Scottish Ale

Scottish-Style Ales vary depending on strength and flavor, but in general retain a malt-forward character with some degree of caramel-like malt flavors and a soft and chewy mouthfeel. Some examples feature a light smoked peat flavor. Hops do not play a huge role in this style. The numbers commonly associated with brands of this style (60/70/80 and others) reflect the Scottish tradition of listing the cost, in shillings, of a hogshead (large cask) of beer. Overly smoked versions would be considered specialty examples. Smoke or peat should be restrained.

ABV: 2.8-5.3% | IBU: 9-25 | Glassware: Tulip

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Nessie7th Wave Brewing6.0014.91
Big Heed Scottish AlePareidolia Brewing Company5.7014.89
Scottish AleScholb Premium Ales5.8014.84
Michael ScotchMadTree Brewing7.6014.8
Whoop ArseGolden Block Brewery7.4014.66
Scots Wha Ale!Books & Brews4.5024.52
Irish Whiskey FinishInnis & Gunn7.4014.5
Tangled OaksWhite Street Brewing Co.5.5014.48
80 Shilling Scottish AleDeep Cove Brewers and Distillers4.7014.47
Beam Scottish Ale (Jim Beam Barrel Aged)Glacier Brewhouse6.6014.42
Royal SmokeyChannel Brewing Co11.3014.41
Daft WulliePlatform Beer Co.8.0014.38
Oak Aged Duke Of WinshipMiddle Ages Brewing Co., Ltd.6.5034.36
Family GuysScorched Earth Brewing Company3.6014.36
Jack Tar Scottish AleSlow Boat Brewery Brewpub5.5024.34
2X Scotch Ale (barrel aged)Earthen Ales8.1014.34
Red Stone Scottish ExportMcMenamins Old St. Francis School5.2824.31
It's Not A Skirt Scottish ExportIechyd Da Brewing Company5.0034.31
Aggromaster3 Floyds Brewing Co.7.5034.3
Edinburgh 68/- (8.1%)Luckie Ales8.1014.3
That's The SpiritInveralmond Brewery Ltd., The4.5024.3
Braw BahoochieBearded Bee Brewing Company8.3024.3
Checkered PastLoose Shoe Brewing Company5.5024.28
Old Man Dirk 2020Barbarian Brewing8.2014.27
Scotchy McOtterPantsOdd Otter Brewing Company5.9024.26
Hammer Jack - Peated Bourbon Barrel-AgedShort's Brewing Company11.3064.26
Loch SloyCastle Danger Brewery6.8034.26
AmbroidShiokaze BrewLab6.0014.25
Scottish AleCampbell Brewing Company6.8014.25
Mini WeeMan Skirt Brewing6.0014.25
Chieftains ExportBurnside Brewery4.6014.25
Tinderfoot Von Scotch AleDenali Brewpub4.8044.25
ScottishCrying Eagle5.9014.25
World's EndBelhaven Brewery Company Ltd. ? 34.24
Pilgrim’s ProgressBackbeat Brewing Co.2.9014.23
The Bard's 80/-Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery4.9014.23
Beam me up ScottyConshohocken Brewing Company6.2044.22
Wail of the BansheeLabyrinth Brewing Company5.4044.22
Half ShillingBarreled Souls Brewing Company3.8014.22
Gray's Lake Nessie (w/ Hazelnut Coffee)Confluence Brewing Company5.7054.21
Stuart MackenzieTribes Beer Company6.5014.21
Gl. VagtViborg Bryghus6.0014.21
Lord LyonGood City Brewing8.50104.21
Royal StewartRustic Leaf Brewing Company7.7014.2
McEwan's Scotch AleMarston's Plc.8.0014.2
99 ShillingBlackrock Brewers6.1014.19
StonehavenColumbia Kettle Works8.1014.19
Cockle CreekBlack Narrows Brewing Company5.8044.18
MeadowlandShort's Brewing Company6.7014.18
3 BullzBurnside Brewery3.8014.18
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