specialty Ales4.6000
African Moon Impala LightPorcupine Quill Micro Brewery and Deli5.0000
La Mera HoraCowtown Brewing Co.5.0000
Appalachian BandidoThe Peddler3.9000
1890 LagerBurgh'ers Brewery4.7000
Arsenalnoe LedyanoyeBaltika Breweries4.7000
MoskovskoyeB. B. Craft Brewery4.7000
Tomcat LagerSisu Beer4.5000
Samara ClassicBaltika Breweries5.0000
Laid Back Habanero And GrapefruitSwamp Head Brewery5.6000
LagerThe Brew Brothers (Scioto Downs Racino)4.7000
Guanabana BashDiner Brew Co.6.0000
Sibirskiy Bochonok MoroznoyeBaltika Breweries4.5000
La LibertadAttic Brewing Company5.9000
FinsGravity Storm Brewery Cooperative4.9000
SupremaChihuahua Cerveza4.2000
Mexican LagerNimble Hill Brewing Company4.3500
Purple MaizeBig Axe Brewery and B&B5.4000
Juan MooreDiametric Brewing Company6.7000
Papaw's PilsnerThe Tap Brewery5.5000
Duck ItPeople's Brewing Company4.5000
RizhskoyeSevernaya Zvezda ? 00
Korsakovskoye StryelyetskoyeSevernaya Zvezda4.7000
Okhotskoye TraditsionnoyeSevernaya Zvezda4.5000
Okhotskoye PryemiumSevernaya Zvezda4.7000
Fon Vakano SvyetloyeZhigulovskiy Pivo-Byezalkogolniy Kombinat/U Vakano5.5000
Hermanos Locos Mexican LagerYe Olde Brothers Brewery5.1000
Uncle's Rice LagerFlying Lion Brewing3.5000
Moskovskoye Bochkovoye SvyetloyeOstankinskiy Drinks Plant (Останкинский Завод Напитков)4.1000
Chico CrujienteIngenious Brewing Company5.0000
Cluckin’ Good Corn LagerJohnnie Byrd Brewing Company4.9000
SeñorityBen's Brewing Co.4.6000
Wienbier 55 Sem GlútenNew Age4.5000
CervezaB-52 Brewing Co.5.2000
Dorchester LightHoly City Brewing4.8000
Cerveza New MexicoTractor Brewing Co.5.6000
Maltsov YubileynoyePivobezalkogolnyi Zavod Gus'-Chrustalnyi5.4000
Legend Lager5 Paddles Brewing Company5.0000
Glamarama Australian-style LagerOuter Light Brewing Company4.5000
Syktyvkarskoye KhmyelnoyeSyktyvkarpivo4.7000
Kulshan ICEKulshan Brewing Company4.7500
Happiness Hazy LagerThunder Brothers Brewery4.5000
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