Nov 5, 2013
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Initiate, Female, from Virginia

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    Fairly broke in terms of disposable income but considerably "wealthy" in terms of craft brew access. Live within minutes and / or a couple of miles from two first-class local breweries as well as a very popular wine/beer store that stocks labels from all over. Only last night [12/18/13] I burst my "Lagunitas Sucks" cherry after I found sixers of it were available at my decrepit little grocery chain market. I must be among the few who don't cartwheel accolades for The Suck. While I remember their Sumpin'² ale proved exciting to try when it first emerged, my taste for IPA is better satisfied with Southern Tier IPA or our own Hardywood Park Great Return, as well as seasonally the Celebration offering from SN. After trying the India Ink Black IPA at South St. Brewery in Charlottesville and SN's DevESTATEtion I realized this brew suits me much more than a typical stout, the latter which I feel tight in my chest while drinking, not good. I'm also fond of a German-style lager but have not encountered one that delivers that bready mouthfeel/ aroma in some time.

    Update -- from sometime in March 2014: the beer that's now nearest and dearest to my heart, unparalleled IMO: Smuttynose Durty Mud Season Hoppy Brown ale. I am delirious to find it again; I am depressed to learn it's seasonal-only~
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